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  1. Consortium Gaming is a group of like minded people who have many many hours in Ark and now Atlas. Mostly mature adults that just like to have fun. We are currently on a 9x9 grid. There is tons of land to go around. Active admins, and great community overall. Most grids are PvE with a 4x4 PvP area. We have all the powerstones/quests. Every island available in the game is represented The rules are simple. No griefing/abusing game mechanics. Play nice and be respectful. Plenty of land to go around. Players in US and UK. Rates are currently all 5x except taming is 10x. Max level is 150. See discord for connect information and more detailed rules. Discord: http://discord.consortiumgaming.net Server Info: Look for 'Consortium Gaming' OR connect via below. C3 G7
  2. Newly rebuilt and freshly installed 4 x 4 server. Travel across The Realms as a Royal or Noble House - Build house alliances across the realms to increase access to vital resources. Secure your fleet to protect your name and your realm. Come join us in The Realms, a light role player server based on Game of Thrones. Explore Westeros and introduce yourself to our house name sakes. Server is x10 Gather, x5 XP and x15 taming. Huge map with all Powerstones and Fountain of youth installed. Atlas to discord communications (and vice versa) be in the know when unable to get online. Discord link: https://discord.gg/bSH7EPW Not into war and want to build and trade then join via our PvE area in Eastern Essos, 2 x dedicated PvE zones. Join as a PvP player at Slavers Bay: steam://connect/ Join as a PvE player at Eastern Essos: steam://connect/ Player rewards system - the more you play the bigger the rewards. Custom stacks and many other very helpful or decorative building MODs added. We look forward to seeing you in The Realms soon.
  3. Community information: we are a discord of over 1700 people with multiple game servers for different games such as, Scum, and Dark and light with much more going on. we are looking also for active helping members to help build this community as it is coming quite popular quite fast and so we are looking for active mod/admins for the very near future! Thank you, server information is below! Chronic Gaming Community Note: Please Understand That All BASE Stats Are 1 Except For Harvesting & Taming Which is 2 Atlas Server List https://atlasserverlist.com/server/15107535 Chronic Gaming Discord https://discord.gg/8Wpe5p8 WARNING: Upon joining you must type ?Rank Atlas when u join discord to see the channels Direct Connect Links https://steam/connect/ - PvP - A1 Spawnhttps://steam/connect/ - PvP - B1https://steam/connect/ - PvP - C1https://steam/connect/ - PvP - A2https://steam/connect/ - PvP - B2https://steam/connect/ - PvP - C2https://steam/connect/ - PvP - A3https://steam/connect/ - PvP - B3https://steam/connect/ - PvP - C3Or add this to your steam favourites! Mod List Admin Helper ToolCustom Item StacksEditable Server UIMCG - Multi-VitaminsOne Pay CrewTCs Auto Rewards Plugins Atlas AdvertsExtended Rcon (Admins Only)Cross Server ChatVote RewardsWeekend Rates
  4. [Présentation du serveur ] Les huit Royaumes. Serveur Semi RP PvPvE. All Rates X20 + 1mod de stack Raid OFF INTERDIT Un serveur PVP soumis à certaines règles le pourparler, les royaumes, l'interdiction formelle de raid off... Voir l'ensemble des regles sur notre discord. Claim visibles et actifs. Mod de Stack Permettant de porter plus de ressources sur soi et sur les bateaux tout en gardant un équilibre optimal 9 Cases, 8 Royaumes, 1 Cases Freeport non Claimable au centre. Les 8 royaumes sont composés - 6 Royaumes agissants sous un code d'honneur ( 2/6 Royaumes occupés actuellement ) - 2 Royaumes Pirates agissants sous un code pirate ( 1/2 Royaume occupé par des pirates ) 1 Case Freeport au Centre Accueillant 4 Freeport opérationnels La case Freeport n'est pas claimable. Elle accueille également les Events Nombreux spawn de Ship Damned lvl 50 à 120. [Matériel utilisé] Serveur Dédié : GAME-64-OC OVH CPU : Intel i7-7700K OC - 4c/8t - 4,7GHz /5GHz RAM : 64Go DDR4 2400 MHz Serveur très fiable et stable. Nombreuses sauvegarde. Aucun WIPE [En Bref] Serveur très sympa, une communauté active d'environ 30 membres pour l'instant. Que vous soyez seul ou en groupe beaucoup de choix s'offrent à vous sur ce serveur. Rejoignez nous : https://discord.gg/VQ2fBmw
  5. We're running a 6x6 PVP grid that is open for anyone to join. Rates are 10x Harvets, 3x XP, 1250 base weight. Powerstone and fountain of youth quests are working. For more information check out our discord https://discord.gg/MAh5veF or FB Group: JetEye Game Servers.
  6. With the change making lawless structures decay, I don't think living in lawless will be viable. Notice that the auto-repair building is specifically listed as a PvE feature. Lawless PvP does not get that. We just get decay which we must fix manually. Which means going around to literally every part of your structure. Every wall. Every ceiling. Every floor. Every roof. Every door. And you whack it with a hammer. Every day. Forget layering. You need to reach every part of your building. If the devs want lawless to stay viable, we will need that same repair structure PvE gets.
  7. I am looking for some people to join my 4x4 server, with a custom map that has every resource and all the gem battles, it's PvE with some exceptions(like if you agree to PvP, then go for it more on this in the rules). Everyone is very laid back, most of the group have been online friends since Ark. Our age range of current members is 18-37, but we are open to anyone who just wants to play, there are no restrictions on language or anything of that nature. To the server its a 160 slot cut up into 10 slots per grid, but I can absolutely upgrade should we have enough people, I have had a constant server or servers without downtime for over 3.5 years now. The rates are boosted, including letting you have pretty much all skills by the time you are max level of 125 before discoveries and up to level 20 in freeports, 3.5x exp, 4x harvesting, 18x taming...breeding and such has been boosted as well, so has per stat points, this is set to be casual but still fun. I am nearly always available, I am always open to suggestions, I am the only admin there will be no admin abuse as I don't participate in events or contests unless it's for fun. Questions, feel free to post or come join the discord for more info.https://discord.gg/gv2PJnMEdit new discord link https://discord.gg/gv2PJnM Update ....I have just prepaid for 1 year of a 4x4 server, it will go live around 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific time.
  8. I am excited to announce that today I have launched a fresh 5x5 PVP server based in the UK with SUPER low Ping. Ran off a high end machine with fully automatic updates and restarts. No wipes ever, a great community and an awesome big map to explore. 10x Harvesting and XP, 20x Taming with DOUBLE rates for this weekend only to celebrate. Level yourself, your tames AND your ship 200 times! We have ALL the Powerstones and the Kraken too! LOADS of space to build with a 15 person maximum Company so suits smaller groups too! We also have ORP so if you don't have a lifetime to play each day you can log out knowing your stuff will be safe Join us now, why waste your time on the crappy pay to win servers, give Ultimate Atlas a try Join our Discord for all the Server Info and rules and for direct Steam connects in the Map Info section on Discord. https://discord.gg/rYJTk66 See you soon
  9. Legion Gaming 4x4 [PVP/3xEXP/3xHarvesting/3x Taming/5xBreeding] *** Fresh map as of 2/22/18 *** Legion Gaming would like to welcome you to our ATLAS server! We're offering a huge 4x4 map containing all the different biomes and a grid for an epic boss fight! Visit our Freeport discord channel any time you like to keep up to date on news and to chit chat with your fellow pirates! MAP - Custom - 4x4 (16 servers) - All biomes - All resources obtainable - All Power Stones and Kraken Zone - NPC trade routes - Fountain of Youth SETTINGS - PVP w/ Offline Raid Protection - 3x EXP - 3x Harvesting - 3x Taming - 5x Breeding - Small Companies - 5 Members Max - Increased Stats and Skill Points - All Lawless - No Claim Flags RULES - No racism/abuse/hate - No hacking/exploiting/bug abusing - No advertising/trolling - Do not block dungeons Direction questions to davekinter#5629 on Discord! Join Legion Gaming 4x4 server here! Connect to Discord here!
  10. [EU][PVP][4x3] Utopia Freoport IP - Currently testing 3x3 map, please be aware the server will be wiped before we go live. Keep upto date at our forum AtlasUtopia.eu Special events will be designed and implemented for release. These events will range from Crypto treasure hunts to PvP tournaments. We hope to bring you unique experiences that are lots of fun! Crypto Treasure Hunt You will sail the 9 seas in search for 4 numbers that will unlock a chest. Within the chest will be a map showing an amount of gold. Be the first to say the correct amount, show the map to an admin and you win a Crypto currency prize, which will be added to your account/wallet at AtlasUtopia.eu Gold for Crown(CRW) Collect ingame gold and store it in your personalised chest located at spawn. Once a week the gold will be removed and Crown(CRW - Digital Currency) will be credited to your account/wallet at AtlasUtopia.eu We will set a peg on IGG(InGameGold)>Crown(CRW) on release. The peg will change over time as the value of Crown is subject to the market. PvP Tournaments Coordinates will be given at set dates to locations of free high loot, to encourage engagements. Races Buoy obstacle courses, first past the post and first to retrieve items. High loot for winners. All using sloops All coming 01/02/2019!
  11. Find info on our Discord using the following invite code: https://discord.gg/M8qCVDZ Build. Defend. Rule. Explore the Lost Isles of Arcana along the Black Coast in an RP server that features the great depth of detailed custom made lore as the world of Atlas becomes enshrouded in a dark era where the surrounding kingdoms are engaged in an arms race over the precious ominous resource known as Shards of Mythos, which were fragments of the Patron God of the technologically advanced lost kingdom of Arcana, Mythos. However, a corrupt kingdom of tyrants has forged a heinous pact with the reawakened Demon King Devos and his unholy horde known as the Army of The Damned and reborn legion of mythical demons ravage the land. Who will you be in a world filled with scholars, templars, merchants, soldiers, nobles, priests, and pirates? What world would you help build in an RP server where your decisions impact the storyline and the welfare of the different kingdoms? Featuring Kingdoms from different nations such as: ○ The Viking Nation of Thornfjell ○ The Roman Legion of Pantheon ○ The Imperial Japanese Nation of Oda ○ The Lost Arcane City of Arcana ○ The Chinese Pirate nation of Zariya ○ The Tribal themed Savannah of the African nation of Zion ○ The Templar themed Holy Empire of Aerowyn ○ The Militant Nation of Britannia ○ The Merchant Kingdom of New Vilayet ○ The Pirate Kingdom of Tartarus ○ 8x Taming, 2.5x Gathering, 4x XP ○ Improved breeding, hatching and maturation times ○ Improved tamed creature and player stats ○ Several islands per shard ○ Faster health recovery, increased player damage and much more! Mod Collection [Easier] ○ Threat Zone Structures ○ Unlock Haircuts and Emotes ○ Rations ○ eco's ATLAS Foliage ○ eco's RP Decor ○ KWAKA'S PIRATE JUKEBOX ○ Armor Skins ○ Bitkit's Clothing ○ Chronicles RP Town Builder ○ TwitchRP Community Mod ○ Atlas Plus Beta ○ One Pay Crew Feel free to contact me on Discord or Steam for any questions! 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪#0110 (Believe it or not, there's a "spacebar" there so just highlight it here!)
  12. You really think adding a gold upkeep is going to stop "zerg"... lol wtf... the more people you get the more gold you can farm... the mroe land you can have... even furthers the reason to have more and more people... WTF kind of logic is this... Cap the fuckin claim amount.... Its not rocket science... lmao... They can grief with claims, and steal the land then demolish their claims...... Claims shouldn't be an offensive weapon... they should be for the sole intent of LIVING ON THAT LAND.....wtf about this is hard to understand... Promote PVP... STOP PROMOTING GREIF.
  13. Are you looking for a cluster with PvP and PvE islands? Are you looking for somewhere to sail, chat on discord and have a good time? Casual/Semi-casual? Want to do Power stones? We have all that!Caedas Atlas Cluster (CMGC) is a 3x3 map cluster (All Power Stone islands along with a MAW server) is looking for more sailors to join and enjoy the seas! We have all resources/biomes on the cluster along with new and seasoned sailors playing on the server(s)!We have an active Discord LINK[discord.gg] which you are encouraged to join and participate. We have multiple active admins who play daily and sail the seas with everyone. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for racism, hatred and general jackassery. Our number one rule is "Don't be a jerk" and our admin team has NO issue enforcing our rules. We want a safe place to come play and have a solid community.Caedas Atlas Cluster (Battlemetric Cluster Link)[www.battlemetrics.com] has increased rates and modified weight stats. We are looking to add mods once they are stable and released. We have a very successful ARK 4 map cluster so our gaming community and admin team are not new to having a great community.Any questions let us know or join our Discord (link above) and ask away!
  14. Introduce AI Colonial Imperialists. Lore: The Imperialists seek to expand their empire and eradicate the lawless influence of pirates by colonizing the known world. Among all foes existent, the Kraken, beasts of legend and the cursed Damned, none are as persistent and methodical in their approach to quelling the pirate scourge. BLUF: Diverse sea combat options. New PvE land combat gameplay. New Mini-bosses. New Boss Event - Fleets In-game mechanics already exist. Imperialists on Land: Optional applications: 1. Consistent: Imperial land activity is continual, the struggle ensues all day every day. 2. Event Based "Colonizing Rush": Imperial land activity occurs on a rotating cycle. 1 week on three weeks off. Imperial land gains are persistent post event. Operate on similar mechanics as aggressive tames. *agro created by player structures; Will seek out and destroy structures on islands, prioritizing structures around high value items, eg. Ships boxes, storage boxes, work benches etc.. *uses systematic vs. random destruction. Imperialist crew WILL NOT insta-destroy player bases. Attacks will do damage proportionate to number, level, and crew type. Imperialists will establish outposts that contest player claims. A sphere of influence (like an expanding claim flag boundary and decay timer), will expand at a pace proportionate to the outpost level. The rate of contestation is proportionate to Outpost level. Sphere of influence will disappear upon outpost destruction* Imperialists outpost placement ignores player claim flags and "foundation spamming". Outpost placement location can be either random or driven by where an Imperialist ship "makes contact" with an island. Outpost will always be established on coasts or the next usable terrain space that isn't cliffs or unpassable. *Outposts will produce more Imperialist Crew at random levels until completely destroyed (like wild animal spawns); Imperialist outposts will gradually increase in level and will change in appearance. Capped limit of Imperialist outposts per island, relative to base level. Size/strength defensibility caps out at “x” level; Destruction of Imperialist bases produces material/loot. Loot can only be received when base is totally destroyed. *prevents farming exploit; Imperialist crew specializations: - Crew: Cloth armor, armed with sabre, bows or pistols. Made up of mostly Imperial citizens who either volunteered or were gang pressed into service. Quick to follow orders but quicker to turn coats when not kept in check by Imperial elites. Crews Imperial ships *can be hired after defeating a ship. - Musketeer: Cloth Armor, armed with blunderbuss. Rank and file soldier for land occupation. - Marine: Hide Armor, armed with carbine. Elite soldier of the Imperials. Posted on ships and to land for protection of Imperial assets. - Crusader: Plate Armor, armed with heavy weapons. An Imperial fanatic driven by a tragic backstory who has dedicated their lives to the utter destruction of pirates; an endeavor they pursue with religious fervor. Imperialist crew will capture player tames set to passive. *Allows for recapturing of tames once outpost is destroyed; Imperialist crew do not attack wild animals unless attacked. Wild aggressive animals will attack Imperialists (tigers etc..); Imperialist crew will roam. Imperialists set to Aggressive – High attack range; Imperials form and act like a “pack (wolf)” When an imperialists finds a structure it will “call” for help from the outpost. Imperialist “Alpha” Character: Governor – Mini boss present at each outpost that levels in conjunction with outpost level and heals with every player kill. *Governor does not leave the outpost. Imperialist crew ignore shipyards. (Prevents destruction of player ships in construction. Structures built on shipyards will be attacked i.e. work bench/storage box); Imperialists at Sea Boss Event - Imperial Fleets: On a recurring cycle Imperial Fleets will take to the seas to purge all pirate activity. Fleets will consist of multiple ships at varying levels and configurations. Fleet levels overall will vary, allowing potential for soloing a "lvl 1" fleet. Defeating Fleets will add to clan rankings and leaderboards and unlock accolades & titles. Imperialists can be engaged at sea, Imperialist crew is claimable only at sea. (Similar to SoD). *different model/skin required to differentiate. Imperialist ships have three interaction options: 1. Destroyed though ship vs ship combat. Enables salvaging of wreckage; 2. Claimed by boarding and defeating a ship’s crew and captain *Ship’s captain is a mini boss (similar to treasure hunting boss). Allows player to keep the ship in the condition it is rendered by combat. Claiming ships produces greater loot rewards than destroying and salvaging or capturing. *Makes use of Pirate skill “what’s yours is mine”. 3. Captured and scuttled (produces "ships flag item", by defeating the crew and Captain. *Claiming or sinking a ship prevents “capturing of the ships flag" (used for daily missions). *Makes use of Pirate skill “what’s yours is mine”. Imperialist ship and crew levels are random and have proportionate stats; Imperialists ignore moored ships unless attacked. Imperialist ships will prioritize disabling vs destruction. Imperialist will capture a player ship when all crew and player is killed. *player can die and respawn on the ship to continue the defense. Imperialist’s ships are drawn to and contest sea area claims. Sea claims could increase the likelihood that an Imperialist finds its way to an island; Imperialist ship path based on wind direction and agro; Imperialist Hunting is added as daily mission or free play task: Mission: Destroy “x” Imperialists; Mission Capture and turn in Imperialist ship Flags at free port. Depending on mission difficulty, can provides unique rewards / rare materials as a reward. Mission reward suggestions: Unlocks new ship hull types for construction; Free Play task. Turn in “x” flags to unlock custom skins for: ships, ship parts and flags; Free Play Task: Destroy “x” Imperialist outposts to unlock building part skins. Pros: Enables diverse ship vs ship combat. *Gives the player a choice. Disabling vs destruction (use of ammo types); Enables PvE land combat gameplay, (other than vs wild animals). Imperialists will “clean up” unused / inactive structures and claims and challenge active claims. Encourages active player engagement in claim management and concentration of effort. Companies who hold large claim areas require proportionate effort to hold them. New players will have a chance to claim territory that has been purged by Imperialists. SoD role remains unchanged (sea based aggressors); Enables PvE use of existing in game defense equipment; Promotes use of Player tames/crew for defense purposes. Players will need to strategize and consider how to actively protect their bases and tames when offline, and, ships while sailing. Cons: Solo new players, while having a greater chance to establish themselves will be susceptible to Imperialist attacks. Requires strategic thinking for base placement. (Life is more than a box). Large structure counts increase likelihood of Imperialist attack; No PvE Offline Raid Protection
  15. Hallo zusammen, Wir suchen noch vernünftige Spieler für unseren Atlas Server, 5x5 Grids, wir spielen PvPvE, haben ein Regelwerk für den Server. Kleine wie auch größere Gruppen können bei uns bequem einen Platz finden. Wir nehmen auch Einzelspieler auf (diese können sich auch gerne an bestehende Gruppen anschließen). Unsere Community gibt es seit 2011 und wir haben eine Menge Erfahrung im Bereich Serverhosting. Unser Server läuft auf einem dedizierten Root Server und wird regelmäßig geupdated. Wir haben diverse Mods installiert damit das Spielen mehr Spaß macht-> TRC ATLAS MOD COLLECTION Der Server ist Whitelisted, so stellen wir sicher das unsere Regeln eingehalten werden und man nicht durch "Trollkiddies" gestört wird. Bei Interesse bitte bei uns im Teamspeak melden -> trc-ts.de Weitere Informationen findet Ihr auf unserer Webseite -> The Radiant Community
  16. Setz dich, machs dir gemütlich und nimm dir einen Grog, ich erzähl dir mal eine Geschichte über "NewChronicles". Sitzt du bequem ? Gut, dann lausche meinen Worten Fremder. NewChronicles ist ein Rollenspielprojekt welches von Rollenspielern für Rollenspieler geschaffen wurde. Wir spielen auf einer eigens kreierten 2x2 Karte welche im Plotverlauf durchaus erweiterbar ist. Es kommt drauf an wie viele mutige Abenteurer und tapfere Seemänner es gibt, welche der Geschichte wirklich auf den Grund gehen und die Geheimnisse entdecken wollen. Wichtig für das Projekt ist der Charakter den du dir überlegst, denn davon lebt dies Alles. Denn der Spaß bei einem solchen Konzept ist es, zu sehen wie sich dein Charakter, und natürlich auch die Anderen, verändern und entwickeln. Du und dein Charakter, ihr werdet gemeinsam Abenteuer erleben welche sowohl ihn als auch deine Ansichten verändern werden. Wir verfolgen hier ein nachhaltiges Konzept und legen daher sehr viel Wert auf ein konsequentes Spiel in allen Bereichen. Von der Kneipenschlägerei bis hin zu einem ausgewachsenen, bewaffnetem Konflikt wirst du hier vieles erleben können, doch es kommt immer darauf an wie du dich verhältst. Ob nun rauer Seebär, eine versoffene Landratte oder ein wahrhaftiger Pirat. Du wirst jegliche Facette der damaligen Zeit ausleben können - sofern du dich traust ! Was erwartet dich also bei uns : Die Möglichkeit sich mit deinem Charakter auszuleben und Geschichte zu schreiben und vor allem auch zu erleben. Eine individuell gestaltete Map mit ausreichenden Inseln zum Erkunden und Geheimnissen auf See Ein aktives und erfahrenes Adminteam welches hilfreich zur Seite steht und gleichermaßen als Spieler aktiv ist Eine Lore bei welche du nur Ingame entdecken und dich daran beteiligen kannst Was wir von unseren Spielern erwarten ? *Trommelwirbel* Natürlich eine Charakter Geschichte. Dies sollte für einen Rollenspieler eigentlich keine Herausforderung sein. Du musst uns keinen Roman hinlegen, es reicht eine Geschichte welche dir als Grundkonzept dient und uns zeigt um was es dir und deinem Charakter geht. Falls du dabei Tipps brauchst helfen wir dir gerne dabei ! Spaß und Enthusiasmus sich auszuleben und den Willen jeden Aspekt des Rollenspiels kennen zu lernen Ein funktionierendes Mikro um auch den Ingame Voice nutzen zu können Informationen zu den Einstellungen und Weiteres findet ihr in unserem Forum. Kommt vorbei und schaut es euch an. Falls ihr Fragen habt joint einfach dem Discord und meldet euch. Unser Team und auch die User stehen euch gern hilfreich zur Seite. Wir freuen uns über jeden, der sich einer Herausforderung stellen will.Komm vorbei und werde Teil der NewChronicles Community
  17. I’d like to see the ability to unclaim your own ships as admin for your company be implemented if possible. We have a shit tonne of ships and rather than just scuttling them I’d like to give them away or trade them with other players with some kid needing to sit there for hours and hours waiting for the claim flag to do the job. 1. This would also be good for PVE/Roleplayers so they can trade ships with others as a business or whatever. 2. Additionally in PvP people can demand someone surrender their ship and if both parties agree the ship can be handed over without the need to wait hours and hours. 3. Smaller companies can trade bigger companies fully levelled ships easily for alliance purposes so the bigger company won’t need to care how many ships it loses in PvP if their allies are just creating them and levelling them to hand over. Hopefully this will lead to the focus coming off raiding and moving to more sea battles. Im in a mega company btw ( for any haters out there so don’t bother with the toxic shit posting) this is just an idea. I’d like to see people work together more and I believe the current way of trading ships is essentially only based on pvp mechanics when it really need to be. I appreciate any input.
  18. I was surprised not to see this bug listed anywhere on forums as it is a well exploited one during PvP. Exploited Bug: During large raids a company can demolish multiple lighthouses at once to cause a server crash and rollback Effects: Servers at full pop then are empty for more defenders to log in Random roll on whether or not your boat gets teleported to neighboring tile Additional tactic used - have additional ships sit on boarders waiting for enemies to be teleported out of zone and kill them before they load in. Can be used to avoid unwanted outcomes Confirmations: Visually watched it happen The raiders bring boxes of lighthouses to raids (Confirmed via twitch streams and physically killing people with them in their inventories) Only seen it utilized during large raids with 100+ people as the server is already in an unstable state
  19. https://imgur.com/a/BQdF6ae Located on EU PvP Can be traded in freeports - Give me an offer.
  20. My company is looking for a server to PvP on when days on official are dull. Looking for a server pop that actually likes to go out and ship battle, raid, do all the things PvP related that are fun. whos got a recommendation?
  21. ETG Wiped 2/17 4x4/10xTame/2xXP&Gather/PvP&PvE Currently running a launch event with double rates! Atlas Connect: steam://connect/ Discord Join Link found @ www.EnjoyTheGame.net MAP INFO 4x4 Custom Map started fresh on 2/17 PvPvE - Grid (B2) is PvP Zone with a 3x bonus All Powerstones Fountain of Youth All island types, biomes and resources in a format that mimics the live server Rates More skill points gained per level 2x XP 2x Gather 2x Gold 3x XP, Gather, Gold in PvP zone 2x Faster Crop Growth 2x Longer decay on dropped items and corpses 10x Tame 10x Baby Mature Rates 10x Longer Spoil Timer
  22. JetEye Paradise 10x5 Intercontinental Map size has been increased to 10x5 and is now hosted between continents! The original is still hosted in Thailand and we now have an additional server in Central North America. It is now quite literally possible to sail across a virtual "Pacific" ocean between North American and SE Asia within our Atlas 10x5 ServerGrid! Grab your mates and take part in the Power Stone quests and venture forth to greatness! The rates are 10x harvest, 3x XP, 1250 base weight. Add us in Discord and come join the fun! ( https://discord.gg/FnUgcr5 ) If you have any questions or concerns you may use the appropriate Discord channels or leave a message for us and as always, HAVE FUN!
  23. CONNECT DIRECTLY TO OUR SERVER! · steam://connect/ B2 Freeport· steam://connect/ C3 Freeport · or Search for us in the Server Browser: "Wrath" FRESHLY INSTALLED AND TESTED ON 26TH, LIVE TO THE PUBLIC JUST YESTERDAY! LOTS OF PLACES TO CLAIM GROW Server Settings x15 Harvesting x15 Taming x15 XP 200 Player Levels WITHOUT Discoveries 25 Skill points per level Increased Stats for Players across the board Slow Food/Water Drain & REALLY slow Vitamin Drain!!! PVP building & claiming zones, PVE Freeports & Boss Island Zones Hard coded 15 player Company limit to suit smaller groups ORP active with a 60 minute cooldown (in testing) MODS - Custom Stacks & LC Lanterns at present (50% weight reduction!) Increased Ship & Tame Level THIS SERVER IS NOT & NEVER WILL BE PAY TO WIN! There are too many larger Unofficial's available with Shops begging for donations and offering fast track items for money. We are not about asking for money to run our server, Donations should be and will always be OPTIONAL and if yo donate to us through Discord it is not for Explosive Barrels or for OP Animals etc, you don't get that on Official! We have put together our Server to be as close to Official as possible on a smaller scale and with MODS and Community feedback, this is not about money, its about building a Community and playing the game as intended. All server rules and more information is available at our Discord https://discord.gg/DFzDGVG Ran from the United Kingdom with LOW Ping and the best Equipment JOIN US NOW!!!
  24. Greetings, We can offer lands on our lands and protection. We expect to join ally , and helping with defending territory and raiding enemy. PVP EU- temperate lands Min 5people in tribe needed to join us:) any intrested pm me for more details:)
  25. Server IP: (Fresh Wipe 20/02) 4x4 Cluster (full PvP + PvE) Dedicated Server (High Performance + Low Ping, regardless of location (NA+EU Players) Battle-Eye (active Anti-Cheat protection) All Rates x10 Lowered Water + Vitamin drain More stats per level up Max ship-level 72! All Power Stones + Ghostship + Center of Maw Active Admins + Server Rules (look in discord for more infos) Multiple new Mods (Custom Item Stacks, Automated Atlas, Jukebox, Tamable Alphas, Peachy Ship Decor, Peachy Atlas Decor, Peachy Atlas Furniture, eco's ATLAS Foliage... more are coming!) Join us in Discord: https://discord.gg/ZajaxJ6
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