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  1. Hi Sailer, is there a way in der Server grid editor: Is there a way to make a island in FOG ? Means that a Fog around the island ? Special command to make a island anytime on FOG? Thanks a lot.
  2. ATLAS SERVER CONTROLLER v.1.9 ChromeSDK09.05.2019 v1.9 May 9th 2019 - The Map View Addon is finally here for all you power users! Honestly though, if you don't know what that is, don't bother with this update. The regular program only had a few changes and is just being prepped for the rewrite. This update is for power users who are looking to run more than 9 servers at one time, as well as tracking more than 1 person at a time, if their computer can handle it of course! Known issues - some not 1080p screen resolutions may have issue with the program and it may display strangely. Please just report with what res you use. If you have an issue with a grid not closing fully or not opening correctly, it is most likely because you are running more grids than your computer can handle. Though it may seem generous, keep in mind the 4gb of ram/2threads per server grid official requirements Information belong from Discord. So still i work only like a tester. Dont know what right now going on with the software . Its a great project - Hope in the future they will come more updates. If you need support with the software you can join my discord server.
  3. Hey there, what you wanna do with your map? Did you have some special ? How can i help with what? ^^ greats
  4. There is a new Version in work. With a Full Grid System. But we are testing some issue and some stuff that maybe must be fixed. But yeah ^^ you will like it more,
  5. Hi there i makke a small tool for backup "saved folder" and "redis database" You can visit discord " https://discord.gg/JDpBMRT " to download and report bugs.
  6. I like this tool its look professional. Is there a guide how to setup the sync? And did you plan to manage it for Linux system ? Somethink what been nice. is a tracking system like here. And a Option to change the saved folder name. Because right now i am use 0000 = A1 0001 = A2
  7. Hi there community, i using the orginal 15x15 grid. The only change that i have done are: ip,ports,db password, The server running - but i have a problem with the grid. if i start the grid with the command: start /high /min ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGameServer.exe Ocean?ServerX=11?ServerY=5?AltSaveDirectoryName=1105?ServerAdminPassword=XXXXXXXXXXXXXX?MaxPlayers=50?ReservedPlayerSlots=25?QueryPort=50682?Port=5682?SeamlessIP=XXXXXXXXXXXXXX?RCONEnabled=true?RCONPort=29601 -log -server -NoBattlEye exit XXXXXXXXXXXXXX = i set the information like IP and password. The are show no map "ocean" in the steam server manager. the other grids are running. What i have try: - delete the config for the grid. -start the grid first. - running without a firewall i have no idea why it doesnt work. Hope someone have a idea.