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  1. Given this game is made by the ARK developers, I am left baffled as to why this doesn't include a VERY popular and much asked for function in Ark. You would THINK the developers would have learned and had this included from the start. There are a lot of issues in MP right now--including people being able to grief you in PvE, sink your ships, steal from your various crafting tables such as the looms and smithies, etc. Wouldn't have to deal with that crap in a single player mode. Not to mention, the advantage of getting to see how the game works and test out different builds before delving into multiplayer! So please PLEASE add a local single player option like ARK had. You could host your own local session, even invite someone to it (with tethering), but we wouldn't even need that option. Just a simple single player option would make a WORLD of difference, AND give those jaded with the game, a way to continue playing it stress free. This is the very basics of game development here, it should have been present from the start; EA or not, that is something as basic as pressing W to move forward at this point! There is much demand for it, look on the Steam forums! MOST of us want a Single Player option! **edit** Did NOT see the suggestions forum when making this (I feel quite blind now). If a mod would kindly move this topic to suggestions, that would be awesome--and I apologize for not posting this there in the first place. Cheers!
  2. I realize this might be very difficult to implement but it really sucks to cross from one server to another and end up directly in the face of a ghost ship. Especially for unarmed rafts or sloops. Is there someway to see even a fuzzy image of a ghost ship through the server "wall" so we can choose to cross at a different location? Please. Right now it is a pot luck to travel.
  3. I would like to see a Boxing Ring that could be put up and taken down at Captains leisure. It should allow melee combat between the Crew members and give some sort of experience related to Melee Combat. On long trips this would be valuable in keeping morale up in the crew. I do not have the knowledge to create a mod that would allow this but I have hope someone will see this and go with it ! Maybe the Ring could aso double as a respawn point that could be put up as Combat approaches...?
  4. Respeccing should not be once per level but once per hour / day... I have no reason to up / powerlevel cause i'd be wasting respecs.
  5. After playing for 15 or so hours, my only major criticism has to be that Bears and similar aggressive animals are easier to tame than Horses are. It lead me to question why Horses aren't passive tame similar to Chickens and Sheep.
  6. Get rid of the lawless regions and instead add multiple instances of freeports, and add an npc in the freeport town that allows you to freely switch between the instances. Make it very visible on your hud which instance of the freeport you are in, so there's no confusion incase you want to team up with friends in different instances. Some of you might say that it defeats the purpose of a single shard. But it's the damn freeports. These are the starter learning zones where you can't build, can't claim, can't pvp and is supposed to leave soon anyway. For instance, if you are at the North East Tropical Freeport #3 it should say so clearly on your hud, and at any time you can talk to an npc and get the choice to switch between the following: North East Tropical Freeport #1 North East Tropical Freeport #2 North East Tropical Freeport #4 More instances are added automatically as needed to handle the number of players (and removed when not needed). Not only is this a flexible, elegant solution, but more importantly the lawless regions are now normal regions again which can be claimed and built on, which means a lot more territory for everyone!
  7. There are some stuck points i'll be updating here the points I find (You could do like a re spawn for stucked users command / button on menu) A11 Long -93.38 Lat .42.98 The new Atell
  8. Since this game using lots of same assets as Ark, and Ark have decay mechanics for buildings. Set it instead that first its a buildings that should "decay" over time, when owner didn't show up within claim zone recently. Thatch - 1 day, wood - 3day, stone - 7 days. Once buildings hits 0 decay timer - everyone should be able to demolish them. And only THEN claim should be possible to remove. Thus claims without any building should be possible to remove immediatly, and claims with some simple thatch foundation can be removed within one day.
  9. I understand this is EA. I would not expect this all to be fleshed out yet. However i have a few suggestions as someone in a um.. large company? The crew logs need some filters. PLEASE i beg you for this. * A simple search box at the top that worked client side would solve so much to start. * Categories with there own entry limits * logs PER SECTOR (A1,b2 etc). With options to monitor those sectors as being on by default. (including notifications messages see below). A graphical way to switch between sector logs would be nice but im fine with a dropdown list of every sector that has a claim flag from my company. * Notification Messages - If you have several sectors all these messages about claim's going up and down are alarm fatiguing everyone. No one even pays attention to them anymore and everyone just would rather not see all this stuff scrolling across the screen all day. Even if it got put in another chat window that could be toggled on and off on screen that would be even better. * Claim Flags, Right now a notification pops up for 1 second , if you blink you miss it. (see above) . Could we please indicate on the atlas map a yellow or orange contested graphical representation of where. You use gps coords (and maybe its a stand in for something like this already) but theres no way for me to look at my map and say ok, thats where it is. So one of the two if fine with me. If you show me coords on the atlas map AND have a seperate chat window or filterable log or something where i can look at the flag being contested i can then atleast understand whats going on. * Permissions. Please i beg you, use a permission and group allowance based system. The 5 groups with set permissions are not enough control. To explain further.. Allow me to setup simply group names. Assign permissions to the group. Then add players to that group. Players should be allowed to be in mutiple groups not just one. Then when i set permissions on the few objects in the game that need it (storage containers, BOATS PLEASE BOATS, doors , crafting stations etc) i can just have a default group (like basic member) and add other USERS OR GROUPS to allow or deny access. This gives SOOOOOO much more control than you currently do and when there are 100's of people in a company its needed. * Inventory Logging. I understand if every inventory was logged and had inventory adjustment records it would be way to much, but perhaps put safes in the game and allow inventory tracking, who takes and puts what in and out. Even if i have to craft another item or stick an npc in a chair and desk with a log book to RP it up. * Company Tab. This also needs a search. A simple textbox that i can type a name into and have the list of names shrink until its only that person. Giving someone admin or find the persons name and taking it away is to much. im sure there is more but this is what ive spent the time typing out for now
  10. Need to be able to put waypoints on the map and share them with our company.
  11. Maybe the sextant does this, I don't know, never had one, but it would be very nice to see my ship speed. Would be very useful to see which ship is faster, how different sails affect speed, how weight affects speed, etc. Whether by a tool or simply in the ship HUD
  12. After playing Atlas for many hours, visiting the official forum many times and seeing several posts about the game's claim system, with critical suggestions and etc, I decided to do this mega post to talk about this mechanic and give my suggestions to make it better , more competitive and satisfying for all kinds of players. Unfortunately I am not fluent in English and I wrote all this in Portuguese and then with my knowledge and a help from Google Translator I translated into English, if any fluent in Portuguese and English want the original version that I wrote and make a better translation, I will be attaching the document in this post. I really believe the Atlas has an big potential to become one of the best experience MMO Sandbox, and that's why I felt like I wanted to cooperate as much as I could, so that the game would become better and better. The current game system is practically traumatizing and not compensatory for those who take the game seriously and think about having a long term progression, you build, build, equip up, build your boat and then, after you logoff and go sleep, none of it is there, all stolen or broken by someone or a small group. The current claim system has a very serious problem, there is no limit for people to put their flags, it's all a mess, play put their flags anywhere even knowing that they did not use that place at all, just to disrupt or mess the game. Having said all this, I came to this conclusion of writing and thinking about this whole new system for the game! Well let's get start: The creation of a skill tree for claim This skill tree is important because it would give progression in investing in the colonization project of your company and limits certain aspects in what is necessary for the competitiveness and progression of the game. Pre-set places to place flags I believe that the best way to stimulate competitiveness is to improve the end game and avoid the mess that is the current claim system, by placing pre-established places where you can place the flags and limiting through the Tree skill the number of flags that a player can place, will bring organization, more spaces for other players to be able to put their houses and small companies to build their small or great empire. * Proportionality and scale of area sizes may be incorrect Full size images: https://i.imgur.com/Nftdlya.png https://i.imgur.com/OFvwymi.png https://i.imgur.com/4dBGWJN.png The purple circle is the limit line influence of that company, after being conquered an invisible wall (pressing H in the game you will be able to see that limit line) is established in that line for non members of the company. Laws within this area of influence can be imposed by the leader of the company that conquered the plot, such as: free movement of any player (company member or not, tax collection for players who have personal claim in that area and others. In Red and Black zones these walls are undone when a company is suffering a Siege War attack (I will explain in more detail below). Personal Claim A small space (5x5?) Solo Players Can Build Your Home Within this house it is possible to place a limited number of workbenchs (due to space), hire an NPC, manage who can enter it and make use of their equipment, chests and etc. Limited number according to player's Skill Tree In pre-established areas in the Freeport Islands In pre-established places on most of the islands in the "Blue Safe Zones" (I'll explain later) "Plots that are at the edge of the island allow the player to build a Tiny Shipyard" Within the area of influence of a company. "Companys who are in Blue Safe Zones may assign these plots to non-members through payment of an amount of gold, appeal or what the company leader wants in return. In addition to the collection of taxes." Full size images https://i.imgur.com/GLnM15d.png https://i.imgur.com/HJsFmLQ.png Company Claim A large area In pre-established places in all areas (Blue, Red and Black) Limited number according to the player's Skill Tree. A base upgrade system (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and Tier 5) (A system that I am still having some ideas but still not defined at all) System of maintenance of the bases (Payment of taxes and feeding) "A system in which the companys must pay the fees and manage the stock of food of the base to maintain the area of influence and plot" "At Blue Safe zone the fee is paid every 3 days IRL and the food stock is falling over time, if the fee is not paid or the stock of food ends up the company loses its base and plot." "In the Red Zone PVP the rate is paid every 3 days IRL and the food stock is falling over time if the fee is not paid or the stock of food ends up the company loses its base and the plot." "For the companys that are in the Black PVP Zone, the rate is regulated according to the interest of who dominates the territory. (who won Territory War)" System of laws in the area of influence of that company "The company leader can define some laws for the area of influence of his company, some examples: free trade between any player, prohibited to kill players (Red PVP Zone), prohibited to rob (Red PVP Zone), application of taxes for members and etc." Companys in the Red and Black zones can mark a siege for the base domination and area of influence of other companys (I will explain the Siege system further forward) Companys in the Black zone can participate in Territory War, and so dictate the rules and obtain the profit of the fee payment of that territory. (I'll explain the War Territory system further along) Full size images https://i.imgur.com/ujx9jEU.png https://i.imgur.com/kfvRHgp.png https://i.imgur.com/DfUyTTg.png Changes in the server system and creation of zones The changes would be to extinguish the two types of server we have today in the Atlas for a single type that bears both PVE and PVP, creating zones in the global map that would have its own characteristics and mechanics of operation both economic, conquest and combat. It is also a way to facilitate and simplify the balancing of Skill Tree, thus: Blue Safe Zone Simpler resources and less quantity among all areas Low amount of treasures and World Boss (Ghost Ships and others) between all the zones Higher amount of Freeports compared to Red PVP Zone No fighting between players anywhere in the Blue Safe Zone It is not possible to destroy/steal boats and houses of other players, loot belongings anywhere within the Blue Safe Zone Without Siege war for the domination of the base of another company (I will explain more ahead) Without Territory war (I'll explain later) Islands with the highest number of plots for Company Flags among all zones Players can respawn on their boat beds at any time "The safes zones exist perfectly for those solo players or small groups to develop in the game without suffering retaliation from larger groups or troublemakers. The large amount of plots for Company Flags added to Siege's inability makes it easier for these players to build their own destiny. The sense of security prevails anywhere in this zone " Red PVP Zone More advanced resoucers and more than Blue Safe Zones More quantity and quality of treasures and quantity of World Boss (Ghost Ships and others) compared to Blue Safe Zones Some islands in some territories that do not have plots of claim, but that have many resources for collection. Less amount of Freeports compared to Blue Safe Zone Combat between players allowed (except in the islands where Freeport has) Allowed to destroy / steal boats and houses of other players and loot belongings (except in the islands where Freeport has) Siege War for the domination of the base and conquest of the area of influence of another company (I will explain more ahead) Without Territory War (I'll explain more ahead) Islands with the least plots for Company Flags compared to Blue Safe Zones Players can respawn in beds of their boats with a cooldown time (increasing exponentially according to the amount of deaths then) "Red PVP Zones are for the larger, organized groups that know of the possibility of losing everything in a Siege but want to have a facility to get large amounts of resources, are also for those more adventurous players who are in search of better treasures and who knows how to steal some boat around! For those who are not members of a company that has a base on some island in that area, the sense of security in not having everything stolen or killed by a pirate only exists in Freeports " Black PVP Zone The best resources are here and in greater quantity than all other zones The most valuable treasures and the most fearsome monsters (Dragon, Hydra, Kraken?) Must be in these areas. Great monsters can randomly attack the base of a company, in case the company can not defeat the monster, it will destroy it. Two territories focused only on the collection of resources, the islands that have the greatest amount of resources of the whole game. There is no Freeport in this area Combat between players and allowed theft without any punishment. (A criminal system for the game?) Siege War for the domination of the base of another company (I will explain more ahead) Territory War for the domination of an entire territory (I'll explain later) Islands with the least amount of plots available between all zones Players can respawn on the bed of their boat with a longer cooldown time than the Red PVP Zones "Players can not respawn in the bed of their boat when that territory in which they died is in Territory War, only in the base of their company or in the nearer Freeport" "The Black PVP Zones are for the most hardcore and organized companies in the game, it's not a place for amateurs, the probability that you lose everything here is high, great risks big rewards is the dilemma of those who step on these lands and navigate these waters ." Siege War Siege was the only way I found that a group or company could conquer or destroy an established base and the area of influence of another group, fighting fairly and competitively for both sides. Can only occur in Red and Black Zone When a company first conquers a plot with its flag, it will choose 3 times in IRL that it can suffer an attack, the siege can happen on any day, but only at the times at which it chooses. For a company to attack another base through siege, the company leader should go to a Freeport in the Red PVP Zone and choose a day (the attack can not occur on the same day it is being organized) in which he wants attack and one of the times established by the leader of the other company that will defend At that time the invisible walls of the base being attacked will dismantle only to the members of the company and allies that marked the attack. A company wins a siege when it manages to destroy the wall or gate, invade the base and destroy the flag of the other company. A company can pay for gold to block sieges attacks for 3, 5 or 7 days, the leader must go to a Freeport in a Red PVP Zone and pay for the NPC. A company loses the siege when it can not destroy the flag in the time of 1h and 30 minutes. When the company leader marks the siege, he can request the help of up to 2 companys in the attack, consequently the company that is defending can also request up to 2 companys to help. Only members of the company participating in this siege can damage the walls, gates and the flag. Players from other companies that are not participating in the siege are still barred by the invisible wall of the base that is under attack. "Any player who dies a second time during the siege, can not enter that territory or respawn in a bed that is in the base or boat present in that territory. (This is to prevent the players from dying, they are going back to the war and the siege does not end)" After dying twice players can only respawn in Freeports. Full size images https://i.imgur.com/8GcuhuW.png https://i.imgur.com/YYxqKmO.png Territory War This is a system that I have not yet fully thought of, but I will leave here some ideas of what can be Black PVP Zone only It's a war on the high seas, much like a battle royale. "The war occurs in a region demarcated in the map of the territory, the company that manages to destroy the ship of all the others is the winner" "As soon as the event begins this demarcated area is closed with translucent walls and no one can enter or even leave to try to avoid fighting." There is no limit on how many ships a company can take to war, in this battle it is where they can show all the strength they have. Companys are not obliged to participate The event takes place during 1 hour and 30 minutes, if there are still ships of all the participating companies, it will be up to you to have more ships and crew (players) Occurs on a fixed day and time of the week Only those companies that have a base in that territory can participate in this war Players who die can not return to that territory until the event is over The winning company will have full influence in the laws of the territory and will obtain all 40% of the profit of the whole system of rate that owns in that territory paid by the companys. Conclusions Well, if you have read so far thank you very much, leave a comment with more suggestions, critics, we will talk about this subject and encourage the developers to change this system that is. I was already forgetting, developers put the option to edit the topic regardless of how long it takes @Jatheish NOVOS SISTEMAS PARA ATLAS.docx
  13. Hey So I am on a High Desert Island, my entire region really doesn't have any fresh water, but im surrounded by ocean, and I can't use that water to make dyes ? I tried putting down water barrels, but there's hardly any rain coming through, Water reservoir doesn't work, tap on water reservoir doesn't work.... Would really love to see some way of using any kind of water for crafting and irrigation of crops hehe.
  14. So today marks the 5th time my progress has been reset. Wish I could say that the chinese got me, Other players or ghost ships. But none of the above have been the cause. Crossing into new tiles is the cause. And its by far the most frustrating of reasons. You tell us to gather up lots of mats, TO build a raft and to set sail. But F that.....Not until there is some sort of solution to this issue. AFTER SO MANY FAILED ATTEMPTS AT LOGGING IN(Check one) Player(with all belongings including ship/raft) is forced respawned at blank land mass. This islnad/tile would have fast travel NPC Capable of moving you and your ship/raft to a port. PS @ the go get a company crowd: NO.
  15. Fix the weather to rain more on islands.. even in a temperate area there is no rain.. Add the ability to dig a well or make it to where we can attach storage to a dug up water spout.
  16. As most people probably already know, fiber is non-existent on many islands in the tundra areas. Since fiber is one of the key resources in even beginner gear, it makes these places even more hostile. In order to combat this without making these places easy to settle in, I have a few suggestions that may work individually or in conjunction with one another: -Make seaweed spawn in the waters around tundra areas. This will make players have to spec into diving and water fortitude, thus making it difficult but not impossible to obtain fiber. It also rewards building a character around their target area. -Make all islands (excluding polar) have fiber in varying amounts. In this case, a tundra island should have fiber but the resource should be fairly uncommon. Like gather certain berries on islands, it would require a sharp eye and careful scouting to stay on top of fiber needs. -Make sickles actually harvest fiber from berry plants. To balance this and to make it still feel harsh, the sickles could degrade much faster when used on berry plants and the yield of fiber can be drastically lowered. (Perhaps you have a 1/3 chance of getting one (1) fiber from each swing. If you dont harvest fiber on the swing, it still degrades the plant). -Make certain tames harvest fiber from berry plants. Since taming is incredibly difficult and most of the time completely pointless (why would I need to spend resources and time on a mount when I can walk across the tiny islands in no time at all?) I haven't tamed many creatures. In Ark survival evolved, many creatures had the specific ability to harvest fiber. One of the creatures was a bear. Since I have not tamed a bear myself, I have no idea if bears can actually harvest fiber in Atlas. That being said, since bears acted similarly to scythes in Ark, I would assume that in Atlas bears act similarly to scythes in Atlas, meaning they can collect lots of fiber but only from fiber bearing plants. Giving the bears or other creatures the ability to harvest fiber would serve two purposes: 1. It would give players incentive to actually tame creatures. 2. It would make companies in different regions appear aesthetically different. While a company from the temperate area might be conventional fighters using swords and guns, the tundra companies would typically use more animals. This creates a natural culture and world building that feels organic. -This solution is a bit trickier. Create some way to trade or export fiber from other areas without forcing players to make the trip. This would likely mean utilizing the ship npcs in a new and unique way. Essentially, you would send a boat (the amount of materials gathered would vary based on the type of ship and crew level) and send the boat out to a region with fiber. Initially, this sounds incredibly intensive and laggy, however there is a way to do this without causing too many problems. Much like how the npcs at the freeports dont actually pick you up and transport you to a different island in the server, these gathering npcs dont actually have to be present in the world to do their job. Essentially, the npcs and the ship will just be unavailable for a time while they "gather" the resources from the far area. Depending on what server you send them to, what gear you give them, and the ship/crew's level, the speed at which they accomplish their mission will change. Once the time is up, the ship and the crew will respawn in the designated area (a new structure might be needed to facilitate this, perhaps a trading post or expedition port.) with all the materials they were ordered to recover. The ship will need repairs and the operation would be relatively costly depending on what is gathered and the distance traveled. All the tools would be consumed in the process. Obviously this is a very far reaching solution, but I think it could solve many problems in one swoop. *** I understand that game balancing with a new game is a very difficult and often frustrating thing. Honestly, you guys shouldn't have advertised this game through streamers the night before it released, but that's another story altogether. The important thing is that there are many of us who are in this for the long haul. We'll complain and moan about how broken the game is, but that's kinda what we are supposed to do. We'll let you guys know when something isn't right, and hopefully we'll be able to provide ideas into what solutions we have in mind. Despite all of the backlash and poor media image, there are still those of us who really appreciate how much work you've been putting into this game in the past few days alone. Working through the holidays and fixing the major issues incredibly quickly is something many devs would shy away from. Just remember that in all of the shouts and screams of people who spent two hours in the game and quit, there are those of us who see what you are doing and will be there as you walk this game into its full potential. It will take time, it will be frustrating, but there are still those of us who know you guys will get there.
  17. I just think that The Ship of The Damned model looks too alien and it would better add to the pirate atmosphere if it looked like a regular ship that rose from the bottom of the sea covered in seaweed with torn sails. It also might be cool if they could submerge and then emerge from the water, but if they're gonna be able to take you from surprise like that they should move a bit slower. That would go along pretty well with the ripped sails and I think that mechanic would give players the chance to get away (since they'd move slower.) You would take a little damage but if you weren't looking for a fight at least you could get away and wouldn't get griefed by the AI. We could make them spawn in predictable places so that you could expect the risk of one and they don't always have to be underwater. Lastly, I think it would be really cool if there was a way to capture one of the Ships of The Damned for your own and give it a proper name.
  18. First, i'd like to say that I think claiming land was a great way to go and a big improvement from Ark. With that said, I think this system is a little to basic at the moment, and is causing a lot of confrontation in a game where you're trying to set up more player based cities and an eco systems. I've put together some recommendations based on my observatins so far, and experience in other PvP MMOs. Different types of claims: Territory Claim Flag- This would be the biggest claim type, and rather than just claiming a small circle, it would claim an entire island sub set (or multiple islands in a small grid). You could even have these claim flags pre-set in the game for every island section on the map. These flags would be claimable by a single company, who can then take control of that territory, and set the taxes/laws in this entire section. They would also be required to protect it and guard it from other companies in a siege mechanic i'll mention below. Company Claim Flags- These are small claim flags similar size to the ones already in the game. The company who places this flag can freely build in this territory. The company who controls the territory, should be able to approve/deny other players trying to place these on an island set. The territory claim owners should also be able to set a maximum amount of company claim flags per territory. These company claim areas are still subject to the taxes coming from the territory claim flag, and are subject to 2x damage from the territory claim owners to help avoid insiding, or mutiny. Company claim flags should be a type of alliance to the territory owners, and show up as a "blue" or other color to help the territory owners identify these players and avoid conflicts. Territory claim owners can remove company flags, with a 24 hour notice similar to the siege mechanic mentioned below. Personal Claim Flags- These are the smallest claim flags (maybe 5x5), and has similar properties to the company claim flags, but for a single person. These should also be approved/declined by the territory owners, and taxed appropriately. Blue status should also be shown for these players. Territory claim owners can remove personal flags, with a 24 hour notice similar to the siege mechanic mentioned below. Sieges: Rather than someone just coming to "claim" the land while someone is afk. There should be a siege system. Something as easy as a siege claim flag could be dropped in the territory. It should give a 24 hour notice to the territory owners, and their territory claim flag would then be vulnerable after that 24 hour period. To make it a little more fair, the attackers should be able to build in a radious of maybe 10x10 around their siege flag to protect it. Additionally, the siege flag should become vulnerable an hour before the territory flag in order to make sure they have to defend before they can actually take the territory. Laws: You should be able to set laws which govern your area of influence. Laws could be changed once every 7 real life days, and take 24 hours to implement. Some examples below. Lawful- Lawful territories will stop all companies from attack eachother who own a claim flag on that territory without first removing that company/personal flag as noted above. Lawful territories should also allow other players to come in and attack players/housing in this area, but in doing so that player would become "flagged" as a crimanal and go "grey (just a status effect to show the criminal". While flagged as a criminal, other players can attack this person freely without penalty. If a crimal kills an innocent, they should be given a murder count. This murder count can then be tallied up and after X amount (we'll say 5), they then become a murderer. This then flags them as a "red (red status effect)" to show other players that this is a dangerous person. Neutral- All players including companies and players with a claim flag in this territory can be attacked by anyone else. Housing will still be unable to be attacked by players/companies with claim flags in this territory without first declaring a siege. Players will still recieve a player murder count for killing players in this territory. Chaotic- All players entering this area are automatically "flagged criminal/grey" and there are no penalties for killing other people in this area. Additionally, players owning claim flags in this territory can freely attack their neighbors structures at will. (but you still need to siege the territory in order to take it). Murder System: When attacking other players in the lawful or neutral zones, you should recieve a kill count. Anyone who deals damage to this player within 5 minutes of the player being killed should be given a kill count (the player who dies should be given the choice to or not to give a murder count, to avoid friendly duel murder counts, or accident friendly fire kill counts). When a player recieved 5 kill counts, they become "infamous/murderer/criminal" whatever you want to call it. Kill counts can max out at 20, and it takes 24 hours without killing another person for one of these kill counts to fall off. If a player is considered a murderer, they will not be able to enter free ports as a penalty, and can be attacked by any other players at any time without penalty. If you attack another player you should be "flagged" as a grey/criminal for x amount of time (maybe 15 minutes from the most recent damage to a blue player). Anyone else should be able to attack you friendly during this time.
  19. First of all let me say, i dont know what Devs endgoal is for the Army of the Damned. Should they be a constant treat on every journey and just a hassel to deal with? Or should they be a rare occurence and very dangerous if encounterd? If its the former, then the Devs more or less reached their goal regarding that, but if its the latter, then maybe i can help. The Idea: The Army of the Damned only spawn at night in a few selected squares of the map. They announce their presence with thick fog before they spawn and are not easy to deal with even with endgame gear. At dawn they vanish in the fog, which clears afterwards, so the sea is save at day. this creates a risk vs reward system of sailing at night or waiting for day. After they despawned they will chose a new square (adjacend or random) to haunt the next night. There should also only be a handful of Armys haunting the different parts of the sea so they stay rare.
  20. I’m the type of player that hates toxic game communities and griefing. That’s why I chose PvE. The few minutes I spent on PvP at launch helped me make my decision, as every single player I came across tried to kill me on sight. However, PvE seems too extreme in the other direction. I come across players that will just get on my boat and won’t leave, and there’s nothing I can do except curse at them while they laugh at me. I come across players that will just hang out at my house and won’t leave, trying to get inside any time someone opens the door so they can steal our stuff, and there’s nothing I can do except curse at them while they laugh at me. It’s extremely frustrating. I think there needs to be either a third type of server, or possibly alter PvE that allows violence when it is warranted. I’m not sure exactly what it would look like, but maybe something like: If someone is on your boat or inside your claim, you can give them a warning to leave. If they don’t within a certain amount of time then the gloves come off, with some kind of advantage to the defender, maybe they get the first blow. Or maybe some kind of system where you can set your claim area as friendly or unfriendly to outsiders. If it’s unfriendly to outsiders, then you can attack them on sight. Of course, they would get a notification as soon as they enter your claim so they know they are on dangerous grounds. Once you initiate the attack, they can fight back to defend themselves. At risk of sounding melodramatic, I think most PvE players have a strong sense of justice; they just don’t like jerks attacking them for no reason and stealing all their hard-earned loot. But the other side of justice is that there needs to be punishment for crimes, and right now Justice is toothless in PvE.
  21. Just gonna be frank, the current combat system is the worst combat system I have ever experienced in a video game. I've played flash games with more enjoyable combat than what we currently have in Atlas. I'm aware that the game is still early access and that's the reason I'm making this post so that devs will hopefully see that people either want it drastically improved or just completely reworked from the ground up. So here's a simple poll for anyone interested, it closes on January 10th.
  22. Suggestion for fixing the current skill point cost. Low tier skills cost 1 Mid tier skills cost 2 High tier cost 4 Unlocking new mysteries cost 6
  23. Greetings. I would like to ask the dev team to consider looking into the following things, when it comes to the PvE servers: -Land claim. People just spam the flags all over the island AND the sea.... Its impossible to find an unclaimed spot. They dont even build anything, just place flags and leave. -Random trolls jumping onto your ship, trying to sink it, or just being annoying and you cant do anything about it. -Not being able to lock crafting stations/campfires -Somehow, our ship sank during the night, while we were offline, in the middle of the ocean -People can lure wild animals to attack you, while you are offline -It also would be really cool if you guys worked on the chat a bit. For example, added a few tabs such as ''local'' which would work within a certain radius and a ''clan'' tab. It would also be nice if you let us customize the chat, for example change its position, font, size, etc etc. I would be grateful if you guys did something about it! Thanks in advance
  24. Been seeing alot about smaller groups having no chance against big companies and no where to claim. What about having factions or States in game. At the start you pick your state can build anywhere your state controls. Rather then claiming land for yourself you claim for your faction. This I believe would let smaller groups or solo players thrive more while still having big battles and confrontations to control the atlas. Keep freeports for inter state trading and safe spots to converse. Just throwing some ideas out there Let me know your opinions people !
  25. Would be awesome if while on the seas there's merchant ships, navy ships, pirates. Using anything from rafts upwards. The seas are and feel empty. Would give the opportunity to trade items and attack.. Being a "Atlas" pirates, exploration game it feels trade needs to be a feature also npc around ports etc that can be recruit ed in to crew.
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