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  1. THE FIX: Change interior water pipes so we can place them without an adjacent watered pipe. EXPLANATION: Interior water pipes are the only plumbing structure that snaps to the center of a floor tile. Interior water pipes cannot be placed without a straight water pipe running to the exact center of the floor tile. But it is next-to impossible to set up a perfectly centered straight water pipe this way. So as a quick fix, let us place the interior water pipe first-- without the rule requiring a connected straight pipe filled with water-- and then run straight water pipe from the interior pipe, out to the exterior. Thanks for reading.
  2. Hi, just a quick suggestion, I play on PVE, building system is great, but can we get some decoration items to fill those buildings? They may either be unlocked or found on floatsm and sunken ships, 1 or 2 pieces of furniture here and there might be nice to go loot somethings on a PVE server. Eco has done some great job, maybe take some inspiration from the guy. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1643109631
  3. Hi guys, I was thinking, what if we would have "tool fixing" craft. Basically you craft it in smithy and take to the trip. You use your axe, pickaxe, sword or whatever it is and when it brakes, in place of going home to fix it in the smithy or take 5 axes with you, you use this "item" to fix whatever you have been using. They could be different and useable only few times (3 times for example each) and then disappears. They can be different for armor, tools and weapons. In this case we won't take 5 axes with us. It will be easier to take 3 "tool fixers" and just fix whatever we need. Usually I have to take a lot axes and pickaxes which is annoying.... I think a lot of people would like to have it. :)
  4. Its nice to have this forum. But wouldn't it be utterly cool to have an auction house in freeports where you could auction in game items, tames and services? Comparable with the ones in LOTRO. Along with a rentable vault.
  5. I think increasing the sailing speed of sloops would make them a viable ship for solo players. I do a lot of solo sailing by myself and with the current meta everyone uses schooners. Right now using a sloop is a complete joke given they are not good for travelling, cargo, or combat in any way. Here are some reasons I think Sloops should be SLIGHTLY slower than schooners. 1. Sloops are for the solo player, not much room to build on them or base crew so they should accomodate smaller groups of 3-5 people. 2. Sloops are easier to manage. less resources when a plank is destroyed or to repair them means solo players who DONT have access to tames and other high efficiency resourse gathering can still keep their ship repaired with less effort. 3. Sloops have little cannon ability. The size of the crew and size of the deck on a sloop doesnt allow for gunports and barely room for a few cannons on the main deck. So they still wont compete with other ships when it comes to combat. 4. Swivel cannons might matter. Right now canister shots are pretty much never used as they have terrible range and damage compared to medium cannons. It would be nice to have sloops be agile enough to take a few shots with their swivels at larger ships with more canons and hopefully deter them from just outrunning and outgunning them. 5. Sloops are friendly. If I pulled up to an island on a sloop to do a treasure map, no one would care, they probably wouldnt even sink my ship because its not worth the cannon balls. If you pull up in a schooner or brig, chances are it will be attacked while you're busy dealing with the Army of the Damned on the island. This can happen with a sloop too but usually i find its less threatening to island owners so they ignore it. 6. Light weight. Sloops already have the smallest cargo capacity and the least capacity increase per level. This means that they end up being even slower than schooners due to the fact they simply cannot carry as many resources. This is obviously intended given the size of the ship, but seeing as weight effects speed, it is much easier to load a sloop up to 70% capacity than a schooner. Yet a schooner at 70% is arguably still faster than a 10% weight sloop! 7. Personalized ships. Sloops should be the type of ship that you decide to go do a treasure map on or possibly a scouting or exploration mission. They cap out the crew and plank health in a way that makes them the perfect personal or small group ship. They dont need to be stocked as much as any other ship so theyre great to just jump on board and sail to your destination. However, given the distance between islands and speed difference from sloop to schooner, I believe the idea of having a personal sloop for exploring further than your home tile has been lost due to this lack of speed. 8. Incentivising Sailing. Right now it is a rather large chore to take a ship out. Most people assume it is a responsibility that if they do take their schooner out they need it properly stocked and to make sure it doesnt sink. More people may take ships out onto the seas more often if sloops provide an inexpensive and casual way to travel between the islands. It would allow them to move with out as much of a fear of sinking from other pirates. This helps those who want to be pirates as well because they have more targets available on the waters. I hope everyone can keep an open mind about this, sloops at the moment are considered as worthless as rafts when it comes to seafaring and I would love to see them used more often so there is more variation than the current Schooner only meta most people use.
  6. New Mechanic Suggestion: Sail Ships away if All Crew/Deck Hand Killed [15 Minutes] Why: Piracy revolved around stealing ship's w cargo Stolen ship's Should increase LVL cap of ship by a % of LVL cap this is due to LVL cap being determined by ship dock type Mythic dock would offer +15 LVL cap increase, Masterwork +12 LVL cap, and so on Diminishing returns of this too should be implemented, stealing a ship a second time would off less of a LVL cap increases & stolen ships should be harder (longer timer) to steal Stealing a ship BACK (from prior owned company) should have a shorter timer (both on Sailing AND Stealing back, This incentivizes Company’s doing raid missions to steal a boat back, Invulnerability should be turned off on doors and walls and any “deckhand” (IE killable) for a stolen boat from a Previously owned company) THIS IS A HUGE INCENTIVE to steal ship's (ship inventory should have Mechanic/Button to see stolen history (another reason to have company names binding)) Deckhand Status: If anyone in range of deck (fighting in water wont negate Deck hand), Deck hand status to boat. (Multiple boat deck hands can be applied as clustering boats in and of itself is a HUGE disadvantage to the boats being clustered) Who has been on deck in last 15 minutes (only in zone, cant bed-spawn, then bed-spawn to somewhere else will reset it) Making Landfall will also negate being a Deck hand -A deckhand who was killed in range of ship will not RESET deckhand timer unless alive past bed/PvP timer (IE Re-spawn timer is 3 minutes due to multiple PvP deaths, he will have to stay alive 3 minutes PAST re-spawn to Reset Deckhand Timer, Which would be at 12 minutes as he was dead for 3 minutes waiting on re-spawn) This forces people to GUT ship's and destroy beds. (so fighting will be extended, and should be rewarding) This will allow/force players to design better ship interior's as they will take consideration, (seen a lot of galley hallow, this mechanic will require them to build better) If Deck-hand Status alive to ship, Ship cannot be sailed away or NPC's snapped to sail Sailing: Sailing a ship away allows a Chase mechanic/Game Play, adds the option to request companies to help save ships (cross company support/help would be more wanted/requested) Ship cannot be anchored in Island invulnerability range, Sailing in a Free-port would be DETRIMENTAL to someone trying to steal. It would cancel the steal status/flag. It would allow the crew to come back to the ship and they couldn’t be killed, and those in range would reset the sailing ability of the boat. Ship owner can TRACK BOAT (still visible on map) until the boat is Claim flag’ed stolen. (allows them to chase it and have great time fighting to get it back) You will HAVE to have NPC's snap to each sail (2 per sail) during sailing/stolen process; Unfamiliar Sail/Knot/Rigging System of unfamiliar ship is a DISADVANTAGE and require more constant attention to work Allow/Require 2 players To operate a sail (2 players having to communicate (open to -65 degree 100% sail) and both having to get it correct, if either put different option sail has random negative effect, Random Rotate/Open Close) NPC's cannot man anything OUTSIDE OF SAILS; Players cannot man anything outside of SAILS and Helm (piracy skill for helm control? Disadvantage to DRIFT without this piracy skill, meaning any one can sail it away but a pirate would be BETTER at it and constant readjusting course) Reason, it will require players to DISADVANTAGE another ship to make this play (they weaken a boat by either having extra crew/NPC on it (less player/crew slots) or they have to remove gun NPC’s, Or 2 actual players NPC LVL must be above 20 (more experienced sailor right?) Mechanic / Game play I’m still concerned about: Parking ships in SUPER harbor’s (this takes all the fun out of rescue missions) maybe have a mechanic that the ship cannot be parked at/in range of Islands w a high/med value? And within a LARGE range of a foundation/building structure Of course people would just build SUPER LARGE structure/harbor in the middle of the ocean… but if they went through that much trouble to build it in the middle of the ocean and are that big of a target to be attacked and have a bounty placed on it… so IDK Suggestion and feedback are APPRECIATED A company Can only steal a CAPPED amount of ships from another company (avoids company stealing each other’s boats to get super fleets) (say 3 ships Company A can only steal 3 ships from Company B But can steal another 3 from company C ect ect ) I think this mechanic added to game play would: Incentivize people into NOT sinking Ship’s instead try and STEAL ships (reward system to not offline ) I think the GAME-PLAY would offer a Great Reason to use The Bounty systems and offer company's a reward to get boats back.
  7. Hello! I am excited and looking forward to 'Stadia' a revolutionary new streaming game service that will allow gameplay on almost ANY device. Chromebooks with no GPU acceleration to think of, cell phones, potato computers, and Chromecast ultra. They have created a custom controller, but one can use keyboard/mouse or your own controller. ( https://www.stadia.com ) I am wondering if the team at Grapeshot is looking into this? It would be huge for Atlas! One could play it anywhere, even when I am sitting in a truckstop on downtime or waiting for loadout. Please, please check it out Grapeshot. @Jatheish @Dollie
  8. As one of the people who actually eat to balance vitamins, sometimes it's difficult to see the levels against some backgrounds and in some lighting conditions. The inventory/character screen is cluttered as it is, but maybe a toggle to turn on a duplicate set of bars in the character view area or something? Or maybe just make the background for the vitamin bars black so the colors show up better.
  9. Although I am loathe to distract the developers from fixing critical gameplay issues with suggestions, I see so much low-hanging fruit to make shipboard life more enjoyable and realistic for us, as well as give even more depth to the skill trees and customization options. Shout out to the Reddit r/playatlas community who helped trim and tune this list. Boatswain or Bosun - An NPC assigned to the Ship's Resource Box, who will act as a standard repairman/sweeper (when anchored) until all the planks are fixed, and will then switch to repairing EVERYTHING ELSE. Unlocked via the Captaineering tree. Wheel Lanyard - A hotkey to lock/unlock the wheel/rudder at its current angle, even if the pilot leaves the wheel (for one-man shows, shifting sails, and large ship maneuvering). No skill requirement (this isn't rocket science from a RL perspective, we used a 3 foot rope with a loop on my boat). Chock or Bitts - A player-mountable fixture on a ship that would allow a thrown grapnel to apply force to the ship rather than the player when anchored to a solid object (like the shore or another ship). This could be used to assist dock maneuvering of larger ships, helping tow stuck ships, and boarding actions. Unlocked via the Seamanship or perhaps Piracy tree. Ship's Compass - A heavy, placeable fixture mounted on a ship that provides a permanent heading tape to the pilot (just like sextant buff, but without the minimap). Unlocked via an advanced Sextant skill. Wind Pennant - Placeable flag, counts as .1 sail for placement purposes (to avoid spam abuse, and overtaxing the animation system). Visual indicator of wind direction when stationary. Unlocked via the Seamanship tree. Thole - Snap point oar only mountable at bottom gunports (instead of a cannon) can assign an NPC to improve turn and reverse maneuvering at low speeds. Unlocked via Seamanship or Captaineering.
  10. I don't know if anyone else has suggested, but I would like to be able to put an NPC to a machine to help it produce faster, higher level of goods, save resorces like firewood (auto switch off when task is complete), I know it is available in "Conan Exiles", I have that game and would like to see it in more than 1 game... (edit) also if an NPC is no longer needed/wanted we should be able to hang them
  11. As with any sailing ship, they had their colors flown either atop their masts and/or flown from the Stern. I am suggesting an Equippable Flag which may be flown atop the Masts of our ships and/or from the Stern of the ship. these flags will be plain canvas like the sails and can be painted with custom templates. this will add another layer of customization and allow Roleplaying companies and private servers another layer of realism. adding a hoisting the colors animation would also be an added bonus. this would add an inventory item slot for sails and/or the ship that can only be filled with the above mentioned flag. the flag would have to be customizable in the players inventory for this to have the intended effect. and would have to be removeable so flags can be swapped out (so a flag can be lowered to raise a pirate flag or a surrender flag and vice versa) allowing flags to be reusable.
  12. I am missing one key aspect of the pirate fantasy and that is stealing ships. Of course it would suck to come online and your ships are not only destroyed but even worse, they are stolen. So here is my idea: Every ship is claimable like it is now but with one change. If the ship is not anchored, the further away it is from any coastline the less time is required to claim a ship. So from the current default time of several hours down to 1 hour minimum if in open waters. If a claim occurs in open water the default of 1 hour is increased/decreased by +-10% for every crew member the defending group differs from the attacker. The moment a claim flag is placed on a ship it can't be scuttled and parts cannot be demolished. For example: If the defending ship has 5 crew member (npc, tame or player) and the attackers get on board with 5 members aswell it is evened out and the claim time will be 1 hour. If the attackers have 6 members on board. The claim time is reduced by 10%. (Of course the numbers are just an example more or less might be better/worse) So what does that mean? Finally we can board enemy ships and steal them. It would require a lot of skill and strategy. This would open up new strategies and possibilities for PvP and Roleplay. Your ships would still be safe in your harbor because of the insane amount of claim time. I have never seen a ship without crew in open waters. So it would bring a new aspect to PvP. Not only stealing a ship. But what about stealing it back? I would love to board enemy ships, fight on the deck, kill the crew to get an advantage over the other crew. If this is a viable strategy, it could change PvP fights. Would love to see rope shots for ballistas to actually attach your ship to the opponents (but that might be too much) So what do you guys think?
  13. so since i got a brig a little stuck twice i was thinking how can we fix this and then i knew it you could have like some sort of cords connecting 2 boats 1 stuck and 1 free the free would be able to pull out the stuck 1 this could also be used to make a fleet follow you when you are alone
  14. So I know there is a possibility of doing away with the claim flag altogether. One thing I did like about it. Was the ability to find the green circle on the grid where my bases are at. Can we still have them as a "decorative" item to show house emblem etc and the green circle to find my way home?
  15. Hey guys, I) what do you think about changing the way to level up your character. My maxlevel is lvl 97(over 2,5m exp needed) right now, and the only way to level is doing rare treasurehunts. I think there is a overhaul needed to offer other ways to get more exp, since raretreasure consuming tons of time. (you need to sail very far and sail back to your harbour afterwards) For pvp server my suggestion would be to reward exp for killing enemy ships/players/sotd. II) Other suggestion would be to change rewards for discoveries or connect discoveries with quests. Like if u found a statue just bring up the quest to find 5 different statues of that type on the map to get a cosmetic/title/gold/special rare ressources (which u just can get via this quests i.e to craft mythic gear/new implemented contet) this way would make discovering more attractive for people. III) Bring in special titles or Outfits for PvP players or any other kind of statistic where u can find out how bloodthirsty your enemy is. (i.e. Title for sinking 100 ships, killing 1000 players and so on) "you have been killed by Title - Playername" @Jatheish
  16. If you are going to make big announcements like this in the future and tell us the game design is changing drastically. Then tell us to wait for the notes after the stream....... Please for the sake of everyone you have playing your game, have the notes ready to drop RIGHT AFTER your stream. You guys keep taking one step forward and two steps back @Jatheish. Swing and a miss here.
  17. I know there is talk about upkeep and possible limitations with the claim flags. Also people should need to visit the claim flag to keep it updated. Lawless territories should be the same way. 2 day timer on the stuff on lawless. This would help alleviate some of the foundation/pillar spam. Sorry lawless zones look like trailer trash right now due to the spam of garbage. My two cents on this. If upkeep isn't paid on a flag it needs to despawn so people can find land a bit easier/making territory grabbing a bit easier. Due to the plethora of changes we have several companies overlapping our territories where we can't even move the claim flags because we will lose our bases. We don't own a gazillion claims. We actually only have 7 between 15 people. Most of us are stuck living on top of each other due to the land claim system still jacked up. I'm guessing old flags are still grandfathered in with previous changes. Can still have the atlas dynamic map territory claim game for PVE but make it so that people are forced to either merge or have bigger companies in order to hold entire islands. The 20 day vacation timer was great for a single flag. But even the person with 100 flags the timer is at 11 days? That needs to be shortened. 1-5 flags 15 days. 5-10 flags 8 days 10-20 flags 6 days. 20+ flags 3 days. When the claim flag system does go into effect people should have 3 days to replace their flags or they despawn so the old flags can be cleared out. This will also fix the overlapping territory issues. The reality is. For the 40k people each server type is supposed to support. 30k of those people need to be able to find land/put a claim flag down. Numbers have dropped severely due to the limitations of land/bugged out claim flags/long timers/foundation spam on lawless.
  18. Hello Devs, It would be nice to add a processing station that would transform salt water into freshwater and fueled with coal or oil from fish. This station could be good at houses or on ships. That would be an interesting tool on PVE servers, don't you think ? Thank you.
  19. Just want to share my thoughts/idea about improving the Claim System. - Each Player can only hold 1 Claim Flag in his inverntory. - Claim Flags can not be stored in any containers. - Claim Flag, that have been placed, require an upkeep of 1 Gold per hour. (First 24hours free) - Claim Flags can be purchased at freeports at a cost of 50 Gold. (again only 1 can be in the players inventory) - Claim Flags wich run out of Gold decay within one hour. Implementing this change should be easy because it is retroactive. I think this way is very practical for both PVP and PVE. For new Players they would start with one Claim flag in their inventory, sail to an island, place tthe flag. Take care of the required upkeep. For existing players they would have to feed their existing Flags with Gold. From then on... for further expansion, they would travel to a freeport. purchase an additional flag... What do you think about this approach?
  20. I know there are tons of things to correct / fix / amend / debug / repair / add and all but it would be great to have a CCTV like - a 1 camera structure that could be placed anywhere and would stream the image to my apps on my phone/tablet/PC/ whatever. Just so I can monitor what is happening at my base without logging in. For example a freaking cobra that is nipping at my tames while I am on the other side of the map or anywhere else in the world. And also spy on my tames to check what there are after while I am not there
  21. In the recent patch, I noticed that siege weapon damage against stone structures was decreased by 45% and that siege weapon damage against wood structures was decreased by 30%. I am curious as to why this change was made, since the only two weapons I know of that count as siege weapons are the ballista and the catapult. The ballista is only ever used against creatures, so this change doesn’t affect how people normally use it. The catapult, however, was already considered useless by everyone. The reason being that a is very expensive to craft (crafting a single catapult requires enough resources to make 5 medium cannons, why does a catapult require 140 alloy?!), the skill needed to make siege weapons and their ammo costs 14 skill points to unlock, and that the amount of damage catapults dealt per shot pre-patch was already very low compared to cannons. I was extremely surprised to see that the recent patch nerfed catapult damage by 30% against wood and 45% against stone, since they were already underpowered and too expensive for them to be a viable weapon to use. If possible can we get an explaination as to why siege weapons (specifically catapults) were nerfed so much, and if there are any plans to rework catapults? My suggestion for a rework of the catapult is to increase the amount of damage they do against stone, and/or change the crafting recipe so that they are cheaper to craft (specifically make it so it costs less alloy to craft one than a medium cannon).
  22. I would like to suggest a structure that can be added to boats, unique per vessel, that can vary based on the size of the ship. The structure can be an animal pen that has limited space, each tame will still be counted toward total ship crew but each tame type would count toward a specific amount of space in the secure structure. The structure would need to be on the top deck of the ship. Example, the structure on a brigantine would have 10 effective animal slots. An elephant, giraffe or rhino would cost 5 slots. You could safely store 2 large creatures. A bear would cost 3, so 3 bears. Horse, cat, cow, bull and sheep would cost 2, so 5. Shoulder pets and chickens would be 1, so 10. This would be a way to store creatures for either long voyages or for safety. Each creature gets a unique ID associated with it. The stored creature would drop inventory (except saddle) and would have food storage slots for animals. Their effective weight would still count toward total ship weight, and the structure couldn't be destroyed by the radial menu while it has animals in it. It could still be damaged from PVP and ships of the damned, upon destruction it would release the animals and they'd be relatively injured and/or panicked. We are losing tames while crossing over zone borders. Tames start to glitch, go through ceilings, fly off vessels or sink to the ocean floor and die. This would prevent a lot of vanishing tames, tames lost at borders or those that end up dying when you are trying to get them on board. Sure, you can build a platform and walk them on board now but if you are out harvesting or adventuring you risk losing them when sending to a ship, or whistling them on to a ship. It's just unreliable and glitchy. There could also be a variety of stables, barns or other structures for bases where we could store tames. Same damage rules would apply, similar limits. Other games have structures like this where you can store pets, tames, livestock etc, in a somewhat safe place. (Life is Feudal comes to mind)
  23. So first of all I'd like to say that I actually like the ageing mechanic, I like the fact that you actually have to do something to preserve your character, however I think it's clear that trying to get everyone to cram into one server grid to click an "altar-like" item behind an army of max level enemies is not working, so I'd like to suggest 2 alternative options: Option 1: Make it a Craft able item that has a spoil timer: This should be very resource intensive, needing equivalent resources to building and planking a Galleon for example, + other items like crystal / salts etc etc. This FOY item would also require 1 rare item, something like a new item along the lines of an "Army of the Damned Elixir" that is dropped by all levels of AOD ships (drop chance depends on their difficulty level) This item would have a spoil timer of about 1 hour which would prevent large companies stockpiling them, and would also be active for only about 5-10 minutes once activated in the new Crafting station / altar described below, this would mean that companies would need to co-ordinate with their members when they would be making the FOY so that they could all use it. Where would you craft this? - This would be craft able at a new FOY "Altar-style" workbench (re-using the existing in-game model from the current system if you like) that is unlocked at the very end of the Medicine skill tree for 10 skill points. You can also chose to make this altar use 1 of the Elixir items I've described above to craft (in a smithy) + an appropriate level of resources, crystal etc as a one-off cost This is very much my preferred option of the 2 I've listed here. Option 2: Make it purchasable with Gold: I prefer option one, but this is a viable alternative system, even if it does mean locking it behind a pay-wall: This would need a lot of gold, something along the lines of 1/2 the cost of buying a Dragon, it has to be an achievable purchase for a small group of players (say a company of 2-4 people) to afford within 50% of their lifetime assuming a reasonable level of activity / gameplay for a few hours 4 times a week. You can then deploy this on company land where like above it will on stay active for 5-10 minutes meaning that again companies will need to co-ordinate with their members when this will be activated. Either of these systems would prevent the madness of everyone trying to cram into one server at the same time and also means that using the FOY is a viable option for smaller groups of players who stand no chance of getting past the army of high level enemies. This also removes it from the same locations as people trying to get the power stones, further reducing the server bottleneck problems. As I say I prefer the crafting option1, because this means that companies cannot stockpile the FOY items, and I feel is more achievable for smaller player groups. Option 2 would mean that large companies could buy loads of them & stockpile for whenever they wanted to use them which is not great. If Option 1 doesn't get adopted officially, could someone PLEASE make it as a Mod I don't know how to make Mods.
  24. Just a quick thought I had, not even fully thought out yet. Create some areas inside cliffs or the ground where you can break into the surface and dig down, not too far but enough so that you can create a network of mine shafts (maybe limited to areas you have claimed to stop griefing and so its not game breaking). This way you could get more resources like gems, oil, metal nodes and maybe even make nodes in the ground have a higher mineable content so you can get a lot more out of them making it more worth it. You could also add into the game things like wooden supports for the shafts to stop cave ins, mine carts and rails to run them on and other things related to mining in the era. Like I said at the start, I haven't fully thought this out yet but I think it could add a new layer to the game and be a lot of fun. Thanks
  25. I have taming and Piracy. As a pirate, I can make cages, nooses, handcuffs, etc. But the last ability in the Piracy Tree... is USELESS in PVE. How can I claim a ship that I can't even get on? Instead we get the floating "bug" and you can't do anything except die or hope someone grapples you out. Also, having to knock someone out to handcuff them... sure... that's cool. But they can still run away when they wake up. Grappling Hook isn't exactly great looking (or efficient) when dragging someone to a cage or something. Maybe enable the Bludgeon to be able to knock out anyone in PVE (does no damage, just increases Torpor). It would help when trying to arrest and punish bad visitors. But... basically almost the entire Piracy Tree is useless. I have abandoned boats in my Harbor that have been there for weeks and I can't even claim them as a pirate! This needs to be fixed. Especially for PVE. Pirates and Captaineering people should be the only ones that can board/claim ships... While they are anchored. Consider each ship has a flag and there should be an appropriate flag timer. Of course Pirates with the last Skill can declaim faster. This will help fix the abandoned boats issues in PVE without having to wait for 3 weeks of inactivity when it only takes 1 spawn to "reset" it for another 3 weeks. Treat each ship as flags, just like land claims. Pirates can claim ships faster. Cannot be claimed until the flag timer runs down due to inactivity. The more ships the company has, the lower the timer is... just like with land claims as they are now.
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