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    Isnt Blocking Resource Spawn's a Bannable offense?

    So, I guess my is, if the setting "Structure Prevent Resource Radius Multiplier" is set to more than zero which I presume it is on Official, how can a resource stay in that area? I can see someone smacking it a few times and stopping, but it doesn't regrow (as far as I know), so, if they build on top of it, then won't that resource stop respawn ? So why cover it up?
  2. Geminia_Sierra

    Isnt Blocking Resource Spawn's a Bannable offense?

    that's pretty messed up. the thing I never quite understand is how does this help. Is no there a setting along the lines of "distance from built structures items spawn"? So, if this is true... how does this help? it would... should block them from the resource as well
  3. Geminia_Sierra

    Another Ship Type

    You're mostly correct. There were classes of ship and then classes of that class. For example, take the frigate. You could have a 24 gun (12 guns per side) 1 deck frigate an that was something like a 6th rate and then up to 1st rate of 100+ guns and 3 decks. The sloops, schooners and brigs were unrated but could carry anywhere from 4 to 18 guns. Of course these guns were usually much smaller than what would have been carried on frigates. Schooners were usually two masts Sloops were usually not small like in the game, but bigger. For Example, the USS Constellation was considered a sloop-of-war and 3 masted. A cutter would be more the size of the in-game sloop with one mast A brig was sometimes as big as a frigate and sometime with as many guns a 6th or 5th rate frigate. Then you got a Ketch, which was like a sloop or a brig with two masts, except the front mast it the taller mast. So... I'd like to see a frigate based off the brig frame but bigger. I'd like to see a ship of the line base on the galleon but bigger.
  4. At least they asked... I had similar issue except they just started moving foundations closer and closer to where I was building until I couldn't anymore finally just destroyed all my stuff taking the little resources I got back with me and left for a nicer area
  5. Geminia_Sierra

    Sunkren treasure spawning inland

    I've seen this as well and it was on an island in m7 freeport
  6. Geminia_Sierra

    SP items disapear

    cheat saveworld that should create a save point. However like in ark, I think if you discover an issue, do the command then kill the game via task manager. Other wise if you exit to the menu the save done by the command get's over written. After doing the command, you can probably open explorer and copy the save to another directory
  7. Geminia_Sierra

    Single Player Bug Thread

    was back in Freeport (M7) and the eastern most island (Proberg Ait) and found a sunken wreck inland from the shore. discoveries of islands still possible but not the other ones on the islands.
  8. Geminia_Sierra

    Single player mods

    Can you recommend any?
  9. Geminia_Sierra

    Invisible waterand treasure beacons

    a lot of the normal stuff in Multi player doesn't work in single player
  10. Geminia_Sierra

    Losing pet on crossing grid SP

    yup, had this issue. even seen it happen on a youtubers video. must remember to throw it in the hold before crossing zones
  11. Geminia_Sierra

    is there a map of the single player mode?

    probably because the land isn't claimable Perhaps, because even though it is single player, we'd like to have the same functionality as in MP? I mean, they based this off of ARK, even some of the same devs if I remember, and ARK single player is just the same as MP
  12. Geminia_Sierra

    singleplayer Singleplayer Feedback

    which ini setting? for the vendor or the company? I also agree with this. Single Player should be basically the same as MP, except without all the pillar spamming.
  13. Geminia_Sierra

    Foundation & Pillar spamming

    You are the reason why I have abandoned the NA PvE server. Well, not you specifically, but all the people that do this.
  14. Geminia_Sierra

    Single Player Bug Thread

    I've seen this issue twice. lost a monkey to this... yeah seen this one too I've seen this... But also when I went into N6 that in MP is not a lawless zone, those islands didn't discover
  15. Geminia_Sierra

    Single Player Bug Thread

    Have seen this problem as well.
  16. Geminia_Sierra

    Treasure Map Bug

    Well that's just messed up... Why can't we shoot them with arrows or throw spears... ugh... dumb
  17. Geminia_Sierra

    is there a map of the single player mode?

    from what I can tell, the map is the same as Offical, however all sectors seem to be lawless. For example, I started in M7, a freeport, according to the wiki map, the sectors M6, M8, L7 and N7 are lawless and N6 is open. I sailed there and tried to claim... and it indicated the region was lawless. So, I'm assuming that the whole map is lawless for Single Player.
  18. Geminia_Sierra

    is there a map of the single player mode?

    I noticed this as well. After talking to folks in Discord, the opinion was that it's single player. No need to claim land. Just go build anywhere. I would like more details. I thought you needed to place a flag to feed and pay crew in the base. I like the idea of claiming in single player so I can see where I've been
  19. Geminia_Sierra

    Single Player very Good !!!

    Isn't the Claim Flag needed for feeding crew in a base? I actually haven't played the PvE side of things. Just bought the game because I see the single player option and it was on sale. LOL. Still... roaming NPC's ships and humans in either might be a nice touch.
  20. Geminia_Sierra

    Single Player very Good !!!

    Is the no way to claim land? I like the idea even though it's not necessary in SP. as for wind, I haven't had an issue. I wouldn't mind seeing NPC ships wandering around... besides the "The Damned" ships.