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  1. This is caused by using the old Servergrid editor, ASC hasnt updated to the latest servergrid editor yet so you need to use it to build your map not the one in ASC. If you have an old map that worked you can just open it up and export it in the new Grapeshot editor https://github.com/GrapeshotGames/ServerGridEditor
  2. New 5x5 map!! see details above. x2 our normal rates(Exp, Harvest, taming) all weekend to celebrate the grand opening of the new map on a new server! Come join us We also have a Blackwood server
  3. New 125 slot blackwood map! Same settings/mods as the main server but pve only. Server is in North America. Website: http://www.pvegaming.com/ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/pHxZTRv steam://connect/ or search for pvegaming.com blackwood(make sure you check "include Non atlas server" ). Check out the main server post for info on settings or our discord.
  4. Added 2 new mods Total Ships and Sails and made some qol changes to breeding and leveling for players and tames, increased player max level to 130(before discovery points). See above for details, come check us out!
  5. Updated map with new Islands and Ice Dungeon quest, come check us out!
  6. Added: -Kits -In game points /shop Still room left, come join us!
  7. -Added Cross Grid Chat Still plenty of room left on the map, come join us!
  8. PVEGaming is a community of gamers that play survival games, we host several servers with other games like Rust, 7dtd, Ark, etc. We have active and friendly adult admins that have been doing this for several years and truly care about their community. Servers are in North America. Website: http://www.pvegaming.com/ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/pHxZTRv Atlas Server Rates: 5x5 Grid (25 server zones) x2 Harvest Health x5 Harvest x10 Experience x10 Taming x2 Player Stats per level Increased Engram Points x2 treasure x5 shipwreck treasure *Many more tweaks, too many to list Island points: PVE-100 point solo to 150 points with 5 players in your company PvP - 250 100 is enough to buy one large island or 2-3 small/medium Other Features: Custom leveling tables for players and tames. Player max level before discovery points 130. Engram points increased so you can unlock everything. Breeding, gestation, and maturation speed increased. Running colonies system All Quests are completable All explorer notes the submarine is unlockable without the quest(engram) 4 freeports- A2, C4(PvP), D1, E2- pick where you want to spawn! PvP area in the lower right of map(4 grids-C4,C5,D4,D5) Cross Grid Chat Starter kits In Game points and Shop Web store /help menu Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1738460824 Map areas: steam://connect/ The Infernal Gulf (A1) PVE The Crystal Waters (A2)-Freeport PVE Tunna Bay (A3)- PVE Ellingterel Deep (A4) PVE Wasanola Ocean(A5) PVE Barrville Deep (B1) PVE Gatistall Tides (B2)-PVE Keeldiac Expanse (B3) PVE Millbury Abyss (B4) PVE The Depths of Stonedeen (B5) PVE The Gulf of Waheller (C1) PVE Minneney Ocean (C2) PVE The Maw (C3) PVE-Boss Islinghurst Expanse (C4) Freeport-PvP The Misty Domain (C5) PvP Summerset Waters (D1) PVE-Freeport Fordboro Gulf (D2) PVE Bientos Waters (D3) PVE The Mighty Abyss (D4) PvP The Grave Deep (D5) PvP Smithsburg Sea (E1) PVE Whitegrave Tides Gulf (E2) PVE -Freeport The Sea of Picrood (E3) PVE Presborg Sea (E4) PVE The Depths of Lamalis (E5) PVE Come join us!
  9. I currently have a dedicated server with Linux ubuntu set up with a 4x4 grid, with a clean wipe everything works great, can cross to all grids just fine, no issues usually until quite a bit later, maybe even next day. The issue is players can stay in a grid instance just fine but when they cross over its like the other grid is asleep(or crashed) and they get the pending connection to host and then get kicked, the grid instance doesn't show its down when i do a status check, but if I restart the grid they can get back in, and if they wait long enough the grid restarts itself (I am using Atlas Server Tools). I can make this happen myself as well just by sailing around, It will happen 2 out of 3 times right now for me. It doesnt appear to be a particular grid I have tried everything I can think of to fix the issue, which are most of the things on this forum, the last server i had was windows and never had this issue, I am wondering if its Linux related but i think a lot of people are running linux now? Some of the things I have tried: Checked, checked and checked ports for each grid instance in the json as well as match in config files for atlas server tools, ports forwarded cpu usage(50-70%) and memory 70 out of 128 gig Dual Xeon E5-2670v22 CPU - 20 Cores / 40 Threads2.50Ghz - 3.30Ghz 128GB DDR3 480GB SSD installed TravelData cleaner after this all started, it reduced the size of redis but didnt seem to help, actually made it worse for me so i uninstalled I guess Im also curious if anyone else is running a Linux public server and having issues or is everything going ok? Thanks!
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