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    ATLAS Roadmap

    I think the majority of the reason why a lot of people quit playing Atlas in the first 2 months is because they didn’t expect the game to be so grindy and have so many performance issues. They were hoping to play a game like Sea of Thieves and a mix of Assassins Creed Black Flag, Pirate games that are fast paced actions games with little consequences. I played Ark for a very long time but the main reasons I quit was because it became to repetitive and grindy. I was spending way too much time micromanaging everything about the game. The PvP was fun for a while but when you lose 2 years’ worth of hard work overnight it breaks peoples moral. I fortunately was not wiped during my Ark life but soon after I quit my tribes server was invaded by a Chinese Mega Tribe. About Atlas – Performance, Server Optimizations, Stasis Rendering, Server Changing Latency, Client Side Rendering Optimizations, Chunk Loading or Preloaded Area Optimizations, and other things that would drastically improve overall game performance should be 100% of your core focuses first and foremost. Once the game can run at a stable 30FPS on a mid-range PC I would move on from there. Even if you have to change the textures, I don’t know about everyone else but I would be content with an amazing game with lower quality textures or even hand painted textures. The game doesn’t need to be photo realistic, I mean sure Ark looked amazing but what’s the point of having a great looking game if it’s barely playable. About Player base concerns most likely a lot of people would be unaware or might not even remember this but Ark did not start out as a massive hit. Ark had its troubles also, I mean I can’t say for certain it was as bad as atlas’s performance but I can say the player base was dwindling and it got so bad that the Developer’s had a free to play weekend and a 50% sale. If it wasn’t for that I personally would have never took a chance on Ark but literally after downloading the game and less than 12h into the 3day free weekend I purchased 2 copies of Ark. 4 Months later I bought Scorched Earth, and I would have bought the season pass but that’s when cross servers was added and I was upset about that and the fact that they unbanned the majority of the Chinese players that were banned and geo-blocked. They could easily revive Atlas similarly to how they did with Ark. About 4 months ago I came back to Atlas because I noticed it said 6x Farming, I freaked out and was like finally they listened only to find out that the 6x was removed and applied to only giraffes… I personally HATE 2x Weekends it completely demoralizes you and makes you not even want to waste your time until a 2x weekend… I have said many times in the past I personally would make the standard rates 5x My absolute least favorite thing about atlas is how long it takes to farm, and sail the oceans. I personally hated sailing it was not even fun in the slightest. The only time I ever had any fun sailing was during ship battles but then you would get destroyed by a near invincible ship because of the damage and resistance stats. A few things I wanted to add is a vast majority of Atlas is copy and paste with little effort. I mean even the new content is a blatant ripoffs from the mods from ark. Granted those mods did make Ark a lot funner to play but instead of looking at Ark objectively and implementing those mods in ways that could drastically improve atlas they were very poorly implemented and the entire game was built off broken code that has bugs that existed in Ark in 2015... Yes, I will agree that atlas in its core is smoother to play then Ark but that is mainly because of QOL changes that Ark never added. Atlas could evolve into an amazing game with time and dedication. In its current state I prefer to just check the patch notes and this site for updates every couple months to see if there is any news about making the game better. Eventually I will re-download atlas but I don't see that happening anytime soon... I don’t want to continue to rant there are plenty of amazing suggestions on this site, I would add more of my suggestions again but it wouldn’t matter because most likely they will never be seen or implemented. If you take anything away from all this just try to make the game more enjoyable, less time consuming and demanding, fix all the major issues, add a lot of QOL changes, fix performance issues, then consider adding new content and try not to break all the fixes you did.
  2. I would like to first say I am not the original poster of this document but the original person's google document is outdated and didn't have an all encompassing list of spawn commands and everything. I managed to find a good amount of this stuff from searching through the games source files but If you find something that is not on the list please let me know Updated List I Contributed to https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P9XbTBDw16dfD7nOXB3ehesc2CkCwAVfDwGs4phvNSc/edit?usp=sharing Original Posters Document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bPimZRac3nKBg63DebR-fayli8_8i3QF-zSuopXen7Q/edit I am posting this on here because It is a burden trying to find all this information, I spent a few days trying to find spawn codes before I stumbled across that google document. I tried to find the original poster but I didn't have any luck and I am unsure where I found it so I copied their list and tried to fill in the missing content they had and tried to improve it because some of the spawn codes didnt work. I did not personally try every spawn code so some may not be working if thats the case again let me know Discord: Killstrike25#9735
  3. Hello, so i'm not sure anyone else has had this issue but like a week ago I started having an issue with base rendering and fast traveling. So basically what happens if I am really far away from my base for instance in A9 and I fast travel back to my base I sometimes get killed by my base defenses and it gives me an option to create a new tribe if I hit "L" to check the company logs... This has also happened when I first log in also. I tried to be as specific as possible so the Developers can try to fix this. If you have also experienced this try to help spread the word. I have noticed this issue happen more often and more consistently when I die and spawn in a new region. I am not sure if its a temperature issue from traveling from a high desert to a tundra or not though that is just one example. Things that happen with this Bug Note* My Max health is 199 and when the problem happens I have around 90 health when I respawn after dying, I have noticed if I bed port to a new bed the health goes back to normal - Killed by company owned Npc's on login or fast travel - lose 50% of my health instantly because it thinks I am floating in water after fast traveling or logging in --- Has also happened when I spawn on a foundation and not having a render issue, mainly noticeable when traveling from different biomes after dying and spawning into a new biome - can't see company logs as soon as I spawn because it gives me an option to create a new company after fast traveling - wild animal's glitch into the base when rendering "Not 100% sure about this one, but somehow a wolf spawned in our tower on the 2nd floor and was stuck in the wall and killed an NPC" Possible Related Causes Ground Check / Render Issue = I noticed ceiling tiles I have a tendency to glitch through when spawning Temperature Check / Biome Issue Info about my PC Yes my PC is old and outdated and I played Ark for a very long time and never had issues with the world vanishing and spawning me into an ocean. It seems like it is a very consistent thing on Atlas maybe the islands are to large to render on lower end hardware that causes these issues but I have friends that have really good Hardware that have also experienced this PC Spec's i7 920 OC 3.8ghz CPU 16gb DDR3 Ram 1 TB Hard drive AMD Rx 570 8gb GPU Image 1 - Create a New Company Option after fast traveling Image 2 - Floating in water below my base while the base renders
  4. My Suggestions - Penguin Insulation buff - Improve the penguins to give more hypothermia and hyperthermia insulation to babies - Tribe Imprinting - Breeding Token or Breeding Skills Breeding Token = "Valentines Chocolate Candy" - Maturation bonus Breeding Skill Feat - Mother's Touch Feat - Mother's Warmth - Maturation bonus for imprinting the animals without the help of your tribe - gives you a short term imprint bonus - insulation buff to nearby babies - reduced gestation cool-down - Cow's Milk gives babies a insulation buff These suggestions are just a starting point. If you have more suggestions or better ideas to improve breeding please post it below and hopefully the developers will read this and make breeding not as demanding.