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  1. Still for some reason you cant give us our boss EXP back but you can give us these fucking stupid ships
  2. boats_22

    Patch V519.5

    way to fuck shit up and give us shit we don't need
  3. a hat for a man that is a Christian saint stolen from my kin and more shit that is a waste of our time
  4. "As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support!" you have not listen to us in 2 years of Early Access why start now?
  5. Q) 1. Why did you take XP away? Why does it matter how we level we paid for the game. 2. Why do you care if we are on land or sea? 3. Why do care how we manage land claims, why cant it be a server setting? 4. Do you even play this game? it was set up just fine other then it not being PC friendly and needing some tweaking and optimization 5. Why the fuck are we paying for ship? why are you fucking with the game like you want us to jump ship. You want to fix something fix the speed of canon balls to faster and longer get rid of torps (why have them is we cant have barrels. why put effort in to a game that you are trying to destroy that thousand of people love to play and over the 2 years you have pushed 70% of them away. HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT FOR THE GAME AND ALL ITS RIGHTS AND FEES? let the people buy it and you fuck billy's stop braking it
  6. 1) increased the max stack size of Cannon Balls from 50 to 100 big woop how about fixing the speed at with they fly my boats sails as fast as them at 18knots 2) No one want markets not one wants mats weight changes no one wants any of this shit WTF
  7. how much to but the rights off GS and find some who fucking cares?
  8. Once again you are all fucktards devs. like magic you kill our game. how much to but the rights off GS and find some who fucking cares?
  9. Why do you people insist on killing the fucking game? your taking every thing away we like and putting in stupid shit if you want us to stop playing come out and say so. I swear the dev do not play this game I am new here I only have 4,707 hours in the game just tell me your killing the game I have a crew of 21 that are leaving thanks to you
  10. Here is a fix. for us people with limbs that don't work fix the sails so I can steer and adjust sails at the same time if I'm alone. make it so you can pick items up as if it was real I should be able to pick up guns and place them on another ship if I want (they have been doing it for years) alow large guns topside again. fix the game not add foolishly crap.
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