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  1. This might be a controversial statement but more than 90% of players are not YouTubers/Twitch streamers but normal people with lives, who can not stay on computer 24/7. A growing animal has to be constantly fed, his temperature regulated and taken care of every 8 hours (optional). most of us, need to sleep and work. Because of how breeding works right now, it's impossible for us to take part in this feature. My suggestion is this. Implement a hibernation option for growing animals. In hibernate state animal would not require any food. Temperature would not have any negative effects on it. All timers would be frozen. Animal would not grow, imprinting care timer would not move. Animal would still be allowed to be harmed and killed with violence. There would be no special condition to turn hibernation on or off. Seriously people, we have lives. it takes 60 hours to breed a tiger/elephant. Do you really think people will take break from work and not sleep for 3 days to do this?