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  1. My company was really happy for the razing, but we didn't get to do it since they took it away. We have an epic amount of litter on our island and now we are stuck with it. There needs to be a way to remove stuff off islands especially as land owners. We pay for the island, we own the island, but yet we cannot do what we want to do nor build what we want where we want because previous owners or freeloaders just clutter it with garbage.
  2. I wish I could build on our island that we own but we can't because people built everywhere on it. Now this island is essentially fucking useless. So glad they allowed the freeloaders to control the game while the people putting in the work to own islands suffer.
  3. Wipe. We own an island and cannot build anything because assholes have it covered in pillars. Now they removed this razing bullshit and we can't build...now we have to move fucking bases because as owners we can't build anywhere. The assholes also even admitted to just login in to make sure their shit doesn't disappear if they choose to play again. Yay so glad we can't build on the island we own.
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