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  1. This is happening to my fresh install of the game, both fresh 1x1 server, and fresh client install.
  2. I am not sure what is really going on to be honest. Upon joining the server the loading screen just sits there for 30+ minutes not really changing, but the process is churning up 40 to 50% CPU and about 3 gigs of memory, and isn't saying it stopped responding. Does it often take long to load into a server, or is my server just borked?
  3. Maybe it is just my client. If you can find [TFC]Scajaquada-Buffalo,NY in the server list, try joining, let me know if anyone gets in
  4. I have set up a 1x1 dedicated server and it seems to be running alright. I have it port forwarded and am seeing it appear on the Server listing from an external IP. But when I try to connect to my server it says that it has Failed to install mod map? I don't have any mods... just the default basic game. So what is going on?
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