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  1. It is amusing to see the "ironclad" style ships running around. some look really cool. They're just not right though...

    I agree on the "wall of guns" being ridiculous.  

    I disagree on the gun ports only mounting, unless they make more types of gun ports. For example, sailing ships of the time could have forward and aft gun ports depending on the size of the ship. Some guns would just fire over the side rails of the ships.  

    Building on a schooner, I liked that I could build a deck almost flush with the stern taff rail (the part with the fancy scrollwork). This would allow for a couple of cannons to be placed there as stern chasers (something often done on RL ships of the time).  However, as I built on a Brigantine,  The lay out of the decking and the angle of the back planks made building a flush deck difficult. 

    I agree that ship battles with the "wall of guns" is terrible. It is, however, seemingly needed because SotD don't care about the wind. So, the tactical thing to do is build all the guns aft and forward, drive at an SotD shoot, pass, and kite them along shooting while keeping with the wind. Until the SotD are forced to maneuver with the wind like a player has to, this will probably never change how ships are built.

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  2. I like the idea of one large island in the freeports. Currently there are 4 islands that are all identical (maybe some different resources) with one port on each island that is identical. The thing I'd like to see is or maybe two islands somewhat centered in the map. Maybe rotate it some in each freeport.  Then there could be two ports on each. Each port could then have different vendors to buy/sell basic clothes, food, building items etc. 


    Too many islands, in my opinion, are too small  or too broken up and small or nothing but pillars.. MANY of those islands are undesirable 

    I agree with this. Some of the maps with a lot of small, tiny islands or archipelagos are just useless for any kind of building. I like the islands in A4 and A12 . One big island and a few smaller ones. 

    also, I'd like to see the islands be more... i don't know, island like? I know there are islands that are rough and ragged, but there are others that are lush and nice, even some with wild formations. 

    There are some ruins on some islands, I like that, but there are some islands that have small ports or towns. I'd like to see these be more lively. Perhaps a food vendor and maybe a general store kind of thing.

    I like the exploration aspect of the game, so sailing around to islands and finding the ruins are fun. Perhaps a quest giver type could be in some of the ports... saying something like, "Hey have you seen <such-and-such> on <such-and-such> island." Then you get a quest. There could be x number of quests in this chain which when completed you get some kind of reward.

    I don't agree on the limiting crafting and building unless you are in claimed territory. 


    vitamins/food/spoilage - I don't mind the need to take care of these needs. I just wish the spoilage timers of food were less intrusive. having items spoil in hours seems to be to much. especially if you  keep them in things like the larder or preserving bags. speaking of which, the preserving salts should be able to put into the larder to help preserve food.



  3. 4 hours ago, Jay8454 said:

    I noticed the game has no half roof pieces nor double doorways or even half vertical wall pieces. 

    So, if you build an awesome rp store the front has no realistic roof over hang and looks largely unfinished. Or if you want to leave out the door frames as your door the wall piece looks unfinished.  Keep the good.work going totally love the mods. You and everyone do great work.

    There are half walls, it's one of the option for any wall piece.

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  4. I've always laughed at the arse blasters I've seen on youtube.

    If they would make the SotD have to deal with the wind and sea the same as players have to do. Battles with them would be better. 

    As noted above, some historical ships did carry bow guns and stern chasers.  These guns were not the big guns of the ship but usually ones that were easily moved by the crew if they needed. Probably nothing more than nine pounders. Most of the time they were already installed.

    If they were going to worry about weight, then they would have given us more dynamics and more to micro manage.

    I don't mind putting one or two guns at the bow and stern.

  5. Some of my thoughts:

    Flotsam - more rewards - a random armor piece with random quality based on quality of the flotsam. Random weapon with same chances. Random building/ship structure. better percentages for gold based on quality of the flotsam.

    Random NPC ships - some can be boardable, others just to distract SoTD.

    Wind - I'm cool with the way it works so far... but Please please make it SoTD need to deal with it too.

    SoTD -  Give them Sails! - instead of spawning and going in circles, have them spawn and go in a direction. If they run into land, have them turn 90 degrees and continue moving. If they get close to you, then fight on. 

    Cyclones - great idea but instead of packs of them, just make one big one (they are supposed to be like hurricanes) instead of water spouts. maybe give them levels like real hurricanes. the stronger they are the more damage they'll do to your ship.

    helmsman - Big ships like this, the captain wouldn't always be on the helm. Helmsman would take a course to steer and continues until releived. 

    lookouts - have NPC's be able to take crows nest and other lookout spots. Lookout could call out and mark locations of land and SotD. Lookout could work with the Helmsman and turn to avoid the SoTD.

    Sextant - I like the mini game but find it hard to find stars. then the buff doesn't seem to last very long, but I do like to have the compass at the top of the screen to let me know when I'm spinning in the storms. though I'd like it to be the ships heading not where I'm looking, that's what the map/compass are for

    Vendors in Freeports - someone mentioned it before, buy and sell items like foods and parts as well as animal sellers. If the freeports are to keep the same four islands, put different vendors on each island. gives more reasons to head to freeports besides trying to buy npcs

  6. That's the way it works as far as I know.

    Both people have to be in their own companies. Then company 1 invites company 2 to their company. Company 2 will see a message to press "e" and  hold to get the option wheel. One of them is the option to merge. Once done, all your stuff now belongs to Company 1. Company  1 will have to give you permissions to thing (depending on how the company is setup).  

    My question is how do I get my stuff back if I leave? Does company  1 have to go and unclaim everything?

  7. 1 hour ago, Sleepinator2000 said:

    Point taken on the hollywoodness of the epee, but I'll stand by the stiletto. They came into vogue among Italian barbary pirates, and were a common multi-tool for cannoneers who would use them for clearing fuse holes.

    I'll give you that a stiletto might have been used as a knife by some. Not a working knife of a sailor though. It would be WAY to big to clear the touch hole(vent is the proper term) of a cannon. Something the size of a metal coat hanger or smaller would have been used. I know this too because we shoot cannons.

     Vent Prick


  8. 15 hours ago, Sleepinator2000 said:

    Traditional pirates certainly had a variety of melee weapons to choose from - stilettos, cutlasses, epees, and sabres come to mind, and they would each excel at some important aspect, from speed to penetration to power. Would seem like an easy job to develop some scale-able abilities and feats to accompany those attributes. (Bleed on Stilletto, Armor penetration on Epees, Stagger on Cutlass, Parry on Sabres). I don't recall anything relating to Pikes or Two-Handed Maces in the pirate lore I have read, so it seems a bit bizarre that they have them at all, but... dinosaurs.

    Being a Golden Age of Sail Sailor/pirate re-enactor, I giggle when I read things like this statement. Pirates and Sailors of the period would use lots of weapons. Traditional ones are Cutlass, knives, axes, pikes and even tools used in ship repair like big hammers and the like. Stilletto's and Eppee's are hollywood. That being said....

    I agree that the pike slash is silly, although not improbable. A thrust attack would be a primary attack. Pikes were used for anti-boarding, the sailors standing at the rails holding them to prevent other ship sailors from jumping on board. They were just to long for normal fighting on ship, but go on land and a swinging slash could be useful and planted on the ground angled up would be good for charging beasties.

    The sword has a variety of attack already, but a power assisted feat could be useful. 

    Pistols and musket/carbine are good and I like the animation for reloading because it really shows how slow those weapons were, but please get rid of the silly mini-game. I haven't seen any use for it. does it do anything? Oh... and the range... those weapons were smooth bores and round balls... they were "maybe" accurate to 25 - 50 yards. 

    The bow is nice but should only be an early game weapon, let us get to the pistols quicker. 😄

    anyway, I agree, there should be some more love to the weapons.

  9. So, I guess my is, if the setting "Structure Prevent Resource Radius Multiplier" is set to more than zero which I presume it is on Official, how can a resource stay in that area? I can see someone smacking it a few times and stopping, but it doesn't regrow (as far as I know), so, if they build on top of it, then won't that resource stop respawn ? So why cover it up?

  10. On 7/24/2019 at 2:52 PM, chuck3rd said:

    It is my understanding that the number of mast and the rig set up determines the type of ship.  Cutters, sloops, and cat boats are single mast ships.  A cutter is a single mast with two or more head sails and a gaff rig.  The same can perhaps be applied to the brig and brigantine. Head sails and for and aft rig set ups are completely absent from the game among other things.  A little research into the age of sail can provide inspiration to the developers.  

    You're mostly correct. There were classes of ship and then classes of that class. For example, take the frigate. You could have a 24 gun (12 guns per side) 1 deck frigate an that was something like a 6th rate and then up to 1st rate of 100+ guns and 3 decks. 
    The sloops, schooners and brigs were unrated but could carry anywhere from 4 to 18 guns.  Of course these guns were usually much smaller than what would have been carried on frigates.

    Schooners were usually two masts

    Sloops were usually not small like in the game, but bigger. For Example, the USS Constellation was considered a sloop-of-war and 3 masted.

    A cutter would be more the size of the in-game sloop with one mast

    A brig was sometimes as big as a frigate and sometime with as many guns a 6th or 5th rate frigate.

    Then you got a Ketch, which was like a sloop or a brig with two masts, except the front mast it the taller mast.


    So... I'd like to see a frigate based off the brig frame but bigger. I'd like to see a ship of the line base on the galleon but bigger.

  11. 34 minutes ago, Pete Rottedtoof said:

    Same here.  On that note has anyone found a smart way to create hourly save points so you can roll back?

    cheat saveworld

    that should create a save point. However like in ark, I think if you discover an issue, do the command then kill the game via task manager. Other wise if you exit to the menu the save done by the command get's over written. 

    After doing the command, you can probably open explorer and copy the save to another directory

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  12. 28 minutes ago, Jacob Drellerey said:

    for some reason I can't place a solo on my island in signal play, anyone have any idea's why?

    probably because the land isn't claimable

    On 7/1/2019 at 9:49 PM, Nutcutt3r said:

    For what? its SP :classic_blink:

    Perhaps, because even though it is single player, we'd like to have the same functionality as in MP?

    I mean, they based this off of ARK, even some of the same devs if I remember, and ARK single player is just the same as MP

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  13. 6 hours ago, darkmeadow said:

    i forgot about the ini setting there yes but being able to turn it of in the ui or having it off per default would be better

    yea creating a company would definitive help as well

    which ini setting? for the vendor or the company?


    option to enable claim flags in the UI (i know it is functionally not needed but keeps it consistent compared to Multiplayer)

    I also agree with this. Single Player should be basically the same as MP, except without all the pillar spamming.

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