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    Emergency Maintenance & NA PVP Rollback

    Disable all your admin tools already and rewrithe the auth. You obviously can't be trusted to keep them secure.
  2. Thermight

    Exploit: Underground bases to stop claims

    To clarify, I made specific reference to streamed exploits of certain companies using the now fixed full company invite bug. As well as to lack of enforcement of use of that exploit. I was making general reference to the lack of enforcement of streamed exploits. Since I don't monitor a lot of them and there are so many, it seems very safe to assume there are a lot more of them.
  3. Serious problem with claiming in PvP: Even if you clear out every structure and bed on an island you can't claim. Why? Because Claim owners are sleeping under the terrain where they are invulnerable. How? Because they keep respawning and glitching until they get underground. Then they place glitched chests to grab supplies Then they build beds and mortars etc Now even if a company conquers the entire territory from above they can't take the land because of the underground claims Developers: You need to script a way to eliminate these items under ground, no matter how hard that is You need to fix the glitches that let them get back under ground Otherwise you are encouraging otherwise honest companies to exploit in order to rightfully claim territory they completely dominated. Enforcement - Lack thereof We have seen streamers openly exploiting, for example that full company invite glitch before it was fixed in patch 10. Nothing happens to exploiters, Even big streamers. Why? Clearly more people will leave due to known un-punished exploits (especially when they are streamed repeatedly) than money you will lose from banning game owners. If you are worried about Better Business Bureau.. you get worse ratings from massive upset player base than you do from the few you ban. Fix Figure it out technically. Announce bans Announce solutions Otherwise this will only get worse for everyone as the "good people" turn bad in order to beat the exploiters.