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  1. Anne Bonney

    Question about Whales

    Thank you so much for you help
  2. Anne Bonney

    Question about Whales

    Can you hit a whale with a carbine? I am being told you cannot, though you once were able to... Thank you though, I will see what happens.
  3. Anne Bonney

    2x 3x 4x bonus weekends made me quit

    Hi everyone! I do agree with the to each his own preference. I believe that those focused on the 2x 3x 4x stuff are completely losing sight of the game... Just PLAY! I play at all times I can, and enjoy it thoroughly. I just count the X weekends as a bonus, love them of course, but I do the same when they are off. There are all walks of life in here, from those working 80 hours a week, to the unemployed. I believe Grapeshot is doing a great job in spreading the wealth to all. It is not like we are now on 4x 7 days a week, and who knows how things will change in the future? Geez, if you want to go 4-5 days a week without playing the game, fine! But please don't come in here complaining about the weekends when MOST people have time to play.
  4. Anne Bonney

    Question about Whales

    Hey folks! I have engaged whales for the last 4 times I have encountered them, the regular whales. I cannot seem to do damage to them with Ballista Spears. I lay a crap load into them, they they do not aggro at all... no damage, and all my spears are sticking out of them... Would someone tell me the secret of what I am doing wrong please?
  5. Anne Bonney

    The Danger Zone

    Wow Slash! I am so sorry that your PVE experience went like that! Mine has been more along the lines of Seruum's. I love the sailing, I have some animals and a couple of bases, and my bases have never been ransacked, ships sunk, resources gone, or tames dead. Maybe you should rethink how you want to continue in this game, if that is your choice. I know I am having a great time. I look forward the the 17 more months of improvements before the true release of this EARLY ACCESS game.
  6. Anne Bonney

    The Danger Zone

    Well said Nari. I will say this. THIS is an EARLY ACCESS game! They are experimenting, refining, adding, subtracting, balancing. People that buy into an EA game surely by now must be aware of what they are paying for... there are disclaimers all over the place. For someone to complain, or moan, or lament about low population numbers killing a game during EA is absolutely a result of not realizing what is going on, or an attention getter. Please Realist, realize what is really going on. If you already realize what is going on, then you must be the latter. I mean no disrespect at all... I do agree that negative posts about numbers frighten potential customers that may want to try the game, away. Edit: Oh, and I am having a BLAST with my friends playing this game. Bugs, yup. But they fix them fast and I am having fun.
  7. Anne Bonney

    Galleon sunk w/o reason

    THIS sounds very feasible. It would be great to know if the people that had this happen were spawning into their ships. I can picture as I spawn into my house, all the strange scenery as rocks, trees, grass ect load in. I can just imagine a huge rock spawning in as you are loading, before it is moved to where it belongs, right in your ship... I am sorry for those that have this happen, and now I will try to never exit the game while on my ship... spawn out in my house..
  8. Anne Bonney

    Sailing vs VITS & Hunger

    FIRST let me clarify that I understand that I bought into an early access game. I am having a lot of fun with it, and will not gripe about things at this time. That being said: Vitamin levels vs hunger definitely needs tweaked. If you are hand gathering, running, fighting or any other physical activity, it is LESS of a problem than if you are captaining a ship for hours, as I do. IF you are not moving physically, you are not burning vitamins, but the decay rate of them is excessive. It makes no sense to make sailing trips longer because you have to drop sails, dance, dodge, shout or whatever to drive your hunger down to be able to get vitamins. When I find that I have lost my vitamin buff while sailing, I say screw it and sail on until I kill myself. Why waste the time raising hunger so you can eat and then have to wait for the food buff again? I agree with the op, needs tweaking. But I will not gripe about most things in this early access game... I am patient.... Unless I can't play.
  9. Anne Bonney

    Thank you Devs ( please Read)

    I will chime in to say THANK YOU also to the Devs. I REALLY like your fast small updates, as compared to large ones that seem to take a long time. I still play on official server, but I am glad that there is the single player option. THANK YOU. Also, I would like to take this time to moan about people moaning in a congratulatory thread where the people that put all the time and hard work into this game are receiving some of the kudos they deserve.
  10. Anne Bonney

    Compass Heading Set Button Not Working

    Thanks for replying sir. All the compass heading set button did was light up a section of the compass of the direction you want sail. Green=on course, yellow=straying from course, red=way off course... I used/would use it again very much for fast reference to turn my ship to for my desired heading... It WAS the middle mouse button, but that no longer works for me.. AND I cannot reprogram it as there is no setting for it in the options menu... It just poofed, and I don't know how many people even knew it existed... Again thanks for your attention. I am hoping for SOME way to get it working again..
  11. Anne Bonney

    Monarch's cake

    ahhh thanks folks.... was noticing it myself.. appreciated.
  12. Anne Bonney

    Fish 'n chips not giving both vitamins

    edit: found the post on Monarchs cake.. takes a couple mins for orange to come up.
  13. Anne Bonney

    Compass Heading Set Button Not Working

    Does anyone else have this problem? Please?
  14. After the patch that put in dropping grenades with the mmb, I can no longer set a heading on my compass with the mmb. No one in game that I talk to can do it either... Any pointers?
  15. Anne Bonney

    Skill Calculator

    Hey Dyna and Sh4dowstrider. I don't know whether you still play the game or keep with the skill calculator, but I have used it in the past and find it very helpful. As new skills get added in game, it becomes even more valuable. Thank you for your work. I was wondering if you were going to update it for the May Mega Update, crossbow.... ect. Again thank you and I understand this is an old thread, but I wanted a place I could point the people that ask about a skill calculator to about keeping it updated. Take care