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  2. They have a very tiny "sweet spot" to feed. start at the back feet, crouch-walk into the belly towards the armpit, look towards the mouth through the armpit and keep trying to feed until you get close enough. it will show the feed option from all around the head, but most animals have a very specific spot you have to be in before it actually works.
  3. My entire company is in A8, all of us are having the exact same problems. I get it, maybe one or two people have an issue witht heir hardware/software, but our ENTIRE company and other people in our island region? total BS. Battleye is blaming it in old computers and files that need updates, but that in itself only accounts for 1-2 people. some of the rest of us are running excellent machines, have done every single suggested fix, had techies and game gurus jump in, and still no solutions for any of us. We have started noticing a large number of companies and bases just disappearing because they cant get logged back in on time to save themselves from decay because of this. Regions are dying because there's no one in the company able to log on anymore. It's like a massive ghost town across the world. At one point we had alliances with people all over, and now we are down to one last alliance of people who cant get logged back in. Before the last patch my own company cleared out at least 5 massive bases that timed out from companies that we know for a fact were active, had many active players in the days prior, and just all disappeared together at once. My neighbor in K11 had an entire town built and his last message on steam was complaining about battleye loop. i logged in the other night and his entire base is wiped off the map. My own company is now at risk because of this. We have a decent size company with multiple active players that log on daily and as of today not a single one of us is able to get into the game. All of us are trapped in a loop of battleye hell. We have all submitted tickets and all got back an automated response that doesnt tell us anything other than our ticket is closed. At this point there are so many payers who cannot connect that are not being heard. Submitting tickets seems pretty useless anymore, they aren't reading any of it.
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