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  1. Well, ok, I guess. I didn't think there was a way to see the note. When you say many people are using that method, did you mean the method of writing the note the way I said? Because I don't want them to get robbed either. Thanks for the input.
  2. Okay, I might have to reconsider, but I haven't been able to view it. How do you view the whole note? And do you have a way to make it so you can't see it?
  3. Okay, so I finally figured it out, tried it and it seems to work. Follow these steps and you should get the same results - let me know. 1) craft a note 2) put the PIN in the first line (for example: "PIN: xxxx") 3) press <enter> a whole bunch of times - I pressed 100 times - and that's so that regardless of how far down on the screen you look at the note, you'll only see the bottom, not the top 4) then type whatever info you want to identify what door to enter the PIN in (for example: "Room 3") 5) (this is the secret) -> press <enter> five or so times, then save the note. Apparently when you add spaces below the bottom line, it only shows the bottom part of the note. The only way you can see the PIN is to drop the note, then look at it. if you pick it up again you can still only see the bottom! (takes a bow - lol) - LoJack
  4. I've been trying to do the same thing, but I can't replicate it. When you look at the note in any inventory, the only thing you see is the bottom of the note that says (for example) "Lot 3" - which indicates what lot you are buying (in my case, it was a bear). So if you buy the note from a shop you only see the part at the bottom. Regardless of what inventory you have the note in, you can't see the top. The only way you can see the top is when you throw it on the ground and look at it. Then my note said: "PIN xxxx" (where the xxxx was the PIN for the room where my bear was that I'd bought when I paid for the note). I went to the room labelled "Lot 3", keyed in the PIN and claimed my bear. Very cool way to buy animals unattended. But I haven't been able to do it myself yet...
  5. For bears it depends on the biome, definitely. In temperate zones you can have a great setup where the temp doesn't even play a part! When the cubs are born the only thing I have to do is make sure they have food. I use potatoes (they eat one every thirty seconds or so). At first they can hold 7 at a time but within a few minutes they can hold much more. When they get to 3&1/2 stacks of veggies - usually around 2.5-2.6% maturation - they're okay to leave until they're fully mature. The only thing is you have to make sure they have enough food. I have two troughs that I fill completely with veggies (they last longer than berries), and depending on how many I breed I may have to refill one of them if not both at least once. If you're doing 1-5 cubs, one refill should be enough, but if you're doing 6-12 it's a bit more work - you may have to refill the trough 2-3 times. I'm doing these bears solo, so I don't always have time to get all the imprints. I'm not worried about that because I only start imprinting my bears when I max out the stats... LoJack
  6. Nice to know I'm not the only one this happens to... There are several issues related to the servers not being reset. One is when you go to another grid, you have a good chance of being kicked out of the game. AND it'll take you (at best) 2-4 tries to get back in. Sometimes you have to stop and restart Steam so you can get back in the game. Two is that when I start the game initially I can't get in - I get the "Host Pending Connection Timeout". It can take me up to 4-5 tries to get in IF I can even get in the game. Sometimes I get lucky and get in on the second try... Three is when you actually get IN the game and you're out sailing and all of a sudden, your ship becomes a submarine! You'll be sailing along and the water level gets higher and higher, occasionally to the point where your entire deck is under water. Then when the water recedes your ship is almost flying! I know the devs aren't the originals, but at least the original people would do SOME maintenance. They also had some weekend extras, like boosted harvest, taming, XP, Gold, breeding etc. Why can't you do that ONCE in a while? It certainly feels like no one cares about the game and they'd rather just do some more little "extras" for the game rather than have it run cleanly and give bonus weekends to try to get the people (who've been playing all along) to stay and play more. I'm just about done with the game; I love the premise and much of the game, but after not being able to cleanly start up the game for a week or more, not being able to reliably go from one grid to another, or even stay in the game consistently and hearing about many other games getting weekend events (Like, I dunno, Ark for example...), it's getting harder and harder to enjoy this. I'm the only one left of my company in the game because it certainly feels like all the devs have "left the building"... LoJack
  7. The same-ish thing happened to me too - except that with me it was a power stone. I got my sixth power stone, and within three minutes the server was reset for an update. After the update I still had the power stone but NO discovery points for it; my level is still capped at 68 - with exactly the same number of discovery points as before the power stone! I'm glad I've gottent the stone but it's a bit of a pain to lose those discovery points...!
  8. Same here; I just finished downloading the 3.4 Gb patch and now not only can I not "rejoin Atlas", but I can't "Join Server" either - there aren't any... What gives?
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