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  1. Y'll trying to balance a good thing by giving it a bad thing, and it makes it unbalanced. The biggest problem with this game in pvp, is currently offline raiding, a huge amount of players lives on lawless islands, but because of random douche bags that sink ships, you never get to do anything really. So how can this be fixed? Well EASY. If you played in season 1, there was an interesting claim system, lets use that for lawless islands, and baddaboom, then decrease the combat timer to 6 hours, as that is a REASONABLE timeframe for NORMAL people. Top it off by allowing build control inside your claim, enemies can build 10 structures, but can't place weapons, allies can build 1000 structures, and you can choose to allow them to place weapons or not, and give you the ability to change the structure limit. This will fix offline raiding, pillar spam, make it harder to raid an island, since you can't build a house there, and need to invade via ship like proper pirates
  2. Hakaisha89

    XP needs a tweak

    I did about 13-14 journeyman maps yesterday when 2x was still on, with some medium xp song, discovery buff, and i went up from 82 to 88. However, 88 to 100 is basically double the xp you already collected.
  3. Hakaisha89

    Tropical Storms...

    a tornado will kill you naked in like 8 hits, each fortitude is worth 1.6 hypothermal insulation, however fortitude does not all that much for tornado damage, but it will help against being freezing cold and wet, unless you put up like 2 fires, wear armor, sail with the wind in the direction you wanna go as much as possible, and use fires.
  4. - A claim flag can longer be placed on a fully anchored ship during peacetime. - Grog: Damage bonus changed from +6% to -3%, duration changed from 600s to 300s - Rum: Now instead of giving 15 waters, it removes 20 water - Target soft spots - Cooldown increased from 15s to 60s and torpor bonus reduced from 35% to 28% - Critical strike - Cooldown increased from 20s to 60s and damage bonus reduced from 2x to 1.65x - Target weakness - Duration increased from 10s to 24s - Reduced the following armor stat scales by 30%: Health Melee Damage Stamina Fortitude Intelligence Most of these changes are good, until you get to the armor stat scale nerfs. Health is good, because for pvp its broken, however outside of Melee Damage and Stamina, the nerf to Fortitude and Intelligence is a punch to the stomach. I live on a desert island, it's where me and my company built up a huge base, and after months of farming maps, I had finally gathered a set of Fortitude armor and a Intelligence armor. I mean as it is I can only reach 43 or so % crafts, but we spent so much resources on upgrading the intelligence, I had just popped above 1000% int with the dolphin buff, the gear set, specced into int and with a level 78 crow, now it's down 300% int. I am not part of a mega company that can farm the resources endlessly, nor is there players that wanna sail for an hour or two to farm those hard to get resources, we do not have the people to endlessly farm the hydra of mythos with so many mega companies basically owning the GaR. Nerfing health was needed, nerfing melee damage I find irrelevant, Stamina is basically negligible, Fortitude is big hit, as i can't avoid overheating at the warmest with a bit over a 100 fortitude with armor and vitamin buff, but the int nerf, the int nerf really hurts. Before the nerf, I would have reached 1300 int with crow and dolphin and max upgraded int set at level 101 while the current set would require a level of 140 to reach it, however with the nerf, to reach that int with my current set, i need to hit level 166, and to reach it with a maxed out set, i need to hit 126, and I am currently 87. Please revert the armor stat scaling nerf for fortitude and intelligence, this is as demoralizing as can be.
  5. Hakaisha89

    Kraken Bug

    Kraken can knock ships up, and electricity stuns yous off the wheel. Combine some unlucky rng, and you can get thrown of the ship
  6. Hakaisha89

    False Representation.

    I stand corrected then, 30% on pvp and 20% on pve, thought both had same.
  7. Hakaisha89

    False Representation.

    First up, you need like 10 members in a company to increase your island points from 150, so thats 200 bucks you need to spend. Secondly, when you farm on an island with say 30% taxes, then you farm 30% less mats, difference is just if the flag gets 30% resources or not, so no fake resources either.
  8. Hakaisha89

    base defence Cannon cart nerf.

    Then use better carbines, use grenades, use blackjacks, use mortars, use bolas, use grappling hooks, use crabs. To me it sounds like you are complaining about someone with 500 defense and 800 hp not dying from your common 100% damage carbine, as you hide in the bushes. Have you tried have 10 people suicide rushing in with 1 grenade ready in hand? Tactical warfare and many people in the company is how you deal with that, a few grenades, a flame swivel to the face, maybe beat them unconcious with a blackjack and execute them, and boom, it's your mythical plate gear. If you are 20 people on a ramshackle sloop armed with bow and arrows vs a mythical galleon, ya ain't gonna win, ya gotta use the correct tools to handle the correct problem.
  9. That is always how it's been in these types of games, same is true for any other online game, I mean would you complain about "established players having an insane advantage over new players" in games like Eve Online? Final Fantasy XIV? World of Warcraft? Ark? Rust? The reason people are leaving is because it's all about building your base, if you attack someone you might get wiped, so you dont, you bunker down, farm for nothing do nothing get bored and leave. I do breeding, i do farming mats, i farm food, i tame animals, i build buildings, build defenses, harbours, bases, ships of all sort. I go out for treasure maps, i go out for quests, i go out for power stones and power essences, I go out for the kraken, i go out to fight ships of the damned, i go out to have some friendly pvp, I go out and have my ship sunk, i go out and farm materials not native to my island so i can craft powerfull blueprinted gear and equipment. I mean, if you do not play the game, then you will get Bored of it and leave. If bases where harder to attack, if ship pvp gave you more, then heck yeah, if I could farm 6 types of materials and mythos from sinking some guys mythical ship, then I would instantly craft a fleet that would destroy it. If sailing was more rewarding, and your base could stay safe, then all would be gucchi.
  10. Hakaisha89

    base defence Cannon cart nerf.

    You can tame a horse that can knock you out in one hit, 180 melee and damage buff, and boom. one hit ko The higher up mortars are, the farther they can shoot, the same is true for cannons, and npc's are really good at aiming.
  11. Hakaisha89

    base defence Cannon cart nerf.

    Ok, so here is what I and my company did of our island. We built defense towers, and then we built mortar tower that are in range of any cannon bears. And against fully armored, used a flame swivel on a horse, with both of the ones on the horse and swivel wearing armor. Also, don't forget that large cannons outrange cannon bears
  12. So you are quitting because another company got the ability to farm more Ships of the Damned, do more treasure maps, and collect 6 of all materials to craft the best gear possible? This is no different then being attacked by a nuke in Civ while you still using arrows, and your best bet is abandon island and find a new one. However, I do agree that ship stating is bland, if you want a good boat, you focus your points into this or that. And yes, cheaters and exploiters should be straight up banned.
  13. Hakaisha89

    Get rid of vits

    I just stand in a fire when i lose my vitamin buff
  14. Hakaisha89

    Cursed for 19 days now

    If you get hanged or guillotined, you lose 10% of your total exp, and this 'curse' lasts until you've earned that exp back. You will only notice the effect of the curse if you respect at higher levels, where 10% is 1 or more level lost.
  15. Hakaisha89

    Friendly mermaid quest

    Sail around alone till you get dragged off, then jump off, and swim to the mermaid, if she attacks you, then do the minigame and swim back to ship, if not you get like 50 of some random resource and complete the quest, it's pure rng.