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  1. Mine used to last for a few days before disappearing now they are gone when I log out also
  2. so you assume the person who built the pen new the location of all treasure map spawns in the game ? you just a fool griefer who cannot hack pvp so need to do something like this. just another toxic kid tut tut tut. didnt mummy give you cuddles ??
  3. hahahahahaha anyone who feels the need to brag/boast (maybe lie) about owning their own business says a lot about the type of person you are. no one cares dude lol and stop griefing people what are you a spoiled child
  4. Open steam. Library then right click on atlas then properties then in the box that pops up local files (at the top) then verify integrity of game files.
  5. you need the sotd to keep you on your toes otherwise peole will just watch youtube vids while sailing. tho a 20-30 sec invul when crossing grids would be nice as ive lost a ship like this
  6. what lvl is your bear i have tamed one for this. but i havnt tried it yet
  7. is this your first online game ?? yes people are toxic its the internet. but just because people enjoy doing bad stuff ingame does not make them bad people but i find it hard to believe you played a pvp mmo to chill build a house and have a pet.
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