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  1. for accuracy, this is my warehouse, and they built a clan around me, they have an american lion, the most important thing is that when I was building and they saw nothing, they did not tell me, but when they realized that the warehouses were being built with restrictions, they decided to turn the trick that I was building them only on the screen shot my building was built up and screenshots of correspondence with these crazy people. https://ibb.co/CbqbnKw https://ibb.co/4fL3BHt https://ibb.co/qjG9MRR https://ibb.co/N7dczvK https://ibb.co/bQymZqR
  2. The fact is that I ran for 5 days in search of a place to install a warehouse, set it up and went to rest, and when I returned, I saw a picture that it was built up on all sides, and wrote that I was built right next to them, although the screenshots show where their base is and where the building is, it seems to me that they just want to take away the territory for this building. Due to their intentional construction, I cannot build a shop next to my building. buildings on the square of the official pve j8 coordinates 74.72, -37.80 https://ibb.co/Lp6qh4P https://ibb.co/nCZpP48 https://ibb.co/dB7YCM1 https://ibb.co/19pWRds https://ibb.co/jHKsVCV https://ibb .co / YbZVkwH https://ibb.co/nmVC6Jw https://ibb.co/ZBWLZq0 https://ibb.co/9NT7KD6 https://ibb.co/hMqhS1g
  3. is it ok that I can't put new towers in j8?
  4. here is interesting when they have already started the server.
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