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  1. I know most people will say Bear is the best, and I do agreed that Bear are amazing animal to use in this game, very versatile, good with weight, can tank with most attack, good attack on its own as well, but I want to tame some cool attack animal but not Razor. Tiger vs Lion vs Wolf I know that Wolf is only a tier 2 animal to tame, but is it worth it to tame it? I mean I love wolf looking more than tiger and lion Some people say Tiger are good in PvE and Lion are good in PvP, because tiger have special effect of bleeding effect to attack creature and Lion have the special effect of taking people off its mount, but Lion special effect does not work in PvE, because you cannot attack other players, Tiger will be the one to go to Personally, I would love to have 3-4 wolf follow me around, because they are only tier and take less time to tame than tiger and lion, but is it worth it of taming 3-4 wolf to 1 or 2 tiger?
  2. Hello, Last season this discord was the biggest trading discord on the EU PVE server. As of now almost everyone from the former company stopped playing, i decided to keep the discord alive by providing sell channels for smaller companies which does not have a discord of their own. At the moment two comapnies are selling: - Ostrichs - Monkey - Elephants - Giraffes - Bears - Tigers - Crows - a full black Bull - Razortooth - Rhinos - Wolf - ..... with a mix of bred and wild and neutered and breedable. So if you look for some of these, join and browse brows the channels If you are interessted in sell some goodies yourself wisper me (kumba) in discord, you will find me there. https://discord.gg/ZZ4rMKU Enjoy atlas, Kumba Here some pictures:
  3. As of now: 10 Sept 2020, I'm finding the flintlock pistols to be very effective on low level passive mobs and even many of the mid-tier and aggressive mobs.I have taken out a dozen or more wolves with single headshots. The trick is to use only one pistol instead of dual wielding, aim and wait till he is close = 271 damage quite often. That is with a common pistol. The faster more aggressive mobs are of course much more difficult to kill in the first place (assuming no beast to help). But, if memory serves I've killed a fair number of tigers and lions too. If they surprise you in the brush, you're probably farked, but if you can retreat to a safe vantage where they are slowed down or just cannot reach you, you can definitely kill them with one or two headshots. An alpha cobra required that I expend and reload all six pistols twice! Have not used the carbine yet, but I understand it does a lot more headshot so should be fun. Now then, it seems to be a very different story with the Army of the Dead Guys at treasure spawns. The archers aren't too bad: one or two shots, but the swordsmen are ridiculous. Headshots doing 8 damage. I had to pull out the sword and shield, but that luckily took them out handily. I'm not so sure their current system is satisfactory in that last point: the whole point of firearms in their early stages was to counter heavily armored mounted personnel (as well as to add a new kind of shock and attrition effect for pike and shot formations. The hydra seems to be a smaller caliber (which makes sense), but I think the flintlock damage to a good headshot on a Dead Guy Soldier shouldn't be 2.9% of the effect on a wolf or other unarmored foe; that just seems ridiculous, especially when the sword wiped him out in a couple swipes. If it were some kind of magical resistance then you'd expect the sword to be equally as ineffective as the pistol. My hunch is: the devs and many in this community like to ride beasts and that seems to be the meta on how to farm treasure spawns: ride a bear . . . bring your bears . . . or even, bring a platoon of pigs . . . Meh. I doesn't bug me that beasts are in the game nor that they are so useful and effective. But when they seem to be the only or best method for coping with mid or high-level treasure spawns and pistols seem to be stupidly nerfed under the guise of "armor resistance" it irks me. ADDIT: I mean . . . look at the fricking image used to promote the game! (scroll to top of this web page). Crusty dude and boisterous babe apparently going to duel it out, with swords or pistols it looks like. I don't see no god damn lions, nor tigers, nor bears in that image. But I sure see my buddies using those damn things constantly. I kinda wanted more what image shows I guess. Not to say: take the animals out, but some balance to make the animals just ONE of several possible pathways to close combat infantry engagement mastery would be nice.
  4. wolf for look - its really bad elsewise, other then kera farm tiger for farm/fight lion for speed Tiger has most hp and highest weight. All meat eaters are equaly stam starved. People compare good bears to wild lowlevel tiger. If you ever used a beast tiger, there is no way back to a bear. You need to be creative with the low weight tho.
  5. Just because every1 worries about their beloved pets, I wanna continue with my vision of pet system. But before I go I need to tell that current FEATS system must be changed. So depends of what you doing (or better say - depends of state you in) - the menu shows different FEATS. Related to current situation. So If you staying behind steering wheel - you see all "overdrive" "rally" FEATS and don't see those "Nature cries/touches". You won't anyway use nature touch to my steering wheel right? So you walk by foot - your walk feats shows, like "instant equip", "dance", "quick repair" etc. You ride a tame - you see nature touch and cry. You ride a boat - You see overdrive, rally etc. And now to: 11 - Beast mastery. I would CANCEL all "ride and bite" game mechanic. And then separate all tames to 4 different types. 1) - Critters (those can ride your shoulders and give you a buff). 2) - Gatherers (those you can ride and gather resources). 3) - Battle pets (those that can fight ALONG YOUR SIDE). 4) - Mounts (those you can ride and FIGHT BY WEAPON IN YOUR HANDS). And you can choice - what type you wanna use. It's not necessary to teach how to tame a wolf and lions if you wanna just tame a bear for cotton gathering. By picking one of 4 skills you can tame and breed one of those 4 families tame. So my BM skill tree would look this like: Tames infrastructure - gives you the way to build tames pen and Tames trap (with custom walls/fences/gates/feeding bowls). Bolas for taming. Also prefab incubator building here for breeding (no more cubes with 118 grilles inside). And one more thing - critter post. So, for example, you can put the post to your ship, put there a parrot and the parrot gives his buff to every1 on the ship. Saddles - allows you to build saddles for gatherers and mounts. And also armor for critters and battle pets. There are 2 type of saddles/armors. One created from FURs - warm animals should wear those in cold biomes, or they die freezing. Another - plate ones for any animals in warm biomes. No furs in hot zones or they die of heatstroke. And before I go to animals I just wanna say - NO MORE RIDE AND BITE! Any animals can stand for oneself, but just on their own. You can choice their stance, order to follow you etc, but you can only command to fight battle pets. So. Critters are: - Cat (do some fish hunting). - Vulture (do some meat, keratine hunting) - Monkey (increase health regeneration while seating on shoulder or critter post). - Parrot (fortitude buff on shoulder or critter post) - Rabbit (warn you about animals on shoulder, or damned ships on post) - Crow (intelligence boost while on shoulder or critter post) - Seagull (swimming speed and oxygen rate boost on shoulder, warn you of shallow waters on post). - Penguin (cold resistance while on post). Efficiency up - makes all those buff stronger. Insight - active skill appears in feats menu If you wearing critter on your shoulder. For short amount of time spread buff to some radius around you affects all allies within this radius). --- Gatherers are: - Chicken (gives you eggs). - Sheep (gives you wool). - Cow (gives you milk). - Pig (give you fertilizer). - Brown bear (mountable - LMB gather berries, vegies, fibers). - Ostrich (mountable - LMB for saps gathering from bushes, trees and hives). - Elephant (mountable - LMB for wood gathering). - Giraffe (mountable - LMB for thatches gathering). - Rhino (mountable - LMB for flint and stones gathering). - Olfend (mountable - LMB for water store from fresh sources) By skills you can give extra health, stamina, weight and amount of gathering each swing to all those tames you ride. There are two active skills tho: Shell - temporary increase tames armor you ride. Heal all gatherers around for small amount. Lost and found - for small time period allow you to get random resources (even rarest one) from nodes you gather. Like Ironwood/strongwood etc from lightwood tree you hit by an elephant. --- Battle pets are for fighting along your side. You can adjust one as a companion and then feat menu shows battle commands. To attack. To retreat. Run to the certain point. Etc. I really don't like the idea of 384 bears suicide squad that go sacrifice themselves for high lvl damned army map. It's better be "each tame matters". So only one at time. It can follow you, while you riding any other tames tho. Each battle pet have it's own active skill. Pet use it in automated mode. - Grizzly Bear (Yeap. There 2 types of bears - for gathering and for battles. Or there should be a choice after you tame one - wither you want it to be a gatherer or battle one). For short time period can increase your and his armor. - Wolf. Can do frighting howl to decrease enemies armor for small time period. - Lion. Can do frighting howl to decrease enemies attack power for small time period. - Tiger. Can perform bleed attack. Also Dinos there (sigh, I don't like them, we're not in ARK you know?). - Tortugar. Aoe cone attack wide radius. - Shieldhorn. Knockback charge. - Razortooth. Cry increases all allies damage for some time period. By skills, you can add some extra health, stamina, damage and attack power to pets under your control. There are 2 active skills there. Nature touch - health your pet by great amount. Nature cry - greatly increase your pet's attack power for short time period. --- Mounts for those who wanna ride and fight. It's just not they bite enemies anymore. You ride. You use your weapon and hit the enemies. Advantage of this battle style is simple. While mounted you go to very armored state. You can also use special long "lance" weapons, or ranged weapons. You can even perform a charge attack. Their weakness are rangers. - Bull. Increases your and his armor while you riding him. Can run through enemies, land small damage and occasionally knocking enemies back. - Draft horse. Average armor. Fast speed. Universal mount for all purposes. - Battle camel. Increases your and his HP while you riding him. - Battle elephants. Strong armor and a lot of health. Can run through enemies, damaging them for small amount. Can only be used for ranged attack. With skill you can increase health, stamina, armor and run speed of mount you riding. There are also two active skills there. Be hold - for small amount of time greatly increases armor of mound and rider, makes them both almost indestructible. Charge. - For melee weapon perform unstoppable charge run through enemies, lands great amount of damage and extra effects depend on weapon you hold (sword provide bleed attack, maces reduce enemies armor, lance reduce enemies attack power etc). - For ranged perform strong pierce attack with great damage. - For firearm perform explosive aoe attack.
  6. 33 - I died and my corpse fall down underground. This is the way to loose all I've created so far. There were like full crafted stuff, tools, alot of different weapons, whole lot of ammo and a map really good quality. I couldn't kill common lvl-30 wolf because my bolts did not land a single damage within 6 shots (check pt.27 above). After I died I found my stuff underground with no way to get all back. I've tried all ways possible, trust me. So yeah. Another sad game session. Serious setback on all my quests. Lost a lot I came to within last few weeks. I mean... It would be fine if I would be reckless. If I would be stupid to go to some dangerous place alone and unprepared. If I lost all in epic battle etc. I lost all to just a common wolf, because this game full of glitches. Can't find words any more... p.s. - I've got 3 crab wheels now (check pt.32 above)
  7. PVE Whale's Solitude SNPRkiller94 H7 Lo: 32.31 / La: -22.91 Level 35 wolf named Fang https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2193157378
  8. My crewmate found a lv27 wolf to tame, then she got stuck in a corner and we had to kill the wolf. I used a lion on the wild one to grab it, but we still had to kill it. At some point during that fight, the tamed wolf got perma-stuck, supposedly in mid-air to some degree. It was damaged enough that a bola could be used on it, but then a freaking alpha scorpion popped up and killed it... Knocking a tame out to unstuck it may work (couldn't demo or unclaim wolf due to company permissions), but losing my high level wolf to a bug like this is ridiculous...
  9. I already lost 4 horses in a row because of this bug. After I bola the horse and on my wolf mount. When the Bola breaks. Being on the side of the horse will glitch it out of the game and gone forever. Please fix this since I don't want to tame the horses to glitch out half way taming.
  10. Sorry to digress but my solution for annoying snakes at my base was guard dogs.. Wasn't perfect, sometimes alpha snakes killed them, had to reposition them etc however since they fed off the snakes it offered a less time intensive solution than puckle or swivel. Sometimes id place a bear just ahead to tank. Built an open trapping shooner and a ramp in polar and kited around 15 wolves off the cliff, into the ship taming as i went. (Sidenote just remember to put a backboard opposite of the ramp or the wolf will fly over your ship like superman..) When i finally had high hp wolves 6-10 gave a decent semi-circle of protection around the area, just keep them in pairs After that, heavy snake infestations were less annoying and even borderline profitable by reducing meat runs..
  11. 1. Some obvious cliffs and steep dropoffs that USED to be gentle slopes still have the collision detection for the slope instead of the dropoff. Player can walk down an invisible slop when they should be falling2. ALOT of the decorative ground clutter, some trees and other gathering points are floating in mid air well above the ground3. Water barrel seems to infrequently delete the water within all at once (No, nobody is stealing it) This mainly seems to occur if you fill a barrel with ground water and then rains adds to it4. This is kind of a big one, but gathering points/mining nodes are giving the wrong resources.Example, Quartz (Crystal) nodes are now giving Garnet (Gems), Silver nodes are giving Iridium instead, some mining nodes will not respond to being hit (stone flakes off, but node doesn't break and no resources are gathered), Wheat is giving Licorice 5. Animals are spawning on top of mountain and inside POIs (Example, platform with walls high up on a stature had 2 lions while another had a horse, sheep, and pig)6. The melee damage from tools to structures is INSANELY higher. i.e. metal axe used to do about 15-16 per hit to a large wooden storage, now it does 55-56 per! This will break raiding and pvp pretty badly if its not fixed7. Animal hit boxes are messed up, at least for arrows. I've shot a bear, two chickens and a wolf with my bow and the arrows stuck in them, they showed signs of being wounded, but they didn't react, took no damage and wandered around with my arrows stuck inside them.8. Fiber is very weird right now. certain areas have none while some have an OVER abundance (in 3 minutes of farming I had SEVERAL full stacks of cotton) 9. Crystal is now almost non existant unless you go to a freeport for the generic stuff, and half the time some d-bag will try to follow you out of the freeport for it 10. Turn off the ability for other players to loot bodies in freeport! If we can't pvp there, we shouldn't be able to loot each other either. I was killed by a bear that a player aggro'd to me (see next point) and immediately after, that player looted all of my gear from my corpse. 11. Stop animals from attacking people that did not aggro them in the Freeports. This is a huge griefer ability. You can aggro say a bear then outrun it pas another player, at which point the bear goes after them. Aggro'd animals that are normally docile will attack everything human around them, whether you are in the same company or enemies.I'll keep adding as I experience stuff that may still pop up.
  12. Would it be possible to get a warning, like the death warning, when someone gets off your boat? 90% of the time no one would care. But when you're sailing and you get "Elephant #5 has jumped off the boat again", it would help a lot at not having to circle back 3 zones to find the idiot.
  13. Hello Guys, This is gonna be quite a long post, so if you want a summary, go down to the bottom of the post. I started playing this game because a friend showed me the trailer. It was epic, grand and something I really wanted to start playing! So I bought the game, tried to log on onto a server.. It didnt work, we could not enter any server. anyway, everyone knows how bad the launch was, no need to go over it again. Later, after quitting the game because of the insane lag and not being able to do anything and just rubberbanding all over the freeport, I decided to try it again a few days later. Every server seemed full so I picked a server I could actually join. I Spawned on an island with an insane amount of animals, most of them unfriendly and unkillable. I actually farmed a bit, made some tools and such. I didnt actually know what i was supposed to do except for making a base to store my stuff. I never played ARK. I found out that tools do no damage whatsoever to crocodiles and that was about it, I lost all my stuff again. The same thing repeated for quite some time until one of my friends suggested we play together because he just bought the game aswell. Great idea, but how do we do that? we tried to spawn in the same zone.. we gave up on that idea after both spawning in the water 20 times in a row at the same spot. judging by the amount of dead players in the water, we were not the only ones who had the same problem. we were trying to get together for an hour and all we were doing was drowning ourselves just to spawn on the same exact spot again, which was great fun. Why would we not spawn on land? why would this game make us spawn somewhere that only wastes our time, because we cant swim to the shore because its too far? Another friend joined our discord, he had a raft and was going to pick us up. my god we were so happy, finally an actual plan. We tried to spawn on land somewhere, my friend ragequit after another hour of trying to spawn somewhere that wasnt ocean, so i was at it alone again, waiting for the raft. after spending 2 hours losing my mind and doubting the very meaning of life, I finally spawned on a spot that would not instantly kill me. I only wasted about 5 to 6 hours, not doing anything and just getting frustrated so I could finally set sail with my friend. This was going to be good I thought. Finally our adventure was about to start. He explained to me that I could spawn on the bed on his raft now that we were in the same company.. I asked the turd why he wouldnt just invite me to the company before so I could spawn on his raft, he answered that he had to touch me with e to actually invite me to the company. Now I know what you are thinking, why didnt you spawn at the freeport, invite eachother to the company, then spawn back on the raft. We thought of that too you know, was it not that the freeports were actually full all the time and you couldnt never spawn there. What's the point actually anyway, of having people to physically (ingame) having to invite people to a company? you can just both spawn at the freeport, get invited, then spawn on a bed somewhere. its just a waste of time, because thats the only thing you have to do to get in a company. spend a bit of time on something shitty. We noticed the raft was very slow and that it would take us some time to reach land on the next zone on the map. At first we were both amazed at how good the sea looked. Compared to most objects in this game, that actually look sluggish, dark, sloppy and rough, it looked pretty amazing and realistic. We laughed when we saw a dolphin like the roleplayers we are. after like 25 minutes we were bored out of our minds. We realised it was gonna take hours to reach land. my god. we spent a day and we actually didnt accomplish anything. we reached land in a lawless region and we went ashore. so to sum things up, we spend hours just respawning in the water, trying to reach other and when we finally did, we spent hours sailing a friggin raft to some land where we could actually play the game. is this shit worth it? really? We started farming the island on the lawless region, only to quickly notice it was full of life. Unfriendly animals, and alot of them. I died after being knocked out in a fight with 3 giant snakes who followed me all over the island. My friend died aswell from the tiger that attacked him while he was running from the same snakes that killed me. 'Wow, this game is intense' i thought, I'm starting to like it. I tried to respawn on the bed but it did not work. what the F? We found out we actually sailed the raft to close to the shore and you cant respawn on a bed on a unclaimed island. wow, bad flashbacks to a few hours ago when we were trying to respawn on actual land instead of the ocean. So yes, you guessed it right. I ragequit and my friend spent 2 hours trying to spawn somewhere near our raft on the lawless island. The next day, we parked the raft somewhere not so close to the shore so we could actually spawn there. great, we could get things done finally. We soon noticed that a bed is destroyed in a matter of seconds when we watched another guy sail by in a raft, only to jump on ours and destroy our bed. It literally took him less time then it took us to swim to our raft. He hopped back on his raft and sailed away into the sunset. Luckily we could make another bed from the materials we had stored away in a box. We started to wonder how to protect our bed.. we simply made more rafts, with more beds. We made a base to store our stuff and we actually had a bit of fun. After building a shipyard, we noticed this game is gonna take alot of grinding and doing the same thing over and over again. The whole game is a big grind, but we dont mind the grind. We played other games, we played rust, we knew sometimes its about farming. We made a sloop only to have it destroyed at the free port. We found out that people can put rocks in your smithy, so the weight goes up. While we were out farming, somebody sank our boat by filling the smithy with stones. joy. Other friends started to play the game and the lag was finally getting better, we got together and started playing on a island where we could actually claim land so we could spawn on a bed. Hooray! no more constant fear of someone destroying your beds, we can actually make a base and spawn in there. They had built a schooner and were coming over to our island to pick us up. Why they would risk the long journey i didnt understand, untill they told me their island had no fiber nor metal nodes to farm. So we started to farm fiber and metal to take with us on the ship. Then it downed on me.. why would you live on an island that has no fiber nor metal? 'Chinese' was my answer. Apperently the chinese all banded together and had claimed or killed everything in decent area's. FIne then, we will live on an island that has no fiber, no metal nodes and where it is so cold that if you don't have 50 points in fortitude you instantly freeze to death. JOY! I had been playing ATLAS for quite some time now, and we got used to our new island, without fiber. We didnt make a new boat yet, because 6 of them got sunk by the damn ghost ships. There were so friggin many demon ships everywhere that there was no point in even trying to sail again. We got used to being under constant attack by wildlife. We gained some levels from the wolf and tigers that seemed to be on infinite supply on our island. Every task was a struggle... farm some wood, you die about 6 times to a wolf. Not that we didnt kill the wolves, but if there are 3 wolves on your ass and they all attacks 3 times per second, while knocking you back? it's pretty impossible to survive that. Farm some stone, a tiger will sneak up on you while you are on your knees trying to hit the damn rock. Try to farm some hide? 15 voltures will try and steal the kill and attack you if you stand to close. When you try to kill one of them, they all attack you and you kinda just instantly die. So once in a while we aggroed some voltures, drag them back to our base and shoot them when they clip through the walls. They would disappear for a while so we could actually get some hide. We noticed that animals fall down from the mountain on our island, and because of that there are huge amounts of creatures around. You get used to it and once you actually get some levels. it becomes easier. But i don't recommend this crap when you are level 12 like I was. why only so low level you ask? well, you couldnt go beyond level 8 in lawless regions. we were forced to spend too much time there, as we couldn't sail because of the chinese shooting us down, or the demon ships. Now I've came across a few alpha's before in the time I spent in this game, but alpha wolves were new to me. Boy did I learn fast. I learned that there is no actual counterplay to an alpha wolf. You can not outplay it, you can not do a certain thing to survive. If you didn't see the wolf coming, it will kill you. In the following days we killed the alpha wolves we encountered by dragging them in our taming pen, then shooting them from above. You take like 8 bows with you and a shitload of arrows, because after the nerf the bows break easier than a fat lady's resistance at the sight of cake. Or by luring them into an alpha bear, so it would kill the wolf. Or hope that it would attack some random animal it came across so we could run away and try to avoid it. -Keep in mind this is all before they nerfed the demon ships, nerfed the amount of resources it takes for boats and before the gathering boosts- I played ATLAS till late last night, because I was taming a horse. We spent hours to drive to a different zone to get sugar cane and with our second trip we actually managed to get the sugar cane home. The first trip didn't end so well. We managed to find the sugar cane, get it on board only to have our schooner "explode" without warning. We found out if was a whale that destroyed our boat`.We never saw it, it never warned us, the boat was just gone instantly. So the horse was tamed and I was so happy, we finally had a horse. I took my wolf mount out to clear the area of all the wolves and tigers so i could take the horse out for a bit and make it carry some wood while i was out farming. I was out of the gates surrounding our base for 2 minutes, hitting the trees over and over and over to get some wood, to see an alpha wolf appear out of nothing. I run for my horse as fast as I can to hop on it and run from the wolf... but I was too late, it killed the horse. There was nothing I could do, the horse was just behind me, but the alpha blocked me from pressing E to ride the horse and by the time is was on the other side of the horse it was already dead. after that the alpha oneshot me and I spent another like 30 minutes trying to get my stuff back from my dead body while the alpha killed me over and over again. All the time we spent getting the sugar cane, all that time spent taming the horse. gone in a second, by something I can not counter nor outplay. this is just retarded. and don't tell me you can kite it, because you will run away from it untill you run out of stamina, and then you still die. I managed to run from an alpha wolf once, because i was close to our gates and i could jump to the gate and the alpha clipped himself into the door and bugged so it couldnt follow. So for that to work you need to be very close to a gate and the game needs to remain very bugged. Lets not even start about the time 8 out of us got killed by one alpha while treasure hunting. all of us fully geared and armed, shooting and kiting it but it did not matter. everyone got oneshot. it simply attacks too fast, does too much damage and has too much health. I must be into self-flagellation or something because the next day, after ragequitting over the dead horse the day before, I actually started playing the game again. I took my wolf out to clear our area of wolves and voltures to actually do some grinding. I opened our gates and when I tried to shut them again by pressing E, it actually dismounts me from my wolfmount. I close the gate only to run back to my wolf to see it fighting a wolf.. you guessed it, an alpha wolf. goddamnit... the wolf dies, I die ( a little inside). Where I got the courage to actually stay playing after that I don't know, but I did. I lured the alpha wolf into our taming pen and kept it there. My thoughts were if I just keep the damn alpha wolf alive in there, the game wont spawn another alpha wolf and I would not have to deal with it for a while. So I spent about 40 minutes luring it in the pen, constantly dying, running back and trying again. But I managed to get it inside. Finally I thought, lets have some fun. I swear to god, not 5 minutes later of locking the alpha wolf in the taming pen, i find myself on the beach on my low level wolfmount. I see three wolves running towards me and for sure.. one of them is an alpha wolf level 212. I didnt try to run, I pressed escape and exit the game. Today I quit this game. I will not come back untill this alpha BS is fixed. I understand we lived on a harsh island, like it should be. I can deal with having 0 fiber on the entire island to farm, so you have to get it somewhere else by boat. I can deal with no metal nodes on our island, so we get it elsewhere. like I can deal with the cold that constantly tries to kill you, I can deal with running inside as soon as it rains so you don't die from cold. I can deal with not having any source of sugar on our island like sap, so we have to get it somewhere else. I can deal with the risk of our ship getting sunk while doing so by other players or by the ghost ships... What I can not deal with, is alpha animals that you can not outplay or battle. There is no way to counter it, no way to save yourself or your mount. and it's total BS. You can only do something after you already lost the things of value. REMOVE THE ALPHA'S
  14. Today I logged on to find a level 1 Wolf in the middle of our house, in its time in the house it had killed all the people asleep in beds, a level 50 Tamed wolf set to defend, 3 cows that were on another level (up a ramp) and 4 chickens that were outside on the roof (up another flight of stairs and through a stone locked door) This can not possibly be correct that an AI can do this much damage when all people are offline - how did it even spawn in the house in the first place? RIP Dave - my first tamed wolf... and Milka, Countess and Daisy - the ever loving cows...
  15. Good evening! Does your company sell wolfs, i am looking for a high level female one that can breed with my wolf. after breeding with 30 wolfs i only managed to get to level 48. I have one left with Stamina on 420, but whatever i do, i can't get it over on my wolf. so if you have a wolf that is complementary to my wolf, i would like to buy it. here are the stats on my wolf. Thanks for the help!!
  16. I'll try to explain, but I am attaching a video to show this one. Here goes; I have a level 48 Wolf (pretty high) that teleports back into my base everytime I dismount, and will not be able to deal damage to anything, almost as if its a ghost when brought outside the base. I am not sure what caused this, I have destroyed everything attached to the wolf in case it was caught in something, but nothing has worked. Here is a video of what is happening: I am not really too upset about the wolf not actually existing ( i dunno..) But I would like to know what's going on.. This is on official NA pvp server
  17. Like the title said, I got killed by wolf and when respawning all levels and skills have been reset. Basically a free respec since nothing is lost for ever, just need to allocate level points and skills again. Happened 4 times so far in last 2 version of game, always killed by Wolf, never because killed by something else.
  18. I'm on the official PVE server. This is the second time an Alpha Wolf killed my tames in my base, and now it killed my crew. Mind you my base is all closed up and so is my ship. Additionally i have two tamed animal area's that are separate and it got to both of them with them both being off the ground..... So looking at the log since i was offline during the time of its rampage the wolf killed my one of my crew npc's inside the cabin on my ship. Next it decided to teleport over to my smaller middle area of my base that is elevated off the ground and killed one of my bears. Then it went through the wall to my other elevated pen where my elephants are and killed 1 of them in there. Teleported back to my ship finished killing the last two crew members. Then decides to teleport back into my elephant room and kill the second elephant i had in there. Now this is really frustrating due to the fact that i'm for the most part a solo player traveling across the map to collect there specific taming feed and thus traveling to other zones to find the animals. Now i have to do it all over again. Please correct this issue as this will cause me to quit playing a game i cannot progress in. Elephant room on the right. Smaller tames room in the middle, and you can see my ship in front. Ridiculous.... FYI. This event transpired after v10.75 update was released so that patch didn't fix the issue. Tweeted v10.75 22 hours ago. I checked my tames before work 14 hours ago and they were all alive.
  19. Please fix wolf overspan in region E2 , 10-40 Wolf in one group
  20. i die more than wolf than everything, i spend 25 minute to kill alpha, wolf make me lose huge amoug of ressources etc ...
  21. The wolf has been nerfed to the point of being useless as a mount. It's carry weight is a joke (simply having a set of tools, a couple weapons, and armor is enough to encumber it), it is fairly slow, even when not encumbered, and it's health and attack are kinda meh. I guess this is the dark side of asking for endless nerfs on wild animals.
  22. Tried to row a tamed wolf out to my brigantine. Walked it onto a dingy and dismounted. When I pressed ‘E’ to drive the dingy, the wolf just vanished. Gone. Poof. bummer!
  23. I had my level 71 wolf with me on a treasure hunt. Had it bored my ship....shot up in the air and few moments later got the message it died. Bummer. Def a bug though
  24. If your interested in taming a wolf or a lion, I have a decent pen set up in F3 with loads of them around it. I believe I left the pin set to unlocked and your more then welcome to use it.. The pen is not at my home base, it's next to my neighbors to the west.. we are located on the center Island at the south end to the west.. Cursed Exiles and Grim something or something Grim.. can't remember but I have a single plot of land on the other side of Grim that has a pen setup for taming.. it's a relative safe to use pen with little worry about being killed or your tame being killed by other animals in the area. If your interested and have issues finding it try to hit me up in the afternoons around 18:00 to 22:00 EST. Same pathfinder name in game as I use on the forums
  25. How to? I Bola the Wolf after getting him to 10% Live, i have Bones in Slot 0, but i cant do anythink with the Wolf... What do i wrong?
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