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  1. Good morning! When I popped in today to do some basic maintenance - feed pets, make sure crew is handled, etc - there was no "Rejoin Atlas" option. I closed Atlas and relaunched it twice, then tried shutting down Steam and relaunching it as well. No luck. Still no rejoin option. I'm going to restart my PC before I leave for work this AM, but any workarounds that people have found - Since this seems to have happened to others, before - would be nice.
  2. As the title suggests, I think the idea of non-dedicated multiplayer is spectacular. I also love the ability to move single-player characters into and out of NDM games is great. What is not great is the tether. I understand and accept that allowing individual players to hike off into other grids without the host may put an undue strain on the host machine, but at least extend the tether distance to encompass one full grid square. While this won't have as much impact in a standard ATLAS NDM game, for Blackwood it will be a major boon, allowing people the opportunity to split up and explore, find places they like as individuals, and move to them, rather than forcing them to play within a very small area, unless they all go. Players would be able to elect to stay in a small area as a group if they chose, but more adventurous souls would be able to go out and learn the area, in support of other endeavours.
  3. The very last line of patch "the Hoppening patch 101.1" reads thus: "- Updated creature breeding biome tags so that creatures can always be bred in biomes they're found in" At least in region L6 (lawless, Tropical) this does not apply. We've been trying to breed both chickens and cattle, both of which we caught on the island "Mangate Skerry," and both keep saying that it is an unsuitable biome.
  4. Necroing this dead thread, because these large gates still seem to be causing the game to freeze. I've turned the graphics all the way to crayon, and still got the freeze. Devs, any chance that this is being worked out?
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