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  1. aye, they never given much attention to this particular part of their game(s),, and i do understand this isnt a fast paced in and out multiplayer fps game and hate to bring up older examples too but if anyone here is old enough to have played ut99 would know that with its simplistic approach it sorted well over 2000 servers by any order you threw at it in seconds, and that was on a pentium 3,, ,,, like what in the actual fuck are we approaching a technological dark age of some kind?? my poast only meant to be motivational in nature and not derogatory to our beloved dev team , thank you
  2. for the first time since launch i wondered into the server browser to peek into the life the private server community , i have to say im utterly disappointed by the 'quality' of this gui diarrhea. NO usable info is displayed on any of the columns apart from the servers name , i crashed the game 4 times in under 10 minutes,,,, 22 years ago , age of fucking empires (1997) had better serverbrowser than atlas , its not like UE4 its requires a phd to create a functional maybe even practical(one can always dream) user interface... and at this stage i assume even at grapecard this task must have been given well below to zero percent priority and performed by either a janitor or his dog because thats what it looks like. you won GS , i have given up even trying to find a private servers for now and stuck on official but please ,, ffs do some work on that thing
  3. Thanks fot the Fast Decay updates, Hopefully it will resolve our issues !! Great job guys!
  4. that might be the way to go ,, timed buffs and debuffs , would make shit eating pointless and also incentivize usage to that part of the skilltree. problem is a large portion of the potential playerbase is a selfentilteled kids with zero willingness to put in any kind of effort into progression or achivement , want everything handed to them in the easiest and fastest manner, ark's disease system got killed off by this same crowd before it could have been implemented properly, it had a great promise but was too much to handle for this histerical fortnite generation.. point is this aimed to be a survival game, not an invincible jack spaerro simulator..
  5. this is the current state of the game you people have created.. performance is horrible because of this, and i own a top notch rig fairly comfy to say im in top 10% power wise.. so i cant even imagine running this on a potatobox, just look at it.. so my question is this dear devz , is there any thought being put into this? is there at least one person in either one of your 'offices' who is actively working on this issue or at least thiking about it? if something coming later thats worth sticking around for or should i just 'jump ship' and gtfo ? thank you...
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