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  1. This is a re-post, due to original poster being lost at sea. We are The Friendly Server, already hosting a vibrant and (forgive the pun) friendly Ark community across 7 Ark maps. In January this year, our tireless leader launched The Friendly Server for Atlas and our 2 communities live side by side in discord which now boasts a healthy 800+ members. The bulk of this of-course is Ark players, so never fear, our Atlas server has plenty of space available for new players and builders to setup their fortresses or seaside towns. We are running on 2 dedicated, high spec servers, free from rubberbanding or lagg. The servers are based in the UK but we have players from allover the world joining us. As mentioned, it's a 5x6 map home to more than 100 islands. 5 grids are reserved for all 9 powerstone islands and 9 trenches whilst a 6th grid is reserved for the Kraken. We also have 1 pvp grid and another grid for hosting server events/games. The remaining 22 grids are for building and player bases with a balanced mix of all the biomes. We are a pve server and an entirely a pve community, but since we all get a kick out of blowing each other up, we've added a pvp grid for fun. Easily avoided and clearly marked Both in Ark and Atlas we do not support a "pay to win" environment and we keep our boosted rates at a sensible level to ensure that the intended game mechanics are still relevant but also boosted enough to take away the grind found on official servers. Server settings/features: 4x Harvesting 6x Taming 3x Exp 6x Egg/Gestation 7x Maturing 2x Difficulty (max level wild spawns are 60) 4x spoil timers(increased stacks for spoilables) Noclip enabled, Fountain of Youth permanently active on all powerstone Islands, Old flag claim system, Servers are never wiped unless official updates force it, All 9 powerstones, 9 trenches, Ghostship, Kraken grid, Ice Cave The Friendly Server Mods: Atlas Transfer\\Pickup Gun Custom Item Stacks eco's RP Decor Unlockable Submarine We are very careful about adding mods that cannot promise long term support. Many servers have already wiped for installing mods that are no longer supported. More mods will be added in future. Rules, join links and mod links can all be found on our website or in Discord. The Friendly Server website: http://thefriendlyserver.phokxx.com/ The Friendly Server Discord: https://discord.gg/bM6yb9n
  2. Fishface

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    This is a seperate issue luxfere, but the solution to your problem is found by not playing on official servers Play unofficial, where the communities are better and more respectful.
  3. Fishface

    Atlas Calculator Taming & Stats

    Ah apologies, I didn't realise the website was hosted by yourself!
  4. Fishface

    Atlas Calculator Taming & Stats

    Exploreatlas.co.uk has been down for several days now. Is it possible to make this tool available on a more reliable platform please?
  5. Fishface

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    Gotta agree here, the lack of communication on the forums makes you wonder if there's any point in posting here. Feels like you're not reading or paying any attention to the bugs and problems people are posting. All people want to their posts is some acknowledgement that you've agreed this is a bug and it will be processed in due course. For something major like this disappearing structures bug, an actual update would be great. For a game where community is everything, you're not really being a solid role model or doing much to uphold the community that keeps the game alive and kicking.
  6. The 3 vehicles that are typically only obtainable through cheats, are unspawnable in my single player game. I've checked the location where the files should be held for these cheats but i believe the necessary files are missing. I also installed the Extended Vehicles Mod v3 (Stackable) mod, which added the vehicles to my smithy as it said it would, but when crafting any of them, nothing happens. It consumes my materials for crafting but doesn't produce the vehicles specified. other people in our community are reporting the same problem. Have these files been removed from the game?
  7. Fishface

    Steampunk Airship, Tank and Plane files are missing

    I did eventually get our server admin to confirm this, and you have actually pulled these files from the game. On a side note, the mod for extended vehies, which is used as an example and introduction to your devkit, is no longer relevant.
  8. Has anyone noticed this powerstone island to be over-spawning animals and monsters? We've done a fly by of all the powerstone Islands and they all show a regular, ordinary amount of spawns. They all have 1 hydra or 1 dragon. However Mnt_Y_EU_PVE always spawns 3 hydras(immediately after a Dino wipe is done), and the number of animal/monster spawns is easily 3 times that of all the other powerstone Islands. Navigating the island on foot is absolute chaos. If I were to use rhino's as a measuring stick, there would be something spawned every 2 rhino's apart (or less) Is this a config issue, or a bug with the island itself?
  9. No explanation needed... Bigger submarines and different classes of them, much like the schooner, brigantine and galleon classes. Along with it, you could add some anti-sub weapons for ships, like depth-charges and a new device for detecting them... Like a magical/steampunk device that works like sonar