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  1. A wipe is happening every day with the auto decay destroy. If a pathfinder has the fortitude to keep a ship afloat at this point and gets wiped, won't be back.
  2. Thank you for posting this, I'm supposed to be mowing the lawn but thinking of that game. Maybe the Gek will teach me how to say thanks now. The formula is solid, reminds me of Path Of Exile. Go into town and there's lots of people, go out to explore there's nobody because it's instanced but you can invite people to your instance.
  3. Am I the only fool playing alone on official? My fun time is spent filling feed troughs around the world in hopes friends will come back.
  4. I'm holding out for the thread suggesting sailing should be more dull. Day after day, day after day, We stuck, no breath nor motion; As idle as a painted ship Upon a painted ocean.
  5. This topic has plagued MMOs since Shadow Of Yserbius. I've reached the point of allowing tames to starve but not yet the been real & fun thing yet.
  6. It's funny I have 642 hours logged, had to check Steam not trying to brag. I work from home and was always logged in. Y'all are freaks.
  7. Same here. On that note has anyone found a smart way to create hourly save points so you can roll back?
  8. Stay close, kill stuff and don't die. We gots this.
  9. Y'all are making me want to roll up a character on EU, is there a company called Bloody Yanks yet? Not very original, of course there is. I'm solo NA PVE mostly online EST mornings, global chatter is generally Deutsch. N7 & M3 are home.
  10. For the record if you're not dealing with decay there obviously needs to be some sort of penalty but maybe a a warning of some sort might be in order.
  11. This is not new, I was keeping a ready-to-go boat in shipyard 'just in case' and it poofed one day. Was right next to it daily.
  12. In Kentucky we stick ice cubes in our pockets, drink plenty of fluids.
  13. I was going to rename one of my boats and then suggest a curse should be applied...
  14. I've owned a few sailboats and certainly not asking for a more realistic sailing simulator... I feel lucky the boat doesn't get bashed against the Shipyard when clicking "Release" in rough water & crosswind. You can't set your clock to the wind in Kentucky but you sure can in Aruba. Of course hazards along the way would exist, for example 'Rounding The Horn'.
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