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  1. What in tarnation did you do to Army of the Damned resistance and our treasure bears?! The patchnotes don't indicate any changes to those!
  2. About 2-3 weeks ago this problem started in C11 on NA PvE causing the ships to submarine under the waves, one person in my company permanently rage quit because his legendary galleon bottomed out and smashed against the rocks when he was trying to dock. Please restart this server or fix it asap!
  3. It'd be great to see who is removing and depositing gold in the company log!
  4. Hmm nope, it didn't work unfortunately. I'm mostly interested in the 250% encumbrance speed bonus from the veteran explorer quest, it's so painful to play without it!
  5. Pardon me this is off topic but are there any commands to give the quest rewards for master cartographer and veteran explorer in blackwood since those 2 are unobtainable?
  6. Mrs. Wigglebottom has the best animal store i've seen!
  7. You guys know you don't have to carpet the entire island with floors when you have it claimed right? Island looks horrible...
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