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  1. Introser

    Treasure Map

    They despawn too if there are too much other bottles in the area
  2. Introser

    Treasure Map

    Yes, its a bug. But the bug is, every bottle has a decay timer. If this timer is at zero, the bottle despawns. But that doenst work. So if u pick up a bottle and dont get a map, than u picked up an already decayed bottle.
  3. Introser

    These maps...

    If its worth the map, one guys always climb up the mountain. Triggers the AoD, grapple to the cliff, jump down. All mobs gonna follow, fell down. On the ground mates kill them with bears, while the one on the pillar still hang there and climb up again. When all killed, easy peasy. Done. Sometimes its tricky and you have to reset the map. But in most cases thats work. For 150g I wouldnt do it too, but for 1k+
  4. Introser

    New Atlas Mega transformation

    Add a mechanic where raider dont wipe you complete. Maybe they just break in to get some BPs and then left. Everything else, like your ressource Box/Smithys whatever should stay intact. If I get raided and my BPs are gone, okay, I can live with that. But if I get raided and all tames, all ressources, all ships, all constructions except maybe some walls are gone then Im mostly gonna quis this game. Since all the stuff is mostly to heavy to steal it, most raider just drop it on the floor for despawning. A mechanic like, in the radius of your flag, everything that is dropped, automatically get stored in your flag when it despawn. To prevent abusing, everyone (raiders too) should access the inventory of the flag
  5. Introser

    Sub Exploit...Why Do You Look Shocked?

    That exploid is older than the sub itself ...
  6. Introser

    SoD fleets are a bad idea that needs to go away

    Thats not worst case scenario... Worst case is travelling to next grid with your galli. Spawning and instant stuck in a red galli. Since your sails are fully open, you drive like in a circle and the sotd gally bugged to your front. You cant press A or D bc your front is stucked in the sotd galli and nothing happens. Only option is to close your complete sails, drive a few meters back and then open sails again and drive away. I was in that situation... Survived with a few hundreds of life else a fully loaded galli with only gold would be gone....
  7. I love it... To use some content you HAVE to find a way to glitch/bug the weight system. For me, the grabbing of packages on the ground is a bug. At any other situation, your weight is checked and you cant hold anymore if you are on your limit. A bug, but everyone use it and you have to use it to get some contet, GG
  8. Introser

    Ship crew

    That would be a simple solution, even on land. Just do a row of larders/boxes, everyone can access the inventory of the one before and at the start you put in some food and at the end the larder can access the inventory of the first
  9. Hey, what does the peace/combat timer means on unclaimed island? If I anchor while peace time on an unclaimed island is my ship save? Like on my claimed island while peace timer? Same with combat phase?
  10. Introser

    Hatchet blueprints?

    False, if you farm metal/thatch you get more with a good tool and max. hand harvesting skill. The metal amount you get is almost doubled compare to what a rhino get from one node
  11. Introser

    Respec tames after mega patch

    They are still required... If you farm metall, your bear need about 8k weight to fill the complete cargo saddle. The bears are faar away from that amount...
  12. It could. As long as it not too obvious that the ship is steered by a npc. When travelin I see often other ships and just drive straight to my lane. Atm I never get attacked and chased by a ship when meeting them on the open ocean. So putting up a npc on the steering wheel, give them some points on the map and let them drive for some extra gold. Important, sotd shouldnt aggro on ships without a player on it(This should be ALWAYS on, not only while driven by a npc). Other idea: Add some kind of highways. Read it on reddit, like the golf stream or high wind passages. They could be dynamicly and spawn/despawn or hard coded at specific places. On that highways you always drive as fast as with max wind and that speed x2 or x3. You could do it like they only blow in one direction or in both. If they only blow in one direction you should add some more. To prevent abusing it should have a cooldown after your ship get damaged. Next step would be an autopilot while driving on a highway. Maybe lock it behind a skill. If you enter a highway you dont get automatically speed up. You have to line up, press that skill, now you are like snapped to that highway, driving straight in line and dont have to readjust your course to left/right. If you activate that skill again you get slowed down and snapped out of the highway and you can sail where ever you want. you could add some kind of "unvulnerable" while in a highway. Ships that driving next to you cant shoot you, you dont get damage or else when someone damage you while in a highway you get snapped of and have a cooldown.
  13. Introser


    Yeah, it says that at the description. Find 4 stars and stop and you get 3000s of buff. Skill that skill to extent the duration, do 4 stars again and you get 3000s buff duration again. So it doenst work atm. Wouldnt skill it. Didnt test the other skill.
  14. Introser

    Breeding Razortooth

    Can you add a checkbox for the taming bonus you get from whales? Im missing that a little bit
  15. Introser

    Skill Tree Confusion

    First, chill. 2h arent much time. Second: Maybe your question is so obvious to all other people that they dont have to ask this question. And yes, the answer is so simple: Blue: Learned skill yellow: You can learn this skill white: You can learn this skill but have to learn some other skills too to unlock this skill black: not enough points to learn this shit or tree is locked