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  1. Something I just noticed... While in SP and in the freeports... I gathered a bunch of maps. when I looked at them, all the M7 maps were of the exact same place, right at the stairs into the port town by the cosmetic vendor. This seems to have happened since the last wipe. Has anyone else seen this? I'm specifically asking about M7. Oh, and I was just reminded while watching another YT vid... if you put, say three of these same spot maps (that are on the same island), on your hotbar.... all three spawn at once... instead of the usual 6-8 AotD you get like 20 something
  2. When I capture a WPE and there are some buildings left, If I build/rebuild them, Will that prevent that encampment from respawning later? BTW I'm single player. I liked the buildings and layout. Was almost like a starter town. Since I just got to the island, I was thinking I might use them as a base on there.
  3. I tried this out last night. That is really kind of cool. I wish there were more options though, like half and quarter speeds or percentages like if you used the sail options. I like how the NPC's on the sails adjusted the sail angles as the ship moved and everything. Thanks!!
  4. you can get them to operate the elevators... haha
  5. definitely need more: events ships PvE content NPC's to interact with as vendors quest givers PvP stuff I suppose... fixed WPE WPE pirates that wander around the islands WPE ships that sail around the maps not just in circles near an island
  6. most of the folks h ave answered your question. 1) Ship Resources Box needs to be on the ship somewhere and have all the resources to repair the ship planks, decks and sails. As well as anything needed to repair other items 2) NPC needs to be standing on deck. 3) ship needs to be anchored if all the above is done, the NPC will eventually start "sweeping". This will start repairing the ship (planks, decks and I think sails (not 100% sure)). If you want to repair other items or do repairs while sailing: 1) put all materials in the Ship Resources Box (note: this also reduces the weight of the mats and they stack more) 2) make and equip (put on hotbar and select) a Repair Hammer Now, you can go around and hit things and start the mini-game or where available hit "E" to repair without doing the game. You might have to open the options wheel to do the repair.
  7. Yeah SP is glitched on the discoveries. Especially the ones on land. Might have to try that fast travel trick
  8. I've never had that issue. They are a pain though and seem to have homing technology on the ship.
  9. As Bluestone said.... very easy to identify. Also, when you sail into a freeport region, a message will be displayed above the hot bar that you're in a freeport and you won't level above lvl 8 until you leave the area.
  10. I've not had a problem with the WPE pirate ships not taking damage. I've destroyed a few in my heavily armed schooner, until I lost it... wasn't paying attention to where I was going and ran smack into s fleet of SotD galleons.... ouch... Since then... As I mentioned before, I have started building mortars. For the bases, find a spot where you can hit all the buildings and start dropping rounds. These will destroy buildings (even the doubled up ones), it takes a lot of rounds but can be done. if you're on the same level (ie same ground level as the camp, not above/below) you can use the telescope to see where you're dropping rounds. Very handy. For the ships, If you don't have a high powered ship, build a mortar near the shore and drop rounds on it. I've take out a few ships this way. Among the bugs of the WPE is the double/triple spawning of the camps, this seems to occur if you come to and island and discover it, then log out. I've discovered islands and gone into a WPE and there was only one level. Ran away and logged and came back. Went to same camp, and it was doubled. Easily seen by the cannons sitting in the same spot. Thankfully the number of pirates doesn't double.
  11. having NPC sail a ship that would follow you would be kind of cool, especially in single player. of course you'd risk them doing something stupid like animals running weird paths. Having an NPC man the steering wheel is possible, but I don't know how to make them sail the ship. I think there's some kind of autopilot
  12. I haven't done a treasure map in a while (and I'm in single player), but last time I did one it was on a freeport island and I got a crap load of blueprints. I think there was a thread about that being a bug. As for your questions, I keep most of mine. My land base has a building with multiple bookshelves where I split the blueprints up according to type and level. On board ship, I just keep two bookshelves, 1 for maps and music and 1 for blueprints
  13. yeah, I agree with this, many things just seem so buggered up
  14. They really need two things in my opinion... allow pipes to snap to grill (ie, place grill where you want it and then snap a pipe to it) and then out to water supply. Along with that, they need flexible pipes
  15. i had issues with my microphone. the fix was to make sure that it was selected in steam's friend chat.
  16. I have taken to building mortars and set them up just outside their range. Then I just bombard the encampment to dust. Of course the ones that are underground don't break so easy. I use the mortar on their ships too..
  17. they've added new islands. I know I went from M7 to M6 and the southern most island there has changed. the WPE are have a lot of bugs as well. If you leave the sector and come back the encampments double/triple up. Some encampments on hills or raised grounds end up under ground. the pirates have auto-aim and precision aiming Can't remove stuff from dead pirates unless you fight with tames. One of my tactics to deal with the WPE is to get just into range of their cannon (yeah you might take a hit or three) and place down floors and then a mortar. Then I shell the snot out of the place. The shelling will knock off the pirates on guns. If you don't want to loose any of the drops, go in with tames. I've used three, four pigs and a bear. Also 3 bears. In this situation, you have to unmount your tame and smack any pirate on the head with a sword, then duck and run and let your tames beat up the pirates. One benefit of using tames in this manner, they will strip the bodies of their stuff.
  18. I agree, the ships should have a bow sprit. needs to be a craftable item and jib sails (commonly jibs make a minor direct contribution to propulsion compared to a main sail. Generally, a jib's most crucial function is as an airfoil, increasing performance and overall stability by reducing turbulence on the main sail's leeward side) can be added to help with speed and maybe reduce over steer
  19. yeah, the pirate encampment doubling/tripling or more is most annoying. Even worse is when they spawn underground. to compensate for the bed and boat spawn issue, I try to make land and drop a bed as quick as possible nearby. I then fast travel to the boat bed. Usually but not always gets me around the bug. to get the pirates off the guns/ballista's... I like to setup a mortar just out of range of the guns. Then bombard the snot out of the place. After a few dozen rounds you can kill and sometimes destroy everything in the encampment. Blueprint issue... okay, thought it was something I did. I picked up three maps and they were all in the same spot. When I killed off the AotD and dug up the treasure, I got tonnes of blueprints. many duplicates and/or very similar. I also had all three maps removed too
  20. There's no visualization for the spray painter because it's designed to do multiple sections at one time. IE a length of walls or a side of a ship. The best thing to do is, as mentioned previously, carry a paint brush and the painter. smack a wall or plank and click the section you want to paint. then switch to the painter and enable that section. Paint all those at one time. Rinse and repeat for other sections. I will sometimes carry two painters so I can do all of one section and then switch and do all of the other sections. cheers
  21. while I've been enjoying SP for a while, it (like the rest of the game) has a lot of issues. One of the Biggest at this point is dying and not being able to respawn on your bed (if on a ship) because the game thinks your ship is in the previous map still. I know there are work arounds but... I have CRS ... lol I'm with you on wishing I knew where to disable the AotD immunity to everything except a tamed animal and where to turn down the death ray of a sun
  22. uhm, what hat is this referring?
  23. This is one of the worst things about the game. Your fortitude was probably always a 6, but you had the Vitamin efficiency which gives a +30 fortitude. I hope they fix this burning heat
  24. that's always been an issue... unless you're in single player.
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