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  1. Currently the vitamin increasing arrows cover the vitamin bar to where it is difficult to tell the level. They should either be slightly smaller than the bar itself or moved downward away from the area that vitamins usually hover around.
  2. they should instead make it like you said where they nerf the xp gained by ships and allow for them to be damaged again
  3. Beer kegs could not only be used as a decorative item but also to brew stuff like grog. I'm thinking they could look like the water barrel, but shorter, fatter, turned on their side with a little stand and are placed on top of tables.
  4. The army of the damned that spawn when you do treasures should go back to being damaged by artillery such as swivel cannons. It makes no sense why they shouldn’t be damaged. Swivel cannons were a way for me to effectively solo treasure maps without the need to use more skill points to unlock tames. I think a better solution than making them not get hurt from it(which doesn’t make sense physically), instead their damages is halved for the Damned. This would allow people who like me to solo treasure hunt. This is my favorite thing to do in the game and is the source of most of my fun and it is ruined for me. If people think it is too op or something then keep it how it is in pvp but make them do half damage in over.
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