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  1. @Rob @Jatheish Was this based on an Ubuntu distribution? in Fedora i have 32 bit libraries in /usr/lib/ and 64 bit libraries in /usr/lib64 the oldest version of openssl supported is 1.0.1 and the newest is 1.1.1 Which libraries does the current atlas server support? Thank you
  2. Has anyone successfully set up a server on Fedora 30 I have been trying to set one up using atlasmanager. i get the following errors Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to work? Thank you
  3. Multivortex

    Captain's Log #33: Quality Of Life

    i would love to play ATLAS but they don't support a Linux client so they are missing out on any gold i might send their way. i love how they have Linux servers but we don't get to enjoy the game like everyone else. is it fair that we have to slave away below decks and don't get to enjoy the benefits? Perhaps it is time for a mutiny by the Linux administrators
  4. Are there any plans for supporting clients on other platforms like MAC or Linux on Steam ?