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  1. On Friday 13th December we will restock our shop and will sell again treasure maps This weekend we will hold a little auction as well. So join our discord for more info .
  2. we added several blue and green treasure maps to our playershop. You can buy them for less than 500 gold depending on the quality!!!! Playershops located ad D11 next to our flag
  3. We are having a bear sale at the moment. All wild tames for 500 gold (breedable). Several fantastic colours available
  4. Hi We are a small company located at D10 an D11, playing mainly in the evening. Join on discord to see the animals we offer at the moment https://discord.gg/hxtZPTU Kolders Playershop: EACH Friday 20pm MEZ we open our playershop at D11 with new blueprints for ships, armor, tools and weapons. And at least one hundred new blue treasure maps for around 400 gold. We also started to sell crafted goods and some materials such as seaweed. Animals we offer at the moment (Breedable AND Neutered): -Razors (and eggs) -Shieldhorn (and eggs) - Breedable bears (with good stats) - Neutered high level bears - Rhinos - Giraffes - Elephants - Ostrich