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  1. We are a New, Smaller Server with a 2X2 Map. 10 islands to discover -2X gathering -Boosted XP Mods: eco's RP Decor Figureheads Jukebox Paintable Interior and Furniture Rideable Crocodile Unlockable Submarine Peachy Ship Decor Join us on Discord: Lake Erie Pirates if we get more players, I will add more servers
  2. Looking to join an RP server here on ATLAS. I've previously roleplayed on ARK and Conan Exiles, and also done a bit of tabletop RPGs. So far I'm liking the gameplay of the game and would like to try how it is to RP on here. When it comes to rates, I would prefer them to be decently close to vanilla as I don't want it to be too easy to progress through the game. Thank you for your time!
  3. Slavers Paradise - All Powerstones/Bosses - Boosted• Active, friendly, laid back gaming community looking for more players....• PVP, PVE, Casual RP • 4x4 Map, 14 PVP Zones & 2 PVE Zones, All Biomes, bosses (Ice dungeon etc)• 4X XP, 4X Harvest, 3X gold• 4X Taming (may increase this a bit more in future), faster baby mature rate• Lowered food and water consumption (Players & Pets)• Significantly lowered spoil rate (Food lasts longer)• Original flag claim system • Plenty of land to claim and build on (116 islands)• A couple zones have increased SoD spawn and higher levelsWe also are using the following mods and everything works great:Peachy Atlas FurniturePeachy Atlas DecorPeachy Ship DecorFigureheads and Ship EssentialsTotal StructuresTotal ShipsTotal SailsRegenerating ShipsUnlock PowerstonesPaintable Atlas FurniturePaintable Atlas Interioreco's RP DécorOur contact info can be found on: slavers-paradise.comor Discord: https://discord.gg/sBK9MRM
  4. I'm Black. I mod and I also run servers. I recently purchased a server that I run (not rented) and am offering a permanent home for players and not some fly by night place that will shut down when the rent comes due. I am currently running a 4x4 server. The center 4 grids are PvP lite and the outer grids are all PvE. There are plenty of islands of all climates to build on and multiple islands of the favs. I am looking to build up our playerbase and offering a place to call home to casual folks. We currently have around 6-9 who are frequent and another 12 that are infrequent. We welcome smaller groups or solo and there are no time constraints or minimal days to log in. If you play once a month or every weekend or every damn day you are welcome. With enough people we will run weekend events like ship battles or boss team-ups and even cave runs. Our rates are made for working folks so taming does not take super long and resource gathering is tweaked so it does not take days to craft a galleon. We welcome open market sharing or just stick to your own tribe and do your own thing. My server is very stable and our Discord notifies everyone when the server is coming down and when it comes back up 24 hours a day. I also run Ark Servers (Valguero and Ragnarok and can add more if interested). I also run Conan, PixArk Outlaws of the Old West and anything else we all fancy with room to grow. I am very dedicated to pleasing my players and ask for nothing in return except following the simple rules (posted in our Discord) and being courteous and patient if things go haywire. I do ask that you join our Discord if you plan on playing. Server Info:Atlas Server Info: Search for "Black's Mature Fun 4x4 PvEvP steam://connect/ Discord Info: https://discord.gg/HwdjaWh Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1801369594
  5. [NEW] Blackwood Lothian MODS ♥ Lothian DISCORD URL ♥ http://discord.gg/e3EPcug Wiped 30/07 NEW You are invited to join our Atlas Blackwood server. If you are bored of vanilla Atlas and want to experience an awesome modded play through with us. Decorate your home and town with decor mods. Build your own town with Chronicles RP Town Builder and come trader with all our Market NPCs. Atlas server connection Info: You can also join by searching [NEW] Blackwood Lothian MODS in the community server list with Show Non-Atlas Servers checked. Please join our Discord and ask to talk to an admin if you have any issues or want to talk about adding or removing certain mods. Keep up to date with server down times and info. Mod Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1813799612 Our Mods Custom Item Stacks [SPUK] Advanced Structures No More Mini Games! Atlas Trasnfer//Pickup Gun eco's ATLAS Foliage eco's RP Decor Market NPCs Permanent Dragon IndiamanShip v1.2.4 Total Sails KWAKA'S PIRATE JUKEBOX Potions for Atlas CrewGoddies Alchemy TnM Custom Shop Menu Paintable Atlas Interior Peachy Atlas Decor Peachy Ship Decor Atlas Glider Plus Unlockable Submarine LC Atlas Fireplace Armor Skins Settings Gathering x3 Exp x2 Taming x10 Breeding x10 Extra Skill Points More Carry Weight Rules Be kind to one another Do not use any third party programs or hacks Exploit ANY glitches will get you banned Do not abuse harass anyone Don't force someone into your roleplay We encourage and enjoy roleplay but it is not compulsory, if you wish to keep to yourself and enjoy the game you can. If you have any questions feel free to message me on discord Sienna! #6268
  6. COME JOIN SALTY SEAS!! A new 4x4 PVE/PVP ATLAS server just starting out. If your looking for a new fun server to start fresh and be on a equal playing field with everyone on the server this is the one for you. We have a group of helpful admins. ABSOLUTELY NO ADMIN ABUSE IS TOLERATED ON THE SERVER! We have lootboxes available on our website http://saltyseas.buycraft.net/ as well as 2 FREE BOXES are available on the website. From July 23 2019 to July 29, 2019 SaltySeas is giving 25% off at the donation shop use coupon code SaltySeas25OFF. For more info join our discord and in #general-atlas ask for a admin if you have any questions. https://discord.gg/NkMuWQ8 We have a custom map with 4 PVE grids in the corners with 15x xp and gathering, 8 PVP grids around the outskirts with 25x xp and gathering, and in the 4 center red PVP GRIDS 50x xp and gathering (with no admin intervention except for cheating or exploiting). NO WIPES UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. (SUCH AS CORRUPTED FILES OR FOR NEW CONTENT THAT WE ALL WANT IN GAME IF IS REQUIRED) MOD LIST CustomShip(add Ship MaxExperience) Custom Item Stacks LC Atlas Fireplace Unlock Powerstones Unlockable Submarine Atlas Transfer\\Pickup Gun Rations Permanent Dragon Regenerating Ships SERVER IP SEARCH SALTYSEAS IN UNOFFICIAL AND JOIN US NOW!!
  7. Large cannons mounted on huge tower wich are making damage out of render distance. No sense to buy war toke because you can destroy everything anyway
  8. Sorry for the click bait title I was thinking about something I find very interesting let me explain my idea. 1. Get rid of explosive barrels like they are now 2. Gunpowder can no longer be placed in any container or storage we currently have Instead, implement another barrel that works more like the water barrel but is filled with gunpowder instead. This barrel gets heavier the more gunpowder you fill in there. It is the only place where you can put gunpowder after you take it out from mortar & pestle. This barrel can only be carried by hand (like a penguin) and not placed in any inventory if it is filled with any amount of gunpowder. This barrel is always explosive and doesn't have to be activated so you can shoot it with any gun to let it explode. This barrel does damage based on the amount of gunpowder inside. This barrel is necessary for cannons. It as important as the ammo box container because you will need gunpowder AND cannon balls to operate a cannon. Gunpowder in this barrel spoils really fast if the barrel comes into contact with rain or with water in general. Gunpowder wouldn't be necessary to craft cannonballs but to craft other stuff that need gunpowder there must be a barrel in close range to the smithy for example. So why this change? It would make ship battles much more interesting because you need to design your ship in a way that the gunpowder doesn't get blown up too fast. It makes ship management more interesting because you need another resource. It is a high risk, high reward object that you can use to attack other ships and structures but it is very fragile of course. So if you can manage to get a full barrel dry and safe onto another ship. You deserve to make huge damage. You would need to think about the location where you store gunpowder inside your base and ship. It gives the player the opportunity to make meaningful decisions. Both for the player owning the barrels and for the player who is attacking. And to me it sounds like a nice challenge to play with these things. I know I posted a less formulated version of this in suggestions but I feel like the suggestion section is cluttered with months old up-voted threads nobody needs anymore. So here we go!
  9. The forum "Market Place" should be split up into four section. This would make the entire process easier. NA PvP Market Place NA PvE Market Place EU PvP Market Place EU PvE Market Place
  10. Hello everyone, Trying to open a trading post (without of the hassle of the in game player store) using Freeport G7 as an almost center of the map meeting spot. At the moment i have to offer : ------------------------------Intermediates-------------------------------- -blasting powder -black powder -organic paste -(can do preserving salt and fire gel upon request) -------------------------------Ressources------------------------------------- -keratinoid (mix and match of type ask for more info) -hide (mostly leather and skin) -Sugar (actual sugar not generic sap) -Ruby (can get emerald and opal upon request) -fish oil -------------------------------tames-------------------------------------------- -Potential breeder : male Rhino wild lvl 41 690hp 247 stam 153 melee -3 olfrend : two low level female olfend, and one 28 male (stats upon request). They might not be the greatest but i promiss they are he ugliest Olfend you can find ! -bunch of lvl 15+ to 30+ rhino, not recomended for breeding but have tame level close to 50 and are "servicable" -can provide vulture eggs from lvl 40+ If you are interested and want to know more about quantity and prices, hit me up here or on discord, add me as a friend I am feeverte user#2133
  11. [FR] Les Rescapes - 2x3 PVP / ROLEPLAY - X10 Stack plus . La Team Admin « La Marine Royale » vous invite à découvrir le RolePlay sur ATLAS. En plus des quêtes classique (power stone et autres), vous participerez si vous le souhaitez à des missions de pillage, de Raid, de kidnapping, de chasse aux trésors et bien d’autres qui enjailleront vos heures de jeu. Le Freeport de la Marine entièrement refait propose beaucoup d’équipements à la vente et même des navires clés en mains ! Incarnez un personnage, créez votre Rôle et venez Rejoindre la communauté ! Le serveur comprend les mods suivants : Mod actif : Stack + / CustomItemStack / Tz Structure / Peachy ship decor / Unlockable Submarine / Toolguntrasfer+pickup Le serveur est indépendant et appartient à une association multi-gaming « Les Rescapés » https://discord.gg/eSqTrrx https://atlasserverlist.com/server/42208099/vote(modifié)
  12. FIND THE SERVER... Wanna play on the awesome Thor's Hammer ATLAS server? Add this to your Steam favorites list (View -> Servers -> Add a Server): our discord at https://discord.gg/5nSzNgbWe have 4 PVE maps, 5 PVP maps, with great bonuses that scale based on risk/reward. 4x on PVE, 6X on PVP, and 8X on extreme climate PVP. Breeding bonuses are also in effect across all servers. Powerstones are in along with the Kraken. If you are looking for relief from the official madness, and having some fun with a great group of folks who genuinely care about its server community, come check us out! LOTS of great land spots to claim and build your pirate empire.No mods atm, but we do plan to add a stacker mod and likely some kind of reward mod as well.A few basic rules/guidelines:(1) DONT BUILD OR CLAIM on our 1 Freeport,(2) We are a family friendly server - if u wanna vent your teenage angst or see how many 4 letter words you can get into global, go somewhere else,(3) our 5 PVP zones are wide open for fierce battles (just keep (2) in mind)
  13. June 17, 2019 Dear Friends and Fellow Texians, Many things have happened since last we reported our adventures in F10 with the loss of our fleet and the sacking of our island by the Wendigoans and Jazz Cabbage Heads. A short run up to speed is in order: We moved back to our reserve outpost, which we affectionately call "Chuck's Island." Soon after, we began to be contacted by several individuals and companies looking to show us their support and offering their aid to get ourselves reestablished. To all those who made offers of land, ships and gold, we are eternally grateful and humbly honored to receive so many well wishes from so many adventurers and like-minded Freedom Lovers. We hope to continue to serve a worthy example to all those who follow our stories of (mis)fortune! Some of our newest friends near Isla de Chucka sought to honor us with volunteering a southern island in grid E9 for our new homestead. All we had to do was assist with taking the island and lay claim to it. This event was briefly touched on in comments HERE. We did lay siege to the island and after a long night, we raised the Texas flag over a new home and christened the settlement Port Aransas. After such adventures, we were contacted by a lone individual who bid us not disclose his name for he was of a shadowy and reclusive nature. Myself not being very openly trusting, I dared not take all this message-bringer's words on face value, but we discussed the recent events in secret and in good faith. This individual asked my opinion of coming and laying claim to an island in E9 with an offer to lend us aide in seeking vengeance against our recent assailants. The opportunity was truly too great to pass up but I was extremely cautious. I offered the suggestion that this small band of turncloaks come into the area under a neutral flag and make friends on their own accord and actions...leaving their intent and identities to go unknown except for we Texians. So it came to pass that the Red River Trading Company came to E9 and laid claim to one of the largest islands in the grid. The Red River group made true their intent to render us aide, both in coin and materials, not to mention such good advice as to aid in our preparations for more visits from the likes of Wendigo. It was also soon discovered by all those in the grid that the island of Port Aransas was but a small outpost -- our true base in the system was on the Red River Trading Company's island between Red River to the north and our new neighbors, Dark Vanguard, on the southern point of the island. This island was our primary reserve island....Chuck's Island, we called it. And even though we had been there from the second founding, we yet appeared quite small and insignificant even to Dark Vanguard, who regarded us with less than favorable opinion. Squabbles over resources and defense structures sprang up almost immediately when Dark Vanguard moved in. To the displeasure of the E9 alliance, Texas and Dark Vanguard traded as much powder, shot and blood as we did wood, stone and metal...in fact most of our trades were exchanged at high muzzle velocity no matter what resource was being shared. During this time, another fellow Texican arrived from a far-off grid. He sailed from a far polar region with but one purpose -- help support his fellow Texians in regaining their Honor. He took up harbor in Port Aransas and began making his own preparations for an extended stay -- erecting his own outpost on the north side of the island and joining in our mutual story telling and rum drinking. We also sailed a couple of scouting sloops to islands far and wide to investigate offers of lands and riches. We intend to make some use of those opportunities in good time once we get our current settlement in order. But things were about to change....little did we know that a Wendigo fleet was under sail and headed our way.... ...to be continued...
  14. June 11, 2019 A couple of nights ago, my freshly christened fishing sloop, Aransas Pass, met with our brig, Pecos, out at sea to resupply and exchange provisions. During the exchange, the officer of the watch noted that his spyglass appeared to reveal an unknown discovery area nearby...in open ocean. Assured by our cryptographer that no land mass was in the area, we sailed over to investigate. We put one of our men over the side in a diving suit to scout for any wreckage or features of note on the sea floor but found nothing. Our investigation was cut short by a sudden storm....cyclones fell from the skies and the rain came at us like broadsides in the wind! Our brig made to come about and sailed directly into a patrol of SotD and began exchanging cannon fire. I elected to take the small fishing sloop directly west and outdistance the storm as quickly as possible! Last evening, I returned to the area in question and verified that the anomalous mist still lingered over the area...a most peculiar and spooky sight to behold. A crewmate joined me and went over the side, again using a diving suit to aid in his exploration. Momentarily, the most peculiar thing I have seen on the sea did occur...and perhaps you will not believe what I am about to tell you.....but do heed my tale and listen well... The hairs on our necks stood on end and all manner of ship's equipment seemed to freeze in time. Our sails froze, crystallized in a sudden frosty shimmer...my deck crew froze at their posts...my trusty parrot even fell silent upon my shoulder...the ocean waves ceased to undulate beneath my hull and the winds fell silent and still....and the fish....the fish seemed possessed by demons and rose from the sea! I dare not whisper a lie for the ocean gods would drag me and my crew to the murky depths....The fish rose from the sea! And among the marlin and giant tuna there arose three great sperm whales! They lifted themselves out of the ocean and took to the air! My small sloop was surrounded on all sides by this spectacle! It was as if the seas themselves were giving warning of impending doom! And then....my vision went dark...and I and my crew collapsed on the deck! Some time later, I awoke....the ocean had returned to normal and my mate was still over the side in the diving suit, the small air pump clunking away as if nothing had happened! I called out to him and after a brief silence, he surfaced from the depths and came aboard. "What happened? I saw nothing down there." "Nothing at all? Did you not see the fish come out of the water?" "No..." "And the whales? Did you not see the whales?" "No, I saw no whales, captain....perhaps we should return to shore?" "Aye....that we should, indeed," I quickly answered. As we made to return to the island, I marked on my map "Whale Sighting" at the location in question...and I made note not to return there until I had the proper rigging for whaling. Until next time, safe travels. ~Cele ========================== OOC: We were investigating a discovery bubble at sea that is clearly visible using the spyglass when the servers went down last night and three sperm whales floated up out of the water along with the rest of the fish nearby. Can anyone verify if a discovery bubble at sea indicates a whale spawn area or some other underwater structure, as I believe that seems the most logical explanation....
  15. Well look no further! Atlas Roleplay Evolved! PvP/PvE/RP Whitelisted 3x3 Grid Server with enhanced Rates is here! From the creators of ARKRP comes the next big RP community, this time for Atlas! Encounter diverse groups from traders to vicious pirates! Join a company or form your own as you make an impact on the server's ever growing lore! The server is also open to both Voice and Text RP! And it is located in the United States and features players from both NA and EU! Comes with all types of climates and all kinds of bosses in the game! Come join the discord and be a part of the community! Whether you are a streamer, a PvPer, a PvEer, or a hard core Roleplayer, this community is the place to be if you are looking for a toxic, stress-free place to enjoy Atlas! IF you have questions feel free to add me on Discord McDugals#3523 Discord: https://discord.gg/tVW6EZU Whitelist page: http://atlasroleplay.com/
  16. **Note -- Originally posted to Reddit June 1, 2019 Fellow Texians and Men of Honor in all Parts of the World, I come to you now in earnest to account the loss of our island in F10 to the rogue agents of Wendigo and Jazz Cabbage. I would dare say that it was a fair fight to the last man, but from our own ill-preparedness that was hardly the case. Our island harbor was protected mostly by the ships at anchor, their crews set to ready action should any hostile approach our entrance. But due to the earlier raids by the accursed bandits of the Wendigo and Jazz nations, our harbor lay exposed and empty except for the wrecks of our small Texian fleet...which we were in the due course of salvaging when the scoundrels appeared on our horizon once again! A ship of unknown allegiance first approached our harbor and the call went out to action! I climbed the High Guard platform and manned a mortar...one of my captains joined me there and manned a second. We identified the ship in harbor as she opened fire on our remaining yards and structure...as suspected it was our friends to the West come again to harass our small settlement and test our Texas good nature. In appropriate response we tried our best to bite at their heels with what teeth we had left ~ Don't Tread on Me! Our pucklers began to shout out sightings of men-at-arms on foot and mounted bears entering our valley. We turned our mortars then to the inner grounds of our crafting hall and surrounding buildings as my captains called out positions and sightings of the invaders. We caught sighting of a second brig off our eastern coast...at anchor in the unprotected waters where we have often invited visitors. It dawned on me at that moment that it was the exact spot we had invited a Jazz Cabbage galleon to come ashore to harvest cotton just days ago and welcomed them with our nicest Texas hospitality....myself guiding them to anchor using multiple flares and bidding them safe travels on their peaceful departure afterward. It is now believed in my heart that their pale excuse of needing our cotton was but a ruse to scout our defenses and make ready for these underhanded and treasonous actions against us. So be it...all pleasantries be damned at this point! The High Guard turned our mortars on the offending brig at anchor to the east and we opened fire! She bore the brunt of our assault and made a hasty retreat....leaving ashore her men and cannon bears to fend for themselves! It was one of several small victories we enjoyed during the night. But that was just the beginning. We rained mortar fire down on the island below and exhausted our stores of ammo in rapid order. One of our captains mounted horse and rushed from our crafting hall up the sloped cliffs to High Guard and brought us new stores and supplies. An enemy cannon bear followed him and we attempted to rid our cliffs of the animal to no avail. Protected by own platform, the enemy began to attack our mortar structure from below and was helpful enough to instruct us and advise us on our lack of experience and poor tactics. We Texians enjoyed a laugh or two as this helpful individual seemed willing to help and yet so willing to grief us at the same time. How noble these brutes must think they are, I wonder? The battle lasted for some time. We would attempt to man puckles and swivels as our hired crews would fall, only to be cut down ourselves by either cannon or marksmen or grenadiers. It was a good fight and quite the spectacle, to be sure! Our High Guard mortars kept up the barrage during the battle until the enemy was able to assault it directly on foot and rid us of our mortar captains -- then they set about to destroy the mortars themselves which they accomplished unopposed. Their cannon bears made short work of the crafting hall walls and our beasts of burden were slain in their pens. Wall defenders died at their posts or had their stations blown out from under their feet from cannon fire. Our stores were plundered, our crafting resources pilfered and many of my fellow Texans were slain in their beds at slumber with no chance or offer of surrender or retribution. From our hidden spots among the cliffs and ridges overlooking our small settlement, my captains and I bore witness to the destruction and the barbarous nature of these poor bastards who would have you hold their actions in high esteem as "fair play" or "it's just PVP". No my dear friends, utter destruction for the sole satisfaction of kicking a dog while it is unable to bite you back, is not fair play....not by Texas standards at least. Then the leader of the assault called out his wish to now talk. Suddenly it would seem that once there was nothing left to destroy or pillage this man would wish us to join his allegiance and swear fealty to himself and his band of miscreants. To be absolutely clear and honest, my captains and I had discussed this possibility already prior to the events of the day at hand -- prior to the raid on our harbor by the Jazz Cabbage brig, Grimm Reaper. We had already noted that the Wendigo nation seemed to be good sports and had only given us their cursory attention in due course as they made patrol of our waters in search for their intended quarry, the YT men of China. I swear to you now on the Holy Ground of the Great State of Texas that had the Wendigo and Jazz Cabbage invasion come to our shores with peaceful intention to recruit the Republic of Texas as an ally and sought our favor as a friendly harbor in the F10 war....they would have been met with respect and interest. But as God is my witness when their demands came in the form of an ultimatum to either join them or pay them taxes after such a pointless raid of utter brutality and accompanied meaningless show of force....my one and only response was, "Have you ever been to Texas, sir?" It was our national hero, Colonel William Barret Travis, who upon hearing the demands of el Generalisimo de Santa Anna, that the garrison of men of the Alamo mission surrender their arms and submit to the Mexican army, answered with a single cannon fired over their heads! If I had but one shot and one cannon at my disposal, my answer would have been likewise. My Texian captains and I stood our ground with nothing but the rocks and sticks in our hands and we refused their satisfaction. Our hearts and minds were set. They would have to take it by force for we would not give them a single inch. It was then that the Wendigoans and Jazz Cabbage men set about to take our claimed island from us. They established their claim and set their perimeter. I took note of the time and my captains and I discussed our options. To some, the battle was over and the time was late...our ships were at the bottom of the sea and our base was but a shell and empty walls. Understandably, some elected to retire for the night and hope for the best. A few of us remained. I inquired to the men who now wished to take our home from us if it was truly their intent to play hide and seek for the next three hours as our island would count down and cycle back to peace time. They assured us that they had nothing better to do. My captains and I discussed how sad a state of affairs it must be to be in such an organization that would have nothing better to do than spend an entire night taking pennies from the poor and call it fun. Why would anyone want to join up with such a group in the first place, I wonder? To be honest, some of their members expressed their displeasure in the situation. We could overhear their discussions....and one of the ships departed entirely when a single YT ship made its presence known in the grid. The Chinaman's poor attempt at insult to the Wendigo nation made even our Texas captains smirk. We bantered in private, "and they think we are with these guys? Do they not see that nobody is coming to help us???" But the line had been drawn in the Texas sand. We set our minds to harass the invaders and try to keep one of our number within the line at all times...thinking that if we can delay the declaiming of our island for the next 3 hours that the fight would be ours and their efforts totally wasted. It was a battle of wills at this point.....we were determined to defend our small claim as best we could or at least make it the most irritable action for them to endure as possible. We gave it our best. At one point, we had sent a captain to our reserve base and returned in a small sloop loaded with supplies. We donned armor and weapons, firearms, bows and arrows, grenades...and we steeled ourselves to rush the walls of our own crafting hall. We split up and came into sight...one of my captains stripped his armor to appear naked as before, attempted to lure them out as seemed to work easily and had been often repeated. When they came upon him, myself and one other lept from our cover and rushed them...muskets and blunderbuss fired, swords drawn. It was a short fight but chaos none the less. I ran through the melee having spent my powder and ran to the crafting hall. I literally ran into a number of their men who let me pass not knowing it was a Texan wearing armor and not one of their own. I was able to approach their claim flag and discern the timer -- it still showed 59 minutes and the Texas flag was still above half-mast. We were doing the best we could and it was going to take them all night to be sure. My captains were killed in the fight but I escaped detection for some time. While hiding inside the boundary line, the claim timers were frozen, contested. They would have to find me. I could see the back of the crafting hall and I remembered that I laid some ceiling tiles next to foundations when I put in the plumbing for our seed crops....if I could make my way to one of those tiles, perhaps I could hide under it and go unnoticed for some time. It seemed like a plan so I jumped at the chance. I ran to the back of our structure and demolished one of our cisterns...directly behind it was an open space under our wooden floors and I crawled inside. It didn't take as long as I had hoped for them to find me. In fact, I wondered if they had a lookout posted above the valley in the cliffs and he had seen my actions because it wasn't long before one of their men addressed me at the end of a musket and bid me come out. He fired to persuade me. I had just used my final respec and focused all my energy in health. So his musket did me far less damage than he had hoped and I'm sure the full plate armor helped as well. I crawled out to face him and he fired again....I grinned under my visor and drew my sword! We tangled...I embraced him in close hand-to-hand combat and danced around him leaping and jumping. Then I remembered the grenades I had on my belt....I began dropping them at our feet as I laughed maniacally in my bloodlust. This one man was about to pay for all the wrongs given us by these miscreants! To my great satisfaction, I blew both of us to smithereens....and laughed and celebrated for quite some time! Another small victory. The game of cat-and-mouse continued...for hours, literally. At another moment in the effort, I found myself swimming in our harbor among the wreckage of our ships. A pair of elephants had gotten themselves tangled in the debris and I knelt below one of them perched on the hull of our harbor tender sloop. I was inside the circle and contesting their claim, again. Quite happy with myself I knew they would have to go to a great length to find me. I thought I was discovered when one of their men swam around me and literally demolished the plank I was perched on....I fell into the water behind him and immediately swam away under our docks. He did not follow. Did he even see me? I curled back under the docks where we had left many open spaces between columns, pillars and stacked foundations....I could hold my breath for quite some time and could catch air when the waves and tides surged. Not long after I was discovered once more and put to the sword. One of my captains managed a huge feet of luck when he was able to rush the crafting hall and lock himself in the space between the inner and outer main gates. To the joyful glee of myself and my fellow Texians we laughed and joked about how they would have to really put in some effort to get him out...stone gates on one side and a medium wood gate on the inside of the crafting hall....surrounded by stone walls. It was a tomb fit for a king, or in this case, the most brilliant turn of luck of the night. We laughed as our invaders gathered what grenades and hand weapons they had and began to chip away at the gates. My captain taunted them yelling "Tik Tok, Tik Tok!!!" from inside his coffin. Another small victory, yet short lived. they eventually blasted him out but every minute and every second counted to our favor. We were not winning, but neither were they! They eventually setup cages and gibbets and instead of killing us outright they switched tactics to try to take us prisoner. They would chase us with grappling hooks and assault us with clubs. We countered by rushing the rhinos and elephants and slapping them as we ran into the courtyard to be taken captive. If done right, the animals would kill us and knock our foes in all directions as well. Their beastmaster made work of taming every animal he could. They eventually had a small herd of goats guarding the claim flag and we would run in and jump into the middle of the aggressive animals and attempt to get them to chase us out of the claim area. One of my captains rustled up a small herd of elephants and lead them into the fray to much entertainment and confusion. They eventually caught me and placed me in their guillotine...they removed my head and took their prize...it was a grizzly scene but a small victory for them to be sure...and a hard won trophy. I hope they never forget this night and think about it every time they look upon my face. I hope it haunts them. But the night was not over. Another of my captains retired...the next day brought real work to be done and 2am was his last call. That left it to only two of us remaining. We took turns in our efforts...one would lay in wait while the other would do his best to distract the enemy whose numbers were also greatly reduced from the start of the evening. When they were distracted, the other of us would run in and try to hide inside the claim. The enemy had been hunting down our beds and safe havens and were removing them as methodically as they could. They even enlisted the work of a small sloop to destroy our watch towers around the entire island since each had a safe bed inside. We also had platforms and observation points on the cliffs facing the open sea and those as well had to be destroyed or climbed and the beds thereon removed. It was tedious work I'm sure...and meant to make them earn every second of their conquest. I was caught again and placed in a cage...guarded by one of their men who was quite apologetic for the circumstances. We chatted and I expressed my utter displeasure for their antics and methods of harassment and promised that this was not a sure way to earn one's respect or allegiance. In fact this was how one makes enemies, not friends. I eventually died of thirst and went about the work of thwarting their efforts once more. With less than thirty minutes remaining in our combat window my fellow Texan was captured, leaving me alone. I spawned at our last bed...our farthest south platform, facing open ocean on the side of a cliff. I knelt in a corner and privately discussed our situation with my fellow captain. He was taken with full health and well fed and rested...it would be some time before he would die in their cage. The timer was under 20 minutes. Would the claim fail if the island came out of combat before our flag was lowered? We didn't know but that was our hope. While we were discussing our options, the enemy climbed onto my platform and stood just outside my doors. I heard them discuss that they had no way of destroying the walls or doors as their grenades and blasting powder was spent. They suspected this was the last bed and they would just wait for me here. They had no idea I was just inside and heard every word. It was then that I laughed to myself as my plan solidified in my mind. When the timer clicked 15 minutes, I demolished the platform on which we all stood. The entire structure fell out from under our feet and we all plummeted to the cliffside below. The plan did not quite go as I imagined because we did not fall in the water and nobody died when we hit the cliff -- it was not so far a fall after all. And lastly, the weight of the materials now in my possession made it impossible for me to run away. Damn the luck! My enemy made short work of me with clubs and knocked me out just as I was able to drop my inventory on the ground. They shackled me and lifted me to their shoulders and began parading me back to their base and the waiting cages. Happily they estimated that the fight was done and they had won. But it was a ruse....I played the part of being knocked out until I regained my strength....at once the man carrying me dropped me and I landed on my feet! I leapt from the cliff and found the water below and made for swimming the deep and followed the cliffside below the surface. I was very familiar with the waters of our small island and as long as no sharks, mantas or crocodiles caught my scent I would be able to make the harbor. As I held my breath I circled past the harbor and came out on the northern cliff slope....just a few yards from their claim flag...I just needed to run that short distance to suspend their claim once more...maybe for the last time. But the effort was in vain. At that moment, the island was still in combat phase for another several minutes, but they struck down our Texas flag and our claim was lost! The battle was over. .... It would take gold for me to contest their claim now and all our gold had been stolen from us during the night. What we had left was on the claim flag as I had not thought to remove it when the invaders appeared on our shores. The claim was lost and there was nothing I could do about it. The victors called out asking what my intentions were to which I responded "I need to find a way to remove these hand cuffs" which they replied they had expected me to be food for the sharks by then. My captive captain began to ask them to remove him from the cage he was in....which they were reluctant to do so seeming intent to add insult to injury. His pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears...as they took him to their guillotine. In response he pointed out their poor sportsmanship and I myself found a crocodile to help remove my shackles. Unable to return to our once home island, we retired for the night...swearing that our vengeance would be patient and measured, as is our way. This was Thursday night and all the way up til 3am on Friday morning. It is now the weekend and we Texians are busy making preparations to claim a new settlement and work towards new ships and bases of operation and we will incorporate many of the new ideas we have learned in the past few days to bolster our defenses against such invasions in the future. And rest assured....one day the time will come....that we will present ourselves before the factions of Wendigo and Jazz Cabbage and ask a single question: Remember us? ~Republic of Texas
  17. **NOTE -- Originally posted to Reddit on May 31, 2019 My fellow Texians...I come to you with sad news from the Republic of Texas of grid F10. When I joined my crew this night, it was reported to me at once that members of the Jazz Cabbage nation were issuing threats and warning our small island residents of a pending attack. My captains reported that messages were exchanged and it was indicated to the aggressors that our governor (myself) was not yet available for comment. The reply from Jazz Cabbage was flatly that there was no time to wait for a reply. A black and red brig flying black sails was soon reported off our southern harbor. Before we could man our stations the brig parked behind our harbor walls and opened fire into the harbor. This hostile action was utterly without provocation but my crew and I were more than eager to return them with a warm Texas welcome! We raced to our ships! I tried to calm my crew and urge patience as I sprinted to the harbor walls. But in our haste to make a good showing and offer our visitor a stand-up fight we already had ships pulling out away from their docks. Afterall, it was just a single brig and we easily outnumbered her. Based on recent experience we hoped for a fight where we might squeeze out an advantage. Giving honor to her namesake, the brig [TXS] Davy Crockett was first into the fray! Thinking back to our Texas hero of history, Crockett was one of the last defenders of the Alamo of 1836. He and the men of less than 200 fought to the very last and the Crockett sailed into battle hoping to stand toe-to-toe with her enemy....for better or worse. As the two brigs circled outside the range of our harbor cannons and mortars, the galleon [TXS] San Antonio mustered all hands to action and pulled out from her moorings. But her inability to maneuver in such tight quarters with dueling brigs took her far out of range of her cannons and fighting the wind to beat back to the fight. As for myself, I took command of the galleon [TXS] Alamo and made ready to push off. I suddenly realized that her crew were yet off-island on leave to the nearest Freeport. (ie: she was severely under manned...only her forward-most cannons were manned and ready. She was not ready for battle!) Seeing my delima, I abandoned the Alamo and swam for my personal flagship, the brig [TXS] Rio Grande. She was a sixteen-gun brig with a mix of both large and medium cannon. Not an ideal fashion for a war brig, but I hate only being able to fire in straight lines abeam. As the Rio Grande pulled away from the docks and rigged full sail, the Crockett sank under the far superior firepower of the offending brig. Her captain eagerly cursing us all for our slow response and call to arms. Totally understandable, but I was however in no place to remedy the loss. We sailed now with a singular focus...Victory or Death! The galleon San Antonio was making for the hostile brig, Grimm Reaper, and the Rio Grande came out to meet her head-on. We passed gunport to gunport and my crew let fly a full salvo of cannon....as did the Reaper. Planks and armor were shredded instantly and several crew cried out as even some of my cannon were destroyed! The fire swivels on the Reaperswept my decks as we passed and my forward sail hand leapt to his death with his uniform on fire! I too, was a casualty with that first pass...and my ship limped forward to a stop as the sails came down and her guns fell silent....I had issued an order to fire a broadside, not a standing order to fire at will... *sigh* When I woke after what seemed like an eternity, the crew was all about in chaos! Below decks were filled with smoke and debris littered the gun deck from stem to stern. The spray of the ocean rushing in from the forward bulkhead made the run amidships treacherous but I did my best. With planks in-hand I returned to the forward compartment and waited for the debris to clear and slapped planks into place. Now back to the fight, or so I thought. As I came above deck, the Reaper was firing again. Her cannons landed devastating blow after blow and I barely made it to the ship's wheel and issued all guns to free fire before I was cut down once again. My ship and her crew would fight without me for the next two-minutes! While I was out, the San Antonio finally got into range on the Reaper and the two were exchanging fire. The captain of the Crockett made it aboard the Rio Grande and was attempting repairs when I found my way out of the surgeon's cabin. I asked him to demo the ship's wheel so I could put one on the middle deck out of harm's way. We accomplished the change of command in brief order and I resumed control of the ship, only now being below the deck armor I had no visual to my surroundings. None the less, I issued the order to go to full sail and I pulled up the Atlas map to see where the fight was. I was sailing blindly under full sail directly ahead. As my view cleared, I realized that the Rio Grande was entering the harbor at a full gallop. Her sails pushing her to speed with nothing to stop her but that large shipyard directly ahead! We plowed into the shipyard and two more planks disintegrated in the collision. What a fool I was for not checking my bearing before issuing the order to go all ahead! Damn the luck! I pulled what resources I had and loaded the smithy. Surely two planks was not beyond my ability to repair and get back into the fight! But only one could be fashioned from the materials at-hand. And where once you could demolish structures to regain materials in time of need, now an unanchored ship somehow expels all demolished materials without even so much as a single fiber to be put to good use. I blame the loss of the Rio Grande on poor preparedness, unlucky navigation, and a shell-shocked captain. Dieing two times in three minutes while fighting a sinking ship is stressful work! That's my excuse anyways. But the battle was not over. I abandoned the wreck of the Rio Grande and whistled my crew to follow me to the Alamo. We boarded and I hastily made her ready to sail. As we pulled out of the harbor, I began assigning crew to battlestations. I placed one on the wheel and directed her to take a southern heading....last time I looked at the map that's where the fight was. As I finished making ready the crew, I checked our bearings and announced my intention to bring the Alamo into the fight even with a reduced crew. My other captains were now weary of the battle as the San Antonio was all but lost at this point. As the San Antonio went down we all gathered on the decks of the Alamo...this would be our last stand. We approached the enemy brig and she made sail as if to run....but we paralleled her course and slowly closed range, almost matching her speed perfectly. She led us by a boat length, which made us easy prey for her long range cannons but she was just outside of ours. We needed more speed or I would have to take the hits until we could bear away and fire. I tried to trim the sails but the Alamo was being stubborn in the light air...and no more speed was to be had. We ran along on a southerly course and we matched heading changes in unison. Our cannons opened fire under orders but the shots fell behind the Reaper while hers found our forward planks and decks. It was obvious by then that the brig was slowly pulling ahead of us -- she was slightly faster. Up ahead I saw a chance to possibly turn the running sparring match into a broadside brawl where would have the upper hand of more cannon...a fleet of Ships of the Damned appeared directly in our course ahead....two galleons of low/mid level and an assortment of brigs. I steered directly for them and told the crew to prepare to receive multiple incoming cannons. I then had our gunners stand down so as to not waste ammo on the glowing fleet. The Reaper realized what was happening and angled toward us. She passed through our firing arcs and I attempted to land a manual sighting salvo to not very great effect....and she took up position behind us on our stern. We passed through the ghostly fleet and the night sky illuminated with their glowing cannon fire. Half their cannons scored hits on the Alamo and as we cleared the two galleons I cranked hard to port...or at least as hard as a galleon will go to port. The maneuver was almost perfect! The Ships of the Damned had been caught mostly unaware as we sailed through their midst but they turned hard in on us in pursuit......and rubbed railings with the brig as she gave chase. We were attempting to tack across the wind but the Reaper had loaded bar shot and was ripping our aft sails to pieces! We were slowing....and even though the brig got tangled up with the galleons and other fleet of the Damned, she broke free and closed on us rapidly. We lost our two aft sails and I tried to reverse back into the fleet of the Damned once more. The Reaper took up close quarters on our aft and my captains fired medium cannons and ballista at her dark hull. Our aft planks melted away and on all three decks above the waterline one had a clear view of the engagement! Our broadside cannons were useless and our efforts at repairs were spent. All around us cannon fire was still sounding...the brig and galleon both were sending ships of the Damned to the depths in rapid succession...but our two vessels were locked in mortal combat. In a last ditch effort, we dropped sail and waited for the boarders. As my captains yelled the enemy was coming aboard, I raised the forward handlers and pulled hard to port once more trying to out-turn the brig while she sat with her sails down and officers attempting to board us. The move worked ever so slightly as the brig broke off for a moment raising sail and trying to avoid our large cannon as we turned....she was just too fast and we barely landed anything more than glancing blows. However, seeing as we still had some kick left in us, the Reaper turned in and went for the kill. There was no boarding action to repel nor any last hooray to be had. Once again, the Alamo was lost. We had been soundly defeated by a far superior ship in every manner. If there had been a chance for us to leave our mark by sending the Reaper to the bottom it was only in our minds alone. The reality of the engagement was that we were outmatched before the first cannon was ever fired. I give much respect to the shipbuilders of the Reaper and her crew, yet I hold very little for her commander and for the manner in which the battle came about. There was no patience to await word from our leadership about the diplomatic issue at hand and the commander of the Reaper took it upon himself to enforce some unwritten rule of wrong-sided allegiance which we were wrongly accused of breaking. And to add further insult, it was plainly clear that at any time the superior vessel could have called off the attack and disengaged after seeing we were clearly outmatched. Had the alliance between Wendigo and Jazz Cabbage been so eager to win our favor in a fight with YT, which they claimed was their honest intent, and being the good sports that we Texians are...we would have gladly taken our lumps and retreated back to our harbor to lick our wounds, salvage our wrecks and entertain a parlay for our allegiance. But none of that happened...and in our defeat we still sportingly accepted our losses and returned to home base to begin salvage and recovery operations. All the while discussing our need for better investment in ships and cannon. But unfortunately, the night was not yet over.... ...to be continued...
  18. NOTE: Originally posted on Reddit on May 30, 2019, Edited A little info about us: Since the wipe, the Republic of Texas has been doing what we normally do...building up bases and outposts, trading with neighbors and nearby islands, and trying to keep our ships afloat. In the larger scheme of things we have realized that our little island is pretty quiet....we have visitors come and go without incident almost daily. Texas is a friendly place and we welcome visitors. If you care to visit, I suggest you keep to the north-eastern shoreline which is away from our harbor. And while you are on excursion, most areas east of the lighthouse are safe for all visitors. With that being said, we have now been raided twice by our good friends, Wendigo. And by their actions we have had to install base and harbor defenses which are always on alert. And now comes the second installment of our experience with the wayward Wendigoans. ==================== Our mostly quiet region of F10 usually exhibits few more than a dozen active sailors at a time. So imagine my concern when we began receiving reports of multiple sailors entering the region....again and again...more coming...and more. The population rose to over 34 men at arms over the span of a few minutes...and talk began to spread of our westerly neighbors, the Wendigoans, seeking adventure and sport on the high seas. They seemed intent on seeking out ships flying the flag of our neighbors, YT, and attempted to call them out to a fight but either the YT company was out of region or they were nowhere to be found. We Texians realized quickly that hostilities were coming to our shores like it or not and our minds were set and focused on our motto -- Don't Mess With Texas or Come And Take It. Your choice. We set about to make ready our harbor ships at anchor and we manned the mortars. I stood lookout on the High Guard peak and began scoping the horizon for sails while others prepared the lower mortars. Negotiations took a sour turn when the Wendigoans located an unmanned YT vessel at anchor on our southern island. I didn't know it was there, nor do I care. We have sought safe harbor during peace time at every island in our region from time to time, so it just seems neighborly to us that others would do the same. But the Wayward Wendigoans were looking for a fight and with YT laying low and our friends, the Hippies, in absence...that left Texas as the only means at their disposal to rid their cannons of their blue cannon balls. They used the unmanned YT ship as their reasoning for bringing the fight to our shores....if we were allied with YT then we were the crazy ones. My assurances that we leave YT to fight their own battles and we only concern ourselves with ours fell on ignorant ears. Even word from Jazz Cabbage vouching for our Texas hospitality went ignored. Then they accused us of allying with CSTG....to which I had to verify our company records that they were NOT floating somewhere in the lists. Seeing as how we are only cursory members of two regional alliances, CSTG was not shown or indicated, and our pre-wipe membership with the Federation of SCA would have meant nothing to the ship captains making sail for the Texas coast at that moment...so I didn't bother to explain our history and heritage. Ultimately, the only company that has shown us any hostility has been Wendigo itself...and since they appeared to be hellbent on shooting at something or someone regardless of affiliation or peaceful intent, we Texians resigned ourselves to the second half of our motto and agreed on comms -- Let them Come and Take It! As expected, sails appeared outside our harbor, a solo brig flying Wendigo colors with two speed sails and a handler. She brought up and heeled to as she found what was waiting for her....the Texas harbor was not so lightly defended as it was last time. She circled outside of cannon and mortar range...dipping in and out of view at the farthest my spyglass could see from the High Guard. Our harbormen reported her movements as she went off our southern point and lied in wait. Shortly, a second brig arrived, masted with 3 speeds, and approached hugging the cliffs of our northern point....she dropped sail just as she was about to enter the firing arc of our harbor tower. I reported to our crews to standby...watch for foot soldiers and listen out for puckle fire! I assumed that a smart captain would have put a man ashore to scout for weaknesses in our defenses...but apparently I was wrong. The 3-speed Wendigo brig made for a slow sail as she rounded the point. She fired on our northern-most large shipyard and I could see cannon balls being exchanged through my spyglass. The harbor crews reported the shipyard destroyed after only 2 or 3 volleys! 300,000 hitpoints gone without our cannons making a dent in the Wendigo brig's armor! Amazing! As the brig passed our harbor, the handler brig that had being laying off the southern point had approached within firing range. Her broadsides began flying into the harbor and ripping through masts and rigging! Our ship crews stood their ground and every cannon in the harbor fired as the two vessels crossed and came to bear....I was regretting my decision to be perched on High Guard with all the fireworks taking place down below but the Texas harbormen were reporting the action and I could hear the cannons bellowing in the background and I could see the muzzle flash light up the rigging and walls of the harbor! At about that moment, I heard the only shot that I heard during the entire battle from so high on top of our High Guard peak. "What was that??," I wondered. One of my captains had landed a mortar shot on the brigs as they crossed and was reporting fire and sparks on the offending vessel! It's a small victory to land one solid hit against a much stronger foe and we Texians enjoy our small victories! At that point I lept off the platform of High Guard and began sprinting down the cliff face....I was obviously missing all the damn fun! But as I descended High Guard using grapple and gravity, the Wendigo ships pulled out away from the harbor and our guns fell silent. Everything fell silent. The elephants and crows meandered along our harbor street as if nothing of import had occurred. I joined my fellow Texians at the harbor... "Was that it? Where'd they go?" "We lost the shipyard. Anything else?" "Not that I can see." It was then that the crew of the schooner, IH8Rocks, began shouting and yelling as she sank unceremoniously near the mouth of the harbor! "Damage crews! To the ships!" Damn our ignorance....we had forgotten that a ship sinking makes no sound until it's too late so we split up and began boarding our ships and making repairs! The galleon, Alamo, was struck hard, her bow facing the open harbor entrance had sustained heavy damage and several planks were completely gone, her bilge already full of water and her lower deck awash! The brig, Davy Crockett, was also taking on water...one plank missing and several leaks! We scurried about the ships and tended them like bees tending honey....repair hammers in-hand and rummaging through caches of spare planks and wood! I was not able to locate the Alamo emergency box...and as her lower decks became flooded I was grateful for having spent the time to learn to hold my breath for extended periods. I finally climbed above deck and jumped over the side to swim to the next galleon, the San Antonio. I was familiar with her layout and knew where to find supplies. With replacement planks in-hand, I dove back into the shark-infested harbor and swam alongside the Alamo...dropping planks in place as I went. With only her last remaining deck above water, we plugged all the holes and she began to rise again! Saved! We gathered on her deck as the water was pumped out and took stock of our losses: A large shipyard and a plundered schooner with no cargo or cannons aboard. We also lost one of our harbor walls and the four cannons perched upon its ramparts. The four gun crew and the solitary deckhand from the schooner were all saved and assigned new duties. We all agreed it could have been much, much worse...and that we need more mortars around our harbor! After the frenzy of repairs, the salvage operations began. The shipyard was replaced and the schooner Loot and Schootnerwas backed up closer to the shoreline away from the exposed harbor entrance. We exchanged pleasantries with the Wendigo captains and acknowledged that their mythic and legendary cannons had been well demonstrated. They were reluctant to accept offers of trade for some of them however, advising us to go out and find our own. They did offer to come back and rid us of our harbor defense tower since it seemed to block the firing arc of our mortar so well. That was mighty neighborly of them to offer. Just a thought I would like to opine...when ballista can be armed with ship harpoons...drive-by broadsides on harbors may become a very costly hobby. I saw how much damage those brigs took in a single pass of our harbor....and I would not have made a second pass either. Good fight, Wendigo. See you next time!
  19. *NOTE* Originally posted on Reddit May 19, 2019... Wendigo paid us a visit tonight. They came with 3 armored brigs with cannons mounted mostly on one side. The first brig did the most damage. On the first pass, it damaged the Corpus Christi (an armored brig) and removed a rear plank from the San Jacinto (a standard brig). They posted in global chat "Texas, anyone on? Knock knock. Come out and play." To which I responded, "Hello?" while we were on a nearby island collecting metal. I informed the Texas Volunteers that Wendigo was paying us a visit and I jumped the bed to the San Jacinto to find it already flooded and sinking. I replaced the missing rear plank and ran up on deck to see the Wendigo brig #1 circling and lining up for its second run. I decided to try to back the SanJack out of the shipyard and targeted the brig. As she passed within range I began landing hits as well as our other ships in the harbor. The captain of the Corpus Christi arrived just as the enemy brig turned to fire. I couldn't tell how damaged the Christi already was, but as the brig's salvo landed she went down. I was about half-way backed out of the shipyard when the brig landed a full broadside on the SanJack and removed two more planks. A second volley knocked out the main deck and myself and my entire crew fell into the bottom of the ship in a hail storm of debris. As reinforcements were spawning in the zone, I abandoned the SanJack by demolishing a lower plank and whistling the crew to follow me to shore. Some made it, most got hung up in the wreckage and the shipyard, eventually to drown or feed the sharks. Once on shore, I whistled everyone to hold their ground and I jumped onto the little Rockport fishing sloop which I had just completed an hour or so earlier. She was fitted with two rear-mounted cannon and a freshly installed ballista...as well as a forward swivel. Even though she was not intended as a ship of war but strictly for whaling and fishing, her guns were manned and ready. Most of all, she had gone unnoticed by the raiding party thus far and was undamaged...and only a few yards away! As I was raising sail, I noticed that a second enemy brig had arrived and rammed the SanJack at the end of the shipyard. The first enemy brig was just then firing on the Dallas (a schooner) and I saw her shipyard destroyed in that moment. I targeted the second brig and my rear cannons began firing over the SanJack's shipyard and through her rigging to land on the enemy. Upon clearing the shipyard, the SanJack took her last breath and fell beneath the waves. Her service was ended. Our harbor defenses began issuing notices that the enemy was on shore. The puckles were firing and several kills were scored against at least one enemy player. Where ever he was, he was being persistent. The Rockport was under full sail and I turned to bring my rear cannons and ballista to fire on the first brig (#1) which was making for another approach. Her bare side faced me and I felt confident enough to run up along side her within easy range. Ballista and cannon shots landed true but as I turned around to see where I should be turning next, a third armored brig was bearing straight for me. I was being caught between the two enemy vessels, so I lowered my handling sail and made to turn hard right to pass behind the first brig as she passed me....midway through the maneuver, the third brig rammed me at full sail and as the Rockport spun away from the impact I was thrown from the deck and landed in the water. The third brig was armed with fire swivels and the surface of the water lit up above me. I dove under the Rockport and could hear her medium cannons still firing as I swam below her keel and made my way for the second brig (#2) which was still pinned against the SanJack's wreck and shipyard. I came up with grappling hook in hand and caught her rigging. I climbed aboard and found myself well hidden between the enemy's hull and her outer armor plating. I resigned myself to stay aboard and see what would happen next. A few moments later, the enemy began to withdraw....as there were no more surviving Texas vessels in the harbor, the skirmish had been little more than chaos amid the puckle fire. Crew losses were filling the screen with deaths due to cannon, fire or shark attacks and comms were excited and hectic. As the enemy ships departed, I noted on the Atlas map that we were heading south, so I finally took a few moments to announce in Alliance chat that it looked to me like the Wendigo ships were heading south to their next destination. As recovery efforts were getting underway in the Texas harbor, the Wendigo fleet ran through a SotD patrol and began taking fire. One of the crew aboard the brig that I was hiding on was running around and making repairs. He spotted me in the ship's armor and attempted to route me out with sword and pistol. After taking a round of musket ball and black powder I elected to throw myself overboard and risk the sea. It was futile as I succumbed to my wounds and shortly died. Upon arriving back at our harbor, the Texas Volunteers were already busy at the work of salvaging what could be had. Some gold had already been plundered or lost from the wreck of the San Jacinto, but most all other material was left to rest. The Galleon which we had framed only hours before was left undamaged save for a few hits to the shipyard itself. All other vessels of note were at the bottom and ready for plunder. We lost the Dallas and the Riptide shipyards. However, a small yard and two large shipyards remain intact. We lost the Dallas, San Jacinto, Corpus Christi, Rockport and at the time of this writing, a recently acquired schooner claim was un-accounted for. I'm not sure if it made it back to our support base or if it was lost in the fray as well. We lost many crew. However several survived and were relocated to the crafting hall taming yard. Of a humorous note, one of our fine captains put together a small salvage sloop for recovery efforts and was able to salvage the wreck of the Rockport which was beyond swimming distance from shore. But upon returning to the docks, the Recovery was also lost due to an unfortunate mishap which I witnessed first-hand when she ran up on the dock and lost her entire forward planking. It was quite the spectacle and a huge laugh was enjoyed by all. For what it's worth, it was fun...but also somewhat discouraging to see the work of the last two weeks so easily destroyed by such a well practiced enemy. We have enjoyed some success in small skirmishes in nearby grids among other similarly sized groups...mostly fighting over resources and ship anchorages. But with this raid by a much larger group, the Texas Volunteers are looking to up our game. Wish us luck in our endeavors. And join us next time for more adventures on the Texas frontier. ~Remember the Alamo!
  20. Blackjacks should be nerfed against tames. Why? Because now 2 naked guys can kill 100% imprinted bear with 2,5k hp and 250% damage with rider on it. How? You are hitting rider and he is unmounted from bear. Next step is to hit bear time after time because he can not do anything when someone hits him. When bear is bugged you can kill it even with pickaxes. You can do the same even with crab! Nice balance devs. At this moment there is no sense to breed or tame any animal because they are useless in pvp. Another problem is liquid flame. It should work only on ships. All land fights with animals are based on liquid flame. IT IS PATHETIC OP. Percentage damage is huge (around 33% per short hit). The range is huge. In addition, you can deal damage even in time of peace because the burning land also causes damage. You can kill everything only with swivel-horse with liquid flame. Balance means the possibility of using each weapon and the effect depends mainly on the skill. Currently, on land you need only blackjack if you are on foot or horse with swivel with liquid flame if you are using tames. Bears, crabs and everything else is without sense.
  21. At the moment there is only 1 viable sail configuration per ship with very very few exceptions: all Speed and the bigger the better. Sailing Speed is currently one if not the most important attribute for ships and not only for PvP ships. Roughly 95% of all the ships are currently like this: Sloop: 1 Medium Speed Sail Schooner: 1 Large Speed Sail & 1 Small Speed Sail Brigantine: 3 Large Speed Sails Galleon: 6 Large Speed Sails But this game offers 3 different sailtypes with different blueprint attributes in 3 different sizes. We have the Speed Sails, the Handling Sails and the Weight Sails, each in Large, Medium and Small size. Lets have a look at what these Sails have to offer: Common Speed Sails: By far the highest unmodified topspeed Fast ship turning at top speed Average sail opening, closing and turning speed Blueprinted Speed Sails: Max Velocity attribute is currently not working and has 0 effect on your speed Sail Turning Effectiveness allows for even faster ship turning at top speed, works as intended Common Handling Sails: Around 25% slower than Speed Sails, very noticeable Fast ship turning at almost closed sails or low speed By far the fastest sail opening, closing and turning speed, allows quick stops and rapid acceleration Offers the best wind angles, allows sailing against the wind with decent speed Blueprinted Handling Sails: Acceleration attribute currently gives the sail both Top Speed and Acceleration increases, outruns Speed Sails in top speed at above the 130% value Wind Angle attribute offers better speed against the wind by improving the wind catch angle of the Sails Common Weight Sails: Around 40% slower than Speed Sails, extremely noticeable Average to low ship turning speed By far the slowest sail opening, closing and turning speed, slow acceleration and requires a long time for a fullstop Same wind angles as Speed Sails, even though Weight Sails are visually more similar to Handling Sails Provides a flat Weight Bonus of 1000, 2500 or 4000 depending on size (reduces the speed slowdown for ships that usually have above 55% weight) Blueprinted Weight Sails: Offers only 1 special attribute: % increase to the Weight Bonus of the single Weight Sail (example: 120% = from 4000 to 4800, only 800 more carryweight) Now lets take a look at the different sizes: (The numbers below are from rough speed testing with the sextant on a testserver) Large Sails - Sail Unit points: 2.7: Maximum Speed / 100% Weight Sail Bonus: 4000 Extra Weight Medium Sails - Sail Unit points: 1.7: Below half the Speed / ~46% Weight Sail Bonus: 2500 Extra Weight Small Sails - Sail Unit points: 1.0: Very low Speed / ~ 22% Weight Sail Bonus: 1000 Extra Weight Now lets take a look at some possible Speed Sail configurations and size variety: Sloop: 1 Medium Speed Sail: 46 2 Small Speed Sails: 22+22 = 44 (additional mast = more crew required) (slowest) Schooner: 1 Large Speed Sail & 1 Small Speed Sail: 100+22 = 122 2 Medium Speed Sails: 46+46 = 92 (25% slower) 4 Small Speed Sails: 22+22+22+22 = 88 (2 additional masts = 2 additional crew required) (slowest) Brigantine: 3 Large Speed Sails: 100+100+100 = 300 5 Medium Speed Sails: 46+46+46+46+46 = 230 (~25% slower) (2 additional masts = 2 additional crew required) 8 Small Speed Sails: 22x8 = 176 (~42% slower) (5 additional masts = 5 additional crew required) (weird) 2 Large Speed Sails, 1 Medium Speed Sail & 1 Small Speed Sail: 100+100+46+22 = 268 (~11% slower) (additional crew required) Galleon: yes My personal Solution to the lack of Sail Variety would be: Speed buff to Small Sails by 50% Speed buff to Medium Sails by 40% Sail unit cost of Medium Sails from 1.7 to 1.8 Decrease the speed of Speed Sails by around 10% Allow all 3 Sailtypes to have an increase in speed by blueprints Slightly better Wind Angles for Weight Sails Additional Notes: The buff to the Small and Medium Sails would still not make them faster than larger sails but close the giant speed gap between them, allowing for different setups without losing too much. Weight Sails are clearly the least useful sailtype at the moment and need a rework. (3 Large Weight Sails are slower than 2 Large Speed Sails at average weight) (even after recent changes) Fixing the Max Velocity on blueprinted Speed Sails would make the other 2 sailtypes way more useless. Speed Sails should remain the most used sailtype in my opinion, the other appear to me as support sails.
  22. Will gather whatever resource you need. Delivery for an additional fee. Currently on NA PVP Colonies, but can move for the right offer. Discord for offers. Cap'n#4629
  23. [FR] Les Rescapes - 2x3 PVP/PVE - X10 Stack plus un serveur français récent ouvre ses portes, vous proposant une map 2x3 où prône le respect et le fair-play !!!Les rates sont en X10, avec le mod Stack + . Les maîtres mots du serveur sont: le PvP/PVE FAIRPLAY et la COURTOISIE. Le serveur est complet, il contient 6 serveurs avec suffisament d'ile pour se faire une place !!! Le bateau fantôme ainsi que TOUTES les pierres de pouvoirs, les damnés, la fontaine de jouvence, ainsi que la totalité des ressources et du contenu existant. tout ça sur un ping serveur de seulement 22ping. Pour vous et à votre écoute une équipe d'administrateurs aux petit oignons qui ont travaillé dur et qui continueront pour faire vivre son serveur ainsi que sa communauté. Le serveur est sur une machine indépendante, nous ne passons pas par un tiers hébergeur, le serveur nous appartient . Nous sommes également une association multi-gaming possédant et configurant ses propres machines pour vous proposer une expérience de jeu jamais vécue auparavant. Le STAFF est compétent et est disponible h24 grâce à un roulement. Un serveur x10, couplé au Stack+, pour des sessions de farm rapides et TRÈS chargées. Alors ne cherchez plus, vous êtes au bon endroit, N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre pour le tester.https://discord.gg/eSqTrrx https://atlasserverlist.com/server/42208099é) Rejoint
  24. Ahoy! I would like to introduce you to the A1 Unofficial Atlas Server the absolute best Unofficial Atlas Server in the World! A little bit about A1: A1 is an amazing community full of friendly and awesome people where we have a lot of fun, laughter and good times. With over 3+ years of Ark Server experience and 13+ years of various other server experience we have been rooted in game server hosting for over a decade! We strive to provide a great unofficial server experience that strikes a perfect balance between fun and difficulty. A stress-free environment where you can play your own way, with a community where everyone helps each other. Good news Sailors! January 25th 2019 we launched our brand new and improved 6x6 Unofficial Server! What does this mean for you? On Jan 25th 2019 we started fresh!! A great opportunity for new adventurers to join our ranks, find themselves an island and enjoy this amazing custom made server in either a PVE or PVP zone 6x6 Atlas Grid provides a large playing surface for many players to enjoy together Newly Custom Built 6x6 Map: Map Info: 6x6 Atlas Grid Fully Integrated PVP & PVE Zones Contains 100% of Islands from the Official servers Rates: PVE High Security 2x, PVP Null Security 3x, PVP Low Security 4x (Sotd's PVP Area) All Power Stones on the Map Center Maw End Game Location All NPC Ship Traders Much much more to explore! Fully Integrated PVP & PVE Zones Explained: With the A1 Unofficial Atlas Server we want to cater to a wide audience of players and with our integrated PVP & PVE server set up we can do just that. Taking a note from the successful EVE Online PVPVE mechanics we have decide to separate zones for both PVP & PVE servers called High Sec PVE, Low Sec PVP, and Null Sec PVP. The more dangerous the zone the higher the harvesting rates. The Low Sec PVP zones have wondering Ships of the Damned separating the PVE & PVP zones, companies/sailors should cross with caution! For more Server Info or How to Join: Hop on and get to know us in the Atlas Chats on our Official Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/srRjA9Y More Information can be found on our Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/A1Atlas/ UPDATE: A lot of things have been going on with [A1] recently so I want to give everyone a quick summary of everything.1. Atlas- Administration (gold + patrons) and leadership have been working on designing a well balanced 7x7 map- We are trying to launch these changes to line up with the next major patch that should come to Atlas- We are currently working closely with @ghazlawl to develop a specific A1 mod that will come with the new 7x7 map, we are very excited about this. We are also working with him closely to develop and alpha test the Pirate Quest mod.
  25. I think the New owner of an Island, once they take it over, should have demolish rights for the 24 hrs. So they can choose who they want as settlers on n the island and who they dont without having to waste me resources demolishing everyones stuff the old way.
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