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    Well I am grateful for the new building. Good job devs, way to listen to the community and make an excellent contribution to the small company/solo players out there who want decent defenses but don't want to spend a good chunk of time each day checking on multiple NPC locations. Berries are easy to get and in 5 minutes you can essentially get enough to feed everyone for days. The silo was implemented SOLELY as a way to feed crew to improve the QoL, not as a way to store your crops (despite the name). There is already food larders and feeding troughs which serve the purpose of food storage. They just wanted to make the tedium of NPC management easier and the mission was accomplished. Having 1 per company per island is perfect, no need for more. It creates a high value target that should add some more depth to raids/defenses. As for the person arguing that you might as well just keep it in the flag if you can't have more than one, this was clearly designed with settlers in mind who don't have a flag. Again, shout out to the devs for a fantastic update and quick response to the small company community who sorely needed this. Well done!