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  1. Hello. My Name is Tom and I already play Atlas since a while. I am the only member and owner of the East India Trading Company. My ingame-name is Tom Merkel. I am playing at Eu PVP Servers and I built a Schooner. In the Grid D_3 I slowly hit a Sandbank and my Planks which had all 5100hp got damaged by 53 HP. I stopped the ship and when I was trying to go backwards the boat started spinning very fast and about 7 planks broke imidietly. I was thrown over board due to the spinning and couldn't get on the boat anymore. My ship is now sunken on the SE Island in the Grid D3. I really like the game and would like to continue playing it/ recommend it and would appreciate if you could replace my ship either in form of materials or as ship. I hope you can soon fix these bugs. Best Regards and Thanks in Advance.
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