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  1. Hello. Could you please Introduce a blacklist or Harvest Type Selector/wheel for tames in Atlas. For example when harvesting on an elephant for wood. I don't need the copious amounts of berries. It would be awesome to have the option to Ignore Berrys all together. On unofficial with increased rates harvesting berries Lags the servers out completely. After all the years of ark. I think its about time we have this option. Not only will it be good for us players but it will also increase server performance Unofficial and Official a like. So if for example, an elephant can harvest Wood Thatch and Berrys A rotation wheel where you can set "Ignore Berrys" "ignore Wood" "Ignore Thatch" by toggling them on and off would be awesome. We already had something similar to this With s+ Items eg the item collecter It would be a little investment in time but a huge quality of life improvement for players. This should be available on all gathering tames. Thank you
  2. Jat & Grapeshot. This game has the potential to add some PvP Aspects to PvE. For example. AI ships like the Brig Gallion etc Sailing around. That you can board and claim like you would In PvP maybe some treasures on board in a storage box. AI raiders sail to your home with cannons on horses and try to raid you make it so gold can only be stored in a treasure chest and AI are driven to get your gold out of the chest. So cannons and turrets are useful in PvE bases. I mean Go wild with it there are lots of potential
  3. Loving the game even if just testing on unofficial. However, only having the option to hold 1 "Weapon/tool" at a time just feels awful. Also having a timer on switching is also problematic. If your digging for water and another player sneaks up on you. You have to go into the menu. change to a weapon then wait 10 seconds to use it, You are basically dead. This is a terrible addition for no viable reason that I can tell its also Unrealistic. Please consider changing this. Feel free to add your feedback pathfinders.
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