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  1. Heilos

    Revised stone cost poll

    I think we all know you're not going to quit xD
  2. Heilos

    Revised stone cost poll

    But you're quitting after today, how are you going to get a respec to drop stone?
  3. Heilos

    Reset Skills

    You get one respec per level, so yes it's possible. Level up
  4. Heilos

    Suicide Prevention - Fixing the Vitamins

    If you're having trouble with over eating, drink milk or get the basic cooking recipes and drink some berry tea.
  5. Heilos

    Why make sailing so punitive?

    *has bad luck* *cries about it on the forums* *goes back to playing the game he hates* Nothing to see here, nothing broken.
  6. Heilos

    Chinese hackers are not the problem.

    Just double checked, 4 minutes into the stream Jat claims they have banned about 300 people and wiped multiple companies off the game.
  7. Heilos

    Chinese hackers are not the problem.

    Didn't they claim to have like 300 bans or something because of all these exploits and hacks recently? That's a pretty small list out
  8. Heilos

    Max Level 53

    Max level is 201, better get grinding
  9. You can solo it by running through the cave and spamming e when you get near the end. Is it fun? God no.
  10. Heilos

    Theft if territory

    It takes about 35 cannon balls to break a single stone wall if they all hit the same spot. If you build two rooms, with a bed in each and someone sleeps in each room it takes 70 cannon balls. If you surround your base with a secondary wall it takes 140 cannon balls to break into both rooms. Every addition room with additional outer walls increases this by a bigger and bigger margin until it's just not worth the effort to break into every single room in your base and kill you all. If you're playing solo in a single room with a single bed, then you don't have the force required to own land, go join a company.
  11. I look forward to the lack of notifications that I'll be receiving now you've stopped whining about a non-issue.
  12. Maybe you should stop throwing a tantrum and chucking your toys out of the pram before you feel the need to preach to others about growing up. For the record, "Official; Having the approval or authorization of an authority". I don't see anywhere in any definition of the word official that states that the thing must be owned by the company in question, and I'm fairly sure Jat has the approval of the company to post news updates on twitter and that twitter has the approval to host the news updates on their server. Strangely enough, according to this definition, his twitter account is an official channel.
  13. Your view on life is so misguided and wrong, I wouldn't even know where to start explaining anything to you.
  14. You did indeed pay for the game, and you received a receipt in your email just like you would have if you'd gotten that bank charge in your example. For notices that do not take effect against you specifically and affect their service, they use their OFFICIAL twitter account, thus you are being notified via OFFICIAL channels. Now you know it exists, feel free to add it to your bookmarks in case you want to check for future notices.