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  1. On 7/7/2019 at 7:33 AM, Salty Jack said:

    If you see a foundation or pillar with my name on it.... YOU ARE INSIDE MY BASE.... and if you think decaying stand alone elements will fix YOUR problem.... think again.... I will just turn the whole damn base into one big parking lot....

    You are the reason why I have abandoned the NA PvE server. Well, not you specifically, but all the people that do this.

  2. from what I can tell, the map is the same as Offical, however all sectors seem to be lawless. 

    For example, I started in M7, a freeport, according to the wiki map, the sectors M6, M8, L7 and N7 are lawless and N6 is open. I sailed there and tried to claim... and it indicated the region was lawless.

    So, I'm assuming that the whole map is lawless for Single Player. 

  3. I noticed this as well.

    After talking to folks in Discord, the opinion was that it's single player. No need to claim land. Just go build anywhere.

    I would like more details. I thought  you needed to place a flag to feed and pay crew in the base. 

    I like the idea of claiming in single player so I can see where I've been 😄

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Coggage said:

    I can see why people might enjoy claiming land anyway in SP just for the hell of it, but since it serves no function in SP maybe there's a way to just plant an ordinary flag. 

    Isn't the Claim Flag needed for feeding crew in a base?

    2 minutes ago, DannyUK said:

    This is where single player will almost wipe PvE out because more mods in future might allow for ships to roam around and be able to jump on to fight and claim ship like pirate should.

    I actually haven't played the PvE side of things. Just bought the game because I see the single player option and it was on sale. LOL.

    Still... roaming NPC's ships and humans in either might be a nice touch.

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