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    Skill Calculator

    Hey Dyna and Sh4dowstrider. I don't know whether you still play the game or keep with the skill calculator, but I have used it in the past and find it very helpful. As new skills get added in game, it becomes even more valuable. Thank you for your work. I was wondering if you were going to update it for the May Mega Update, crossbow.... ect. Again thank you and I understand this is an old thread, but I wanted a place I could point the people that ask about a skill calculator to about keeping it updated. Take care
  2. Anne Bonney

    Compass Heading Set Button

    Could someone please enlighten me about the button to set a heading on the compass? I know mmb was assigned the drop grenade command in the new patch, and the button to set a heading on the compass no longer works. Do any other buttons work in its place? Or is the compass heading set function gone? Thanks
  3. Anne Bonney

    Requesting developer response please!

    Update: I had the game running normal, logged off last night. Got back on to play today, and the battleeye bug reared its head again. I did the steps to get the game working again. I played for a little while, emptied my inventory, logged off. Logged back on, normal, then got booted because of battleeye not communicating again. So to play this game, I have to uninstall battleeye, log in. Die twice, sets the game to work again. Every. Stinkin. Time. Sigh.
  4. Anne Bonney

    Requesting developer response please!

    I stand corrected sir. It was very convoluted, not easy, but it got me back into the game as of a couple hours ago. Good luck to all that try. The green map did not let me respawn, I had to go to a pvp server, then back. Then punched out a gator to die, and in the end all came back to normal. Peace.
  5. Anne Bonney

    Requesting developer response please!

    This fix seemed to work for some... Try as will. https://www.gamerevolution.com/guides/485731-atlas-kicked-by-battleye-client-not-responding-fix
  6. Anne Bonney

    Requesting developer response please!

    Please DEVS! We need help! this is Day 3 of unable to play. Animals are going to die, Going to lose ships. Days of work gone. Please help. Look folks, this is how long this has been going on. This thread is from January. That this has been going on this long is awful. That there is no word such as "We are still working on it." is even more awful. Good luck guys.
  7. Negative. I am in M11. I am getting the feeling I need to kill myself and lose all my stuff. I cannot interact with anything. I do not get the option to rejoin server when I log out. I go thru the connection timeout when I enter the game by choosing world, NAPVE, then W/E region I want, it finds my char and puts me on ship anchored in dock. When I hit I (inventory), it flashes for a second then closes. NOTHING works on any other inventories or menus. I was able to climb the rope ladder to my ship. I always get that 1 file does not validate, yet it will not download anything. VERY annoying.. Anne
  8. System: Windows 10 (recently updated) version 1809 x64 2019-04 Intel Core i7-4370 CPU @ 3.00 GHz 32.0 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB Atlas: NA PVE Patch 104.75 (Rev. 113867) Logged in, could not interact with anything. Logged out and now cannot REJOIN Atlas. I will not make a new character. Waiting on this to be resolved. Observation: This is the second time this problem has reared its head after a patch from the 2x weekends. Last one was 2 weeks ago, and a patch was fast to follow up on it.. This one seems to be taking longer.