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    Thanks for adding singe player

    while I've been enjoying SP for a while, it (like the rest of the game) has a lot of issues. One of the Biggest at this point is dying and not being able to respawn on your bed (if on a ship) because the game thinks your ship is in the previous map still. I know there are work arounds but... I have CRS ... lol I'm with you on wishing I knew where to disable the AotD immunity to everything except a tamed animal and where to turn down the death ray of a sun
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    uhm, what hat is this referring?
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    Dying from Heat on Starter Island

    This is one of the worst things about the game. Your fortitude was probably always a 6, but you had the Vitamin efficiency which gives a +30 fortitude. I hope they fix this burning heat
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    Map Zoom

    that's always been an issue... unless you're in single player.
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    Total Structures

    I just noticed that all the "Total" mods are back. I wonder if I should reload or wait... hmmm
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    Wild Pirate Camps bugged?

    So these are some of the issues I've encountered at almost all of the WPE. 1 - They have god like auto aim with cannons and pistols. 2 - The encampments seem to double/triple spawn at each spot 3 - The encampments spawn underground 4 - You can't gather anything when you kill the pirate, but the animals and even the NPC crew will 5 - Pirates on cannons/puckles are immune to arrows and bullets
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    Bow does zerzo damage to damned

    I really hope the fix/update the AotD. I think I understand the reason they "changed" it but it's near impossible unless you bring a large tamed animal army
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    Wild Pirate Camps bugged?

    from what I've seen, if you hit an island and destroy an encampment then retreat to fix things make supplies etc or log out and then log back in, the encampments in that sector will then have multiple encampments in the same place. Go to a new map sector and the first encampment will probably just one level until you log out I've also had entire encampments underground
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    Search for long-term motivation

    This is one thing I think needs some fixing you do have a resource box on the ship? it is filled with the mats needed for repair? If you don't have the resources, the NPC's will just stand around just equip the repair hammer. If you're missing mats from the resource box you'll know. I agree with a lot of what you have re-hashed from many people. - wpe pirates immune if manning a weapon unless you run up to them and smack them with a sword or the weapon is destroyed by your cannons. - NPC's being able to be assigned to gather resources would be nice.
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    Total Structures

    Thanks! Any good alternatives?
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    Crashing on exit...

    I was having issues with trees as well. I'd see them in the distance, ran towards them and they started to disappear. I ended up wiping my game...
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    Total Structures

    Just checked via the steam app, all the "Total" mods are gone. This is going to suck. If the mod is deleted from steam, but I have it installed, will it still work? I'd check but I"m at work.
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    Wild Pirate Camps bugged?

    Oh good... I'm not the only one seeing this and you can't get rid of thing when you claim the encampent
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    Treasure map Guardian bug

    I suspect, if as you said you went up on to a mountain, the last one is down the side of the mountain somewhere
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    Single player. Is this the way the game works?

    this is a known problem in Single Player. I think the general consent is that when you move into a new server/sector, get to an island quickly and setup a bed. then when you die, you go to that bed not the one on your boat. then fast travel to the boat
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    Ship Planks Thought

    I wouldn't mind NOT losing the plank. However, the need to carry spares of everything is also a good thing. It also a matter of how you play, whether it's solo, PVP or PvE.
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    Patch Notes - Thank you

    does this mean they last 3x longer or spoil 3x faster? if the later, that sucks
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    Hotkey needed for UI info

    especially when you're trying to see what damage is done to something. if you're running around, you could hit backspace to turn off everything.
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    wow! very impressive!
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    SOOOO true
  21. I forget where I was (not at home to check) but in SP with WPE enabled... found to camps on one island. Had the same thing happen, WPE cannons had dead-eye aim on me while on the wheel... I'm cool with accurate aiming, but being the sole focus when my ship is firing back, the WPE should focus on the ship not an individual. As to the note, I was able to target with my ship cannons and knock and/or kill the pirates off the puckles and cannons. (Land based units). It was funny watching from my ship through telescope to see another NPC take over a puckle. I used the ship cannons and targeted the cannon/puckle pirate and let it auto fire until dead. I also set it to auto target the building until gone while I swam ashore and shot a few pirates that wandered around. Yes, or at least I think I did. The two camps I found had cannons mounted on top of buildings. I targeted the building from the ship and when it stopped I looked and the guns were gone.
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    ships Suggestions For Ship Changes

    I've added my comments above... I'd also like to see the ratlines (the ladder works that go from the rails to the top of the sail) be climbable instead of having to hang ladders down from the sail platforms.
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    I agree, one larger island in the freeports with maybe four ports at the cardinal directions, a central city/town where there could be vendors and maybe a Bank(company storage) that mats and gold can be put, and then retrieved at another freeport.
  24. Geminia_Sierra

    Sea Port Stuctures

    I like #1 and #2 however for #2, you could just build a ramp up to it. Also, as an alternative to the little pillars, you could use stone doorways as just pillar like decorations. #3 if they could implement some kind of pull function like the ARK mod Structures Plus
  25. Geminia_Sierra

    Weather forecast and mini games for sotd

    I like some of these: an AI Lookout to warn of ships and islands would be cool. an AI Helmsman to steer an AI Lieutenant to navigate and autopilot, would be tied to AI Helmsman and the Lieutenant Platform.