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  1. Hey Devs! I've got a couple of hundred hours in game and have been having a really good time of it...thank you very much. I'm looking forward to seeing it's final release. Have you given any thought to implementing a "City Planner" skill line that players can spend points on? This line would contain templates/blueprints of different tiers of structures that would be found in any town. Opening the skill line would give the player the ability to place a city limits claim flag that would allow building of various pre-fab (or not) structures that would cost either materials or gold to place. Each island would have a max number of city claim flags allowed. There would be a no build zone between different city limits to mitigate walling off entire islands with cities. The owner of the city would be able to set taxes but the town would be accessible by everyone, even if the owner is offline. Each pre-fab building could also be represented by an npc/or booth that can be placed within a structure the player has made through the usual grinding of materials. For example, instead of placing a pre-fab tavern, you'd build your own structure and place a "pub/tavern" npc in it. Tier 1 would include... a modest/small land claim/buildable area first level crafting stations a low level quest npc a blueprint for an offline protected shipyard that would house/store a finite number of smaller boats for a fee a small pub or tavern that contains a couple of vendor npcs that would sell food and drink. The building itself would also provide some kind of low level staff buff (not sure what). The ability for players who have musical skills to set up and play for an added buff to anyone listening while in the building. a bank/merchant npc for people to post their goods to a small tame storage barn/shed/pen for tier 1 tames a small contingent of low level npc peacekeepers that would assist in defending against online raids offline raid protection for all town structures Tier 2 a larger city claim/buildable higher level crafting stations a higher level quest npc area a larger shipyard...bigger/more boats. a larger tavern with either a higher buff or more buffs higher level music/buffs a larger bank/merchant...greater gold storage or more space to post player goods a larger pen for larger animals (tier 2 tames) a contingent of higher level npc peacekeepers that would assist in defending against online raids offline raid protection for all town structures and so on and so forth... Maybe a skill line like this would offer some gameplay to folks who might want to engage in the occasional PvP but also want to be builders and contribute to a more roleplay atmosphere. If you've ever played Star Wars Galaxies many moons ago you may remember how bustling player made cities and towns were and how much friendly random player interaction occurred. Thanks!
  2. Not sure how open to actual content suggestions you guys are, but I think it would be a really cool idea especially for PVE players to have some sort of trade system. What I was thinking would be allowing a player to purchase "goods", they don't even have to be real resources or anything, and transporting them long distances for a profit if they successfully get them to the correct port and sell it. Maybe even add some type of NPC pirate spawns that try and attack you if you are carrying said "goods" for higher payout runs. I do think you should have to purchase them with your gold upfront, regardless, so there is some fear of being sunk or killed along the way. Just an idea. Thanks for taking the time to read this if you did!
  3. Hello, it was nice, when we can get a new Log System in Game for Tribe Admins and Players.. to get more information .. - Ships are sunken and on the log is only destroyed but why? More information why is the Ship sunken https://prnt.sc/miqmov - other details about the Game Peoples Buildings are nice - a sort functionn
  4. Auto-close option for all doors This was added to ARK as part of a very popular Mod, so we all know it can be done in the game. Please please please add this into Atlas as standard, it's so annoying having to turn around every time you go through a door to close it again, it would also help keeping people's boats more secure during PvP because I bet in a heated battle closing a door behind you is the last thing people think of when there's DPS to be dealt out . It'd would have been nice to see user-friendly changes like this made as part of the original, updated game release to be honest.
  5. 1.Green SODs are everywhere! They are too powerful for small ships and too weak for large ships. Destroyed a green SOD only can get some garbage. they just like a lot of green flies,so annoying. 2.Only few high level SODs in ocean region, but too many in golden age ruin. I can't find any SODs which level higher than 30. However, if I go to a golden age region there are more than five level 58 SODs waiting for me. it's good to hunt some high level SODs but not fight 5 of them together. 3.Some SODs will wait for some player transfer to another region and attach them when they can't move. if it takes a long time to transfor, some small ship will be destroyed. 4.If fight with a SOD or a ghost ship using a Brigantine is better than using a Galleon, why we need spent more time to creat a Galleon in pve?
  6. So, I spent about three weeks on PvP, and now about two on PvE. During my 535 hours spent playing, I've made some notes on systems/mechanics that just didn't make sense or were too punishing. Some of these might be more PvE side since that's what I've been playing lately. Honestly, I love the game and would love to see it take on more of an "MMO" aspect because I really think you have a shot at helping start the revolution that would kill Theme Park MMO's, and let's be honest, they need to die. The post title is because at the root of a lot of this, I see you are trying to make things take time, like any MMO would. But the route you have chosen isn't fun, it's punishing. I don't feel a sense of achievement upon completing my goal, I feel a sense of dred towards the next goal because I know it's going to be more of the same thing I just spent forever doing. The summary to most of this is that, "The juice needs to be worth the squeeze", and right now I'm squeezing with barely any results. - Food drain to stamina regen is ridiculous. - Requiring skills to use higher tier items is stupid, considering, - You have to find treasure maps - You have to then go complete the Treasure Maps - You then have to hope you got the right BP of the right quality, most likely you didn't - You then need to grind the materials - You then need to be able to craft the thing - You then need a skill to even use them? Like, bro, we already did a week's worth of work just to be able to make the item. - Too many "gates", this isn't a Korean MMO, keep people engaged with new content and reaching new goals, not stupid shit in the way to prevent them from reaching something "too quickly". - What the hell is with Thatch gathering? It's the only resource that doesn't have a tame equivalent, meaning we spend our stamina to gather it, meaning we have to eat CONSTANTLY to gather large amounts of it. (Like for a Galleon, for example) - Elephants suck, they drain stamina too quickly and their gather rate is butt. Why are Bears so OP and Elephants so UP? They both need better balancing. - Food mechanic is dumb, it's too punishing. When it's easier to avoid a mechanic completely rather than use it, what is the point? - Land claiming system is chaos, break each island down into small claimable grid squares or something. Trying to refresh them, when you can't even find them, is chaos. Hell, trying to even figure out "the line" between your Company and other Company claims is chaos. Completely remove water claims, they are pointless and just serve as an easy way to try to climb the claim leaderboard. - Trying to take claims from others is also chaos, making a central building where you can take over another Company's claims instantly would be far better when trying to take land from a large Company. It would limit the amount of defensive structures built all over the place and centralize the fighting on PvP / make removing dead companies easier on PvE. Make that building also offer additional perks / controls for land claims, such as being able to change settings for all land claims in a server from that building. (Based on the grid claim system I previously mentioned, that would work really well) Just make it take a super long time to claim so that the defending side has ample time to repel invaders. - Ship weights are garbo, I build my transport ships with nothing but a raised platform and a resource chest just because you have the weight set so low. On top of that, even then I have to keep them below half weight so that I can still travel full speed. If the ship has nothing on it, it can't defend itself, so all I can do is run from Ships of the Damned. Also, this makes the ship look dumb as hell. Ever seen a Galleon with nothing but a tall ass podium for a steering wheel? It's stupid looking, and a sad ass example of a Galleon. I want my ship to look like a Pirate Ship, not a Hull and a podium. - Get rid of Ships of the Damned, or at least their character model. They are so out of place in this setting and make zero sense. Kiilling other ships that look like ours and work on the same mechanics, not the ability to just go where ever they want without having to deal with the wind that we have to, would be better. Fighting other "pirate ships" and maybe even be able to claim Rare / Legendary ones that have a low spawn chance would make more sense. It would be super cool to be able to find, fight, and claim rare / legendary ships that have super low spawn rates but custom models. You can even balance them by not allowing building, they are what they are. It's also a pretty "MMO" type feature. - Some of the skills in your skill tree don't even have a function on PvE, such as the time shortening skills for claiming enemy ships. Why can't we claim enemy ships on PvE if we can claim their territory and their buildings? - (This is PvE side specific) Being unable to land on "enemy" ships is stupid, why didn't you just make it so that non-company players don't count toward weight/crew? Just make it so that they also can't access Cannons and what are they going to do, shoot pistols at SotD? It's not like they would have much of a use, and then they couldn't destroy ships by adding too many crew. Most people ignore your food mechanic, and even climate mechanics, they just use beds to keep respawning. So at worst, we'd be able to ferry people around, and at best we'd be able to not lose all our stuff because we accidentally ended up on an enemy ship / we'd be able to explore other people's ships. Showing off our ships is half the fun of building them. - Don't require points into being able to use items, require finding and using skill books to learn the ability to craft higher tier items. Give crafters more depth and provide another means of trade. - Break the skill tree down into divisions based on playstyle, not by category. Have fighters go down a skill tree for fighter related things, sailors/captains for the same, and so on. Try a "web" skill tree, not a "multiple tabs" skill tree. It would feel more "MMO" and be easier to plan out builds. Right now you have to use an external site for looking up where certain skills are and such, it's annoying. - Add a way to "stow" or "tie down" tames on ships, making them static structures on a ship like a wood ceiling would be. Travelling through servers with them causes desync that makes it impossible to get by them on even a Brig. When I'm taking fire and need to repair but can't because my Elephant is bugging out it really isn't a fun time. - Region lock China / give them their own server. I stopped playing PvP because they drove the ping up so high I couldn't even reload a pistol let alone fight back, and what is worse is that they do it on purpose. PvE is barely any better, there are certain servers I have to avoid completely because they drive the ping up so high by just living there that I can't even safely travel through the zone. Yes, they are paying customers and you want money, I get it. No, as a paying customer I don't want to have a game I can't fully access because of that fact. They need their own server and we need our American server region locked. Yeah, yeah, VPNs and all that. Great, the lag will be on their end and not the servers.
  7. My clan just informed me that my house was lost and the territory claimed from under me. I understand not letting sleeping bodies block claims but I was on Wednesday. I tried to steal territory. I LOGGED OFF inside my home. TWO DAYS AGO. Now, all my hardwork is gone. Some other clan took it from my sleeping body. I THOUGHT flags were supposed to renew when you entered their radius. I THOUGHT it was supposed to take THREE DAYS for someone to be able to steal your land after they renew. Maybe, you should just make EACH FLAG HAVE A COUNT DOWN TO WHEN IT CAN BE STOLEN. Or maybe you should be more clear about how flag renewal works. This is such utter ridiculousness. Also, did I read the patchnotes correctly? You can have NPCs guard your claims? This entire claim system has been bugged one way or another from day one and I'm really trying hard to find the will to want to play. OH WAIT, I CAN'T UNLESS I KILL MYSELF BECAUSE I'M LOCKED IN MY OWN HOME.
  8. Ok now i set up an idea for the sinking and repair mechanic of ships that could turn out pretty cool Basic assumptions: (you can skip this and go directly to the suggestion below if not interested in the details) The game is too easy both building a ship and especially sinking a ship but you cant have one without the other, so to bring the building and survival part more to the initial release version we need ships to be harder to sink. Not just by misuse of mechanics as weight but also in direct combat. While it is realistic that a tiny hole will sink a ship if no one repairs it because offline etc. it does kill any gameplay big time. It should be comparably difficult to building a ship to sink said ship. For example in real battles even after hundreds of cannon balls ships wrecks often keep floating thou everything above the waterline was destroyed. Since you need to put a lot on ships like many planks and stuff but you only need to damage or destroy one plank there is no gameplay balance and no way to save ships by running from the enemy until they give up from wasting too much time for no reason. Also you can store several copies of your ship inside the ship by having hundreds of spare planks to instant repair during combat which often results in enemy ships simply not able to carry enough cannon balls to counter it in active battle, its also a mechanic that the following suggestion will replace with a more rewarding system. Suggestion: (All ideas need to be applied together to work correctly, given numbers are not set in stone and need to be tested and balanced) Planks Planks need to take more damage they are destroyed far too easy by any means. Planks should be able to take a lot more shots including all sources be it from player weapons or SoD. Considering a wooden wall taking 80 wood having 8.000 hp it wouldnt be wrong if a large plank taking 1500 wood would have 150.000 hp. So atleast bit more hp on planks would make a lot of sense. Ship Health / Resistance The ship health will no longer resemble the amount of water the ship has taken in but the ships condition (The sum of all planks HP). The ships condition grants a resistance buff to planks and reduces when damage to planks is taken. Resistance Buff / Sturdiness Planks have a damage resistance with the following formula: Ship HP% - Plank HP% + Sturdiness Bonus - Example: Ships Condition at 100%, Plank at 100%, Sturdiness 0% = Resistance 0% - Example: Ships Condition at 90%, Plank at 10%, Sturdiness 0% = Resistance 80% - Example: Ships Condition at 10%, Plank at 100%, Sturdiness 10% = Resistance -80% - Example: Ships Condition at 80%, Plank at 40%, Sturdiness 10% = Resistance 50% Ship Weight / Water Weight If a ship takes in water the water will be added to the weight. Also the weight will have more influence how fast a ship can turn, accelerate and move. Draught / Load Draft The weight of the ship no matter if it is from resources, cannons or water will make the ship go deeper and raise the water line. Obviously the ship will sink when the waterline raises above the bulwark. Water Leaks The ship can only take in water from leaks below the water line. If a plank is partially below the water line the inflow of water will be slower. Bulkhead You should be able to build bulkheads that divide the ship into sections and prevent water inflow from the front section to reach the mid or aft sections. Also a fully closed deck will prevent water from reaching the upper deck. To have water inflow on the mid deck the waterline need to be high enough to reach said deck and leaks need to be present on the planks. Repairing Planks Planks can no longer be destroyed. If a plank reaches 0 HP it will be turned into a burst plank. A burst plank will take 3 successful hits with the repair hammer to start repairing again and will take a reasonable amount of resources with every try. Only fully repaired planks can be replaced with a new plank or demolished. Burst planks will make a damaged ship look a lot better and act like a missing plank in case of shots going through them and water leaking in but dont allow a new plank to be placed for easy repair. Visible Damage If bulkheads and decks stopping water inflow planks can have more conditions to make combat look better and easily tell the their condition: <50% light visible damage and tiny water leak <25% visible damage and small water leak <10% heavy visible damage and medium water leak 0% visible burst plank with large water leak Ship Sails Besides that you should be able to add different sails to the same mast, like a handling sail and a speed sail on one mast. Once a mast gets destroyed it gets replaced with a broken mast that has like a 10 minute cooldown before it can be repaired. Same if a sail gets completely ripped it will have a 5 minute cooldown before it can be repaired again to allow boarding actions. The same applies as to planks and it takes 3 successful repair hammer hits to start repairing once the cooldown is over and you cannot demolish or replace a sail/mast until it is fully repaired. Wind Sails do take damage from strong winds, starting at 50% of the max wind strength they will have a tiny wear effect and at 100% it will be quit noticeable. Cyclones of course deal a lot damage to sails but less to planks so you can lower sails if you cannot avoid them. Cannon Balls Since battles last longer now they should be a bit cheaper and reasonably lighter to carry enough. Avoiding abuse of the weight mechanic On anchored ships the weight that a player can add to a ship is limited to two times his carry weight. Should the ship lift the anchor the full weight is applied. On PVE you can remove sleeping players if you own the ship, they will be moved to the end of the emergency ladder if selecting to remove some overweight sleeper that tries to stall your ship indefinitely. The result: Battles now take much longer, removing instant destruction of planks as well as instant repairing of planks. You can concentrate more on the fighting than the repairing of ships now. At the same time repairing is limited by needing resources that add to the ship weight and dont allow hundreds of premade planks to be used. Planks will not break so easily and the overall ship condition influences how sturdy the planks are. Also the burst planks will make damaged ships look a lot better and the inflow of water not feel so awkward. That a ship cannot take in water above the waterline, means that it not always has to sink, it can literally be shot to pieces and more often plundered or taken over than just sunk, unless of course the last defenders decide to let it sink Ships having a weight that influences the water line makes the inflow of water and the outfitting of the ship more challenging and manageable at the same time. A heavily loaded ship is now easier to sink than a lightweight ship that can take in more water and has a lower water line. Also heavily loaded or outfittet ships will be slower from having more draught. A lightweight trading ship can now more easily run from heavy battleships or legion of the damned, sinking a fleeing foe that wants to avoid battle is now a task rather than a one shot click. Also a trader might want to throw their wares into the sea to flee some bloodthirsty pirate and stuff like this to give more option beside sinking and loosing ships.
  9. So this patch note here for v18, February Update - New Feature: Player shops in freeports. Players can set up automated shops in each Freeport, listing loot for sale and naming their own gold coin prices. Would it be possible to make it so players can set up trades for one resource, for another? Example, I don't know how the system for the official patch one with gold prices, but it could be something like this Player puts 2,000 Granite(Stone) on his/her trade-offer/market, and wants 2,000 Slate(Stone) for it. When you put a resource on the trade / market, you can only get the other type of that resource, like Tin(Metal) for Copper(Metal), Roots(Thatch) for Fronds(Thatch), Opal(Gem) for Ruby(Gem) Player1 traded '750 Copper' for Player2's '750 Silver' Idk, just a suggestion someone could make a mod for this either way perhaps. Just to me sounds like an idea
  10. Title says it all, every other resource is available, even gemstones. I don't see why keratinoid isn't there. It is a very useful resource. Especially when crafting mythical blueprints.
  11. Okay i will go at the biggest issue now and try to suggest a rework of the claiming system that will allow all players and potential players to enjoy the game. It is clear that in a game that has everything from single players, small companies to big mega corps and giant territories as well as pvp, pve, trading, fighting, land and sea claims ... One claim flag and mechanic will not do, there needs to be several mechanics and flags to make all this work. Player Flags: Home Base (Limit 1) - Every Player can place one Home Base that will claim a small territory like 15 meters just enough to build a house. The Home Base cannot be unclaimed by any means, you can place a new one thou that will delete the old one but once placed you will have a reuse timer of several days that prevents you from rapidly moving the flag. On pvp of course the buildings on the claim can be attacked and destroyed, the claim will remain thou but getting your buildings destroyed over and over will make you want to move the claim somewhere else. The small area also allows to use the blank spaces between bigger claims that are not useable yet. It will decay after not logging in for 8 weeks. Home Port (Limit 1) (Sea Claim) - Every Player can place one Home Port that will claim a small area just enough to build one shipyard. The Home port cannot be unclaimed by any means, the same regulations as the Home Flag do apply. On PVP structures can be destroyed on the Home Port. It will decay after not logging in for 4 weeks. Players will not have any other claims to place. Every other claim will be only for companies as following. Company Flags: Company Base (Limit 1) - Every company can place one Company Base that has the actual claim size. It will have some protection from unclaiming and serves as the company base that is hard to take over. - PVE The claim cannot be unclaimed when members where active on the claim within 2 weeks. - PVP The claim cannot be unclaimed with members active or sleeping on the claim. Once the claim gets unclaimed it will count as occupied and can be instantly reclaimed by the original owners when all enemies on the claim are defeated, the buildings on a occupied claim will remain with the original owner. After 48h the claim will turn into a normal claim of the new owner. - New Owner: If the attacking company has no own City claim the claim will turn into a city claim and all buildings will change owner. If they have their own city claim already it will change into a normal claim and the building will stay with the original owner and start to decay, giving them more time to claim their company base back and preventing complete take over of multiple company bases. - This claim should be difficult to take over as it is the main base of a company and a battle about this claim will last a long time to give the owners and even small companies the chance to fight back. - This claim will not decay by itself. Company Harbour (Limit 1) (Sea Claim) - Every company can place one Company Harbor. It works exactly like the Company Base only that it can be placed in the water to make a Harbor. Land Claim (Unlimited) - The normal Land claim. It is unlimited but has no protection other than the strength of the Company that owns the claim. It can be unclaimed within 10 minutes and allows for building settings to allow other to build like the current claim system does but you cannot take taxes on this land. As the settings can be changed at any time this land is considered private land. The claim will decay within 24h if there is no building on the claim. Upon taking the claim over it will turn into a occupied claim for 24h during this time buildings will remain with the original owner and cannot be demolished but you can build and not loose the claim from leaving the territory. Empire Claim (Unlimited) - The empire claim is like the Land claim but will always allow others to build and takes taxes, it is considered public land and the owner cannot demolish buildings. On the other side this claim gets more protection and cannot be unclaimed fast. It does require to be contested for 24h. Since you can build and live there it is more easy to contest it for a longer time and allow the owner to strike back. The claim will decay within 24h if there is no building on the claim. So even if you get a new lord and they might raise taxes they cannot kick players out of their homes by simply changing it to private land. Sea Claim (Unlimited) - The Sea claim works like the land claim but can no longer be placed on the open seas as it will decay within 24h if there is no building placed on the claim so it is more tailored to shores and shipyards or harbors. Deep Sea Claim (Unlimited) - Should there be stuff on the open seas that needs claiming the claim flags will be placed on the sea bed and not be shown on the surface, so you are not in some ones territory while sailing the open seas. Occupied Claim (Temporary) - Its purpose is so you can claim Territory fast and dont need to stay inside but prevent you from demolishing the buildings of the original owner and give them a chance to strike back. The buildings stay with the original owner and it will turn into your claim after a certain time. Claim messages You will receive messages about contested or decaying claims with coordinates to be aware of claims you are going to loose and strike back. Also you will see player and company names of contesters in the message so you could also choose to strike at their base instead and convince them to leave your claims alone. The numbers on protection and claim times are up for balance and not set in stone. It needs to be tested first. This should allow all players to enjoy the game better, help with the problem of claiming beeing boring and no real chances to actually fight over a claim in most chases as well as giving some protection and freeing up space to allow more players to stay in the game.
  12. I would like to suggest a cannon port/door option for buildings. We have them for boats, why not such openings for castles/forts so they too have a thematic feel to them.
  13. OK not sure if this is posted already or even possible but hear me out. A server manager that shuts down grids not in use that way you can have a huge map on your local machine and still be able to play with just you or a few friends. Now this idea becomes less effective the more people you have. Basically have it set up that once all the grids are loaded they get put in "hibernation" (like suspended in ram or a paging file) and they stay that way until the server manager "pings" that grid which would bring it out of "hibernation" (the paging file) and resume the grid like normal. Now for example say you select a free port to spawn on, well when you click spawn the server manager would ping that grid and wake it up for you to use. Another example could be that once a player gets close to one or 2 grid walls then the server manager pings those grids and wakes them up so they are ready for you to pass over them by the time you get to the wall. And when the server sees that a gird is empty and no players are around it then it can close those grids. And the same situation could work for sleeping. Once you log out it checks the grid and surrounding grids and if all is good it will hibernate until needed.
  14. There is many suggestions and topics similar i know, just want to share my ideas about claim system. You can see many islands claimed by one company or player. They build enough for 2 flag claim spot but the rest is empty land. This is a huge kickback for new and growing players looking for land. Make claim flag "upkeep system" : 10gold/hour each flag after "first flag" . First company/players flag free plus every flag need hourly gold upkeep. more flags more upkeep you name it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1634996804
  15. I have yet to meet a fellow sailor that eats and maintains their vitamins to survive. The vitamins are a great idea and keep the game in it's "realistic" standpoint but right now it is really really broken. Most players don't see the benefit of keeping their vitamins full and just run till death. Why bother eating when you can just respawn with full stats? We all know that the vitamin system could be great and here is how. Vitamin A :"Vitamin A has multiple functions: it is important for growth and development, for the maintenance of the immune system and good vision." Therefore, I suggest that Vitamin A will affect the Melee Stat. Vitamin B : "B vitamins are a class of water-soluble vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism." Therefore, Vitamin B should affect the Stamina Stat. Vitamin C : "Vitamin C is an essential nutrient involved in the repair of tissue and the enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters." Therefore, Vitamin C should affect the Health Stat. Vitamin D : "Vitamin D has a significant role in calcium homeostasis and metabolism." Aka, bone strength. Therefore, Vitamin D should affect the Weight Stat. The level of the vitamin should affect your stats either positive, negative, or neutral. Each stat above should be affected individually by the vitamins that they correspond to. I also believe you should not die from vitamin deficiency and no adverse effects should come from a vitamin being at 100%. Greater or Equal to 75% = 10% Buff 25% to 75% = No Buff Less then or equal to 25% = -10% De-buff This will cause players to use certain foods for certain tasks and make the cooking skill, farming, and gathering consumables essential. Do you want to gather resources to build a galleon? Might want to stock up on Vitamin D and B based foods! Do you want to go explore the Golden age ruins or find the fountain of youth? Might want to get those Vitamin A and C heavy foods. Overall I think this simple solution would fix the problem most people are having in this game surrounding the survival part of it. This will drive the player base to strive to stay alive and not get the de-buffs, work towards the buffs, and benefit the unused skills in the game. Let me know what you guys think! This is the best I can come up with and if anyone has any suggestions please post them so the devs can stop the chaos of constant death runs.
  16. Please add BPs for metal hatchet tool for gathering resources ! Thx
  17. As the topic states, this if about farming, cooking, and food preservation. Starting with Farming: First: Crop plot placement requirements are way to far apart. It’s like a 6 inch gap on all sides as the closest they can be to each other. While wanting to have more space it also doesn’t look pretty (for those of us who like it to look nice and tight). Second: Harvesting. Don’t get me wrong the yield is nice, however it’s the same weather I do it (fully speced), the bonus mini-game, a company member does it (non-spec), making the points I put into the bonus useless, as well as not needing to do the mini-game (which I personally do enjoy). Third: Tundra Rock doesn’t work. When I place a crop plot on wood or thatch I get the “tundra thatch or wood”, on stone it says “tundra rock”, but when I click to plant seed it says “no seeds available”. If it’s not meant to be on stone foundations fine but make it where you can’t place them on stone floors. Fourth: Water Tanks. Where we live it rains enough that we don’t need water tanks, however I made a bunch to be able to fill skins and water jugs, however the water barrels hold I think (500-600 water), where as the tanks only hold 200. Thats not a lot of water for a water tank when I could just make barrels that take up 1/4 of the space and hold 3x the amount. I like the reservoirs because you can pipe them unlike the barrels but it’s not worth the space with such a tiny amount of water it holds. Lastly: Fertlizer. I love that I can just craft it but there are 4 types of poop, human, small, medium, and large. I’d like to be able to take a large poop with like 150 thatch to make a bigger bag of fertilizer than have all the sizes make one size. I don’t mind if it cost more thatch for bigger bags but it makes picking up bigger poops more useful. I have PIGs but still when you feed your tames and they poop might as well use grab it and craft a bag of fertilizer. i think that’s about it on farming. I like the idea of it and that you can’t grow everything in one zone or on one surface but there are a few things that need to be adjusted. Cooking: I know there are plans to work on this and change it. A few things to make sure they aren’t forgotten. First: Meat. Animal meat is used in some recipes however in the grill it autocrafts making you have to put double in the grill so you can make your food while the other half turns into cooked meat. Also, can you make cooked prime fish meat look different in the UI then the raw prime fish meat because currently they look exactly the same, even if it’s just making the cooked a different color on the UI would be nice. Secondly: Water. Unless you live on an island with fresh water, getting water requires tanks and barrels. Not a huge deal because there’s decent rain fall in our area (I can’t speak for all zones), however, the waterskin and the water jug (even though one holds more) gets 1 use per recipe. If I can use the water jug 3 times to drink from why can’t it get 3 uses in cooking? That’s about all I’m going to say right now as it has been said the plans to rework it just a couple of things I hope you consider as well. Finally Food Preservation: Preserving Bags are cute and I love them, however they are small and don’t hold much, you can upgrade to the food lodder that holds more however I can’t put salt in it, and while it does have a decent life span it’s not comparable to the preserving bag, especially on custom foods like hot cocoa, which only stacks to 5 and has a 6 hour life span in the bag. I’d love to be able to put preserving salt in the food lodder to add to the life span or given a bigger preserve bag. Feeding troughs do not have a long enough life span on meat. Berries stack to 100 so it’s not as noticeable how fast they expire, but the meat spoils so fast. If either the time is longer OR we can put preserving salt in there to increase it that would be fine as well. Spoiled Meat has zero purpose in the game, can we make when meat spoils it’s like berries and just vanishes. You spend 5-10 mins a day while playing just chucking rotten meat out of bags, troughs, in your inventory etc. it’s space consuming with no purpose. i think that’s all I have to say as these are important aspects in the game that I enjoy, farming and cooking, plus caring for our animals and ship crew. So I hope you consider some of my ideas. Thanks ChickFabulous! P.s. please make bolas stack! And a bigger storage beside large storage boxes. Even in Pirates of the Caribbean they had vaults lol.
  18. Hi, I would like to be able to use the elevator to defend our base by putting cannons on it or simply to put cabinets to transfer resources between our boats and our base. Thanks for the game, it's good for an early
  19. NEW SHIP OPTION SETTINGS SUGGESTION Ship Option Settings: A lot of new pathfinders or pathfinders with experience will get a ride on a ship as passenger to move to other grid from Freeport or something else. Now is it not possible to get on the ship, because of the ship weight/crew limit. My suggestion as follow to make it possible: - Passenger Invite: Company need invite the passenger on ship; and is the passenger not invited, it will not allowed to jump in. - Passenger Max Weight: 100 (number change possible); Above the max will be kicked outside the ship. - Passenger Reserve Slots: 1 (number change possible); Same as the weight it, will be kicked on the max (count of slots will taken from the original ship crew). This was it for now, more suggestions are welcome. Hope you like my suggestion, feedback's and/or reactions are welcome.
  20. Dear developers, So these patch notes contain gold gain nerf. I think this got your attention as bigger companies were stashing loads of it! Which is because every company member around the treasure chest was getting the reward and it seemed to be too high as it would just multiply based on the amount of people around (not sure if there's a limit). For solo player it was just enough to farm a bit and to be able to save up to pay the crew while doing other stuff. I would suggest to either lower the company members' treasure multiplier ((to give surrounding company members a percentage of the map holder's reward(and revert the general gold amount back ofc)) OR lower crew payment amount as well as disable crew payment while offline, whilst adding more ways to get gold for groups as well as solos. As doing treasure maps is time consuming and I think it should be a part of having FUN and not turn into some kind of CHORE where it will be the only thing we can do to be able to pay our crew and have our ships functional. Now the gold earned vs time spent earning it - will make us not being able to do anything except treasure maps if we want to sustain paying the crew. Especially for solo players as it's not getting multiplied between company members hence the solo players are the ones who need the crew the most! Thank you devs for your hard work, been enjoying the game thus far!
  21. Hello, please excuse me dear devs. We had a thought while we were sailing today. LOL!! We were thinking it might be fun to have some mini-games for the players that have nothing to do while sailing. XD Dice to give us a loot buff. Card games. Haha! Swabbing the deck to give the ship a sturdiness buff. Maybe like, a sewing game or something to give a speed boost to the sails! Arm wrestling. Maybe some chess or something. Just a bunch of little things. LOL Something to throw into the ideas pot! XD Thank you so much for all of your time and hard work!!! Loving it!!!
  22. I recommend that Grapeshot go over all of the skill trees and tweak them as many do not even produce anything useful and end up just being wasted skill points. I know that the Strong Arm tiers and Stealth do absolutely nothing no matter how many points are invested in them. Ships that are unmanned and anchored off coasts, should be flagged with immunity as there is NO PVP value only value to caustic griefers. this game forces players to travel to distant islands for experience and resource and does not have enough resources for traveling players to build ship barns just to keep vessels safe and players also need to sleep sometime. Skill trees need more depth with more rewarding and worthwhile abilities. Right now, every player seems the same. I know this is not necessarily true but the perception goes like this: Every player I have come across is naked, has a bow with flame arrows, grappling hook or climbing tool, and some gathering tools. The meta encounter is always the same...kite the other player with flame arrows while dodging theirs. I feel that skills should cost a lot more so that you are not able to go down so many skill trees. Force us to be unique and dedicated to a particular one or two tree-build. Also, there need to be more choices for armor, maybe different appearances of some items like Conquistadorial, English, German, Roman, native-tribal, and etc variants of the same kind of armor just to produce some uniqueness among players. There does not seem to be any worthwhile adventuring content short of treasure hunting or boss fights. How about adding more minions other than animals to the various islands that may spawn naturally without being triggered such as skeletons, drowned zombies, liches, giant spiders, gorgons, bandit pirates, blah blah...But as it stands right now, all of the treasure hunting triggered mobs are all the same boring encounters and the only danger on islands are the usual and borning spawns of wolves, yetis, lions, scorpions, and tigers. There needs to be a stone tier for the elevators as wooden ones are extremely frail and prone to perpetual griefing by other players. Spawning of wild-life within bases needs to be addressed as this is devastating to players and their precious time spent raising their tames only to lose them while offline. The explosive barrels need to produce an increased to their damage as it would take so much to destroy a single stone wall. This makes base raiding inland, away from ships very difficult and almost non-existent. Sure you can bring a cannon by horse or bear but again, cannon range is limited and some base designs are ingeniously honeycombed in layers effectively rendering cannons annoying to raid with. The claim system is broken and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. I suggest Grapeshot that you actually play your game and you will quickly discern what the issues are, as the issues are many. Players should be limited to only a few claims, they should NOT be able to claim entire islands and players logged off in their bases for more than a certain period of time should not prevent territory claiming. As it stands now, there is no available land left in the game to build on except worthless and foreboding lands and this is because players and large companies have the ability to spam a million claim flags effectively covering every inch of an island and often times numerous islands. Animal tames need to be stronger with increased abilities to improved barding and armor and stat values awarded per point being spent needs to be significantly increased. As it stands right now, pets are too frail to be viable. Grapeshot, there is a real problem with griefers being able to build stone pillars off ocean floor up to the water surface all over the shores and as unsuspecting ships run into them their ships are devastated. You really should look into this exploit. All islands, besides freeports, should be considered Lawless lands. The land is extremely limited already in the game and we need the real estate. Lawless lands the way they are currently makes absolutely no sense. How about you consider, removing the claim system and rapid decay system that Lawless lands experience now and just allow players to build anywhere within reason and let us place beds in our bases to respawn from?
  23. After some thought and ideas after hearing word of offline protection in the Dev Stream, I came up with something along the lines of this: Offline Raid Protection (ORP): All company members log off and trigger a 30 minute timer to trigger Offline Raid Protection. Offline Raid Protection makes all Assets/ships/buildings/animals only take 1/5 of the regular damage, making offline raiding 5x longer and difficult. Making the raiders either commit or leave if they cannot breach the base in the 30 minute timer before ORP starts. Once ONE member logs in, ORP will deactivate and cannot be activated again for 16hrs (a cooldown), thus leaving the company open for fair game to an attack/raid. When triggering Offline Raid Rrotection, Asset/Building Degredation starts and has a 7-day timer for when said Assets/Buildings can be demolished, an incentive for company members to log in and stop the timer and resetting the ORP. Be sure to discuss your ideas below or whether you think ORP should not be in Atlas.
  24. Why do we not have people actually log out, like if someone is offline, they need to be completely offline, this would fix issues with so many things, like never ending territory claims, people dying in their sleep, weight glitching, trolling, griefing, ect. Please make this a thing. Have an actual "LOG OUT" and get rid of "sleeping". God knows this snoring is awful! Top that off, people can have peace of mind that their stuff is safe, and there wont be another body lagging the zone/server/grid blah blah blah. (Did I mention the snoring? Ew!)
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