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  1. Dread Pirate Jackle

    Zone Transition Fail, Can't Load Any Server Now

    Monday Feb. 25th I was transitioning from L12 to M12 for a fountain run when the server jump hung up. I was promptly disconnected and unable to log back in. I was informed that you can get stuck between zones but usually breaks loose within a day or so. I am still not able to log into any server. This includes PVE, PVP of EU or NA. I have attempted to remove the log file as well as repairing my install, gutting my battleye and reinstalling as well as completing a full uninstall reinstall of the game this evening to no avail. If I ReJoin Atlas it eventually times out in a Host Pending ConnectionTimeout (See image). If I select Join New Atlas it results in a Joining Failed, Connection Timeout (See Image). I am stuck and would appreciate any fresh insight into what this may be. *Notations* I did notice that there was an IP address change from my ISP on Monday around the same time however I am unsure why this would affect anything. Thank you!
  2. One Eyed Willy PVP/PVE Environment (English ONLY Please) Custom map 3X3 - 9 Grids (including all biomes) All PVE islands and working quest line No duplicate islands NO MODs EVER policy No Admin Cheating Dedicated to being around a long time
  3. After reading through the updated notes I want to first say to @Jatheish @Dollie , and everyone else working on this, thank you for listening and trying to fix the issues we are talking about. That being said some of these are better than others, and some are just a swing and a miss in my view. I'm going to break this down into multiple posts on multiple topics cause I see a lot of potential problems. ALSO this is longer, but I feel it's really important. CLAIMS-General The boat decay system will be enabled. This means that there will be a tagging system attached to boats which will cause them to self destruct after multiple weeks of inactivity on PvE, Golden Age Ruin, and Freeport servers. To tag a boat, the owner of that boat (single player or company) will just need to enter its stasis/render distance. This is great idea as a start, but misses the mark. I appreciate that some areas will clear out tons of ramshacled sloops, but it doesn't stop the greifing locally. PVP can demolish any boat that is parked in their bay , but PVE is left defensless and your team hasn't made a workable fix cause it's just sandbox to you guys and all we care about and need access to is building. One aspect of the design we intend to stick to is the fact we want players to always have an option to build, otherwise, the game cannot be truly experienced in its current state. FYI guys: I do love building, but it's not the only reason I started playing. I was really looking forward to the co-op and you keep taking more and more away from PVE This is what will still happen as players use boats to continue to grief each other. I will make boats, anchor these boats with beds for fast travel and blocking off your harbor or coast, then once every 10 days fast travel over and render them in. Give me your island and I'll unblock the harbor. Some islands are harder but the point is someone will do this. So good idea, but it doesn't fix the problem, it just creates a new way to have the same effect. Claim owners will be able to demolish structures (via the pinwheel) on their settlements temporarily as long as the structure has been placed within the last 12 hours. After the 12 hour period has passed, they will not be able to demolish the structures using the pinwheel, and must manually destroy it. Claim owners can do this outside of raid hours or warlike. This exists as an anti-griefing mechanism. On PvE servers, we may extend the time beyond 12 hours as players will not have the option to destroy via PVP. This just says to me that all you guys want is a system where you can say we gave you guys an out but you didn't use it. Should have logged in after someone pillar spamed your island . It's your problem if you didn't catch it cause we (Grapeshot) gave you a fix. So this by my reading will actually reward spamming as someone can place foundations or pillars down, and if I'm not on for a day or two due to RL something, I'm stuck with them and can't get rid of them at all....... and hope you don't miss any they hid in bushes etc. Everyone get used to surprise "To close to enemy structure" messages. There will be a notice sent to the Settlement Owner’s Company and also via a cross-server notification pop-up when new players/companies are building on their territory. Players will have the option to subscribe to this Company Log via email or Discord, similarly to other Company Log messages. THIS IS AWESOME!! GREAT IDEA AND IMPLEMENTATION. I really hope it works well but everything can't ride on me getting a message due to phone signal, etc. Again it is a cop out on an actual fix by saying you have given us a warning system. CLAIMS - PVE Summary of Grapeshot's oppening paragraph, "We hear you, we get that you're worried, we want to make sure it's all going to be okay. We're working on fixes for your concerns, till then, PVE will have the same system as PVP (whole island claim), but no raid hours, hard caps on claims, implimenting player shops, tax bank is there for people renting to help with cost. Wait....why and I still renting in the new system? This means that players will be able to claim islands, and anyone can build on those settlements If ANYONE can build on your settlement. 1) How do you stop them from blocking resources, walling off sections, etc (read back above in CLAIMS -general). 2) Why do I have to run ALL over the island to delete stuff cause someone had a bad day at work and wanted to be an ass and feel powerful for 10 minutes leaving me with hours of BS? Pass 3) Weren't we the player base asking for a system that allowed EVERYONE to claim a section of land? Idea being you would start at the freeport, work your way up to lawless, then go stake out a claim somewhere? We DID NOT want renting and we DID NOT want every island to be lawless. -ROUGH MATH FOLLOWS- 15x15 grid so 225 servers, but we loose almost 80 to power stones, lawless, and freeports. So that leaves 145 Servers now each with an additional island. For eash math we will say each of them now has 4 islands giving you 580 islands to claim and sure some companies will claim 2-3, but even if we took out 1/2 to these companies claiming multiple islands there's still 290 left so we're good right? NOPE, that alone is 435 small companies which is nearly the full amount of available. So then it becomes rent, lawless, or quit. No one wants to rent, so So then lawless becomes a big pillar spawn issue again cause at least we have our space (hopefully your comment on fixes for that down the road are true, but for now it's what we know will happen till then). So all the perks of owning the island and renting to others is potentially lost cause WE DO NOT WANT TO RENT!!! Maybe if we could have PVE alliances and have the alliances build trade network bases spread out on different islands or shared alliance taming bases...... oh wait... CLAIMS - PVP Give claim owners the option to enable allied companies to build cannons on their lands Give company owners the option to allow allies to use their cannon (governance setting) Enable an activation timer on cannon structures placed by non-allied companies during wartime and raidable hours to prevent instant FoBs. Similarly to battery-powered heavy turret activation timer on ARK. Delay on joining a new company or alliance after leaving one (24 hours) Company owners and admins can now set other companies as neutral. This is done via the in-game pinwheel, similarly to alliances when targeting another company’s structure or player. Companies which are marked as neutral will have a different colour display HUD, as a way for players to indicate they are non-hostile, however, they will not have other benefits which the alliance system would provide. In summary, there will now be three states in which other companies can appear: ally/neutral/enemy. Looks like you listened and achieved pretty well a lot the major concerns in PVP. Well done there. The big issue left is alliance limitations, but what I don't understand here is you say that you quote understand that there are some concerns regarding how that (that being alliances) could potentially be exploited in a PvE environment, and we’ll be working on designs and systems to ensure that isn’t the case from a technical point of view, as well as through GM involvement. How are you not worried about people working around alliance caps in PVP? If any place I can see greater exploiting of alliances and groups would be in large scale attacks of other players in PVP. The alliance limits are flawed, and people are already figuring out multiple ways to work around it. Discord anyone? SUGGESTION You created a whole new system to replace something that was already in place and could still be tweaked. A large portion of the players have said (Not claiming these as my ideas.) 1) Get rid of sea claims. They are horrible and a blight. Good idea but they don't work. I can overlap so much land, and then from there can prevent others from claiming land cause your claim is over a portion.... to many bad tricks. 2) Limit claims per person or per company. As a reference, our company of around 15 has since launch worked from an offshore claim to a corner of an island which is still more space than we need. If this claim change happens and we were to claim the same island, you just gave us around five times the land and took away claims from 6 other good companies that share the space with us. 3) Resource upkeep building should just be a claim upkeep and not worry about your buildings falling appart all the time. There should be a repair building added in for if/you're attacked and you can have crew staffed to it to help repair your base during the seige. There can even be new ship of the damned that will land and offload undead to attack your base. If your base in under attack by players the undead attack the first players they see so it could help repell the attack. 4) Drop the time down on claims. There should be a healthy turn over to an extent. in PVE or PVP this is a colonial, survival, mmo. I know a lot of PVE players don't want to think about loosing everything but that's why solo play is harder. If you are the only one resetting claims by running around a whole island have fun, not what I want to do. If you do, congrats, it's a lot of commitment to have a large base/island. 5) Going back to alliances and how companies tie into them with claim flags etc, set up some factions for the game that we choose to join, and unlike other MMORPG games where you are Alliance or Horde forever, you can switch groups in this cause pirates!!! maybe 3 pirate factions and a colonial military. You can even add quests to infiltrate and steal later in production. 6) Last and probably most important..... Fast travel is bad. Being able to set up beds in claims or islands all over the grid is not good. If an alliance wants to raid a base 5 squares away, someone might see the fleet passing. They can possibly fast travel to other islands in the same square, but at best they know the direction this fleet of ships was going unless they follow. Imagine people in glider suits trying to do recon and pass messages on to other allies. BUT WHERE THIS IS DIFFERENT is I can't teleport 5 squares ahead of that fleet and ambush them. I can build speed ships to try to pass them, skirt around them, etc. But if they sneak through and get to one of our lesser defended islands, 50+ people shouldn't magically appear from 13 squares away. This again allows CLAIM TURNOVER. There are more things but really these are the big ones I've heard a lot of times, that my company and I talk about, and we worry that none of these things will end up in the game and that it won't live up the the praise we've been trying to give it. We're still here and will be post wipe and will try Atlas 2.0, but the biggest thing our group and those around us talk about is how quickly things swing from one extreme to another. Maybe this month is taming. We're going to try raising levels available to tame, well now the higher level animals are killing more players. Maybe that's not a good idea or maybe we can lower the spawn rate. Whole point being we are here to help test the game..... give us direction (kinda like your post asking about tames and what we'd like to see), let us test what you want that day, week, month, and submit feedback. We can help if you let us. Lost Boys edit: changed title to fit better after the post went long
  4. Just get rid of the alliance system... your game literally can't handle alliance scaled pvp.... Nobody has 100 friends that play the game... you aren't going to deter anyone from playing the damn game if you limit Company membership and dismantle alliances... I mean seriously do you think all those people are truly that tight-knit? They aren't... they will enjoy the game on a smaller scale hands down, and see there is no fun in a zerg mentality. Imagine a game where every grid has its own politics...it would be the best thing ever for this type of game. I appreciate you guys trying to take a lot of concepts from Eve... but you need to understand you are a different type of beast... so copy paste isn't going to work. (talking about that dumb neutral shit I read) TDLR: get rid of alliances, reduce company cap even further.
  5. Caleindal

    pvp Solo Extreme 2PVE x 2PVP

    Solo Extreme 2PVE x 2PVP by Pingperfect.com https://discord.gg/w249Hpr 5x xp 10x harvest 30x taming A1 has 2 freeports Port Royale and Tortuga(GM fortress) + 8 islands for claiming each zone has a power island currently for mythos collection its a work in progress eventually all 8 power islands ghost ship and kraken in a 3x3 grid connection query info 4 mods item stacks pirate repair crew peachys dock items Indianman
  6. Percieval

    March update: concerns

    These are my concerns when I quickly run through the captain’s log. Feel free to react to the points if you agree or disagree. General - Structures that are built on islands that are not Settlements can be raided at any moment. Why aren’t all island settlements? Or is this only limited to boss islands? This would give a huge disadvantage to the players on the non-settlement owners. Which will probably be the outskirts of the settlements, mostly solo players that need to benefit from this update more than the large companies. Claim flags - There will be a hard limit on the total of claim flags per company. For example, 20. I’m in a large company at the moment and I believe 20 is too much. That’s 20 islands, or 12,5 crew members per island with the cap of 250 members. All I can see in the future is us having 20 islands, whenever there’s a war or it’s raid time, all the rest of the company only need to defend 1 island at that time, or maybe a few more. The only way a war could be really effective against a large company would be if you declare war on all of the 20 islands at once, do a surprise attack on one of them and be fast enough to wipe something before all of the crew members have spawned on the island to defend it. What could work is to stop respawning at certain beds, or to make it so that you can’t respawn at beds during war times. Especially since you can spawn in every grid except gold ruins. Settlements - Settlement owners must set a window of vulnerability, currently set to 9 hours, where their island is raidable. Outside of this window, players, structures and ships will not take damage from other players. 9 hours to me seems a lot. So I’m really interested in what period. 9 hours per 3 days? Per week? Per day is certainly way too much. This is not company based, which is a bit weird in my opinion. Why not make it 12 hours for large companies and maybe 4 hours for small companies. - Anchored boats or docked boats will follow these same rules, if they are in the radius of the settlement. This sounds to me as this; I just gathered a lot of gold and resources from other islands, I’m being attacked/chased down by an enemy ship, I get into someone’s or my own settlement territory, anchor up and I’m invincible. This could be exploited badly, my suggestion: Ships are still vulnerable until the cooldown of 30 seconds after the drop of the anchor has depleted. This does not apply to SoTD. - Settlement owners can freely damage other characters and structures on their island. I hope it is not like it’s stated to be. I can vanish entire buildings of people if I want to, I can break in, steal someone’s resources and be gone. What if you cap it with a timer. ‘Settlement owners are only able to destroy 5 building structures (walls, foundations etc) every x amount of hours.’ This means people can build bases where the loot is safe, behind some walls for example. The settlement owner can’t take your loot, there is no point in destroying your base other than loose pillars and foundations laying about. The ‘destroyed’ structured will be placed in your resource box, so there is no disadvantage if the settlement owner destroys cannons etc. And in the time of 5 hours, new people can settle in, or structures replaced to stop the settlement owner from getting to your resources. - Wars will last a fixed period of time In the stream, Jat said 12 or 24 hours. Why not determine the war time on the island’s level? If I have a huge island with a big company, I should be able to be attacked longer than they are to defend their small island. I believe some of the suggestions given, like the raid and war times are decent enough to make the gap between small and large companies, smaller.
  7. lethalm

    pvp FGC "Azeroth" 3x3 PvPvE

    Come join us in the Foppas Gaming Community & help us grow! Join us in Discord to reach out to our admins & get more information about Foppas Gaming Community. Our servers are hosted by the owner & they are all located in Sweden with a gigabit fiber connection. The servers are running with optimized server hardware & raided SSDs to ensure quality for your gaming experience. We are constantly researching & developing new features to integrate in our servers so that we can give players a more unique gameplay & options without using mods. As of now, some of our unique features are leaderboards for pvp, statistics and weekend rates that automatically activates. Website: https://foppasgaming.com Discord: https://discord.gg/mntGYxy Server Info - Atlas 3x3: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:26014 - Last wipe: 190215 18:00CET - Power Stones: All 8 is available - Center Maw: Not available until we can expand to 5x5 - Top grid: PvP - Middle grid: Lawless + Freeport - Bottom grid: PvE Server Stats - XP: 1x - Harvest: 2x weekday/ 4x weekend - Taming: 2x - Hatching: 1x - Baby Mature: 1x - Dino Level: N/A - Max Player level: 131 - Supply Loot: 1x - Gold Loot: 2x - Cluster Chat - Longer spoiling times Server Mods -https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1655807521
  8. Apparently the devs are surprised by modern PvP. Modern PvP went from to Here's some suggestions to combat that mentality from a developer perspective: Ship combat: Place the ship "boundary" closer to the middle to avoid roof-plated freak-ships Cooldown of 10-15 minutes from being sunk to being salvageable (Will remove the demolish-and-drop mentality) QoL-thing, have a default "Unseat"-button and a "Seat"-button to make the group options easier to manage instead of having to: A) Put them on cannon B) Put the same NPC on another cannon (the one you want it to shift to) C) Press and hold N for 3 seconds to unseat D) Whistle passive so they don't YOLO E) Deselect first group, select second group F) Hold Right shift The above method is tedious and the NPCs "forget" their placement history when zoning to another grid. A general unseat/seat option would remove the need for such history. Despawning items: Make it last 10 minutes pr. default dropped package (Sure, it will remove some performance, but will make the grief-mentality less viable) Top 10 ranking Base it off some "Reputation"-system. Ex. Sloop, 2 points Schooner, 5 points Brig, 10 points Galleon, 20 points Add a multiplier based on company size, for example x0.2 pr. 10 members So if you sink a 100 man company's galleon, you'd gain 60 points instead of a 5 man company's Galleon, which would be default 20 points. This will incentivize combatting larger opponents and the reputation points could be used to calculate the "Top 10 companies". Any other ideas and discussion about the above is welcome!
  9. FROGGYMAN GAMING Are you interested in playing Atlas on a solo and small tribe friendly dedicated server with modified rates and mods? Are you looking to play Atlas with friendly, helpful, mature gamers that are focused on having fun? Do you want to talk about and play Atlas and other games in a welcoming, safe moderated environment? FroggyMan Gaming is a friendly, non-toxic gaming community that focuses on new and interesting survival game servers. We are generously sponsored by FroggyMan seen in his own and other content creators survival game videos. Our community members have fun with games like Ark: Survival Evolved, Rust, Conan Exiles, PixARK, Dark and Light, The Isle, and more. We strive hard to make a community where everyone feels welcome! Join us on our Discord! https://discord.gg/rX3WMSP CURSED ALPHA ISLES Recent claim wipe allows for plenty of room for new players to build! No intention for server or player wipe at the upcoming major update! **Direct Connect Link:** steam://connect/ Search for "Cursed Alpha Isles" Home server of FroggyMan, Mr. Meola and everynightxRiot. "The Best service and admins you can get :" ~Quote from Active Player. Admin and staff work hard to create and maintain a fun, balanced gaming experience. 3x3 server with all available resources, Golden Age Ruins, the Maw. Focus on modifying map to make sure all future content is available. PVE server with special PVP and Increased Rate Events! Rollback after allows for a fun, chaotic PVP with no long term ruin of companies. PVE/PVP hybrid without places for PVP companies to hide. Quality of Life mods focused on the needs of the player base MOD LIST Increased rates for experience, harvesting, breeding, and more! Rates are flexible. Goal is to keep Atlas challenging but without major grinding. Claim and inactive player rules make land use fair for the entire player base. One company domination is not allowed.
  10. lpd00225 Feb 7 @ 5:52pm Faction Wars PVP Role Playing PVE - PVP SERVER Pirates Vs Imperials Pirates Vs Imperials 2/8/2019 New Server Play as either a 1600 century Pirate or as an Imperial as part of the Kings Royal Fleet Mods - Peachy Decor, Stack Mods & Chronicles RP. Each Faction has a player elected Leader. The server has 6 zones. 2 PVE Zones one for each Faction 4 PVP Zones 2 of the PVP Zones have capture points, each capture point is worth gold at the end of each week. The PVE Zones will allow merchants to live in peace without fear of raids. The servers discord page with all the details and rules is located at 10X All Rates MAX Ship Level 71 https://discord.gg/E73zdey
  11. I am missing one key aspect of the pirate fantasy and that is stealing ships. Of course it would suck to come online and your ships are not only destroyed but even worse, they are stolen. So here is my idea: Every ship is claimable like it is now but with one change. If the ship is not anchored, the further away it is from any coastline the less time is required to claim a ship. So from the current default time of several hours down to 1 hour minimum if in open waters. If a claim occurs in open water the default of 1 hour is increased/decreased by +-10% for every crew member the defending group differs from the attacker. The moment a claim flag is placed on a ship it can't be scuttled and parts cannot be demolished. For example: If the defending ship has 5 crew member (npc, tame or player) and the attackers get on board with 5 members aswell it is evened out and the claim time will be 1 hour. If the attackers have 6 members on board. The claim time is reduced by 10%. (Of course the numbers are just an example more or less might be better/worse) So what does that mean? Finally we can board enemy ships and steal them. It would require a lot of skill and strategy. This would open up new strategies and possibilities for PvP and Roleplay. Your ships would still be safe in your harbor because of the insane amount of claim time. I have never seen a ship without crew in open waters. So it would bring a new aspect to PvP. Not only stealing a ship. But what about stealing it back? I would love to board enemy ships, fight on the deck, kill the crew to get an advantage over the other crew. If this is a viable strategy, it could change PvP fights. Would love to see rope shots for ballistas to actually attach your ship to the opponents (but that might be too much) So what do you guys think?
  12. Consortium Gaming is a group of like minded people who have many many hours in Ark and now Atlas. Mostly mature adults that just like to have fun. We are currently on a 9x9 grid. There is tons of land to go around. Active admins, and great community overall. Most grids are PvE with a 4x4 PvP area. We have all the powerstones/quests. Every island available in the game is represented The rules are simple. No griefing/abusing game mechanics. Play nice and be respectful. Plenty of land to go around. Players in US and UK. Rates are currently all 5x except taming is 10x. Max level is 150. See discord for connect information and more detailed rules. Discord: http://discord.consortiumgaming.net Server Info: Look for 'Consortium Gaming' OR connect via below. C3 G7
  13. Newly rebuilt and freshly installed 4 x 4 server. Travel across The Realms as a Royal or Noble House - Build house alliances across the realms to increase access to vital resources. Secure your fleet to protect your name and your realm. Come join us in The Realms, a light role player server based on Game of Thrones. Explore Westeros and introduce yourself to our house name sakes. Server is x10 Gather, x5 XP and x15 taming. Huge map with all Powerstones and Fountain of youth installed. Atlas to discord communications (and vice versa) be in the know when unable to get online. Discord link: https://discord.gg/bSH7EPW Not into war and want to build and trade then join via our PvE area in Eastern Essos, 2 x dedicated PvE zones. Join as a PvP player at Slavers Bay: steam://connect/ Join as a PvE player at Eastern Essos: steam://connect/ Player rewards system - the more you play the bigger the rewards. Custom stacks and many other very helpful or decorative building MODs added. We look forward to seeing you in The Realms soon.
  14. Community information: we are a discord of over 1700 people with multiple game servers for different games such as, Scum, and Dark and light with much more going on. we are looking also for active helping members to help build this community as it is coming quite popular quite fast and so we are looking for active mod/admins for the very near future! Thank you, server information is below! Chronic Gaming Community Note: Please Understand That All BASE Stats Are 1 Except For Harvesting & Taming Which is 2 Atlas Server List https://atlasserverlist.com/server/15107535 Chronic Gaming Discord https://discord.gg/8Wpe5p8 WARNING: Upon joining you must type ?Rank Atlas when u join discord to see the channels Direct Connect Links https://steam/connect/ - PvP - A1 Spawnhttps://steam/connect/ - PvP - B1https://steam/connect/ - PvP - C1https://steam/connect/ - PvP - A2https://steam/connect/ - PvP - B2https://steam/connect/ - PvP - C2https://steam/connect/ - PvP - A3https://steam/connect/ - PvP - B3https://steam/connect/ - PvP - C3Or add this to your steam favourites! Mod List Admin Helper ToolCustom Item StacksEditable Server UIMCG - Multi-VitaminsOne Pay CrewTCs Auto Rewards Plugins Atlas AdvertsExtended Rcon (Admins Only)Cross Server ChatVote RewardsWeekend Rates
  15. [Présentation du serveur ] Les huit Royaumes. Serveur Semi RP PvPvE. All Rates X20 + 1mod de stack Raid OFF INTERDIT Un serveur PVP soumis à certaines règles le pourparler, les royaumes, l'interdiction formelle de raid off... Voir l'ensemble des regles sur notre discord. Claim visibles et actifs. Mod de Stack Permettant de porter plus de ressources sur soi et sur les bateaux tout en gardant un équilibre optimal 9 Cases, 8 Royaumes, 1 Cases Freeport non Claimable au centre. Les 8 royaumes sont composés - 6 Royaumes agissants sous un code d'honneur ( 2/6 Royaumes occupés actuellement ) - 2 Royaumes Pirates agissants sous un code pirate ( 1/2 Royaume occupé par des pirates ) 1 Case Freeport au Centre Accueillant 4 Freeport opérationnels La case Freeport n'est pas claimable. Elle accueille également les Events Nombreux spawn de Ship Damned lvl 50 à 120. [Matériel utilisé] Serveur Dédié : GAME-64-OC OVH CPU : Intel i7-7700K OC - 4c/8t - 4,7GHz /5GHz RAM : 64Go DDR4 2400 MHz Serveur très fiable et stable. Nombreuses sauvegarde. Aucun WIPE [En Bref] Serveur très sympa, une communauté active d'environ 30 membres pour l'instant. Que vous soyez seul ou en groupe beaucoup de choix s'offrent à vous sur ce serveur. Rejoignez nous : https://discord.gg/VQ2fBmw
  16. ThaiJetEye

    pvp JetEye 6x6 PVP NA + SE Asia

    We're running a 6x6 PVP grid that is open for anyone to join. Rates are 10x Harvets, 3x XP, 1250 base weight. Powerstone and fountain of youth quests are working. For more information check out our discord https://discord.gg/MAh5veF or FB Group: JetEye Game Servers.
  17. With the change making lawless structures decay, I don't think living in lawless will be viable. Notice that the auto-repair building is specifically listed as a PvE feature. Lawless PvP does not get that. We just get decay which we must fix manually. Which means going around to literally every part of your structure. Every wall. Every ceiling. Every floor. Every roof. Every door. And you whack it with a hammer. Every day. Forget layering. You need to reach every part of your building. If the devs want lawless to stay viable, we will need that same repair structure PvE gets.
  18. I am looking for some people to join my 4x4 server, with a custom map that has every resource and all the gem battles, it's PvE with some exceptions(like if you agree to PvP, then go for it more on this in the rules). Everyone is very laid back, most of the group have been online friends since Ark. Our age range of current members is 18-37, but we are open to anyone who just wants to play, there are no restrictions on language or anything of that nature. To the server its a 160 slot cut up into 10 slots per grid, but I can absolutely upgrade should we have enough people, I have had a constant server or servers without downtime for over 3.5 years now. The rates are boosted, including letting you have pretty much all skills by the time you are max level of 125 before discoveries and up to level 20 in freeports, 3.5x exp, 4x harvesting, 18x taming...breeding and such has been boosted as well, so has per stat points, this is set to be casual but still fun. I am nearly always available, I am always open to suggestions, I am the only admin there will be no admin abuse as I don't participate in events or contests unless it's for fun. Questions, feel free to post or come join the discord for more info.https://discord.gg/gv2PJnMEdit new discord link https://discord.gg/gv2PJnM Update ....I have just prepaid for 1 year of a 4x4 server, it will go live around 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific time.
  19. I am excited to announce that today I have launched a fresh 5x5 PVP server based in the UK with SUPER low Ping. Ran off a high end machine with fully automatic updates and restarts. No wipes ever, a great community and an awesome big map to explore. 10x Harvesting and XP, 20x Taming with DOUBLE rates for this weekend only to celebrate. Level yourself, your tames AND your ship 200 times! We have ALL the Powerstones and the Kraken too! LOADS of space to build with a 15 person maximum Company so suits smaller groups too! We also have ORP so if you don't have a lifetime to play each day you can log out knowing your stuff will be safe Join us now, why waste your time on the crappy pay to win servers, give Ultimate Atlas a try Join our Discord for all the Server Info and rules and for direct Steam connects in the Map Info section on Discord. https://discord.gg/rYJTk66 See you soon
  20. Legion Gaming 4x4 [PVP/3xEXP/3xHarvesting/3x Taming/5xBreeding] *** Fresh map as of 2/22/18 *** Legion Gaming would like to welcome you to our ATLAS server! We're offering a huge 4x4 map containing all the different biomes and a grid for an epic boss fight! Visit our Freeport discord channel any time you like to keep up to date on news and to chit chat with your fellow pirates! MAP - Custom - 4x4 (16 servers) - All biomes - All resources obtainable - All Power Stones and Kraken Zone - NPC trade routes - Fountain of Youth SETTINGS - PVP w/ Offline Raid Protection - 3x EXP - 3x Harvesting - 3x Taming - 5x Breeding - Small Companies - 5 Members Max - Increased Stats and Skill Points - All Lawless - No Claim Flags RULES - No racism/abuse/hate - No hacking/exploiting/bug abusing - No advertising/trolling - Do not block dungeons Direction questions to davekinter#5629 on Discord! Join Legion Gaming 4x4 server here! Connect to Discord here!
  21. atlasutopia

    pvp [EU][PVP][4x3] Utopia

    [EU][PVP][4x3] Utopia Freoport IP - Currently testing 3x3 map, please be aware the server will be wiped before we go live. Keep upto date at our forum AtlasUtopia.eu Special events will be designed and implemented for release. These events will range from Crypto treasure hunts to PvP tournaments. We hope to bring you unique experiences that are lots of fun! Crypto Treasure Hunt You will sail the 9 seas in search for 4 numbers that will unlock a chest. Within the chest will be a map showing an amount of gold. Be the first to say the correct amount, show the map to an admin and you win a Crypto currency prize, which will be added to your account/wallet at AtlasUtopia.eu Gold for Crown(CRW) Collect ingame gold and store it in your personalised chest located at spawn. Once a week the gold will be removed and Crown(CRW - Digital Currency) will be credited to your account/wallet at AtlasUtopia.eu We will set a peg on IGG(InGameGold)>Crown(CRW) on release. The peg will change over time as the value of Crown is subject to the market. PvP Tournaments Coordinates will be given at set dates to locations of free high loot, to encourage engagements. Races Buoy obstacle courses, first past the post and first to retrieve items. High loot for winners. All using sloops All coming 01/02/2019!
  22. Find info on our Discord using the following invite code: https://discord.gg/M8qCVDZ Build. Defend. Rule. Explore the Lost Isles of Arcana along the Black Coast in an RP server that features the great depth of detailed custom made lore as the world of Atlas becomes enshrouded in a dark era where the surrounding kingdoms are engaged in an arms race over the precious ominous resource known as Shards of Mythos, which were fragments of the Patron God of the technologically advanced lost kingdom of Arcana, Mythos. However, a corrupt kingdom of tyrants has forged a heinous pact with the reawakened Demon King Devos and his unholy horde known as the Army of The Damned and reborn legion of mythical demons ravage the land. Who will you be in a world filled with scholars, templars, merchants, soldiers, nobles, priests, and pirates? What world would you help build in an RP server where your decisions impact the storyline and the welfare of the different kingdoms? Featuring Kingdoms from different nations such as: ○ The Viking Nation of Thornfjell ○ The Roman Legion of Pantheon ○ The Imperial Japanese Nation of Oda ○ The Lost Arcane City of Arcana ○ The Chinese Pirate nation of Zariya ○ The Tribal themed Savannah of the African nation of Zion ○ The Templar themed Holy Empire of Aerowyn ○ The Militant Nation of Britannia ○ The Merchant Kingdom of New Vilayet ○ The Pirate Kingdom of Tartarus ○ 8x Taming, 2.5x Gathering, 4x XP ○ Improved breeding, hatching and maturation times ○ Improved tamed creature and player stats ○ Several islands per shard ○ Faster health recovery, increased player damage and much more! Mod Collection [Easier] ○ Threat Zone Structures ○ Unlock Haircuts and Emotes ○ Rations ○ eco's ATLAS Foliage ○ eco's RP Decor ○ KWAKA'S PIRATE JUKEBOX ○ Armor Skins ○ Bitkit's Clothing ○ Chronicles RP Town Builder ○ TwitchRP Community Mod ○ Atlas Plus Beta ○ One Pay Crew Feel free to contact me on Discord or Steam for any questions! 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪#0110 (Believe it or not, there's a "spacebar" there so just highlight it here!)
  23. You really think adding a gold upkeep is going to stop "zerg"... lol wtf... the more people you get the more gold you can farm... the mroe land you can have... even furthers the reason to have more and more people... WTF kind of logic is this... Cap the fuckin claim amount.... Its not rocket science... lmao... They can grief with claims, and steal the land then demolish their claims...... Claims shouldn't be an offensive weapon... they should be for the sole intent of LIVING ON THAT LAND.....wtf about this is hard to understand... Promote PVP... STOP PROMOTING GREIF.
  24. Are you looking for a cluster with PvP and PvE islands? Are you looking for somewhere to sail, chat on discord and have a good time? Casual/Semi-casual? Want to do Power stones? We have all that!Caedas Atlas Cluster (CMGC) is a 3x3 map cluster (All Power Stone islands along with a MAW server) is looking for more sailors to join and enjoy the seas! We have all resources/biomes on the cluster along with new and seasoned sailors playing on the server(s)!We have an active Discord LINK[discord.gg] which you are encouraged to join and participate. We have multiple active admins who play daily and sail the seas with everyone. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for racism, hatred and general jackassery. Our number one rule is "Don't be a jerk" and our admin team has NO issue enforcing our rules. We want a safe place to come play and have a solid community.Caedas Atlas Cluster (Battlemetric Cluster Link)[www.battlemetrics.com] has increased rates and modified weight stats. We are looking to add mods once they are stable and released. We have a very successful ARK 4 map cluster so our gaming community and admin team are not new to having a great community.Any questions let us know or join our Discord (link above) and ask away!
  25. Introduce AI Colonial Imperialists. Lore: The Imperialists seek to expand their empire and eradicate the lawless influence of pirates by colonizing the known world. Among all foes existent, the Kraken, beasts of legend and the cursed Damned, none are as persistent and methodical in their approach to quelling the pirate scourge. BLUF: Diverse sea combat options. New PvE land combat gameplay. New Mini-bosses. New Boss Event - Fleets In-game mechanics already exist. Imperialists on Land: Optional applications: 1. Consistent: Imperial land activity is continual, the struggle ensues all day every day. 2. Event Based "Colonizing Rush": Imperial land activity occurs on a rotating cycle. 1 week on three weeks off. Imperial land gains are persistent post event. Operate on similar mechanics as aggressive tames. *agro created by player structures; Will seek out and destroy structures on islands, prioritizing structures around high value items, eg. Ships boxes, storage boxes, work benches etc.. *uses systematic vs. random destruction. Imperialist crew WILL NOT insta-destroy player bases. Attacks will do damage proportionate to number, level, and crew type. Imperialists will establish outposts that contest player claims. A sphere of influence (like an expanding claim flag boundary and decay timer), will expand at a pace proportionate to the outpost level. The rate of contestation is proportionate to Outpost level. Sphere of influence will disappear upon outpost destruction* Imperialists outpost placement ignores player claim flags and "foundation spamming". Outpost placement location can be either random or driven by where an Imperialist ship "makes contact" with an island. Outpost will always be established on coasts or the next usable terrain space that isn't cliffs or unpassable. *Outposts will produce more Imperialist Crew at random levels until completely destroyed (like wild animal spawns); Imperialist outposts will gradually increase in level and will change in appearance. Capped limit of Imperialist outposts per island, relative to base level. Size/strength defensibility caps out at “x” level; Destruction of Imperialist bases produces material/loot. Loot can only be received when base is totally destroyed. *prevents farming exploit; Imperialist crew specializations: - Crew: Cloth armor, armed with sabre, bows or pistols. Made up of mostly Imperial citizens who either volunteered or were gang pressed into service. Quick to follow orders but quicker to turn coats when not kept in check by Imperial elites. Crews Imperial ships *can be hired after defeating a ship. - Musketeer: Cloth Armor, armed with blunderbuss. Rank and file soldier for land occupation. - Marine: Hide Armor, armed with carbine. Elite soldier of the Imperials. Posted on ships and to land for protection of Imperial assets. - Crusader: Plate Armor, armed with heavy weapons. An Imperial fanatic driven by a tragic backstory who has dedicated their lives to the utter destruction of pirates; an endeavor they pursue with religious fervor. Imperialist crew will capture player tames set to passive. *Allows for recapturing of tames once outpost is destroyed; Imperialist crew do not attack wild animals unless attacked. Wild aggressive animals will attack Imperialists (tigers etc..); Imperialist crew will roam. Imperialists set to Aggressive – High attack range; Imperials form and act like a “pack (wolf)” When an imperialists finds a structure it will “call” for help from the outpost. Imperialist “Alpha” Character: Governor – Mini boss present at each outpost that levels in conjunction with outpost level and heals with every player kill. *Governor does not leave the outpost. Imperialist crew ignore shipyards. (Prevents destruction of player ships in construction. Structures built on shipyards will be attacked i.e. work bench/storage box); Imperialists at Sea Boss Event - Imperial Fleets: On a recurring cycle Imperial Fleets will take to the seas to purge all pirate activity. Fleets will consist of multiple ships at varying levels and configurations. Fleet levels overall will vary, allowing potential for soloing a "lvl 1" fleet. Defeating Fleets will add to clan rankings and leaderboards and unlock accolades & titles. Imperialists can be engaged at sea, Imperialist crew is claimable only at sea. (Similar to SoD). *different model/skin required to differentiate. Imperialist ships have three interaction options: 1. Destroyed though ship vs ship combat. Enables salvaging of wreckage; 2. Claimed by boarding and defeating a ship’s crew and captain *Ship’s captain is a mini boss (similar to treasure hunting boss). Allows player to keep the ship in the condition it is rendered by combat. Claiming ships produces greater loot rewards than destroying and salvaging or capturing. *Makes use of Pirate skill “what’s yours is mine”. 3. Captured and scuttled (produces "ships flag item", by defeating the crew and Captain. *Claiming or sinking a ship prevents “capturing of the ships flag" (used for daily missions). *Makes use of Pirate skill “what’s yours is mine”. Imperialist ship and crew levels are random and have proportionate stats; Imperialists ignore moored ships unless attacked. Imperialist ships will prioritize disabling vs destruction. Imperialist will capture a player ship when all crew and player is killed. *player can die and respawn on the ship to continue the defense. Imperialist’s ships are drawn to and contest sea area claims. Sea claims could increase the likelihood that an Imperialist finds its way to an island; Imperialist ship path based on wind direction and agro; Imperialist Hunting is added as daily mission or free play task: Mission: Destroy “x” Imperialists; Mission Capture and turn in Imperialist ship Flags at free port. Depending on mission difficulty, can provides unique rewards / rare materials as a reward. Mission reward suggestions: Unlocks new ship hull types for construction; Free Play task. Turn in “x” flags to unlock custom skins for: ships, ship parts and flags; Free Play Task: Destroy “x” Imperialist outposts to unlock building part skins. Pros: Enables diverse ship vs ship combat. *Gives the player a choice. Disabling vs destruction (use of ammo types); Enables PvE land combat gameplay, (other than vs wild animals). Imperialists will “clean up” unused / inactive structures and claims and challenge active claims. Encourages active player engagement in claim management and concentration of effort. Companies who hold large claim areas require proportionate effort to hold them. New players will have a chance to claim territory that has been purged by Imperialists. SoD role remains unchanged (sea based aggressors); Enables PvE use of existing in game defense equipment; Promotes use of Player tames/crew for defense purposes. Players will need to strategize and consider how to actively protect their bases and tames when offline, and, ships while sailing. Cons: Solo new players, while having a greater chance to establish themselves will be susceptible to Imperialist attacks. Requires strategic thinking for base placement. (Life is more than a box). Large structure counts increase likelihood of Imperialist attack; No PvE Offline Raid Protection