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  1. Recently starting playing coop with my wife (and some solo to test some things) on a non dedicated, and these are some of the issues/bugs we have run into: - The map often looses track of the position of your ship/ships, and this often leads to the game crashing if you try to respawn on a bed on one of these ships. Most of the time this happens when you change zone, but it sometimes happens inside a zone as well. - When digging for water it is only possible for the host of the non dedicated game to get water to appear. - Ships of the damned only appear in armadas of at least three.
  2. Atlas One server admin’s perspective on how to save Atlas. About me, I run a small hosting server for game servers. I mostly serve a small gaming community and a few streamers. Most of my experience on game server hosting started in 2015. However, I have over 25 years of sysadmin experience. Atlas is an ambitious idea. I say idea because at this point that is all it is. As it stands now the game continues to bleed players. Even with new content players are just not returning to the game. It is my opinion that this is primarily due to the complete lack of support for unofficial servers. One can’t discuss Atlas without mentioning ARK. Just in case you didn’t know, Atlas, Grapeshot, is made up of ARK Developers and Producers. The game itself has a lot of code ported from ARK as well. This should have made several aspects of the game just work. Many of the features of ARK that work very well have been broken in Atlas. Below are the things that I feel are done right and things that need changes. Done right: · Water system and weather. The water mechanics, waves, wind etc, all are wonderful. I can’t say enough good things about this part of the game. I truly enjoy and most players I know enjoy sailing. It is fun and you can really immerse in this part of the game. · Changed stats. The way stats have been changed generally are good. Much of the power creep that has occurred in ARK is negated with several stats not being changeable and others having much smaller changes. This is for both players, animals. · Building system. Hands down the building system is a 500% improvement. Every aspect to how building works in Atlas is by far one of the best of any of these types of games. I especially like the multi-part system where a wall can be many different things just by cycling when u place. Needs Work: · Animals. While some aspects to animals are ok, several other parts are not. Either you have a taming system, or you don’t. At this point you have, in my opinion, a dumb system. Same with breeding either make it work or don’t have it. It was stated that animals were not going to be a focus of this game. If that was the case, then why make all the changes that make it feel stupid. If animals are not the focus, then don’t give them a lot of utility. If they are needed then don’t change what has worked before, ARK, to some stupid system that doesn’t work well. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. At this point you have gone too far to obviously revert to ARK systems, so you need spend some time and make it work. Major changes Needed: These next parts are more about how the current server systems work. Ini files. · Don’t make us guess what works or doesn’t work here. Have someone spend some time and Actually document the current ini file options for servers. · Fix difficulty scaling, whatever you did to totally bork this, undue it. Add or go back to how ARK difficulty scaling works. Right now, it’s totally borked up and is incredibly frustrating to players and admins. Either have NO difficulty scaling at all or have it work in a nice linear method JUST LIKE ARK. Why does it have to be this bad? o As it stands now, animals don’t gain XP if they are above a certain wild level. Difficulty scaling totally borks Alphas to be unkillable and able to kill everything. Why does having wild 150 animals mean we have level 1160+ Alphas that cannot be killed unless u glitch them or trap them somewhere. o The entire system needs a massive overhaul. In my opinion separate out wild animal levels scaling and alpha scaling. Also break out SOTD and AOTD treasure maps. Some high level AOTD are immune to all damage or only take a single point. o Some survivors from high level SOTD disappear after you “claim them”. Again, difficulty scaling problems. Ship stats · I understand that “official servers” need to maintain a balance. However, you should know by now that this game will be make or break on the unofficial servers. ALL ship stats need to be fully exposed in ini files. Servers need an easy way to adjust these. This is an absolute must; mods will never work well for this and it needs to be a priority change. Many players and servers play a more PVE style and creative style. Without more ability to easily make these changes you lose long term playability. The single biggest complaint I have from players on all the PVE and creative side is this issue. Along with borked animal taming but this one issue is huge. Ships are ATLAS, you have to do better here. o Changes needed, exposed stat settings like that exists for player/animal stats. o Ini control of ship base speeds, including backup speed. o Ini control of each sail type/size. o Ini control of each ship type, number of sail “points” i.e. how many points each ship has for sails, larger sails costing more points etc. o Ini control for expanding builds outside boundaries or expanding the boundary by X factor. This obviously can’t work in all servers but if I want to have a server where I can build crazy ships then, if this is a sandbox game there should be a setting too allow that. Server map systems This is a big topic and I don’t have enough coding experience to know exactly what changes are needed but this is probably the single biggest issue facing Atlas. As it stands right now you can now play single player or non-dedicated with the full official map. Or try the actual official servers. However, unofficial servers are basically non-existent for truly large maps. The game is designed for a large map. The official 15x15 is 225 shards/servers. As it stands now it costs thousands of dollars to have the hardware capable of running a full 15x15 server. So, we have these smaller ones. The problem is that they don’t deliver the full experience because the game isn’t designed for “small” maps. Blackwood attempts to provide this by having a fully custom experience, but that isn’t much better than non-dedicated because it is too small, resources, quests, etc. I have tried to come up with ways to make this work. I’ve had a 5x5 custom map designed which I can run on a single “server” albeit one with Dual 8core/16t processors and 192gb of ram. That is an extreme example. It highlights the big issue. Another workaround that I have been talking with the developer of one of the Atlas Server Utilities about is a hybrid solution. Have a Set number of shards say a 3x3 as a “permanent” online server. This server is running the 15x15 map. Using a discord integration, a player can send a command to a bot to boot up shards F3, F4, F5, etc. This in turn would have those shards boot up for X amount of time and shutdown XX minutes after no players are detected. Something that could be configured for each server integration. Some hurdles are when a player logs off on a temporary shard and that shard shuts down if the player forgets what shard they are in, there needs to be a way to see last known location. This is complicated by a bug with Atlas that player locations are buggy. Often players will be shown online in several shards at once when they are not there. This is likely due to some issue with Redis not sending back data to the shards when a player moves to a new shard. Often this is seen when a “sleeping” logged off player is moved to a new shard on a moving ship. Although it occurs without that happening as well. Another option is for Grapeshot too develop a better server system that integrates some of the features of the single player/non-dedicated experience. Custom maps and the quests. This is got to be the messiest part of having custom maps, trying to integrate the quests and locations correctly. It can be done but it is so damn messy and when new content gets added it frequently must be done again. This needs to be fixed. A re-write of how quests are tracked internally in the game needs to happen. When a server admin must spend more time on upkeep than playing the game or simply cannot because of IRL things like a JOB, and Family, then the game just gets dropped. In closing, I want to stress that this post is just my opinion, though many parts are shared by the players who have player on my servers. Along with other server admins I have spoken too on the various discord servers. Generally, the conscious is that Atlas has great potential but as it stands now it just isn’t worth the time, money, and aggravation. Any constructive opinions are welcome.
  3. kaethix

    Primal Game Data

    Loading screen with Primal Game Data BP doesnt stop. It doesnt freeze, the ´´earths´´ moves, but it doesnt load...
  4. Hello everybody! One of most exiting things for me in atlas is breeding animals to make really OP monsters. But today I lost 3 babybears..... again.... They were 14-15% of mature (should be able to eat from feeding trough) and with full inventory of grown vegetables. Then I filled multiple feeding trough with berries and after that i went to sleep for at least 3 hours. When I woke up feeding trough were almost (but not completely) emty. Thats strange coz 10 bears cant eat 6 feeding trough full of berries in 3 hrs. I left babybears just next to feeding trough that found half-filled in the morning..... so I lost like 8-10 hours of realtime..... again..... Looks like Patch v18.9 was cancelled.... Fixed an issue with babies not eating from inventory/troughs when in stasis. Strange that I cant find message about babybear death in company log..... they disappeared? Devs. Please. Fix. This. Again... Best regards, Despy. P.S. found message. Starved to death....
  5. They are unable to fix anything properly, people griefing ships because they can pick up more from the ground than they should be able to, well devs fix is let people glitch out on ships that aren't theirs when trying to enter them rather than fixing the real bug being people able to pickup too many items, log out, log back in, only have 250/250 weight until they drop an item or split their stack in their inventory for it to show the real weight again. So now people just hang from ladders on boats who didnt' pull those up and encumber it like that or just toss items on the deck for it to get encumbered. If they made it impossibru for ppl to get overweight in the first place even the ship dropping method would require a lot of players to sink a ship that way cuz the items dissapear rather quick. Their claim that one of their dev's steam accounts got hacked is also a blatent lie, claiming this wouldn't occur again it only was an invitation to cheaters and hackers to show how quick they could fuck up their network once again. Not to forget that there are countless reports from cheaters and hackers being submitted via their ticket system which are going unanswered where these cheaters and hackers are going on with their malpractices until this very day (if servers were up though). Everything they claim to fix they break it even harder, my two examples are just two of them, I bet alot of dissatisfied customers could come up with plenty more stuff. Oh and not to forget their wonderous Fountain of Youth they implemented while about all players in game who have a character since launch are now receiving a very nice age debuff which they can only get removed when they travel to a Golden Age area where all people have to be right now and it only can hold up to 150 players in theory, in practice this wouild mean about 50 players to play it as it's meant to be played. But right now people just have to run through the lagfast that it is naked and hope for the best to reach the magic sparkles at the end of the cave. Same goes for powerstones apparently the much anticipated and praised end game they are trying to fix with each patch while their core game mechanics are broken beyond recognition. How are people supposed to play this game when everything is bugged and we have to find workarounds just to be able to progress in nearly each part of this game rather than playing as intended. Far worse might be the interaction the devs have with this community, far too many people havea already noted and stated that they mostly listen to cringy streamers and crybabies in general rather than looking at these forums and see the daily return of many topics where players are most frustrated about. No they gonna nerf all kinds of stuff cuz some half ass streamer is giving them a bad rep about it on stream. The only thing those devs want is to keep this game look like it's shiny and fun on the streams until they raked in enough of our hard earned cash. Because let's face it, they robbed us from our money to let us play this aggrevating crappy coded "so-called-pirate-mmo". If I wanted to grind my ass of for materials I would have kept playing 7 days to die or would have reinstalled minecraft to have a better experience in harvesting and building stuff without having to fear that none of my work is still there when I log back in. Let's have a look at the two twitters that are posting most of Atlas news and updates, now the official Atlas twitter is probably not into replying anyone at all just for posting update news and patch notes when Needed. Jatheish on the other hand is far more active with giving the community constant updates when shit goes wrong but also keeps posting ETA's that are never and are always late. Even seen people complain once about an ingame server message stating servers will restart or go down in 20 minutes, so players were rushing to a safe haven when on sea or make sure they got inside a house to logout before server goes down, what happens, server goes down only 5 minutes after that message appeared, making alot of players unable to logout safely with all the negativity as a result, players losing just their gear and die once ok very annoying, but those who never had a fair chance to park their boat somehwere lost alot of progress once again. Now besides their shitty communication skills and their non-existant clock reading skills the only one who replies to certain tweets is Jatheish, the pain in the ass there is that he only replies to either positive comments or comments that have no informational value what so ever. Like last night he replied to a guy asking how often he must have said a certain word this year already whlist the majority of replies on his tweets are about the cheaters, the bugs, the game not being fun in general, those replies are being straight out ignored just as most of the topics are being ignored here on this forum by any official person. They implemented moderators and community admins, god knows why because the ones who should be more active on this forum are the devs, they should learn how to use their eyes and brain at the same time and read the massive reports of players that are begging for fixes in areas they have ignored since launch. Yet they bring out and even brag about their new features while the core mechanics of this game are still broken, people are still playing on 250 ping servers whilst having to deal with all the buggy shit that comes with predators, land claims, ship building, alphas, cheaters, hackers, and now we have rollbacks and constant patches that break stuff just a simple like doors no longer opening, if someone would just run the software they managed to compile before they release it as an update they can prevent so many gamebreaking issues with each patch they release but nope, we are the guinneepigs, we are the rats in the wheels and why? Like most paid forumtrolls state here it's an Early Access game you should have known what u signed up for... It's early access I get it, but doesn't that mean that what it describes in the EA stuff is that they are taking notes from customer feedback and listening to their playerbase on how to improve things? I've seen their Twitch live Q+A stream and I can tell you, there was no real Q+A part, it was just them talking about things they gonna implement while the playerbase is crying on the twitch chat to be aknowledged and to point out that devs are just ignoring the whole Black Butterfly incident by not even mentioning it once in their nearly 2 hour talk. To be honest the best description of that stream I read on this forum somewhere was someone saying those 4 guys at the mental hospital got some time off together and placed in a room with a webcam, this made my day just that little bit better because let's be honest, this weekend was horrible for those who actually took the time to play the game. Rollbacks, Fountain of Youth and Rollbacks. This fountain of youth thing is so poorly designed and shows how badly these developers are connected with their playerbase, we had freeport at launch that was overpopulated and with that mechanic they were lucky enough that there were plenty of freeports (and lawless areas) where people could eventually spawn, it wasn't enough for launch but it was somewhat managable. Right now u have to have the entire population of one server (NA PVE fe) to rush to one single grid where that fountain of youth is at, one grid that can hold 150 players maximum (in theory but in practice u get a ping of 250). So let's say about 5-10k players who have started near launch are now all over age 90 and have a debuff for being that old implemented on them whilst they dont' have the alternative at hand to make babies in game they are all forced at the same time with a serious debuff to find that fountain of youth before their character dies permanently losing all the progress and gear and landclaims and boats (if u play solo or have really small company where u all die before reaching it). So yeah, if one of those devs would ever have played on an official server and had to deal with all the previous bullshit before even thinking about going to a fountain of youth together will the rest of the playerbase at the same time they would have never implemented such a feature without having alternatives for breeding or even releasing something that makes us all get a random younger age. Cuz this issue will repeat itself in a couple of weeks when EVERYONE who's now 20 again will be at the age of 90 again, and yea you have to be 90+ to get a nice buff each time you go back after the age of 90+ you get a buff over your buff. So tell me, am I exaggerating anything here? People who played this game for a few weeks now know very well that the way Grapeshot throws out updates is like a blind man playing darts, throw as hard and as fast as you can and see if one hits the bullseye, more misses than hits in this field. There are some obvious forum trolls here of which I hope they aren't being paid by Grapeshot to keep the negativity down by having so many people countering it with rediculous answers as: git gud, or learn to play, or game isn't made for soloing. I get it it's an MMO, but people all have to start out solo and the game mechanic only let's u stay on newbie island (freeport) until lvl 8 which is so low your chances of survival outside freeport are really small when u play alone and start to find land to claim to build a ship in case u want to start your own company and not become another companies slave to go pick cotton or other resources all day long whilst the guys who run the big companies get to play command & conquer while u play minecraft/lumberjack simulater. They already stole our money after their terrible launch and steam still refuses to do refunds even when u try to explain all the issues ot them in a lenghty conversation like this one, u still get standard replies and support staff doesn't read your sentences the way you have written them. When I write: my first 20 hours of "gametime" were me sitting in main menu trying to login to a server. They read: you played 20 hours and thus Steam will not refund you after this much gametime. Now we all knew steam support can also be a pain in the ass sometimes, now we have to deal with Atlas dev team and Steam Support simultaniously. For those who gonna be trolls and say why u still play when u wanted refund and can only complain about it? Because I got robbed of my 25$ while Steam refuses to refund the damn thing due to timer things I felt obligated to play and see if I can still get fun out of it after each update and patch, as most of you trolls claim it's EA and (might/will) get better. Well it doesn't, they break the experience for most of us with each update they roll out or roll back. I would also like to ask my fellow pirates who have had enough of this idiotic way things are going to just spam Jat and Atlas tweets as soon as they pop up with youtube videos of griefers, cheaters, bugs, glitches, anything that shows what a poor product this is to make sure they aren't fooling other people into buying this game until it might actually be playable. Please don't hesitate to even copy past my entire post here to spread the message on reddit, other forums or just in here in case mods think this should be deleted, as I have read from several users on this forum that posts about their incompetence get deleted sometimes. Good luck to all of those who are still trying to play the game after all these things that happened, but for me it was over a few days ago, I'm done grinding to establish a little base and some boats on my own, I know it's not of solo players, but if u started this game with 5 friends and end up alone after a few days into the game u don't feel like joining a big company just yet, u try to build up a base and boat to show your friends and hope they want to play on from that part since they could skip the grindy part, but nope, it's so bad that they refuse to play it any longer and me myself have jumped ship and joined their boat, not playing boat. I will keep being a pest to this company until A: this game is a proper playable game (don't count on it). B: they refund this game to me (depending on steam here). As long as I feel like being ripped off, I'll be ripping on these nitwits as well. This is what I picture how the game Atlas itself feels like if it were alive:
  6. To whoever it might concern. G13 on the PVP Kraken's Maw has has become a black hole of lost connections. The message"Unable to query server info" quickly follows after lost connection. Any player crossing the border that I have messaged or talked to loses connection and I just found out may have also lost their ship. Stay out of G13. Developers please reset the server and fix the connection problems please.
  7. Antoine

    Personal rollback

    Looks like before the grid/server lock, I had gotten the fountain of youth in F8. I died, respawns, and triple checked I had gotten the effect. Game breaks, acts as though my character isnt spawned and as such he wont die, so I cant change servers. Stop playing, come back a couple hours later and we have grid lock. Manage to somehow get out of F8 and spawned in a Freeport. Then I notice I lost my fountain buff... then I notice I lost 5 levels.. I have pictures that show in company log the loss of levels vs the passage of time. This is NA PVP. Please give me my buff and levels back, I couldn't do that run again or level up so easily. Already I play on graveyard hours and have fallen victim to every single rollback. This is beyond nuts, I've lost days of work and this time with the fountain is crazy - it wasnt even enjoyable to do, and the lag made it take so long!
  8. How is it that a player on a trolley hooked to a horse or a bear can shoot people and ships in water or under water, just as it is possible that being in the ocean can fire by being almost completely submerged, today we have the situation with the players who so drowned us ships in this galleon as a player with a horse on swivel, sailed under the ship, then moved him inside the ship and being inside on this horse burned the whole ship, you should seriously nerf, all carts and canons on them because they are too OP. And on land the player, even on the animal has no chance to fight pvp with a person on such a cart, the carts should have a block of water shooting or under it the same should have blocked placing on them npc, because npc with auto aim, kill everyone even in armor naa of one arrow, even through structures, And this spoils the game and causes that a lot of people resign from further play by such mistakes you should completely turn off the animal carts system until you fix it and prevent shooting from water or killing on one shot, and npc never misses the player and his animal too . Poco in the game are ships, white or firearms if the player on the cannon kills everything and no weapon is effective against him, trolleys should have something like durability, or if someone jumps a horse and a cart from a high cliff, the trolley should fall apart as he rides pllugo and shoots it should be broken so that the bug is done again and the carts are immortal and op from npc they kill everything on the soil and in the water
  9. Just tried to do two different blue maps in two different grids (servers) B10 and B13. Both times we killed all the guardians but when we tried to dig up the box i got the guardians remaining message. We tried each one several times with the same results. Never saw any of them run off or anything, far as we could tell we killed them all. Now, i did die during the fight and had to come back, but my friend was still there and fighting so they never despawned. That being said, dying never mattered before, we have finished many maps where one or both of us have died and we still got the reward, has something changed? This is a serious bug because not only does it remove a huge portion of the game play, but for those with large crews it's going to make paying them rather difficult as the treasure maps were the only source of good amounts of gold.
  10. Not sure if this has been fixed in game yet as I've been messing around in dev kit the last few game patches. However, it seems the issue related to the mens faces disappearing when they put on the pirate/hide pants is related to the wrong texture being plugged in to the material instance. I stumbled upon the issue while attempting to convert all the armor to skins because there are a few with very similar names but when the correct texture is plugged in, the gaping hole in the mesh of the mans face was fixed. Hopefully this helps? First image is what I believe to be the incorrect texture in the instance. https://gyazo.com/a27edea950ab6ac54435ba5cb34d70b5 Second is what should be there as it doesn't cause issues with female characters. https://gyazo.com/243828917f28937a18a14a2576f3bc21
  11. I am unsure if this was an intentional change or not but since the patch I am no longer able to redeploy my glider once it has been deployed. Being an Australian player who very frequently experiences lag causing gliders to deploy then instantly un-deploy, this completely breaks gliding for me. It also makes it near impossible to glide down from the tops of gem mountains without killing yourself, as you cannot un-deploy and redeploy closer to the ground. Your only option is to nose dive. If the change was to prevent people being able to glide through different squares, perhaps just changing it so that gliders break if they are equipped during zoning would be a better fix. Keeps the gliding within the zone and doesn't ruin the gliding experience.
  12. Admiral Shadow

    Assertion Failed

    So when ever im in the game and i try to add a skill or alt + tab to discord, or any random activity i get this error. Assertion Failed: !OctreeId.IsValidId() [File:H:\YARKUpdate\Engine\Source\Runtime\Renderer\Private\PrimitiveSceneInfo.cpp] [Line: 142] Now i have no clue what this is. Im also not using the H drive for the game neither is it installed there or directed there by me. Any fix?
  13. Can you tell me why the hell i bother to spend a few hours taming animals & placing them in a building and it still gets killed along with any sleepers and AI in said building by wild animals when we are offline? This is a game breaking issue. Is anyone else having this issue I've tried leaving them on boats and some how a wild lion can climb up onto the side of a brig or Schooner and eat them. With the taming mechanics the way they are it takes way to long to bother taming if it is only going to be eaten that night. How can this be so broken in this game yet not an issue in Ark? I've tried building a pen on a roof as well and still they get killed by Cobra or Lions. If you have had this issue or are annoyed by it like myself please take the time to reply or up-vote this thread in the hope the devs pay attention to it.
  14. Is it possible to fix the crashing cause by trying to snap a large gate to any kind of structure in the ocean. I am trying to enclose my small shipyard but every time i try to snap the large gate onto the 2x2 foundation pillars i have placed out there my game crashes. Ive had other people tell me this happens to them as well. We are attempting to protect our ships from the rash of griefers that like to kite SoTD to everyone boats to sink them. Please up vote this so we can get this fixed.
  15. FixerRC1140

    Spawning on Ships at Sea

    I have been experiencing a fairly consistent bug where if you try to spawn on a moving ship at sea you end up spawning in the ocean behind the ship more often then spawning ON the ship. I've tried moving the bed to different decks but have not found very much success. At one point I was tossed from my ship due to the stairs bug on a moving ship and when i spawned back on my ship while it was in a storm i ended up in between the planks and the lowest deck somehow. I'd really appreciate this getting some attention and being fixed.
  16. So my company and I have lost a total of 4 penguins and 1 crow so far because apparently they have a tendency to fall through things. 3 penguins and 1 crow were lost in transit from tame location to home by falling through our ships and not being able to recover them before 8 million sharks swarm them. 1 penguin was lost by phasing though a structure foundation and never to be see again. I logged in today after spending a few hours taming 2 new penguins last night and find this.... my new crow was like this as well. Can we get a fix to this soon please.
  17. Astronovalol

    attention 100's of birds causing lag!!!

    So i'm a player who struggles with performance issues - needless to say a lot of us do, but i play with my graphics on minimum so don't have sky details which is fine... At night i've been looking at what i thought was stars in the sky - but if you look closer it's like 100's of vultures/seagulls!! This may not be viewable with sky details higher which is why i assume people didn't really notice but i can only imagine that 100's of entities would be a huge performance issue and could very well be a contributing factor to "lag". I mean, look at how sleeping bodys in freeports caused lag on launch day - to know we have 100's of birds actively spawning/flying in the distance sky... yikes? Please look into this Devs - @Jatheish
  18. LlewelynB

    Claiming Issues and Fixes

    Two Issues: 1) Claiming Taking HOURS where I have to set aside 6 hours of my playing and enjoyment of the game to babysit a claim is pointless and would make a few people quit playing this early on in the game. 2) Every time ANY random person runs through the claim my entire progress is reset, they aren't even from the company I'm trying to claim from. Now I'm not opposed to the 6 hours, but making progress reset every time a random person runs through a claim is ridiculous, the company I'm trying to claim from haven't been online in more then a week. I suspect its school going kids, who have now gone back to school and will not be playing anytime soon. How to Fix this "tiny" issue: 1) Allow me to move away from the flag, and that timer needs to significantly reduce the longer someone is offline... a minimum of 1 Hour would be fine. 2) Just remove this, if a 3rd Party wants to join in on the claim war they should also need to place a flag to interrupt my claiming process, the only person(s) that should interrupt a claim is the company that I am claiming from, and even then it should never be an instant reset, it should tick down for them as it has to tick up for me. I think I've been fair in my comment here, any kind of response from the Developers would be much appreciated. //Llew
  19. After I gained my construction skill, I noticed that every time I try to craft my stone pickaxe, it isnt wanting to do anything. I try to craft it straight from my inventory crafting section. I've resetted the game, resetted my key binds and I've even reinstalled the game and nothing, help please?...
  20. Kentren

    Patch 9.3 Killing Companies

    I am going to start this with the little diddy of I honestly dont care if this is a duplicate of another topic. As of Patch 9.3 my company is still alive but none of the players who made it up are still in it. This was not some rogue idiot who kicked us out. This was everyone including the current owner suddenly being trapped in our stuff because it was no longer ours. To clarify it was still under our company but we were no longer apart of said company. This must be corrected ASAP. I have tried to support this company and recognize its still early but if this cannot be corrected then I quit and will no longer support the company who makes this game. We were in sector K7 on NA PVE Hyrdras Den
  21. Anyone know the command line to Disable Merchant ships or atleast turn the rate way down. We are currently experiencing constant server crashes. I believe this is the root of the crashes due to 100+ ships in a single file line sailing the ocean. Thank you in advanced if you're able to assist!
  22. Gimic

    Claiming Land

    The current claim system is awful. For a PVP server maybe it's good, but under no circumstance on a PVE server should other players be allowed to steal anything from you, kill you, or do really anything that impacts your gaming experience. Since day 1 it has been nothing but game-impacting "bugs". I'm not going to get into all of them because this would be an entire page worth of complaints. These are not bugs like "oh this thing doesn't work sometime", these are bugs that cause you to basically start completely over. It's been exhausting and just when I finally had things going in the right direction, I log off for the night away from my base (went to get a crew from a freeport) and logged back in to see that someone stole my claim and destroyed everything I had built (which was a pretty good amount) and stole all the resources/gear that I had gathered over the last week or so. I can see how this would be okay on PVP servers or if I hadn't logged on the game for numerous days or more, but they stole my claim 5 hours after I had logged off and everything is gone now. The claim system should be simple on PVE. If the player that claimed the land hasn't logged in for the last X amount of days, the claim goes away or can be taken. That's it. No exceptions. It's even super easy code, let me know, I'll write it for you. Being able to take claims is important to the game as it will prevent a bunch of land being claimed up by people that no longer play the game, but you should not be able to steal claims from people who actively play. Between this issue and many others, I'm putting down the game, at least for now. Maybe one day after these systems have been reworked and improved upon I will return. I love the game itself in terms of concept and the big picture, truly amazing. I wish I could keep playing, but it's simply impossible to enjoy with the current issues. I know many others are dealing with this and leaving the game as well, I hope it's fixed soon.
  23. Disaster

    PvP in PvE

    Hello everyone, here is a wrap up of everything i found out "can" (but shouldnt be) done in PvE if you want to ruid others day... Know more ? Feel free to add it to the list... 1) Overweighting Rafts / Ships. - Peoples just farm bunch of wood, or stone or whatever is heavy. then stack it into anything that can be open on ship/raft, like campfire, mortar, smithy etc.... - Or overweight on player at maximum, then log off, other player carries him onto enemy ship. and just wait... ship will go down soon, free to salvage. Defense - lock every ship in gates, or block access to them in some way... 2) Luring tornado to sink ships close to beach. - Place raft few yards away from enemy ship into sea, everytime there is rain just afk on raft... sooner or later desired ship will sink. 3) Luring ship of the Damned to sink enemy ships. - you can hit it from raft, or even hatchet it its close enough, then hide under enemy ship and wait.. Free loot INC. 4) Raiding base. - using wild animals to destroy enemy doors, walls whatever.. - if there isnt roof, you can jump in with glider, or use dead animal to climb them and jump over. if there isnt way back, just throw stuff away through any window or roof and let your ally pick it up. 5) Killing sleeping players. - Any animal will do, just kite over. Elephants are especially safe for that, walls wont stop them. 6) Stealing territory / Claiming everything. - full endurance build, place flag. go afk.... you will sooner or later steal it. or just waste time for your oponent... really annoying especially with bugged protection time. One cant even sail withotu worrying about your whole base...
  24. Rixsta

    bugs PAINTING

    Hi Guys Noticed small issues with regards to painting with brush , 1) I cant save a preset 2) its a bit difficult to see or cant see at all from default color to black Posted images , Thanks RIXSTA
  25. Thought i would start a thread of bugs I come across and continue to update it as i go along and crossing off ones that seem fixed. 1: When you reload your gun and run, your character jitters on the spot, stopping you from running. 2:When you character reloads and you try to shot straight after you're unable to. 3: if a creature lands on you and you clip into them, you're unable to attack or do anything. 4: Hot and cold, feels no matter what you do your always super hot or cold resulting in lose of water and or HP. I feel it should be turned off until fix or removed as we already have some much too manage already and it feel rng unlike the others you can prep for. I've been mid battle and suddenly super hot, losing water quickly, resulting in me becoming dehydrated, passing out and dying, you can drink, but it just depletes in mater of seconds 5: something that's been around since ARK, you shot with the bow, you see a blood splatter, but no dmg is done. 6: Not sure if a bug, but crocs being able to keep up with your ship and being able to attack you on-board. 7: Creatures attacking your base even when full enclosed and with no windows, many times standing inside and creature started attacking out of no where. Updates: 8: When fighting damned for treasure, they will randomly go back underground resting their HP even if you're right next to them. 9: Damned will sometimes re-spawn again after killing them once already 10: (some may h8 me) The amount of exp given seem bit overturned, getting 3 levels after clearing damned, in line with 9, = Endless exp