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  1. to add some more detail it has the Broadcom 5720 Base-T (default) NIC card witch is where I feel my issue is. I have gigabit internet speeds. routers ports are set to forward to server like they would be for my pc, firewall been disabled to try and still same issue. I have tried multiple ports ive also tested that the ports are free
  2. hay so im in need of some advice from people running dedicated servers. ive recently bought a Dell R820 32core 256gb ram server. im having an issue where ive setup all the port forwarding same way ive done testing on my personal pc. but with the server the games not showing in the list however people can direct connect. this issue is both for atlas and ark. ive tried using windows server 2016 OS and Win 10 pro for workstations. my own personal pc is using win 10 workstation and have no issues. does anyone know if theres a specific way the server needs to be configured VS a pc?
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    individual player bonuses

    im creating my own gportal atlas server and I cant seem to figure out how to give players different starting stats based off discord roles, I have played on a server that had this option but they have shut down the server we both were using G-Portal servers, thanks for your help