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  1. ATXHank

    Taming elephant.. bugs and weirdness.

    I tame them naked with wheat and a bear ( no pen )
  2. ATXHank

    More of the same.

    “By Dollie 06/13/2019 We have implemented a fix to stacking cannons in gunports. This fix will not apply retroactively to legacy cannons placed in this way. More than one cannon/launcher in a gunport is a build method we regard as an exploit and, with that in mind, players with cannons/torpedo launchers placed in this manner are on notice to cease actively using them in PvP and to remove these structures within the next 48 hours. Beyond this 48 hour grace period, ships running this build will be susceptible to enforcement action. Thank you.” I am at a loss, why are the same people that have exploited every other aspect of the game being allowed to make changes vs being actioned with consequences that might merit a change? Has this “Billy I told you stop Billy. Do not make me tell you to stop again Billy or I will tell you to stop again” method not taught you anything? It has taught those that exploit the game that the good graces you show them can be taken advantage of with no recourse for their repetitive actions. It has taught them that they can ruin the game for hundreds if not thousands and Grapeshot will continue to cater to them. It is beyond understanding why Grapeshot has not found a way to police these people from what is a fun game and by simple lack of real action has shown to be complicit to the steady death of this game. Do something tangible, other than to action the people that point out this inaction.
  3. I understand this post may get my forums account banned but somethings need to be said and the truth for some is a hard pill to swallow. I have watched the population of the game die swiftly due in large part to the lack of any real actions tanken against those that use Aimbot, ESP and a plethora of other exploits that seem to all come from the same region. What is the effect of a ban if the person in question simply bypasses the action taken by buying another copy of the game and repeating the same actions over again. These players are so blatant that they do not even attempt to hide it by changing company, or character names, knowing all to well that nothing will happen to them for some time while they continue to aimbot kill the sever population to alarming low levels. They are aimbotting with every weapon type and even cannons to snipe npcs off sails in 212 ping, but they are able to cannon snipe 8 ship armored crew off sails from 3 separate ships all by the same person. I understand a business model that supports both sides of a war, it allows you to keep making money off a game that currently has no other source of revenue than the initial purchase of the game, playing both sides of the fence allows a steady cash flow, but lacks integrity. Perhaps we can get a region lock? I understand that China has implemented new changes to the games its citizens are allowed to play and if the restrictions are correct there are many aspects of Atlas that violate those restrictions. “Games that contain images of corpses and blood will also be rejected. Developers previously modified blood color to green to circumvent restrictions, but the renewed guidelines have effectively ruled out any color variations of blood.” I am looking for a fair battlefield where my skill is tested against that of someone else not their ability to exploit the game.