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  1. shark had slmost killed me when I finished it off had tapped e accidentally and it picked the shark up but glitchy. my camera ended up in the perfect spot.
  2. Marcenos

    .exe only using 3 gigs of RAM refuses to load

    lol yeah was way beyond that was at the point i would reinstall file by file to see if one was blocking me. positive I don't have malware I used to own a pc repair business and am 41 years old (ancient I know) suffice to say the easy stuff was tried the first couple days. and I only use a VPN now to bypass whatever the block is it works fine with vypr vpn. the only logical solution is the server is blocking.
  3. Marcenos

    .exe only using 3 gigs of RAM refuses to load

    Luxfere I know my work isn't blocking anything. its not on my end. this isn't a work related network its a work camp were workers stay to work at nearby sites. and I have confirmed with the it guys that they don't block any thing at all. Besides if they did block atlas traffic I wouldn't be able to connect to any atlas servers not just the officials.
  4. Marcenos

    .exe only using 3 gigs of RAM refuses to load

    My guess? Some A $#&@ up here at my work camp tried cheating and got banned since we're all behind the same hardware we're all blocked... But that's a guess.
  5. Marcenos

    .exe only using 3 gigs of RAM refuses to load

    well I finally managed to connect to the servers after changing my internet... for some reason the servers are blocking the fibreoptic network up here at work. so if you have this issue try a free vpn to see if you can connect if thats the case you know there is an issue with the network you are using.
  6. Marcenos

    .exe only using 3 gigs of RAM refuses to load

    Can we get a Dev to acknowledge that they know about the issue? I am willing to do whatever is needed to get them info... PC info network info whatever...
  7. Like the title says my Razer laptop has 32 gigs of RAM but the game only uses 3.1 gigs this is on Windows 10 64 bit. The vid card is a 1080 mobile version. I cannot get the game past loading screen. Anyone out there know how to get this corrected? I have it set to run as admin. As well as battle eye etc. it gets stuck loading primalgamedata_BP I have deleted both the .exe. files and downloaded them again, using the resource monitor I can see that the game is using up to 3.3 gigs of ram but has commited 6 gigs+. if i run in low memory mode it does the same thing but limits it to about 1.7 gigs. does ANYONE know what I can change to get it to use my systems resources? Update: I can log into unofficial servers... but official ones stop loading at primalgamedata_BP. so not a ram issue an official server issue... anyone else seen this before? the only posts I have found do not seem to apply (deleting videos etc>)