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  1. I understand that ships and naval is the focus right now, but have you considered making changes to land bases and flag settings, such as reducing the radius that it can be contested or where it can be placed(pillars to ground etc)
  2. Do you have any plans to add changes to lawless? on lawless you can raid people very easy, you can put mortars almost everywhere, or put a cannon right next to you enemy. New players aren't aware that lawless is currently suicidal to build on and it's ends up discouraging new players from continueing to play if they get raided on lawless.
  3. I recently started playing Again because of the recent patches that made breeding easiere, however coming from ark, I found it slightly troublesome to breed on atlas.For me to breed on atlas i had to use the mechanic "enable wandering", which forced me to to spam "all stop" whistle(other players making pens to make them stop wandering). In ark, wildcard recently added a feature called "enable mating", which does the same thing as "enable wander" except that it doesn't wander away or forces me to guild a pen or spam whistles to make it stand still for the mating. I hope you will look taking this feature from ark and implement it into atlas, i don't believe that "enable wandering" is intended for breeding animals, but for the creature to simple wander around the vicinity and interact with the enviroment with it's neutral or aggressive stance. "enable mating" would be a good quality of life change for many people.
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