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  1. Well i'm not a fan of the modular ships. (I feel like you've dumbed down shipbuilding with them). That being said. I am actually enjoying the unintended speed on the carrack. The ladder issues of course are a PITA. But the bonus to this. I'm actually enjoying sailing to all corners of the world now. I've spent the last several days getting discos and not grumbling over it. Today i decided to go back to a brig and with no wind and traveling grid by grid. Well lets just say its horrible going backwards to no speed and taking what feels like forever to get across areas for treasure maps. I'm back to feeling like I should clean my house instead of playing a game. Thank you for the portal systems and the new map layout for shrinking down some travel time. Yes they are buggy too but the benefits are outweighing the animals/crew falling off. I do hope you guys consider giving all ships a speed boost.
  2. From the community: "We the community appreciate any patch but last patch had bad changes : Grenades was nerfed to much, Swivel damage should have been reduced instead increased, and the changes for puckle resistence and damage should come in the same time with a patch where the flag can placed only on land. Do not force people to fight on the sea when there is nothing to do." A short list with some ideas who can improve the state of the game : Qol -Bolla should stack 10/20. -Increase alloy crafting speed or increase crafting queue. -Bolla take to much to be crafted. -Berries should stack 500/1000. -Sort items by :damage,durability (filters). -Silo should feeding all the animals and also silo should take all types of food. -Cargo rack slots must be increased. -Seeds should stack to 500/1000. -We should be able to save a skill tree. -Allow tax rates to be set by company ID and/or by allies. -Increase the barrel slots.(500 grogs takes 1 hour with 8 barrels if you are in "robocop mode"). -Allow NPC crew to repair all structures including ceilings,cannons,walls when the ship is anchored and the NPC's are unseated. -Researching puckles should be more affordable in points, new players have problem reasearching this turret, is one of the reason why their bases remain unprotected. -Ramshackle should have by default Npc's when purchased.(2 hours until mutinied) Land -shield bash should be a feat cooldown 6-8 seconds,there is no possibility of getting rid of stun is the most broken weapon because of player stamina is unlimited. -The mace shouldn't torpor your members.(Nobody is using mace because you can torpor easy your members,if this will be disabled the mace will be more often used, also people will be forced to put more points in Torpor/Fortitude and not only in stamina,more diversity and more balance for land pvp fights). -Horse speed should be lowered (it simply flies) -Swivel damage mounted on a cart must be lowered (only 150%+ dmg swivel should kill a full gear enemy)(swivel mounted in front of the cart shouldn't be allowed). -Cannon cart range should be lowered ( the turrets are ineffective because of the range). -Ballista should receives some improvements like range and inclination angle (is the only turret who could work pretty effective against tames). -Increase the 3rd person view when using mortars. Sea PVP -Increase the planks on Brigantine to 7/8k (more balance on the sea battles the Galleon is to OP in this moment and also the Brigantine is more affordable for new players and small companies). -Decrease the spawn timer for SOTD or increase the number of them when spawning.(at least in PS grid). -Flotsam should contain between 20 and 100 cannon balls depends on the quality (instead sailing to home grid 2 hours for restock we can collect flotsam for 20,30 minutes). -Let us to be able to take parts from enemy ship or from our ship who got sunk planks/sails/decks.etc (at least you can gain something after a battle on the water,more reasons to sail and engage in fights) -Ship stats respec for gold. -Crew counter hud for ships. -The ships must be faster when reversing. -Ability to mark ally boats with a spyglass so they appear on the map. -Large doors for Harbour entrance,in particular for Galleons. Wish you good luck. Vlad. If you agree or disagree your opinion matters, don't hesitate to reply.
  3. So my suggestion is for tames. Only place I can see this perhaps not working is powerstone islands (for Razors and Shieldhorns) or underwater (Crabs). 90% of people I talk to don't enjoy nearly killing something to tame it. My suggestion is that we build taming pens (this can be what we currently build or be a new structure) A feeding trough can then be snapped to it which will change it to a taming trough. Once you capture the creature you want to tame you will need to keep it fed and interact with it to win it over. After a certain time frame you will eventually tame it. The whole structure can decay or require it be destroyed to release the creature once this has been achieved which could help on Powerstone Islands. The taming pen could also lock off the creature to griefers that run past and kill tames while taming them (As the pen would lock their health to the company that is taming?). Ways to get the animals into these pens could be to set baited taming pens for an passive creatures and "traps"/lures for aggressive creatures. (I haven't played Ark but understand there may be a similar mechanic in a taming mod that is available). For argressive creatures one could potentially have them warm up to you after you "tame" them and by feeding them over time you unlock the ability to ride them. Thanks for the platform Trident
  4. Just some ideas for QoL and ballance i would love to see implemented in the game. These devs need to start listening to players who actually know something about this game, not loudmouth idiots. The reduction of the lvlcap is another perfect example of bad design, shitty bandaid fixes and devs caving to people who know fuckall about the game. Instead of fixing the root issue, beeing the XP curve is stupid and discovery points are way too annoying/hard to get, they just shit on everyone that put time and effort into leveling past 120. these xbox players and beachbobs will get clapped just as hard by lvl 120 as they would by lvl 150's the problem isnt the levels, its the fucking difference in game knowledge, any good player could clap a lvl 100 noob as a lvl 30 any day. All youre doing by lowering the max lvl cap is now effectivly making it so everyone will have less carry weight, meaning more shit gets popcorned instead of looted, INT is even more nerft, resistence not nerft, ships will be even harder to sink now with lower dmg cannons, lower accel sails, even slower sailing, fucking great. Were playing a downgraded version of season 2 in every aspect of the game, all theve done is remove shit and chance stuff for the worse. Here's some suggestions: Qol Increase alloy crafting speed or increase crafting queue. Berries should stack 500/1000.-Seeds should stack to 500/1000. Make skilltrees savable so respecing is a little less aids Allow tax rates to be set by company ID and/or by allies. Allow to tax your own company, think this would be nice since ud always be farming stuff for ur own bank without really realizing, making it so u always have a stock. Increase the barrel slots, crafting grog is aids Allow NPC crew to repair all structures including ceilings,cannons,walls when the ship is anchored and the NPC's are unseated. Ramshackle should by default have Npc's when purchased.(2 hours until mutinied) Make some interface that allows u to change cannonsettings for all cannons at the same time on ships, doing it manually is tedious as fuck. Add an option to "carry npc", like u can carry penguins. Sometimes its really annoying moving 1 npc from one end of a boat to another, this would help with that. Improve colors on ship planks. We still dont have a proper white, id love to be able to paint with white. When a plank is say at 33% hp, make a repair hammer icon apear on it, so we have an indicator which planks need repair most and can avoid leaks. Land Nerf shield, make it do alot of torpor or smt, the stun is retarded and needs removed/heavily nerft. Horse speed should be lowered and front facing swivels should be removed, noone likes them, they ruin land pvp, remove it. Buff carbine dmg a little Buff bears, make them do more dmg or smt, as of now they are useless, if ur gonna stick to a land meta revolving around tames, which u shouldnt, at least make a variety of them useful. Increase balista range so it outranges cannontames, makes them somehwat useful at least Increase the 3rd person view when using mortars. Just remove the ability to glide with barrels, with the last patch youve menaged to not only not fix the problem, but also ruin gliders, and make it so now only certain islands can be barrelbommed, just stupid, remove. Revert the entire last patch, noone likes it, just buff puckles by like 20% and ur fine. If you want to encourage ship pvp, you cant do that by discouraging land pvp. Sea PVP Increase the plank HP on Brigs to 7/8k Fix speedsails. I really dont understand why handling sails can and do have a working stat that increases their speed, but speedsails cant?? whats your philosophy behind that. Make weightsails usefull, make them the same speed as handling sails with a little bit of a better effective angle than speedsails Somehow make medium sails worth anything, or at least remove them from the loottables as they are the most useless item in the game currently. Double the ghostship spawns in GA, its ridiculous leveling ships rn with the amount of ghostships and people trying to lvl. theres way too little of them. Also adjust loottables so ghostships dont drop balistas, catapults and other useless shit, add it to treasure maps so theres a reason to do them more often. Or just make the ghostships drom 3 times as many blueprints. About 1 in 1000 blueprints is usefull rn, its ridiculous. If u want to make BP's less impactfull, you either have to rework the entire system, which i would recommend, or adjust the tables for now. Noobs dont have nearly as much time to farm them compared to competent bigger companies, so even if they find a good bp, craft it and go fight, bigger companies will always have 20x more. Now if the noob loses his good ship, he most likely will quit or be highly demotivated to get another since the chances of that noob finding another good bp are very low. Flotsam and shipwrecks should contain between 10-50 cannon balls depends on the quality (instead sailing to home grid 2 hours for restock we can collect flotsam for 20,30 minutes). This would make it possible to farm in GA's further away for extended amounts of time Let us to be able to take parts from enemy ship or from our ships that got sunk planks/sails/decks.etci am aware that this is probably way too hard for u guys to implement quickly, or at all tbh, but as of now sinking a ship gives u nothing, would be nice to have the option to actually be able to salvage a ship for parts. decrease the time it takes to claim boats, make it like 2 hours to claim a gally. Gives people time to send more ships and get their gally back in case they somehow lose it, and 2 hours isnt too long and is probably worth the wait if it gets u a mythical gally. Ship stats respec for gold, only usable Crew counter hud for ships. -Increase reverse speed for ships, cant be hard right, RIGHT!?!?!?!?! Ability to mark ally boats with a spyglass so they appear on the map. Add "trade route wind tunnels", Say E.G let the wind be twice as strong in the whole 2, 8, 14, C, M and H grids, this way u have a quick way to travel across the map. Make it so that when looking through a spyglass, boats render in from as far as u can see. This would make having someone in ur crowsnest with a spyglass actually useful, darkside RP already has this feature implemented as a feat, just pay their mods to do ur work or some shit, we all know u like to be lazy. Remove/rework grapples. With the current implementation, most fleet battles are a pure numberfight as its impossible to 1vx at all when theres a grappleship in play. Im not sure what exactly needs to happen to make them more fun for both sides, just fuck around with it, any changes are good changes at this point. Let us add 1 personal marker or smt similar to the one you get when marking a boat with the sextant. I personally dont use sextant, but would love to have a waypoint so i dont have to keep checking map if im sailing in the right direction. Or just make the sextant compas bar thing a standard, and let sextant only give u a minimap. OTHER SHIT Make it so u cant enter the freeport for 15 minutes after uve taken pvp dmg. Or make it so that the islands in freeport are all infinite peace phase and ur ship gets invulnerability as soon as u anchor untill it leaves the grid. Running to freeports is stupid, uve said for months now ur working on it, youve done fuckall, sort ur shit out. Introduce claim flag height limit, pillar bases are stupid, at least if the flag has to be on ground, u have a shot at claming the island. This change was one of the best ones uve ever come up with, fucking stick with it. Get rid of the current claim system, its shit. Hardly possible to claim islands, promotes crazy spam resulting in unplayable grids. Just do season 1 claim system but add peacetimers to it. Maybe add the option to place mortars on ships, but make them only usable when anchored, idk might be unballanced but defending is way too op rn, need some tools for attackers. Bit rp, but id like to see catapults be able to shoot oiljars. Idk if possible, but would be nice to be able to link resource box to smithy's and other crafting stations. I would love to see you guys add some actual objectives to this game. Say for example twice a day a "super ghostship" spawns in each golden age grid that drops like 30 blueprints. This would encourage people to fight over an actual objective with some decent loot. The best pvp weve had this season was fighting over the caves, we need more stuff like this. We need repeatable PvE content. As of now, all the PvE stuff in this game u do once, and then never again cuz theres no point. Add some smaller dungeons in GA grids that are on like a 1 hour cooldown u could farm for loot. I dont know what this loot could be, thats up to you guys, but something thats WORTH farming for. This would add some nice PvE content to the game, while also encouraging more pvp (people fighting over who can farm it) away from laggy shit mainbase islands. You guys could basically acomplish a very basic version of this by simply adding better drops to dragon and hydra kills, making it worth farming them and attracting pvp. Bugs to fix When your sails are repairing fiber and you zone, the repair will stop, and you wont be able to repair it unless you rerender the boat, please fix this. Greenscreens when spawning on boats When you switch ammo types, the ammo in the cannons will be wasted, please make it so this is returned to the ammo box, we didnt shoot it right? When you dodge backwards and instantly after do a scroll down attack with sword, mace or pike, your character moonwalks backwards instead of properly lunging forewards. Hitboxes of players on puckles and mortars are completely fucked, would be nice to see those adjusted to fit the actual model of the mortar/puckle instead of beeing a huge invisible wall When your boat planks are on low hp, and a tick of decay dmg makes them leak, it wont show the leaking icon (this only happened to me once, so idk if its an actual bug or some other weird shit happend to me) When zoning out of a grid that currently has a storm, the wind indicator will be wrong in the next grid, this is very annoying as it can fuck u up when ur getting chased. ladders are still dogshit, can almost never get up first try while swiming towards it. Sometimes when placing a structure, it will not actually place on the spot the blue indicator indicates, but it will just replace some other random structure thats near it. cannon indicator at long range is off, feels like cannonball will go lower than is indicated. After comming to a fullstop with a ship and then opening sails with spacebar, your ship wont move for 1 or 2 seconds even though sails are fully opened. This can be fixed by pressing s, but it feels like a bug. The same thing will sometimes happen after breaking free from a harpoon, even though ur free and sails are up, you wont move for a while unless u hold s for any amount of time. When you equip carbine and press lucky loader too quick after, the feat is wasted and ur carbine wont reload Song "the bryner's ballet" for ships thats supposed to increase repair speed doesnt do that, it reduces the time the debris is in the way. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There hasnt been any significant change to this game in well over 6 months now, all uve done is tweak some numbers, and done some lazy bandaid fixes, most of which were for the worst. I think its about time you guys step up and have the balls to implement some actual impactful, meaningful changes to this game. It has potential, dont fuck it up.
  5. Hey, i will put some simple suggestion here to increase server performance and allow to finish ships and bases with more useable details. I think these should go into Phase 1 or soon after. So we would need the following build parts added to the game (this can be expanded as seen fit, since buildparts are stored in the local client and should not effect server performance, depending on potential engine limitations): Floor and walls for ships and bases with the following sizes (tiles) -> 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4 When Building for example a 8x8 ceiling or deck, it doesnt make sense to fill it with 64 single tiles, that all have their own collision, health, links, weight, color and so on when you could do the same with 4 (4x4) tiles that would greatly reduce the server lag generated buy ships and bases in general. Sails with climbable rigging, and ladder parts with the size -> 1x2, 1x3, 1x4 This will remove the need to put ladders on sails and reduce the needed parts for ladders on the ship. Again saving alot of parts for building a ship. Foundations with sizes -> 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4 Foundations with more height (best scaleable when placing) -> from 1 to 20 This will greatly reduce the parts needed to build the foundation of your buildings and ports saving alot of items to reduce server load generated by land bases. There is no need for new visuals just merge the smaller part into bigger blocks so they will fit smoothly with the smaller ones. Other usefull changes: Smaller crafting stations that prevent some unnecessary large buildings where one doesnt want to build one. Clientside visuals that fill the gap between a ships hull and a placed wall. Larger XL sails for the galleon. It does not only look better having three sails of appropriate size, it will also reduce server load needed for calculating speed, position and stuff compared to having six sails instead. -> This will allow to build the same ships with fewer parts so we can complete them and not just build empty hulls to meet the item limit. In the future it allows us to put more interactive objects and stuff on ships to allow building them into a mobile base to live on the sea and offer more gameplay, rp and social value. -> Same for land bases there often goes an incredible amount of parts into building foundations and basic walls and ceilings that can be greatly reduced. So there is more room for building more fancy stuff and keeping server lag low at the same time. -> With the decreased server load it should be easier to add more details to ships like more sail types and sail locations like fore and aft sails. Cabin details like windows, balconies, interactive objects to outfit your ship. Damage visuals for planks and other stuff that helps to locate where you need to repair and judge the condition of your ship in an intuitive way. Or a more realistic way of handling the water line and sinking of ships. And many more things like seen among the other suggestions. Happy sailing, arrrrr!
  6. Simpler format than my usual threads. Just QOL issues and fixes that I think would be best. PvP: PvP in general, sucks right now. Massive powerblocs prevent newer and lower level players from progressing. The need to be part of a group should be diminished in some way. Making war declarations against a company, not an island would fix this issue. This should also coincide with reducing war window timers to 4-6 hours instead of 9. This will allow small groups to plan around a more easily managed war window, and allow warring groups too attack anywhere they need. Likewise, Lawless should behave like owned land and have a 1-2 hour raid window every 3-4 hours. This allows casual players and solo players a realistic chance at piracy activities. This could be a stepping stone to.... faaaactioooons ((pls pls)) Secondly, current harbor building techniques are thermonuclear UNFUN. Locked channels that take hours to get in and out of? Might as well not sail, just gonna play Ark at that rate. Encourage raids that target loot, not full destruction. Nerf stone structures placed under water. PvE: PvE is in a pretty decent spot; but has the draw back of over population. Adding more islands would be swell! In addition more perks for island owners. Perhaps allowing territory claims on top of island claims to extend a players timer and give a controlled building area; preventing griefing in all forms. Treasure Maps: So many treasure map sites are broken. Suggestion: Manually delete all map spawns that do not occur on flat land or beaches. Almost all sites on top of rocks are incompletable: Remove them? Sunken Treasure: Too numerous and often not worth the effort. Reduce overall spawn-rate and increase quality. Ships of the Dammed: Rarely ever worth the effort. Especially for PvE players. Increase drop quality. Tames: Tames could be made less of a focus by buffing them instead of nerfing them. Using the same method used for cryopods in Ark; players could "Familiarize" a number of tames of each species. (Eg: 2 Female Bears, 2 Male Bears) as a summon spell. This can (And should) be coupled with the ability to resurrect familiarized tames. By allowing players to summon/dismiss animals and preserve favorites breeding and taming will not be a critical focus on many companies. This will also open the window to to allowing tames to be sold from a vendor. Tames should function more like MMO battle pets and not like farm equipment. While, yes you could ride, farm, and swipe to kill with your bear: sending him in to taunt while you shoot the badies with your carbine should be better. Battle tame of choice should complement the playstyle of the player both with buffs and mechanics. As an example, snipers would want a lion or bear. Swordsmen would want a parrot or vulture. Sea-Witches would benefit from a cat. Remove many of the dinosaur like features from Razortooths and Shieldhorns. For Razortooths, using a more Spino-like stance to resemble a Protodragon, give a right click breath attack. For shield-horns, make their skin leathery instead of scaled. Change leatherwing model to that of a bat, bird, or winged crocodile. Add a "Meat Chow" and "Veggie Slop" recipe to the cooking table that has a long shelf life and high nutrient density for feeding tames; similar to kibble but only for feeding. Baby Animals should not need hand fed. Instead, they should be required to stick near the mother who will eat the extra food in place of the baby. As a counter to the now AFK mechanic, the amount of food consumed should be vastly increased. This will significantly reduce the focus on the tames them selves and allow breeders do other things in game. Powerstones: Too many earth golems, make caves slightly less populated. Get rid of the meatballs of baddies in buildings that jump out all at once. Increase gold payout from AoD. Get rid of using ships too kill bosses. Keys should not be dropped on death, should instead go on your "keyring" or you receive a buff that persists through death to open the case. Around the home: Allow Ice-chests to act as preserving cabinets vastly increasing spoil times even when not filled. Allow ice chests to be irrigated thereby producing ice at night in the desert and temperate biomes. Allow Irrigation to grills, etc to be radiant, instead of requiring a direct connection. This is by far the easiest solution to placement problems. Implement a compost bin and allow a crewmember to be assigned to it, automatically picking up poop in an area similar to a trough. Crew: Crew should be much more dynamic, such as was demonstrated in the trailer. Adding piratey deployables like taverns and bars is a great first step Crew should be allowed far more jobs and function on land to allow players to focus on sailing and exploring. Ships: Sails: FIX SAILS lol. Weight sails: Make weight sails reduce the effect that cargo containers have on a ship's speed. Cargo Containers: Increase capacity beyond 16 units. Handling Sails: Change name to correctly display their function: Acceleration Sails. Speed Sails: Make them work by raising the top speed cap of a ship, so that they can be combined with acceleration sails.
  7. As far as I know Atlas switched to Vivox for VOIP with the release of the Xbox Crossplay version. Since then there is no 3D positional Audio. So peoples voices are the same volume as long as they are inside your hearing range. Does someone know if this will change in the future? Was it cut down for release to a simple version and does this need further implementation or is it just impossible because of the Xbox system? Thanks
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1743269809 Mod ID 1743269809 - Total Structures .Part of the "Total" Range of Mods, which include: - Total Ships- Total Sails- Total Tames- Total People- Total Foresightand the combination of the above (including Total Structures) to:- Total EverythingThis addition to the Total family will provide additional structure types, larger gates for ships to pass through as an example. The full list of additions will be added as they are built.Purpose:To overhaul the current in game building parts - and of course to add new ones!!!- Thatch, increase HP and craft from Smithy- Wood, increase HP and craft from Smithy- Stone, increase HPAdd custom workstationsAdd NPC\\\'s buildings for automation of resource gatheringAdd push and pull inventory management (player and tames)Add Glass structuresAdd Castle structuresAdd Clay (Adobe type Structures)Add custom stacking options (via ini)Add larger, bigger foundations, ceiling and wall pieces for quicker buildsAmend the meshes for server performance gainsAND MUCH, MUCH MORE as ideas come in we have already had loads of requests for this mods development so do keep the ideas coming! This will be a rapid build and you are welcome to view our Trello on this one! Total Structures Trello[trello.com] https://discord.gg/grWVRpK
  9. Hello, I have some QOL suggestion since your started to work on it since a week. - Lower the resistance per level on ship like you did on damage for getting a better balance between weight, crew, damage and resistance. - Reduce the price / weight of small and large canonballs because they are very expensive and heavy right now. ( for 1000 large canon ball you need 7000 metal and 7000 gunpower and it's 10 000 kg) - reduce the durability cost of flame arrow, they actually use 4 durabily for each shoot and they almost don't give damage so they are actually useless - definetly need to increase the sail steering of every sail for sailing faster - increase the override distance of non anchored ship / damned / pirate for having the possibility to spot them easier - increased the resistance of building (actually it's too easy to break into base) - reduced the combat phase from 9 hours to 7 - 6 hours for reduce the necessity to have a large group of member for protect your island - give the possibility for the NPC crew to repair everything when anchored (take age to repair canon, celling, wall, roof etc...) - increase the time of bola for taming - unlock or give an option for the weight blocker (always need to throw on the ground ressource and stuff for carry them) - make canon from defense not targetting submarine when they are targetting "ship only" - Give the possibility to put foundation on top of large stone/wood wall - Increase HP from large stone/wood wall to force ennemy to attack the gates and to reduced the double/triple wall defense (less building spam) - decrease the massive decay on freeport to give possibility to stay a bit longer on freeport with your ship. - like canon ball you should double the number of balista ammo when you produce them (it's expensive and long to craft them) - reduce the number of berry you get when you farm thatch with a girafe. - doubled the farm with tool for not force everyone to tame a bear, girafe and elephant before making a brig or galleon (i tried last week on NA pvp and it's took me 5-6 hours with common metal tools for farming a brig without taking a break) - increase the fiber you get when farming with a sickle for not been force to get a bear. (5 min with a sickle it's 1-2k fiber and at least 10k with a bear) - reduce the number of allied company for reduce the faction meta (can't attack anyone before knowing how many ally they have), when you attack 5 people of a small company, the next day there are 50/100 in front of your habor. - increase the number of crew you can buy on freeport from 10 to 15-20 - increase the experience you get when you kill alpha for not force people to make treasure map and increase gold when you sink damned ship. or giving more experience for killing a dragon/ hydra. - blueprint from damned should give only plank, deck, sails, canon, puckle, mortar, balista and catapult. - blueprint from floating should give any other ship blueprint (add ressource box, ammunition box, cargo rack etc..) - Dragon and hydra should have more aggro time, actually it's need to hit them every 20-30 secondes or they comeback where they come from - Increase the number of slot inside the cargo saddle of a bear / horse and the weight reduction (need a very good bear or horse for a getting a good number of metal/gems/cristal), it's an advantage for big company who are making breed. - horse should have a passif tame, like sheep or pig, they run away and need to trap them, it's boring. - sheep should give more leather they are actually not worse to tame. - every two celling, a building need foundation / pillar, it's should be increase for reduce the number of pillar needed to support a building. - when it's cold (and not freezing), you should loose less hunger. If you spawn on a cold region and not get clothe fast, you will need to eat and it's boring. - actually you need to have 20-30 fortitude on your character to not have every minute a debuff of too cold/ hot, so you should increase the number of fortitude you can get per level. - you said a while ago that company who have a lot of island will have more upkeep, i don't know if it's working right now but it's seem's not enough. If they have a lot of island, they should have a large group of player so they need to have more to pay for keeping all these island. That's all and already a good list of idea and i hope it's will help you or give at least some change where you can look at. If a developper see this, it's could be nice from you to just put a like on this topic. At least i could see if everything i'm doing right now is read
  10. We constantly need to split and manually remove or add in small increments from a stack till reaching the overencumbered weight status. It would be great to have an option when picking up a stack to fill up till the overencumbered state so that we remain just below that. This would make transporting goods much less finicky than it currently is.
  11. Can we please be able to place ICE in troughs to preserve raw meat for longer? As of now when breeding wolves, it is hard to keep the babies alive unless you log in every 5-6 hours to restock meat However, people have to work... and sleep.... Even with 3 troughs full of meat my baby wolves starved to death because the spoil timers are all the same Please Mods it would really help with breeding exclusive carnivores specifically Thanks for reading Gypsy
  12. Currently the vitamin increasing arrows cover the vitamin bar to where it is difficult to tell the level. They should either be slightly smaller than the bar itself or moved downward away from the area that vitamins usually hover around.
  13. Beer kegs could not only be used as a decorative item but also to brew stuff like grog. I'm thinking they could look like the water barrel, but shorter, fatter, turned on their side with a little stand and are placed on top of tables.
  14. Really there are two suggestions here... 1) A UI, even if very basic, that shows where the panels are most damaged. What I imagine is when you pull out the repair hammer, panels gain some kind of COLOR that is not shading the actual plank, but instead replacing the plank textures with a color. IE GREEN TO RED. Similar, to when you push H and can see where your crew are. The current process of running around and manually looking at each plank just doesn't feel right since there just isn't enough visual indication of whats damaged and whats not. Obviously if we were in the ship and saw planks busted up we would know which ones need repair. The issue is only multiplied when planks are painted and you lose the shader. 2) NPC's should repair EVERYTHING when docked, and when you're docked and repairs are initiated it would be nice to get some kind of countdown or timer to repair completion. Also, if possible, what mats are needed. For example, in the F screen perhaps it says what you need for repairs. These are only suggestions and since Im not a programmer/dev I haven't the slightest clue how difficult these would be to implement.
  15. It would be a big Quality of Life improvement if we could get a craft from remote resource box interface on crafting stations. Something like click a button and get a drop down of resource chests in range of the crafting station. Listed by resource box name. Select 0 - Many options. And your crafting recipes update their counts to reflect amount of new resources they have access to. I was crafting a galleon not too long ago, and it wasn't very much fun having to swap back and forth between my nearby resource box and the smithy 200+ times transferring materials. Also, if this feature was added, it would probably reduce network usage of swapping inventories repeatedly and receiving remote inventory. Thanks for reading! FootSteps
  16. As the title states, A monkey powered door synergizes well with the ATLAS universe and would add another level of QOL thats easy to implement and has no balance (not yet!) issues and will definitely increase the appeal of the game visually and intuitively.
  17. So the whole loud ass heart beat sound when you're near 30 hp or lower, is there an option to remove it or console command to shut it up? The red that flashes around the screen, is there an option to turn it off or console command to turn it off? I feel like I shouldn't have to play with SFX off just to not hear the annoying heartbeat sound and when I get hungry.
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