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    Mega Update Island Problems

    PVE. New islands look really cool but, 1) Every new island has an issue where the map is inaccurate. Attached pictures. Boat is nowhere near island, but map shows my ship as being deep inland, like, actually on land. Visited about 5 of them. All the same problem. 2) Not sure if this is intentional, but there are no food resources on these islands. No berries, herbs, etc.
  2. shifter

    foundation blocked by water

    PVE Have same problem. Can place ceilings above the water and the first pillar under the ceiling but cannot place another pillar beneath it. Problem in several areas. Searched ocean floor in a wide area around it and there are no enemy foundations or gates.
  3. shifter

    Admins/Dev Foundation Spamming

    New to the game, on PVE. Have a small company with no hope of owning anything because everything under 50 is already owned. Relying on building without owning. Found an awesome island with a natural fortress and jute plantation, buildable, but a high amount of points (over 100) so likely no one will ever own it or even try, cool place to build. Some jerks named 'moist cloacas' put foundations strategically placed all over the entire fortress so no one can ever build there, and they don't have a settlement on the island or anything, just didn't want anyone else to be able to enjoy it. Still 8 days on the clock before demolish. They'll probably return and replace. Ruins islands. Hope something changes.