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  1. Ahoy Pathfinders and hopefully Devs! I am from a pretty large company in NA PVP. Really enjoying the game but slowly finding it getting a little stale. The main quest lines seem to be repetitive (powerstones) and completed relatively quickly with not much lore of which many MMO's are built on. One suggestion i have is to add quest lines with different progression for each quest giver. Many variations could be made up and are tried and tested across many other online MMO' and are enjoyed by the many that play. Quest line ONE (TRADER): Collecting quest items from one freeport, deliver to another. SCALING: Further freeport to deliver, heavier items (requires bigger boat). collecting items from other regions along the way. Quest line TWO (BEAST SLAYER): Assisting freeport questgiver in slaying a beast, returning the head in return for gold/skins/xp SCALING: Higher tier beast/monster, different biomes. Quest line THREE (HERBALIST): Collecting rare herbs/items, creating different concoctions to return to herbalist. SCALING: Killing monsters for special items (e.g deathworm horn - Yes i played Ark! ) herbs found on mountain tops (will need to climb), biomes. Quest Line FOUR (Pirate King): Defeating the enemies of the wannabe Pirate King! He just needs your help to 'persuade' the pirate lords to accept him as king! SCALING: Pirate lords - Sink or make them submit their allegiance to the king! Pirate lords ships are bigger, higher level as quests progress. I could make these things up ALL DAY, i think they'd be using most of the mechanics the game already has for these quests so in theory wouldnt be too hard to implement? I dont know i just play the games. Hopefully I hear something back on this topic. I REALLY do enjoy this game and want to see it grow its player base. Devs, if your interested and would like me to expand on my ideas then let me know. Preferably via email as I am awful on checking up on forum posts as i rarely use them. I just thought this could be a good suggestion. Thanks for your time! Teach. (NA PVP Player)