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  1. while I've been enjoying SP for a while, it (like the rest of the game) has a lot of issues. One of the Biggest at this point is dying and not being able to respawn on your bed (if on a ship) because the game thinks your ship is in the previous map still. I know there are work arounds but... I have CRS ... lol 

    I'm with you on wishing I knew where to disable the AotD immunity to everything except a tamed animal and where to turn down the death ray of a sun

  2. Quote

    And the islands in general. The following situation. There is a coconut on the beach. I let it be picked up by my character. I get cactus.

    This is one thing I think needs some fixing


    So I haven't had ships repaired by NPCs for quite some time.

    you do have a resource box on the ship? it is filled with the mats needed for repair? If you don't have the resources, the NPC's will just stand around


    And please indicate if any materials are missing for the repair. 

    just equip the repair hammer. If you're missing mats from the resource box you'll know. 


    I agree with a lot of what you have re-hashed from many people. 

    - wpe pirates immune if manning a weapon unless you run up to them and smack them with a sword or the weapon is destroyed by your cannons.

    - NPC's being able to be assigned to gather resources would be nice.

  3. Just checked via the steam app, all the "Total" mods are gone. This is going to suck. 
    If the mod is deleted from steam, but I have it installed, will it still work? I'd check but I"m at work.

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  4. 15 hours ago, Talstorm said:

    I was looking at the devs pie chart and saw how the devs wanted players to be out on the sea more rather than on land. I then thought of this simple change; rather than losing your planks when their health reaches zero, water would just spill into the ship. This would get rid of the farming for the spare planks, and get rid of the frustrating moments of having one less cannon on a side because you ran out of extra gunports. It would even make the repair hammer even more useful as people can't simply fill in the hole with another plank. Sure it would be a negligible change, but it would make it, so players don't have to farm, and recraft blueprint planks and gunports after a battle. 

    I wouldn't mind NOT losing the plank. However, the need to carry spares of everything is also a good thing. It also a matter of how you play, whether it's solo, PVP or PvE. 

  5. Single player mode:

    I've now attempted capture of six WPE encampments. I'm in K5 (I think). Each WPE encampment has had 4 layers of structures. I needed to use console command "givetome" to take control of each block/wall/ceiling/barrel/box etc to destroy or get into everything.


  6. 8 hours ago, Liatni said:

     get rid of HEAT wave in the freeport grids too 😛 I think MOST players who have ever logged into Atlas has died within the first hour from heatstroke 😕 and many don't even know what killed them since they don't know about it... heh.

    SOOOO true

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  7. On 9/24/2019 at 2:54 AM, Nyrro said:

    Attacking a pirate base: Its fun, pirates come in different armor amounts, seems smart enough to pull out a pistol to shoot you, the Canons are a bit too accurate, I was on my ship shooting at them and they literally HIT ME every time, Dead on - on the steering wheel. (Maybe instead of just shooting player on ship they could try to sink the ship?

    **NOTE** Pirates on cannons, puckle, ballista etc, are invulnerable, you cannot snipe them, you have to walk up to them, or try to punch them to get them to come off turret and fight you. I think for NPC Pirates, it would be good if that could be adjusted... We should be able to Snipe them off the canons or guns.

    I forget where I was (not at home to check) but in SP with WPE enabled... found to camps on one island. 

    Had the same thing happen, WPE cannons had dead-eye aim on me while on the wheel... I'm cool with accurate aiming, but being the sole focus when my ship is firing back, the WPE should focus on the ship not an individual.

    As to the note, I was able to target with my ship cannons and knock and/or kill the pirates off the puckles and cannons. (Land based units). It was funny watching from my ship through telescope to see another NPC take over a puckle.  I used the ship cannons and targeted the cannon/puckle pirate and let it auto fire until dead. 

    I also set it to auto target the building until gone while I swam ashore and shot a few pirates that wandered around.

    29 minutes ago, Samstag Freitagsson said:

    Is it possible to destroy the wpe canons on land from sea with mortars or cannons?

    Yes, or at least I think I did. The two camps I found had cannons mounted on top of buildings. I targeted the building from the ship and when it stopped I looked and the guns were gone.

  8. On 1/15/2019 at 8:17 AM, Sovereign Snow said:

    1. PvE Servers, Allow Ship Claiming After Inactivity

    • I like this, would make the game more pirate like.

    2. Repair All Structures

    • THIS! I don't think a specific station is needed, but having them repair everything would be great

    3. Unseat All Crew

    • This kind of works if you press and hold "N" while on the ships wheel, but only for the cannon crew. Something like this for all crew would be great

    4. Man Your Stations

    • This would be AWESOME

    5. Handling Sail; Reverse

    • It would be nice if there was a way to "back the sails". A method of turning the sails into the wind so it pressed on the front of the sail to slow and backup a ship.

    6. Captain's Deck

    • This can be done sort of if you don't install the planking first. Put a deck in and then you can build almost into the frame and to the back of the ship and then put the planks on. This works well for the schooner. The Brig has a higher and further back plank. 
    • What I'd like to see is walls and floors that can be built right up to the frames and planks.

    7. Careening

    • I don't see a need for this since there is no fouling of the bottom of the ship.

    8. Mooring

    • Mooring would be cool. A mooring bouy that could be placed further out and the ship anchors to it would be cool.

    9. Select All or Individual Sail Controls

    • I could see that this could be handy

    10. Look-Out / Telescope 

    • I agree with this, a lookout station in the top of the masts that an NPC could be assigned and would give either a further view or just a warning.

    11. Collidable Figureheads

    • This and 13 should be combined

    12. Rotatable Weight & Handling Sails

    • I don't think they should be rotatable, but I do think they should be fixed so that they swing to both sided equally. For example the handling sail will rotate and stick almost 90 degrees to the starboard side of the ship, but only about 45 degrees on the port side. 
    • Also, the way the sails billow needs to be fixed. If they are swung out to port the sails point backward

    13. Rigging That Connects The Front Sail To The Figurehead

    I've added my comments above...

    I'd also like to see the ratlines (the ladder works that go from the rails to the top of the sail) be climbable instead of having to hang ladders down from the sail platforms.

  9. I agree, one larger island in the freeports with maybe four ports at the cardinal directions, a central city/town where there could be vendors and maybe a Bank(company storage) that mats and gold can be put, and then retrieved at another freeport.

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  10. I like #1 and #2

    however for #2, you could just build a ramp up to it. Also, as an alternative to the little pillars, you could use stone doorways as just pillar like decorations.

    #3 if they could implement some kind of pull function like the ARK mod Structures Plus

  11. 17 hours ago, HighwaymanEd said:

    This is where an NPC crewman on ‘look out’ in the crows nest equipped with a telescope could come in handy for a voyage.

    Enemy’s spotted? He rings the bell well before you’re within range of their guns to alert you to get back on deck and triggers a discord webhook message letting you know.

    Island in your path? He should shout ‘Land Ho!’ and the AI Captain on the wheel equipped with a sextant on Autopilot should be able to steer around the island.

    Tie this in with another mini game with a map table and compass to plot a course for the AI Navigator to follow across a single grid square and the player doesn’t need to be present on the ship for that course to be sailed and the tedium  goes away.

    These should be priorities for the Sailing changes coming with NPC crew skills they can individually be ‘upgraded’ with and specialise the AI crew after unlocking a few advanced ‘Captaining’ skills in the tech tree. AI lookout, AI navigator, AI Captain skills for example.

    BUT, whilst there is no human crew on board the ship, it becomes vulnerable to other players on the PvE servers adding an element risk and adding more chances for actual Piracy! Say a 3 minute timer after the human crew leaves it, expiring after a 3 minute timer when the human crew are back on board...

    I like some of these:

    an AI Lookout to warn of ships and islands would be cool.

    an AI Helmsman to steer

    an AI Lieutenant to navigate and autopilot, would be tied to AI Helmsman and the Lieutenant Platform.


  12. 16 hours ago, Cantore said:

    Storm mechanics could also use some improvement in my opinion. Having cyclones that miraculously follow you and spawn directly in front of you is: 

    A) Stupid B) Unrealistic C) Not randomized enough in relation to the size of the open sea.

    If a cyclone does occur, it should be visible from afar, random, and only occur in a single, very large, avoidable, and VERY deadly cyclone; instead of 12 that continuously spawn at and around you while you move.


    OMG... so much this... I know off the original post topic.. but... yeah cyclones are so f'd up.


    As for  the SOTD by the border. I've had similar issues. Thankfully there were only four and I managed to plow through them and thankfully the wind was in my favor and I escaped.

  13. I'm old  (52). 

    I don't use Twitter. I strongly dislike that platform.

    I like Discord. It's a decent platform for chat and voice. I follow the Pathfinder General Channel, Atlas Channel and the pve-general channel. I do this mostly while playing because if I suddenly have a question, I can alt-tab to it and ask in the channels. Sometimes I get a decent and helpful response. 

    I follow the forums because I find this place to be best source of information because most of the time someone has already had a similar issue and already gotten a response.

    The forums IMO should be the primary place for putting out information. There is no way to archive the Discord chat and as mentioned before, it's just so discombobulated. No threads to follow. At least the forums have topics to follow and keep track.

    The unfortunate part of the forums, they don't seem to be moderated well and you end up getting lots of same topics over and over. This makes for difficulty in finding real information.

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