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  1. Greetings Shipmates! LAUNCH DATE is the June 21st! at 6pm! With the upcoming wipe, it is your chance to finally get a fresh start in Atlas. Your chance to play how you want with whom you want. [A1] is a community a cut above the rest with a unique map design that has something for everyone. Check out the slideshow on the upcoming changes on [A1] https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1NbUEyXjPSNXI_pOAvGx4RhE3VUOJQZogUdirYdeEpLA/edit#slide=id.p At [A1] we have implemented a groundbreaking map design and faction system. Our 5 x 5 world includes multiple Golden Age Ruins so all power stones are obtainable, a zone for the Kraken, Freeport, PvE territories, and PvP Battleground. We are implementing a whole new class system that come with buffs depending on the class. We have a full time content/mod developer in the community that is constantly making [A1] a better game. For more FAQ about the upcoming wipe. Please check below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xEep9xHC95uTlTFSQLWL13EZ2O5Lacpi/view Features: 5x5 world -Custom quests built by the community Weekly bonuses voted on by the community Weekly/Monthly Events with prizes (ie. boat races, pvp, boat battles, etc) PVP Battleground that has higher rates, rare materials, and better treasures. Clipping turned on for easier building Active admin team All Power Stones Kraken (The Maw) Live map ( http://www.A1Atlas.com/ ) Merchant and Ghost Ships Grids are on dedicated boxes based in Canada Max Creature Level 40 (wild) Rates: Harvesting: 3x Taming: 2x Ship of the Damn: 0.5x Mods: A Custom mod built specifically for the [A1] community Pirate Quest Eco’s Atlas Foliage Eco’s RP Décor NEW SERVER Freeport: steam://connect/ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/srRjA9Y