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  1. Lol how is that crying? It was a suggestion. Relax champ
  2. I am in a 4 man company and i am getting sick of farming mats just to patch up all the crap that disappears on this build i am working on. You should just leave 2x on in pve till you fix this. Also all the pillars I am adding is starting to look trashy. A huge chunk of pve play to build, I understand pvp needs a lot of work and you guys are probably focused on that but at this rate people who play this game just to build will eventually be fed up with having to keep farming mats just to fix all the crap that disappears.
  3. At least make it so anything locked behind a raid encounter rewards people who where involved even if the died. I died twice 30 seconds before the kraken died once in hard mode and last night on easy mode, and I haven't gotten credit for either kill. This is the only game I have played where a raid type event rewards the people alive at the end only.
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